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  1. Maybe you can try and write it up instead ^^
  2. Yeah if you completed V9-11 with all current zygarde cells, you'd have doubles from some areas in Gearen and GDC. And thanks for your contribution.
  3. For some reason I remember this from the last version, but haven't seen it along my 3 run completions even once. I re-checked with the RPG-Maker, and it's there all the time during day and night, might have been a bug with the Zygarde Cells in total, since some Zygarde Cells disappear from the map after getting a certain number in the region. I added it to the guide, thanks for your post! That one is within the guide, but I think I didn't list it at the separate Key Items section, thanks for your notice, edited it there.
  4. Update your game to patch 2, the item will then be a available again, Post in your save file.
  5. Fixed. Make sure to save regularly before any fight so you don't get locked out of stuff. Game.rxdata
  6. Never interact with the guide panel from the top, it will get you stuck always. Fixed. Game.rxdata
  7. You were missing 2 at Floria region and 3 at Terajuma region. 1 missable cell. 4 you didn't find them. - missable cell at the Sewers (got that one for you). - Route 2 (cut cherry-tree) night time cell. - 3 cells in Valor Mountain. Game.rxdata
  8. Post in your save file and will fix it for you. (V12 ofc)
  9. You can find the save files following this: C:\Users\[Username]\Saved Games\Pokemon Rejuvenation Your save file is named Game.rxdata , Game_2.rxdata, etc depending on the save file slot you are using if you have multiple save files. You can attach/drag it in the comments. You can still search using Ctrl+F, there is not a need for a external source, There is a 3 type listings for a reason. 1- Chapters for anyone who wants to collect every single item per chapter along their journey as soon as possible. 2- Locations for covering an entire area at once. 3- Typings for locating a specific item. Hence that is where you should be looking.
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