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  1. I just happen to see this keep up the good work! My guide for items have them sorted by chapters too, if you want to look at them for a reference you are welcome to do that.
  2. Aboodie

    Beauty for Feebas?

    Have fun :' )
  3. Aboodie

    Tips on Catching Zangoose for a Quest.

    A Pokemon with the ability Swarm or Illuminate in your team lead will double the Wild Encounter Rate for you. If it can help you more.
  4. Aboodie

    Beauty for Feebas?

    There is only 2 Prism Scales in the game so far. You might give the Item Guide for a try ^^.
  5. Aboodie

    Where do I go next?

    Groudon fight is story related, so it is a must thing to happen, Unlike Kyogre its fight is optional and just gives more lore and access to a secret area, To trigger the Kyogre path, you first need the move Magma Drift, and then once you have it head from the Valor Mountain entrance upward to a ladder but you'll need to change the Mood of the mountain to access the next area here to have your way to Kyogre's room.
  6. Aboodie

    Where do I go next?

    Behind Clara bot.
  7. Aboodie

    Tiny mushroom

    There should be plenty of Tiny Mushrooms in the world to pick up than the need to farm them. I haven't farmed for anything in the game except for berries you need to plant for certain quests ^^
  8. Aboodie

    Where do I go next?

    The quest for that is not yet available as of V11.
  9. Any time, enjoy your game ^^
  10. Should be fixed, tell me if you find any problems with the save file Game.rar
  11. Pretty sure it will be resolved at a later version ^^ But you still want the item, can put in your game if you attach your save file in.
  12. Aboodie

    Kimono girls

    Sesilia at the Sensu Meadow within the Darchlight Woods.
  13. Aboodie

    Kimono girls

    Still there in a different name, Honec Woods, you can find her at the Shrine.
  14. Aboodie

    Erin got stuck

    That's the wrong file, Game.rxdata should be the file name. It is found in a different folder called Saved Games. This thread might help you:
  15. Aboodie

    Virtual Badges?

    Forfuture reference.