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  1. Lysander smiled under his mask, and stood up to receive the tome. He gave a short bow, more like an actor's than a nobleman's. "I am honored that you found my magics impressive your majesty, I will use this tome to further my dream of a peaceful world." After the queen had left he sat back down on his chair, and flipped the tome open. Clearly he had a lot of studying to do.
  2. "It won't be impossible, only challenging. I've gotten to see first hand the abilities of everyone involved and I believe in our combined might." Lysander who had been quiet up until now chimed in. His mask however stayed on, but he continued to speak. "And who is to say even if we summon the Gods back, we will have to listen to them. If we can steal relics, who is to say we can't steal their power and recreate a much more just world. I believe in the will of man, and it is through this will that we will achieve our goals."
  3. Naomi shrugged. "Well they are. Animals have always been more loyal, and so are animal people. Animals don't kill by choice, they have to do it to survive. Hati and the other fox people here they fought to defend themselves. If humans hadn't hurt them first, they would have never picked up weapons. Humans however? They always are the first ones to attack. They are always the first ones to hurt, the first ones to start everything. Sometimes they'll hold off, and try and use you instead. I haven't met a human yet who hasn't attacked or betrayed me, even Fallon tried to run away and leave me behind. Now I really wish I could have gone with Hati... Why did she have to leave."
  4. Naomi let the silence hang for a few moments, glaring at Michi. "You aren't very talkative are you? Well that's alright. Thanks for the scratch either way. Oh and you should really quit the meat, if you are just a human you have no excuse to eat meat. You can survive on veggies, and that's what you should be doing."
  5. Rosanne listened, and deliberated their words in her head. She nodded in the end. "I've met all of the Round Table, and they were all deeply hurt by Arthur's death. We all loved him, he was the kind of man that filled anyone with hope. And his death has left us all with an empty void." Rosanne said. Moments later though she stumbled her words a bit to correct herself. "The knights I mean. I remember their faces, the loss hurt them a lot I'm sure. So we might consider Lancelot a changed man, one that might unfortunately not be an ally. But I pray he doesn't become an enemy, we'd all have to get a lot stronger to stand a chance at fighting him." Rosanne stood from her chair, and her expression changed. "That was all I wanted to ask you. You have the next few days off, spend them as you'd like. When it comes time for action I'll call you once more. You've fought bravely on the battlefield, and that much is to be admired. But I expect you to continue with these results. The country needs you. But for now, dismissed!"
  6. "I don't believe it either, I mean your clearly not a dragon. You can't even breathe fire, you have to use magic to do it. That'll do for the scratching, thanks." Naomi nodded and stretched her arms out to the skies temporarily relieved of her itch. "Why did you hide your face if you're just a human? It's not like anyone's going to hurt you for being who you are."
  7. "So your family has a dragon crest but you aren't actual dragons. How does that work?"
  8. "Mmmmm a little higher please." Naomi let out a long sigh of relief. She dropped her arms to her sides and stopped scratching. "Well that armor really doesn't give anything away. Not very girly you know, and through your helmet your voice sounds totally different. I just thought you were a dragon, and since I wasn't even sure if there were boy dragons and girl dragons I thought it would be rude to ask."
  9. Naomi sighed in relief. While she could still stand, her wounds did hurt. And for some reason, they were insanely itchy! She shamelessly scratched the sides of her tummy, and trying to reach behind her back. but the itch or the wounds weren't the worst of it, her foxy friends were gone. Naomi had kept her end of the deal, why hadn't they? And to add just the cherry of badness on a already very horrible metaphorical cake: she had been deceived. Naomi approached Michi getting in the armored girl's personal space. She stared at her face for a moment, and then walked behind Michi inspecting the back of her armor. Finally she put her nose forward and closed her eyes, taking a few whiffs of the air around Michi. "... So you really aren't a dragon. I had my suspicions, but this is just disappointing." Naomi sighed deeply, still trying to scratch at her back. "I'm not mad at you for tricking me, but I am a little sad. If you're just another boring and stinky human I really don't have any friends in this group. Ugh this itch!" She turned around pointing to a spot of her back. "Normal boring human, can you scratch my back? I can't seem to reach this place and it's driving me insane."
  10. "You are easily in the top 10 worst humans I've ever met. So make your last words some good ones." Naomi moves to H4 and attacks the boss
  11. Lysander nodded in response to Ferdiad. "Do what you must." After he watched Ferdiad leave he put his tome back under his cloak, and walked towards the others.
  12. And the story continues from here 11th of Second Heat The ride back to the capital was long and silent. They had essentially been defeated, even if they were so close to victory. Rosanne especially only gave short and somewhat cold answers to whatever she was asked. Which didn't make her the best of traveling companions in the two days travel. After returning on the 10th, they didn't hear from Rosanne until the following day. Rosanne summoned them to the chamber of the round table once more. This time, she was the one waiting for them. Once they had all arrived, she bowed her head to them all. Her eyes were closed shut, and her face was solemn. "I apologise, to all of you. I asked you all to fight for me, and you held up that promise. You risked your lives for this country, but when it came my turn to land the finishing blow I failed." As she spoke, Rosanne slowly lifted her head. Now her eyes quivered in determination. "But I learn from my mistakes, I will not let a second chance like that slip by again. We will end the war at our next chance. This I swear by." She exhaled, and immediately her posture and expression grew calmer. As if a thousand weights had been lifted off her shoulders. "I already have made plans for our next move, but before we discuss that I'd like your counsel. What do you make of the Black Knight's threat? What motives does he have, for not wanting us to strike down the usurper's retainers? Or for Nicolos himself to keep all of you alive?"
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