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  1. Ena at this point, wandered over towards Kusuke, keeping careful track of her internal position measurements and gravitational field sensors as she approached. "Kusuke. You mentioned an enhanced perception of time? There are issues with a number of temporal measurements I'm running. Position anomalies--my location seemed to have shifted by approximately 33.1 meters--and temporal measurement anomalies, resulting in repeated changes of local time yet a continuous forward progression, never arriving anywhere." ". . .Beyond that the measurements shift when I look at them." Ena stated as a quiet afterthought. That had never happened before.
  2. "Yeah, well we aren't. But it's not gonna happen, you all. It'd be stupid to go through such a hassle to get us a bomb. There's so many better ways to do it that wouldn't have put us face to face with him in a meeting where he very clearly did not want to be!" Liliya moved forward to look over the others shoulders at the documents.
  3. "I'll have you know, Miss Jeanne, I never forget a name! I've seen your work." One small piece, which he hadn't actually read of course, but he had seen it. "Now, one of you all, one of you fine military--maybe ex-military, hopefully not too hard a breakup--folks, would you be so kind as to advise me? I'd like a gun. Letting zombies get so close seems, unwise." It was not as though he was thinking that if they were far away he didn't have to see the rotting flesh so much. No, of course not. "And perhaps, if one of you all needs the help, and is too far away, I could shoot them off you! I happen to be a natural sprinter, but at some point the distance may be too great to traverse!"
  4. "Sure. That's uh, probably a good idea. PART is what we got named. Kinda. So that's our mess." Harry grimaced, then shrugged. They'd just have to take care of it. "I'll go on the mayors daughter team. I've seen the bug cape before, and I think they've seen me, so maybe that'll go alright. Does anyone else have medical training? Need someone on bank duty." "For the mayor, I'm gonna need a ride. Do any of you have one?" Harry asked the assembled group.
  5. "I suppose I could try to lift people out if there's no way to get back across the pit. Going up through there seems decidedly safer than risking the crossing." Heading back after determining their path out--whether Hiroki found one or not--Edmond made certain to inspect the walls of the hall going forward, trying to see if any openings were visible that might indicate traps. If any are present, call Hiroki back/warn her.
  6. The boy, could he be the lynchpin? Something was at work here, something odd, and Ena thought it hinged on this boy they mentioned. "Well, thank you for telling me." With that Ena walked away. The readings were wrong, quite a bit off, indicative of time manipulation. This was her element, but it would require investigating. In taking in the ambient sounds, Ena processed some of Kusuke's words. The man knew something of time flow? Ena approached to a point where she'd be able to catch everything said--not too close of course, her auditory systems were extremely capable--and listened, while checking through her logs. At what point in the conversation had the shift in position and time measurements occured, or was it a gradual shift?
  7. "Well. That's useful, thank you. Probably best to go around and in thriugh the ceiling then. Carrying is all fine, but. . .this is safer and easier, I think." The girl seemed to be putting a fair amount of distance between them, so supposing it might have been a rather uncomfortable ordeal, Edmond thought offering the others the option to avoid it was probably best.
  8. "That may be the case, but he's got a lot of potential. Hopefully the recklessness can be addressed." "I haven't watched the videos either, so I've got no idea if Uber and Leet edited him out. Did you?"
  9. "Yeah, no, that pretty much sounds like the mana stuff. Maybe it's a regional difference. And Mirri, I rather doubt you'd trust yourself to Leo either, though. . . " Harry realized something here. "Wait, you've probably seen him right, through the videos?"
  10. Harry patiently stared at the man, a bemused expression makings its home on his face. When Stretch turned to nod confidently, Harry simply shook his head faintly, unsure how else to even respond. He addressed the one carrying the tacks gently. "Takumi's right in this world. Maybe in other worlds, they do something else, but here, well they'd probably be used exactly as he says. Do you need a weapon?" "And Stretch, is what you used to make those rocks called mana? Looks similar to some other guy's work I know."
  11. "Poncio Romero, at your service! Are you perhaps one of my fans then? That's wonderful, I wondered if anyone really cared that I was here! It's not often one gets to meet critically acclaimed actors such as myself. Completely infathomably, some don't seem appreciate it!" Poncio waved his and in Spooks direction, indignation sneaking into his voice. "Hey, it sounds like she got an operation too, so is she maybe one of us? Why would the good Commander Slate not tell us, I wonder. . . Perhaps, maybe it was meant to be a reveal, for the cameras! Are there cameras? It certainly could have given someone--not me of course--a right scare!"
  12. Poncio sidled up next to John, and murmured to him. "I see this one isn't like the rest, suspected it from the beginning. But do you think it is actually one of them, a zombie? Or does it talking mean it's not a zombie? I always was a sucker for the philosophy of these things!" As he spoke, he began shuffling through the supply pile, glancing warily at the eyeless zombie every so often. He'd be looking for maybe a gun, or something. He'd heard it said not to bring a knife to a gun fight, so surely a sword counted. But then again, you never heard people saying "don't bring two knives to a gunfight", and a sword was like, more than two knives long, right?
  13. Harry, for reasons that should be obvious, did not note the precision of the thirty eight second wait. "Same here. Couple of things, we've got a few new people around here, just showed up. Be aware of that, sorry in advance. Second, I'd like to set up an appointment with Panacea. Mainly to test if someone's powers are safe to use to heal around here, and to get a bit of insight regarding a few things. Compensation would be in the form of helping out with patients, if there are no issues."
  14. "Local law stuff, I'll try to get you in contact with the people you need to talk to. And no, actually this is good, Mr. Stahl. Sorta. There's someone on this world who should be able to determine exactly this stuff's effect. We're actually gonna go on a bit of a field trip to see them I think. I'll eat it then Stretch, okay?" He wasn't going to up and leave until Uber and Leet got here. But he could probably set up the appointment. Turning on on of the old comms sets from last time they'd been here, Harry tried to reach Dragon. "Hey, guess who's back."
  15. Poncio, standing as he was nervously ahead of the zombie, felt a wave of calm rush over him, so swiftly followed by the urge to sing energetically, that he could barely tell the calm had been present. He submitted to that urge, singing along in a rather good tenor. . . ."It's gonna get a little strange!. . ." Soon, quite soon in fact, the urge to sing wore off, and Poncio was left just as confused and bewildered as the zombie. ". . . Huh? What just happened?" He halfheartedly raised his sword to point between himself and the soon to be shot zombie again, but did nothing. Not to say he'd have done something useful if he hadn't been distracted, but he'd have been more likely to try.
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