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  1. AI can target teammates with Z-moves in double battles. Attached screenshot (in pokemon memeborn) shows the aftermath of alolan dugtrio targeting its teammate with tectonic rage. Perhaps a result of the z-move in question having the highest potential damage against magneton?
  2. Team: -Ribombee -Kangaskhan -Serperior -Greninja -Mamoswine -Aegislash
  3. Rock smashing the pillars in valor mountain does not work with the HM replacement for rock smash. Issue seems to hold for all of the rock-smashable pillars in valor mountain. I had to teach one of my pokemon rock smash to make this work.
  4. Substitute seems to not be working. Pokemon without infiltrator who are not using sound-based moves seem to be able to hit right past my substitute on multiple occasions. The attached screenshot shows my blissey being hit despite having a substitute up.
  5. My bad! I forgot about the weakness policy. That's a consumable item though. As you pointed out about held items, I don't feel that it really stacks up to items such as life orbs, leftovers and assault vests. Brutus's golisopod was one of those golisopod I'm referring to, but I recall encountering another trainer's golisopod (I think at the market) who also did not switch out after being weakned. I don't think they had a sitrus berry?
  6. I finished playing the newest version just now. I really enjoyed all of the added battles and added pokemon. I also like that you covered the explanation behind ultra beasts. God bless life orbs in this version as well. One part in particular struck me as strange: I also noticed some more strange things happening in and out of battles. I'm not sure if these are bugs, but I'd like to report them anyways: I'm looking forward to episode 5!
  7. I just finished playing episode three and a half and really enjoyed it! I really love the free starter choice aspect, allowing you to choose your favorite or just straight up overpower your opposition from the start. In my opinion, this adds a great deal of replayability due to the current lack of availability of some pokemon outside of starter choice (r.i.p bagon line), as well as the ability to play some pokemon early. The ultra beasts seem a little out of place to me though, arguably being comparable to legendaries. The difficulty also strikes a nice balance between the normal pokemon games and the more difficult fangames. Gym leaders do pack teams of 6 pokemon and rival/villain battles are more challenging than normally, but require no team changes or clutch strategies unless one is poorly prepared. I found the first gym much more difficult than all subsequent ones, though. Lack of time to prepare on my part and the use of non-evolving pokemon by the leader in particular contribute to this. (Do I need to spoiler tag this?) I noticed a few potential bugs: All in all this is a great fangame and I'll be looking forward to future releases.
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