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  1. Lysander was a little dumbfounded. He had fans? This one didn't seem like the smartest of them all, but he seemed dangerous either way. "Very well. I've never been one to shy away from a challenge."
  2. Lysander raised an eyebrow at Famine, visible even under his mask. He'd noticed this man's strange behaviour during the battle. "I am the Marvel Thief. The magical skill I have shown during this battle should be proof enough. And if you know of me and my feats." He summoned magic from his tome, wind surrounding him and lifting him slightly off the ground. He really hoped this would intimidate the man into giving in. "You know you don't stand a chance. Drop your weapons and let us through. I won't ask twice."
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  4. Naomi giggled at Fallon's answer. "Well you could be hiding them until the right time to strike." She only turned her sight to Rhian when Fallon looked. She sighed, but wasn't surprised. "Maybe I don't need to be friends with the allied guard after all." She said in a low voice. "Humans are always like that, they fight and bully people who are different from them. And if they can't find any differences, they bully and fight each other. But you aren't like that Fallon, that's why I'm sure you're a vampire. I know you wouldn't hurt me."
  5. "It hurts, but I'm used to it. I'm always focused on other things during battle, and I think my body heals quickly. Sometimes I think I have trouble grabbing and holding things. But I think otherwise my hands are just fine." Naomi thought about Fallon's suggestion for a bit. "They would have to be really strong gloves. I can control my magic most of the time, but when it really goes like 'whoooosh' I can't control it at all. And I've seen those blasts hit stone and steel plate and leave nothing behind." The blonde girl nodded in agreement with Fallon. "I've never hurt someone accidentally with my power, but every human's first instinct is to be scared of me. Hati and the other laguz weren't though. You aren't either are you? And the Old Man too. Are you sure you two are human? Maybe you're some kind of eternally old being. Like... Like a vampire or something! You sure look like one sometimes." Naomi giggled.
  6. "I feel it come back by itself. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. During battle the energy surges up and it feels like I have infinite amounts of it. I feel it surge up build up quickly whenever I'm scared too. And then after firing off a few blasts I feel it gone. Releasing all that energy is always super satisfying too, like pressure is gone from my shoulders. The only issue is my hands." She showed him her palms. The rest of her skin was soft and speckless but her palms were a mess, the skin was discoloured and had several spots that were obviously burn scars. "The Old Man was the only one who wasn't scared of my power. Everyone else in Foen was scared of my power. The people in my village too. But I like my power. It's protected me my whole life, even if I don't understand it. And it's what makes me different from humans."
  7. "If you think you can make it work, I believe in you. Even if they don't exist, I'm sure you will find something else that works. You're really smart for a human after all!" Naomi praised Fallon. She couldn't understand why he was so attatched to the ideas of the undead. She made a note to find out sometime. "I can't use any other magics. The tomes don't respond to me in the slightest. And yet when I touch a tome of order magic, I feel a power call out from inside me. I feel energy that I've been building out my whole life begging to be released. That feeling is always with me like an itch. None of my teachers before the Old Man could figure it out why. Even the Old Man was stumped, he simply tried his best to teach me control. Here watch this!" Naomi closed her eyes and focused on her breathing. Slowly a shimmering light shone around her, a solid barrier like the ones she created in battle. "I can do this much without a tome with the energy I have stored. When I was still living with my... family." She pronounced that word with an audible feeling of hate. "I was able to shoot blasts and create explosions without ever having touched a tome. I don't think I can do that right now though, I'd need to hold in a lot of magic. Battles drain it out of me, and it take a while to build up again."
  8. "Nuh uh" She shook her head at the name. She listened carefully and thought on it. "How would something like that even be possible though? I mean, you know a lot more magic than I do but when I cast magic it seems impossible to control. Sure we can shape it and aim it, but you know..." She lowered her voice as she reached this part of what she was saying. "... undead, that just sounds silly. Magic is you know, about blasting. There's other techniques like the shields I can make, but I don't think we're going much farther than that."
  9. Naomi giggled a bit at Fallon's dorkyness. Leave it to him to try and explain something in terms of magic. "I don't care what they think, I just don't want to be hated again. You know the old man wasn't my first teacher, and the others weren't as nice as he was." But she reminisced on his words a little. "But you and the old man understand me just fine. So if I can make the allied guard understand me then I don't have to leave." Her mood shifted, anxieties leaving her. She was going to try a little harder to get along with the humans. Because after all "If I leave now, I don't think I'll be able to find Hati by myself. I want to see them again, I think they knew something about me. I want to find out what it was." She hugged her knees tighter, and smiled. She was really happy she got to talk to Fallon. "How's your research been going? Anything I can help with?"
  10. "No you haven't, but it's okay I didn't reach out either." She leaned against the wall next to him looking up at the clouds. When he mentioned Scarleticia she sighed. "I went to search for Hati and the others but I think they left completely. I just wanted to talk to them, to understand them a little. You know how I've like... Never been good around humans. Except you and the old man I guess." Suddenly she felt homesick. Naomi sat down on the floor, knees up and arms hugged around them. "I hate the people at the allied guard they just..." Naomi paused what she was about to say. It wasn't true. She didn't really hate anyone. "They just don't understand me I don't know what I did..." Pause. Also not true, she knew she had done things that they didn't like. Even if she thought they were alright, clearly it made the others scared of her. "I think I messed up again, everyone is just going to hate me all over again..." Pause again. But why? Humans always ended up hurting her. They could never understand her. "Nevermind, I don't want to talk about Scarletcia." She pouted in silence for a while. "Don't you want to go back home Fallon? The Old Man would house us again. I hate it here. Even more than the Old Man's boring lectures" Naomi looked up at her friend, wishing that he'd say yes and they could leave right now. But somehow, she knew that wouldn't be his answer.
  11. Naomi had been feeling down since the end of their last mission; she didn't interact with random animals or speak up much. Her magic didn't flare up much either, which was certainly for the better. The dragon ride had cheered her up a little, and as soon as it seems reasonable she broke away from the others. She carried a heavy and brooding energy to her. If she wore an eye patch and darker clothes, people might even mistake her for Fallon. Fallon! Of course, he could cheer her up. Naomi looked around until she spotted the old man, in a corner doing the usual Fallon routine. She approached him from his blind spot, quietly. When she was close enough to the old man, she tugged at his robes. "Hi." She said a little meekly at first but then she repeated it with more energy. "Hi! How are you? It... Feels like forever since I got to talk to you." She looked down a little.
  12. Move to E17, shower the tactician with icy blasts.
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