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  2. "Rest?" Genuine surprise echoed in her voice. "I am a guardian spirit, here to bring ruin to this land's enemies before ruin is brought to it." Mitsurugi shook her head. "I will find rest when the foe is vanquished and not before. To do otherwise would be dereliction of the already-cracked promises that define my being." She knew, of course, that the others were likely correct. She was tired, unbalanced, pushing the edges of her control. Already, she'd slipped, leaving devastation behind her. "I cannot abandon another land before it is safe."
  3. Ako, Spicy, and Lexiel At the mention of Susano, the blue clad sparrow gave Spicy a questioning look, "That old geezer? I mean sure he helped kill the Demon King that one time lazy, alcoholic-" he began, raising a wing and, somehow, raising individual feathers like fingers in order to list off Susano's qualities... At least before another deep chirp erupted from Jamba, interrupting the henchmen and causing them to quickly correct themselves, "I mean, yes, the Boss has been keeping an eye on Kamiki Village for a while now, like he does with the other provinces of Nippon. Susano does
  4. "It is indeed. A fortification that floats through the liminal spaces between worlds and takes us safely to each new one. I am not certain, however, how easy it will be to return." Her eyebrows drew a hair downward. "And I do not wish to leave this realm until my purpose here has been fulfilled." Mitsurugi turned back to Sakuya, awaiting her answer to the earlier question - as well as Spray's.
  5. "We're looking for the descendant of Nagi, who helped Amaterasu in defeating the Demon King before. We believe he lives in Kamiki under the name Susano, but if you could help us finding him faster that would be greatly appreciated."
  6. Spray The rookie couldn't help but overhear Sakuya mention a castle, and got curious. Spray felt bad for interrupting, but he'd learned it was better to ask questions sooner than later. "What's this 'Castle' you're talking about? Is it gonna be our home base for this operation? Does that mean we could use one of the mirrors to just go there, resupply or swap out for fresh troops, and then go back? If that's the case..." Spray looked towards the melancholy (though she looked a little less sad now) goddess nervously. After a few moments of trying to figure out how tactful
  7. Sanada seemed unnaturally comfortable with the aid of a sinister deiform she had supposedly attempted to kill... he nearly suspected treachery again, before recalling that her mind was much too asinine for such machinations to have been possible. Still, the party could use a reminder of what hadn't stopped being an enemy of every soul on this star... Cicivexa uses Manaward! The next two attacks targeting Cicivexa do not damage him! Under the effects of Sky-Splitting Flash and Manaward, the Fruits of Hubris are ignored! Cicivexa uses Swiftcast to cast Flar
  8. With his voice suddenly restored and his ability to order similarly regained, Travis looks over the status of his tank a pleased smile cracking across his face. With a chuckle he orders his crew to put the firing solutions they'd been working on to use. Travis uses FIRE MAIN CANON on Icarax
  9. Well, things seemed to be going quite well. No time to get overconfident though! Use Quick Tune Up (2d6+12) to heal Tsubasa, activate Gambit (-13 HP (Preemptory bracing decreased)), and use Stress Testing (2d8+12 and increase damage of next hit on same enemy by 25%) on Rahi Nui. Edmond autoheals for 10% MHP (7). 4 physical damage reduction, 8 against bullets.
  10. "Teridax. That magic, use it again." Any worry she had about the dark power slid off her mind, focused as she was on the battle ahead. She saw the path forward, a path for her to flow naturally into victory - all she had to do was provide enough power. Taking a deep breath, she rushed Icarax, throwing a powerful and almost unnaturally quick shoulder tackle at her towering biomechanical foe. Then, almost as if it were the same movement, her hand darted to her blade. Fourth Form on Icarax, then use Reaction to attack with First Form for 2*(4d6+27) damage! Yin: 0 -> 1 Yan
  11. "I see." That was interesting. Unanticipated, if not entirely surprising now that she'd been told. "It is good to know that the return journey will be easy, once we've purged this land of the demons threatening it." It may be safer if I left now. Can I really leave such a task as this incomplete? She glanced over at Spray for a moment, before electing to not discuss him further. Humans tended to be offended when other people, especially divine beings, spoke of their incapability, and she had little opportunity to see the man's true strength. "Is there anything else you or Amaterasu wishes to t
  12. "Very powerful and an enemy of the demons you say? I may have a proposition for you," Lexiel offers the Great Boss Sparrow. She raises her right hand, arcane sigils hovering around it, and conjures a glowing, translucent scroll embossed with Izzet and Boros guild symbols, unfurling it dramatically, "I have the ability to make contracts with persons of extreme personal potency, allowing them to be summoned as aetheric constructs even on other worlds. It would put you at absolutely no personal danger, you would be aware of what actions your aetheric counterpart has done, and I do not believe
  13. Ako, Spicy, and Lexiel “The Demon was working for him, without a doubt. They were one of the few fueling a barrier at the entrance of the Moon Cave” Ako followed up, causing Jamba to nod slightly, another chirp rumbling from the Great Boss, causing the green sparrow to jump forward, “The Boss understands, though he’s still surprised that a Demon would wrestle control of the Inn away from him” the henchman translated, the hopping back as the blue one jumped forward in the same instant, “Still, he wishes to know if there’s anything you desire as thanks for re
  14. "Strong odds the demon in the inn was one of his goons," Lexiel confirms, "If she wasn't working directly for him, she was sure advancing his plans anyway."
  15. Cell whips around as the Rahi Nui bounces off his shield, letting his blade drag along its side as it charges. Pausing for a moment he takes in Tsubasa trading blows with Icarax. A short gesture later he summons an aura of whipping razor sharp winds. (Free action) Cell counterattacks the Rahi Nui for 8d6+16 damage. Cell uses Aura of Laceration on himself, Tsubasa, and Edmond granting each 5 DR/all and 5 thorns vs melee for four rounds. 2 DR/all 15% DR/Physical Crit Meter: 4/8 Loadout:
  16. Travis fires his machine guns, hitting Icarax six times, the Rahi Nui three times, and the Trespasser Tyrannosaurus once! The Trespasser Tyrannosaurus takes 6 damage! The Rahi Nui takes 18 damage! The bullets bounce harmlessly off Icarax! Icarax lashes out with his sword at The Makuta! Tsubasa intercepts the attack with Sky-Splitting Flash. Tsubasa takes 27 damage from the sword cut as it batters through her defenses and slices into her forearm! The Makuta activates his Mask of Shadows, shrouding Tsubasa in a veil of darkness! Tsubasa will easily dodge the next at
  17. Spray Not really sure what to do or say - how much of this conversation was he even supposed to be hearing? - the rookie merc decided to simply keep an eye out for any trouble, leaving Mitsurugi to talk it out with Sakuya.
  18. Travis issues his next order... or tries to. Nothing leaves his throat as he speaks, causing the dolls and commander to sit there in silence for a few tense moments. With a quick look back, Wyonna realizes the problem and takes the reigns under Travis can speak again. Wyonna orders the machine guns to fire once again.
  19. Dackly uses Soften once again on the same target as before, the Trespasser Tyranosaur!
  20. Mitsurugi "The journey has been. . ." She faltered. The journey had been rife with demons. Rife with challenges to her skill, her power, and her very being. Rife with tensions between herself and the rest of the group, herself and this world she'd thought so welcoming, herself and the dark things she'd tried to pretend did not lurk within her breast. ". . . challenging. But we are making progress." Centuries of practice let her mask the unease in her voice, the fact that she didn't know what she, herself, was progressing toward. "Spray is woefully misunderstanding of the conflict w
  21. Ako, Spicy, and Lexiel Letting out another deep chirp, the Great Boss Jamba tilted his head down towards Spicy, then glanced at the blue sparrow in front of him, cueing them in to speak, “The Boss is surprised that three Kami would come to his inn, but he doesn’t know of any associates of that demon. He believed that-” the henchman began, only to be cut off by Chun jumping up and hopping over to the group, “Actually, while that demon had me separated from my Father, I did overheard her talking about some other things. Mostly about a samurai, skeleton, and serpent” she b
  22. Hikari pulled back quickly into a hidden guard stance and lunged forward to the enemy. Hikari slashes upwards at the Trespasser Spawn Tyrannosaurus dealing 5d6+DEX. Her Prometheus Blood Code causes the attack to deal 30% extra damage with the strike.
  23. He had to admit, this was a creative one, but Cicivexa had trained for months to channel without the need for voice control. Such tricks were worthless against him... and they would soon be his foes' downfall. As he gathered energy in his staff, he lowered it and flicked it upwards, launching a ball of lightning towards the Trespasser! To a limited extent, now, its energy was now his to command. The excess of it, at least. Under the effect of Sky-Splitting Flash, the Fruits of Hubris are ignored! Cicivexa casts Thundaga on the Rahi-Nui, dealing ( ( 5d6 + 16
  24. Spicy HG gave the proprietor of the Inn and clan leader a bow once they had approached. "You have a beautiful Inn here, we were happy to help rid it of such demons." She straightened up fully, changing her tone a demeanor in the ways that show one's great practice in giving many long leading speeches and statements. "We three Great Kami and our companions are in search of demons and the greater beings they may be in league with. Have you any knowledge of such?"
  25. "Leo, can you create say, perfumes? Cats have an extremely strong sense of smell, so a strong perfume might serve to keep that cat away from the wire?" What a strange pair of beings.
  26. Oh, come on. Now even if the Makuta had been willing to answer, it'd be pointless. He hated to attack this specimen of an extinct species, but what more was there to do? Use Stress Testing (2d8+12 and increase damage of next hit on same enemy by 25%) on the dinosaur, activate Gambit (-13 HP), and use Stress Testing (2d8+12 and increase damage of next hit on same enemy by 25%) on Rahi Nui. Edmond autoheals for 10% MHP (7). 4 physical damage reduction, 8 against bullets.
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