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    Games: Pokemon(Any from main, to fan made, to spin offs), Minecraft, Borderlands 2 and TPS, WoW, Halo, Some Cod games (I really like Zombies) Hearthstone, Destiny, Skyrim(not sure about the other 4, haven't played them), SSB, ye old nintendo classics (Sonic, Mario, LoZ, Kirby, Star Fox, Spyro, Crash, Bandicoot, etc),

    Fantasy: LotR & The Hobbit, Lore from any game, Percy Jackson series, Kane Chronicles series, Harry Potter, Religion (Like Angels and Demons and Monsters and Stuff), Yu-gi-oh,

    Learning: Science, Math, physics, chemistry, biology, code (like java), space (Like stars, and aliens, and outer space), Philosophy.

    Clothing: Comfy stuff (No collars, no long sleeves, no tuxes or suits or tight fancy shoes, or ties, all that stuff is like blech)

    Internet Stuffs: Rooster Teeth & Achievement hunter, Ray Narvaez Jr., Sandra and Woo & Gaia, VG Cats, TheRussianBadger, Azzie & ChaBoy, Bravest Warriors

    Weather: Anything That is not snow. Hell, i'd enjoy a good hurricane or earthquake.

    Music: I am not over particular about my music, but I like it to at least be fast-ish. I enjoy most rock, electric, and a good bit of dub step. I absolutely hate country because almost all the country I hear is slow or pointless. Mainly, I like my music to evoke emotions, and give feeling, not rant on about beer or tractors.

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