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  1. Rosanne got back up, running forward and taking medicine. She immediately felt physically better, but not emotionally. "Come on Rosanne what are you doing." She muttered. Taking a deep breath, the Queen prepared herself for what was to come. [Tsukiochi Phase] Monk A moves to R11 Soldier B moves up to M8 Shaman A moves up to M9 Archer A moves up to N9 Hanabi Holds Turn 5 59/100 Cheat Sheet: [Glacius Phase]
  2. (...) 55/100 Cheat Sheet: [Glacius Phase Continues]
  3. Mercia's magic flies from her hands and any spell the Shaman tries to conjure simply fizzles out. In the end he's left wounded. "Thank you Sir Knight, for allowing an old man to do his job." Lucan rushes towards his Queen, and raises his staff high. "My Queen, please rise. You are no longer a little girl that cries every time she falls." "This is clearly a very different situation..." Rosanne complains, but with her wounds healed she gets back up ready to fight. [Tsukiochi Phase] Fighter C attacks Blodeuyn (...) Shaman C attacks Rosanne But as soon as Rosanne is up and kicking, the Shaman takes a cheap shot, bringing her to her knees once more. Soldier B moves to O8 Shaman A moves to P9 Archer A moves to Q9 Hanabi Holds Turn 4 EXP: 52/100 Cheat Sheet: [Glacius Phase]
  4. Blodeuyn's shot misses, and in return she is hit by the enemy's returning blast. Meanwhile, Neve pelts the Soldier with arrows leaving some dents in his armor. After a few moments he falls over, dead. EXP: 45/100 Cheat Sheet: [Glacius Phase Continues]
  5. Neve shoots and arrow, flying through the tree line and coming out of the other side into the Myrmidon's chest knocking him over. [Tsukiochi Phase] Soldier C moves to F9 and attacks Rosanne A soldier rushes at the Queen, and her speed isn't enough to dodge his thrust. However, as she weaves to the side a recovers from the blow she pokes two wounds under the soldier's army leaving him much worse for wear. Fighter C moves to 10E Shaman C moves to 9E and attacks Rosanne And as Rosanne ripostes, a bolt of dark magic from the hands of a cursed hits her. She falls down to her knee, trying hold herself back up. Hanabi holds Turn 3 39/100 Cheat Sheet: [Glacius Phase]
  6. Revitalised, Rosanne runs to the other front, sending a barrage of icicles at the Archer. After he is taken care of she turns back. "There is a lot of strength in your words Sir Knight. I know I made the right choice in choosing you." 36/100 Cheat Sheet: [Glacius Phase Continues]
  7. Axe and magic combine together, flying at the soldier and defeating him in one fell swoop. Blodeuyn's hit strikes true, dealing light damage to the swordsman "My Queen, please be more cautious. You are far too important to get injured here." Lucan says, taking out a staff and healing Rosanne's wounds. "Of course Lucan, I'll be careful. Thank you." Rosanne then re-focuses on her take at hand. She raises one hand in front of her and her on her other hand pointing at her target. An icicle begins to form in front of her, and she thrusts forward launching it at the mage ending his life. 31/100 Cheat Sheet: [Glacius Turn Continues]
  8. "You're a dog person too right? Go down quietly and quickly please, we've got a job to do!" Naomi raised her hand with her tome wide open. Move to X22 and Non-Lethally Lightning Scholar 2
  9. Using the last of it strengths, the fighter ducks under the blast. He sighs in relief, mutters something in a foreign language and readies for battle. Lucan holds [Tsukiochi Phase] Soldier A moves to J9 and attacks Neve The soldier rushes in, and lunges at Neve landing a fair blow. Fighter A moves to G10 and attacks Mercia But as the fighter rushes in to try and complete his mission, Mercia easily bests him. Mage A moves to N9 and attacks Rosanne After a quick exchange of magical blows, both the Queen and the mage are left somewhat bloodied. Myrm C moves to F10 Archer C moves to E9 Fighter C moves to C10 Soldier C moves to D9 Shaman C moves to C9 Hanabi holds Turn 2: [Glacius Phase Begins] 20/100 Cheat Sheet:
  10. (...) Neve runs forward and strikes hard and true, leaving the soldier very heavily wounded. EXP 11/100 Cheat Sheet [Glacius Phase Continues]
  11. From Mercia's hands erupted a beam of light that grazed the fighter, but the man was still very much ready to fight. "Let us begin, without interruption!" Rosanne ran forward, excalibur in hand and when she was at a fair distance from her target stabbed the ground with her sword. From around the myrmidon, two icicles formed impaling him and ending his campaign immediately. The fighter barely holds on to his life, as a dark ball explodes into a thousand tendrils lashing out at his body. EXP: 7/100 Cheat Sheet: [Glacius Phase Continues]
  12. "You may take the day to get to know each other. But we travel at dawn, until then; dismissed." 8th of Second Heat And after the sun went down, and rose once more dawn was upon them. And after a day's ride they were at the shores of the Marshlands. True to their name, even near the shore the lands were filled with bogs and small lakes. And a group of soldiers camping out could be seen. They immediately scrambled to grab their weapons. "I am Queen Rosanne, turn back now and return to your lands invaders. Tell your Emperor to stop his advance on our lands." The soldiers gave no response, and instead took steps towards the party. Rosanne sighed and drew Excalibur. "It seems like there is a language barrier. So we'll sadly have to resort to more universal methods of getting our point across. I'll protect this country at all costs, so follow me: together we'll drive these invaders back to their island." Win Condition: Defeat The Boss Lose Condition: All Allies are defeated EXP: 0/100 Cheat Sheet: [Glacius Phase]
  13. And from the tree line emerged a hat; and a person under the hat of course because hats do not move by themselves. "I'm sorry I'm late... Oh goodness I haven't run so much... Ever..." The girl managed to say, in between heavy breaths. "But! The show must go on! And with I, the great and wondrous Vivianne here to assist all of you, you are in safe hands!"
  14. "I'll have this cleaned up in minutes, and then I'll get to pet her adorable ears." Naomi beamed, hugging herself and closing her eyes. "Oh I'm so happy, finally I meet someone who is like me." She took medicine from her pocket and brought it up to her lips. And then she faced forward, ready for her next opponent. "Come on, I'm ready. Whoever you are, you'll face 300% Naomi!" Move to AC22 and vuln
  15. If her icy shield cracked before, now there was a clear slash through it. Rosanne covered her mouth as she tried stop herself from laughing. On the other hand, Lucan found it a lot less amusing. "I'm glad someone finds this mockery entertaining." Lucan says, spitting venom but arms still firmly behind his back. The only sign of annoyance was in his voice. "No Gwyn, I am... I am afraid there is no cure for Lucan's stuffy butt." She had to cover her mouth again as a burst of laughter erupted from her.
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