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  1. Happy birthday thanks for the item guide

  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  3. That save file is at Kristaline, with the OT Sarah.
  4. Your only option is to close the game and start again, sadly.
  5. You can use a backup save file to go back to a previous save. If still persists, you can post your current save file here. And will unstuck you.
  6. Haha np, have fun and enjoy your game
  7. Well, you can post in your save file here. I can look through it but not guarantee marking all the events up to where you are done.
  8. Seems like some events and story related stuff are kinda clashed, maybe because you patched from 8 to 11, since the versions are very different. Some older events could still be missing on your end. So I dunno if I could be of any help tbh.
  9. No problem, glad you managed to figure out where you left. Enjoy your game.
  10. It means you are not meant to be here yet, continue where you left on the story till you get to this point later.
  11. Simple question, do you have the Emotion Powder key item?
  12. Pretty simple, once you enter the mountain you take the upper right route till you reach the blue crystal to change the mountain mood to calm (ice), you trace your way back then take the upper left route instead and use the ladder there to go down, on this area there is a ladder in the middle that you can take which will then lead you to where Kyogre is.
  13. I forgot about it, thanks for your comment. I'll add it once I have some time off.
  14. You can just SR or use a backup save. If you don't have a close save to where you are, can get you unstuck if you post your current save file.
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