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  1. Personally, I am going to start with my current save file, and explore the new part of the game, and afterwards experience the finished Pokemon Reborn on a new save file.... Even though, it will be a long time before release, I am looking forward to just seeing the post game scoreboard.
  2. Randomizer still doesn't work after talking to captain, after Julia
  3. I just started playing redux and chose the randomized version, although nothing seems to have been randomized? I encounter bidoof, pidgey and meowths in the grass around the grand hall, I tried making a new save file, but it happened again, am I doing something wrong, or should i just keep playing and will be randomized later in the game?
  4. You can always train at the grand hall.
  5. She is supposed to be right outside the hospital of hope, in a small cutscene, before the pokemon hospital, which means she is not in the pokemon hospital yet. I can´t complete this quest because of that.
  6. I have just visited officer jenny in the hospital of hope, where ANA came in wanting the names of the children, during the ANA sidequest. Aftewards ANA was not outside the hospital of hope, like she is supposed to. I am pretty sure this is a bug. I am sorry if this is already known.
  7. That would be why, thanks for the answer
  8. Every time i get into a battle in the safari zone, this error will come up and my game will close.
  9. peden


    No problem, and thanks for the shinies as well
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    ok, i will request
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    I can trade now
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