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  1. I forgot about it, thanks for your comment. I'll add it once I have some time off.
  2. You can just SR or use a backup save. If you don't have a close save to where you are, can get you unstuck if you post your current save file.
  3. Cosmoem evo into Solagleo at Lv.53 in Day time, and evo into Lunala at Lv.53 in Night time.
  4. Just extract it and put on the same place where you found your save file.
  5. You need to use Rock Smash on a rock pillar at the lower right
  6. Post in your save file and will see what causes it and probably fix it in the process.
  7. The Berry Emporium only gets updated on New Gearen, prior to that she will sell only the 2 current berries.
  8. It is time dependent, could have been night time already for you, she is only there on day times.
  9. Np, seems like a simple thing to go through at the end x)
  10. Alright, you are not that far off. Pretty sure if you interact with them you'd have to trigger them going off looking for someone to fix the tracks. Then you'd do what kithas told you earlier to look for an old dude called Kevin in Oblitus, that would let you take off to in search for him at the Darchlight Woods and my previous answer.
  11. Did you already meet Flora and Florin inside the Darchlight Woods? If so, you'll need to go to the area south-west from the entrance, then you'll be at an intersection area which triggers the scene for you with them, you'd go up where they went and follow the story from there,
  12. Where are you in the story? Have you finished progression inside the Darchlight Cave or you haven't been there yet with Flora and Florin?
  13. Have you tried playing the game on a different screen size? You might as well try to download the game a new too and see if that helps.
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