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The increasingly incorrectly named club for ye olde multiverse RP.
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  2. Hikari disappears in into a flash of red particles, appearing behind Icarax. Hikari uses Dispersal Slash dealing 10d6+DEX. Her Prometheus Blood Code allows for the attack to deal 30% extra damage.
  3. Dackly smirks. "Yeah, I bet that reach will be useful!" Dackly uses Starlight Spear on Gozer, forcing him to use it for three turns! Gozer attacks Icarax with the spear, dealing 10d4+12 Damage!
  4. Tsubasa blinked. A stinging on her eye was all-too-familiar; a trail of red had forged its way down the left side of her face, coming from a cut she'd narrowly avoided higher up. Focus. The swordswoman took a deep breath, brushing away her perception of the burning lines on her body. Defensive stance. Her blade pulled back in a smooth motion, aimed to deflect another incoming strike. Pivot. Using the momentum from the previous attacks she'd endured and turning it about, she planted one foot forward. Flow. The blade flicked forward, as if it had been wreathed in lightning itself, and carried th
  5. "OH. Uhm. . . Sorry." It was a terribly embarrassing moment to bring out a soldering iron, pliers, and numerous other mechanical tools, only too look down and realize that the person he was treating was in fact made of flesh. Well then. It seemed that those whom Edmond could assist were in no need of it, so he focused his attention on the ongoing territorial dispute. Edmond uses Individual Air Support on the Bazelgeuse, launching a burst of suppressive fire at the next thing to attack it, dealing 2d8+12 damage and stunning. 5 turn cooldown. Edmond autoheals for 10% MHP (7). 4 phys
  6. As the Bazelgeuse lands with thundering applaud Cell reaches into the burlap sack on his belt once more, pulling out a simple bluish sphere with a ring on one side. He pulls the ring with his opposite hand and a light *chink* and throws the grenade towards the space between the Rahi Nui and Icarax. It detonates with almost more of a pop than a boom. Cell uses Infantry Grenade targeting the Rahi Nui and Icarax for 16 damage each. 2 DR/all 15% DR/Physical Crit Meter: 4/8 Loadout:
  7. No. No no no no no no no no no. Gods no. Not again. Dear Twelve not again. No! Not again! Calm down. You're protected. You're prepared. You're safe. Nothing in the world- nay, the multiverse can hurt you, at least right now. Now of all times is not the time to panic. Panic and you risk losing the chances ahead. Cicivexa, recognizing the Makuta's seeming unawareness of (or perhaps apathy for) his assault, cleared his mind and pressed his luck. Under the effect of Manaward, the Fruits of Hubris are, somehow, ignored! Cicivexa uses Sharpcast, and
  8. Travis fires his main cannon! Icarax deflects the shell with his sword! ...Straight into the Rahi Nui's side, causing it to take 57 damage. Icarax takes a swing at the Makuta, but Tsubasa blocks it, taking 19 damage. The Makuta fills Tsubasa with righteous fury! The Rahi Nui roars into the sky. ...In the distance, another roar answers. The Rahi Nui seems surprised that any creature would dare challenge it... Cell counterattacks the Rahi Nui for 46 damage, and surrounds himself, Tsubasa, and Edmond with his Aura of Laceration!
  9. Spicy HG shrugged. "We don't really have much information we didn't know before, just reinforcement of old things. The plan so far is still to go defeat the other two demons sealing the cave and then deal with the demon king." She looked around, suddenly realizing something missing. "Where is Mitsurugi anyway?"
  10. "Shrines, huh? I don't really know much about that sort of thing, but if you need any help..." Spray pointed to himself. "Anyway, how'd things go for you folks? We got our next location, or...?"
  11. "Well she isn't entirely cut from her-" She cuts herself off and jerks her head to look to the side. It occurred to her mid-sentence that likely not everyone needed to know about the sheath of Mitsurugi's blade. She slowly turned back and spoke again. "It doesn't really matter. What does is that she needs more faith, and good faith at that. I'm sure that robot Goddess wouldn't mind some either. Along with anyone else in the castle who's a divine or worships one." She got a bit of a smile on her face and clapped her hands together, rubbing them and looking the slightest bit smug. "I th
  12. Spray nodded. "I... does that mean there's nothing we can do to help her? Sakuya here mentioned something about Mitsurugi being cut off from her faith, and Mitsurugi herself mentioned... Is there some way we could... give her faith somehow? Praying for her, maybe?"
  13. Spicy HG sighed and slowly frown. "Yeah I've been on a couple missions with her now. She's an older diety than I am, probably a few centuries or millennia. She's also..." Spicy shook her head slowly, like someone disappointed more than sad. "I think she also believes she's on a path destined to lead her to falling. The only other person I know to go through anything remotely similar hasn't exactly done much better."
  14. Spray The rookie looked over at the people arriving, half-tempted to yell at them for not showing up to help. But he kept his temper in check as best he could. "Mitsurugi was... troubled by how she handled things back there," Spray gestured to the building where the goddess had decapitated the demon earlier. "I tried to talk to her about it, but... said things I regret. If I may ask... what do you know about her? Has she... brought her issues up before?"
  15. Spicy HG gives a simple bow. "Then we should be taking our leave." She glances over to Lexiel and Ako. "I'm going to go see what Mitsurugi and the new guy are up to when you're ready to catch up." With that she turns simply and wanders back down the trail to the front of the Inn. Eventually meeting where Spray, Sakuya, and the Mirror were standing. "What's all this?"
  16. Spray For a moment, Sakuya was silent as she watched Mitsu head through the Mirror, face returning to that of sadness before she turned to Spray, bringing a hand to her chin as she thought about his questions, “Ah, yes, hm… I don’t believe there’s any true pay, but if you truly desire some form of payment, then… Well, you may have to discuss it with your companions. As for Saigai-no-Mitsurugi… Although I have been graced with the knowledge of much of her past, there is still much I do not know. Mitsurugi is a Kami, with her domain being that of disasters. As awful as th
  17. Hikari moves quickly and slashes into the Rahi-Nui dealing 5d6+DEX damage. Her Prometheus Blood Code allows for the attack to deal 30% extra damage.
  18. Ena peered down at the mouse, a cartoonish frown displayed across her visor. "I am all for robot employment opportunities, but the benefits and pay seems rather insufficient. But I won't advise it to seek out a union, it'll have to figure that out on it's own, right?" Really though, the speed of assembly was exceptionally rapid given the lack of a production line. Programming, easy, that could be spliced together from templates. "Leo, I must ask though, how is it that we can expect robot, assembled from, I don't wish to offend, street trash, to last long? It does seem r
  19. --------- Leo -------- Leo opens his mouth to respond, before freezing when the shaking hits. After a few moments of looking around following the sudden quake and seeing nothing collapsing, Leo resumes his answer. "Nothing smell related comes to mind. I could try, but it's not really something I've messed with." Leo looks around the alleyway, noticing scattered trash and looks back at the wall with its sure to be ruined yet again cable. The mouse and cat in question likely live in this area and given how proficient with tools they seemed to be he was sure
  20. Spicy HG nods in response. "Thank you. Is there anything else before we return to our quest?"
  21. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Traverse Town~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There is a great rumble, not unlike an earthquake. Powerful enough to be felt by anyone regardless of location and continues for several moments before stopping. Leo and Enma notice some shingles falling loose, and Enma's sensors detect the rumbling coming from a distinctly lateral direction, not underground. Francis notices odd streaking and streching lines through his vision until the quaking finally stops. A wave of murmur passes over the bar, followed by several patrons standing to leave and most returnin
  22. As they walk through the portal, Frisk turns towards everyone one final time. "It had to happen this way. Keep them safe, alright?" Frisk asks. Contessa glances at Nader, smirking in a calculated way. With a wink, the portal closes, and the bar is left in silence. PLOT COMPLETE
  23. "Hey, Icky! If you're so strong, then take this!" Dackly shouts, drawing a spear and challenging Icarax to use it! Gozer uses Silver Bullet on the Rahi Nui, firing a pellet of silvery metal at it!
  24. Spray Maxwell looked as the goddess walked through the mirror, waiting a few moments to make sure that she had left. Then he turned back and just nodded, uneasily. Looks like he wasn't being fired just yet... But now that he had an opportunity to ask, the words already left his mouth. "What's the pay?" Maxwell froze up as soon has he said that. Good lord, what was he thinking? "I-I mean, Uh... W-what happened to her, and how can I help her?"
  25. Spray's words were far from comforting. This was, indeed, a shadow of what she'd warned him of, and that made it all the worse. "I will take my leave, then." She forced herself to look forward; it would not do well for a goddess to walk along with eyes downcast in shame. Mitsurugi wanted to say something about heeding advice given in good faith, but she couldn't promise to avoid driving herself this hard again. She hadn't lied earlier; Mitsurugi feared she would disappear entirely, or worse, if she could not complete this task. A fitting end, I suppose. From nothingness they came, and nothingn
  26. Mitsu and Spray At Mitsu's apology, Sakuya gave a slight bow of her head, "Your apology is accepted, as I simply wish the best for you. And as for you, Maxwell Schiff..." she continued, turning her head to the mortal ahead of her, "I should be apologizing for the situation that you have been suddenly thrust into. It was my duty to properly explain what you were going into, but in my haste I failed to do so. For that, I am truly sorry" she said, offering the rookiee a proper bow, "If there are any questions you want answered, I shall gladly answer them to the best of my knowledge."
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