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  1. An arrow hits Lysander from the other side of the wall. He grimaces in pain but smirk. "I guess it's unfortunate that by attacking you gave away your position." He reaches for the tome on his belt tapping it and gathering the winds that are released with his two hands. He molds them into an arrow shape, an arrow that floats just perpendicular to his arm. After he's satisfied with the angle at which he is aiming he throws his arms forward and the arrow goes flying in the exact same trajectory the arrow that hit him came from. A groan of pain confirms that it hit his mark. "I also hear some shuffling on the other side, my guess is that there is an armored goon right abouuuuuut..." He creates a second arrow and turns to his left. "Here." Attack Soldier B
  2. "Oh dear me, well if there's a job I guess I can help... After a little nap with Gwyn."
  3. Lysander put on his mask, and adjusted his gloves. The whole thing seemed off to him, like there might be some more complicated play. But he kept his lips shut tight, and his tome in hand's reach. "Right, let's have a go at it." Move to N7
  4. Vivianne sighed as she saw Blodeuyn on the other side. Of course she'd be fighting for Rosanne, Merlin must have set her to it. "Please watch out for the green haired girl too. She doesn't know any better either." Vivi said, untheatrically. Cheat Sheet: [Glacius Phase]
  5. I'll just take both of mine if the other players don't ditch Lysander for someone else.
  6. "I have few belongings, normally I get by sleeping in forests or with people who I have helped in the past. I wouldn't mind a tour at all."
  7. "Well, I needed to prove my skills. I could think of no better way to prove to you all that I am indeed the man people say I am. Stealing is what I've done to help people, as strange as that is. So I am sorry that I stole your things, and I'll repeat myself it won't happen again, but it was to prove my point. My magic is potent and flexible. I hope it can aid all of you."
  8. Marvel took a single step back, but gave no more ground as Baldur approached him. At first his was a surprised one, but moments later became a friendly smile. "It's nice to meet you too, I promise to never touch your belongings without your permission again." He turned to Justine and smiled as well. "Of course, take back your belongings. It was just for demonstrative purposes."
  9. "Well like I said earlier, I have a mission and in my mission I've come far too close to losing my life too many times. The task is too great for me alone, the enemies too strong." Lysander locked his arms behind his back as he spoke. "I observed your last mission, and have heard tales. So I think I will find no better allies in these troubled times." He closed his eyes and smiled again. And moments later he turned the question back. "What about you Ferdiad?"
  10. Lysander gave Ferdiad a smile. He was afraid of not being liked by anyone other than Kane but this reassured him. "Thank you Ferdiad, I will make sure to come to you first should I need anything. I understand that my entrance was rather sudden and a little let's say suspect. But rest assured I have full intentions of doing my part in helping in our common cause."
  11. "Don't be mean Fallon, he's a cute animal boy. He can't be a bad guy. It's nice to meet you, I'm Naomi!" Move to W25
  12. Rosanne smiled at Blodeuyn and pat her shoulder reassuringly. "It does indeed seem like the people of this village are rude to strangers." The Queen considers Candide's words, pressing on them. She closed her eyes and got up from the tree stump, she unsheathed excalibur and looked to her companions. "I have a bad feeling about this. We're going into the village, gather the others at once. I believe the usurper has found us." --- "The Queen? She's here?!" Nicolos got up from his resting spot against a tree. His hand tightened around the hilt of his sword, and his face started to go red with rage. However, he calmed down a moment after and said; "No harm will come to your sister if it can be helped. I'll trust you to deal with her. Vivianne, gather everyone. We're going to end this war right here with a single blow." --- Naturally the two groups marched towards the center of town. And at the center was the fountain it was famous for, with the statue of Lance Moss. To the north was the town hall a fairly large building. They arrived at roughly the same time, and locked eyes. No word were exchanged, no pleasantries or body language. Both drew their swords, Nicolos' blade vividly burning with an immense flame, and Rosanne's rapier gleaming with icicles floating around it. "If we win this day, we'll finally bring peace to the Kingdom. We'll bring house Moss to the fold, and focus on the Tsukiochi threat. I ask of you, if you bear any love for this country fight alongside me." She told her companions. Rosanne's heart beat fast under her armor but she held herself tall and proud. Her weapon raised up, and her legs stood firm. This was for her country; and it would finally truly prove her worthy to rule. "The path to peace and prosperity starts with the end of the tainted Pendragon bloodline. Friends, lend me your strength! There is a lot to fix in this kingdom, and this is our first step. Let's make it a good one" Nicolos held his sword forward. It took almost all he had to keep himself from charging at her right now, but that would be rash and stupid. He drew a deep breath to calm himself; he wasn't alone. His companions would help him. Turn 1: Glacius Victory: Nicolos is reduced to 0 HP Infernus Victory: Rosanne is reduced to 0 HP Cheat Sheet: [Infernus Phase]
  13. "Most people don't know I'm a thief, in fact the people in this room an two more are the only ones who know my identity. So I admit no one has ever doubted my word." Lysander doesn't move an inch simply closing his eyes and smiling. "I supposed we aren't too different after all then. Although I care more about giving their victims a second chance, and expect them to figure out what they did wrong by themselves. But I always leave them no doubt that I will return should they make their mistakes again."
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