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The increasingly incorrectly named club for ye olde multiverse RP.
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  2. Leo looks at the mouse, then shrugs. He keeps on eye on the cat, waiting for them to get done, or run off, while he casually preforms the shape solid spell, moving it through the cable and bringing the torn and frayed insulation back together. Maybe he could ask the mouse to show him how or where they got such a small gasmask if the cat ran off. It was clearly intelligent enough to use one. Not that that was conclusive. "If it's not at least passed out by now, I don't think thats going to work." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Mira "Stand and fight. You're going to die either way" Mira commented as Magic dodged her underhanded swing, taking a step forward in the same breath to strike once again. Mira once again uses Lunar Stance, countering the first attack made against her this turn for 6d8+3d6+23 damage, and follows it with a Crescent Slash on CFW Magic, dealing another 6d8+4d6+23 damage. Her second set of actions by using another Cell Repair (healing herself for 7d6+13 HP) and, if possible, another Crescent Slash on Magic for yet another 6d8+4d6+23 damage. If her Rending Combin
  4. "Vanish into nothingness as all grudges do." Mitsurugi moved in for another strike, aiming a slash at the Onryo just as the floor seemed to erupt beneath the spirit. The damage to the building was an illusion - but the heat and force of the attack was not. Attack the Ubume again with Eruption, dealing (3d8+16+14+11)*1.2 damage and bypassing damage resistance!
  5. This was something she was familiar with. The sensation of the wrench jolting a little as it met a moment of resistance, the shouting of her foes - but this time, something was invigorating her - no, pushing her beyond her normal limits. She just hoped she she could use this to put the fight to an end sooner. She'd collapsed enough times after a battle to know sometimes one didn't realize the strain they put on themselves until it was too late. Then Lyra got struck in the back by a wave of fire. "Oh, piss off!" Then Lyra got shot in the back. Seemed Lyra had left a
  6. Magic takes one deep contented breath as the shadow of the Trespasser washes over the battlefield. “What more proof do you need that these beings are beyond us? Are the ultimate masters of the multiverse?” Magic gestures widely and fires a piercing bolt of energy, then another, each causing the instability around her to fracture and writhe. One bolt slams into Bridgette for 8 damage, while Lyra swiftly dodges the other. Magic gains 6 total stacks of Fracture. Bridgette holds her action. Magic flicks her wrist again and fires another bolt at Gabriel for 13 damag
  7. Trusting that Lexiel could heal Mitsurugi in time, Spray decided to patch up Ako again, rushing over through the chaos to quickly patch up her wounds. Spray uses Quick Bandage on Ako, healing her for 3d4+10 points of health and removing all physical status effects from her! Sneaky Beaky Like: Ready - 2 Uses Left Field Surgery: Ready Blinding Smoke: Ready Chemical Break Lights: Ready https://docs.google.com/document/d/16cXVdmyiMiUSL1fwnUk3MxklayDVd8lZ0dwab2wZtcA/edit
  8. "Teridax? Is that your name?" Well, it was pretty clear what needed to be done here. Whether the Makuta was scheming or not regarding this Icarax person, there was a trespasser in desperate need of defeating. Of course, Edmond knew that the amount of hurt he could put out was rather low, so for now he'd want to prevent their enemy from getting off a devastating first strike. Utilize Birds Eye View on Hikari, and Dackly, Gozer, and Cap. (If they count as more than one person for action targetting, just pick Dackly and Gozer). Decrease incoming damage by 30%, 1 turn cooldown.
  9. Spicy HG's visage and intent remained unchanged even as one of the Ubume was reduced to little more than cinders and soot. The temperature of the room yet continued to climb as more flames lashed out from her, to the point it was nearing uncomfortably hot for her allies and oppressively so for her enemies, while the walls of heat reinforced a simple message; there would be no escape. Spicy HG uses .EXE Conflagration once again, inflicting each enemy with another stack of a Burn effect for 3d6+12 Fire damage for three ticks.
  10. Cell quickly shoves the tail back into his pack and reaches into his sack of special surprises to retrieve a blueish-white sphere. A good lob lands it somewhere between the Rahi Nui and Icarax. Cell uses Ice Grenade targeting Rahi Nui and Icarax. They each lose 5 Init and act last this round(if they don't act before Cell, if they do they act last next round). Loadout:
  11. Lucine, by this point, was idly turning about on the barstool, mentally debating whether she wanted to get in on the last of the karaoke or just relax for the moment. The conversation brewing drew her attention, and she ceased her rotation when she was pointed at the unfamiliar woman. "If you've seen stranger, are you maybe, um. . . not from around here?" It was a long shot, but given that they were a ragtag group of misfits traversing the multiverse, it wouldn't exactly be odd to encounter a mysterious trenchcoated woman doing the same.
  12. "Lightning Breathing, Third Form." Tsubasa murmured to herself as she dropped into a crouched pose, already beginning to pull her sheath (blade still within) from its place at her side. "Sky-Splitting Flash." Like the natural phenomenon for which the form was named, Tsubasa hurled herself across the battlefield, interposing herself between Icarax and the Makuta. "I made my decision." She brought the sheath up in an attempt to ward off the incoming blow, which would hopefully give their mysterious "benefactor" a chance to prove his goodwill. Sky-Splitting Flash targeting the Makut
  13. "Even he could not possibly be that stupid. He lives in this universe, just as the rest of us. What possible benefit would he think to acquire with siding with a force that seeks to end everything?" The Makuta starts pacing irritably, "What are you up to Icarax..." WHAM! An invisible force slams into the Makuta, knocking his mask askew and throwing him back. Even as corrects it, regaining his balance, a second massive, armored figure appears before the party, flickering out of invisibility. This being is taller and leaner than the Makuta, his black armor accented with red and
  14. Nader had already begun to pour himself a glass from the entire bottle of vodka that he'd just been handed (ah... just like home! Truly representative of the unified spirit of his country's two peoples) when he spotted out of the corner of his eye somebody approaching him. "Really, you've seen stranger? To be honest, maybe it's a little self-important, but I'd think a large heavily armored tiger-man-person with six guns hanging off of his armor would be really up near the top of the list." This, of course, was basically the first direct interaction between monsters (kind of) and humans in this
  15. Those of the group looking for refreshments quickly discover that, apparently, shortly after entering, Toriel had set a sack of gold coins on the counter, which quickly mollified the owner and more than paid for everyone's orders. It certainly helps that this particular Karaoke bar was having a slow night. As a bottle of vodka is brought to him, Nader notices a woman glancing at him from across the bar, wearing a fedora and a trench-coat. She looks interested in the various monsters getting into shenanigans. "You're all pretty odd folks, huh?" she comments, taking a measured s
  16. "Oh no... Come on, get there in time!" Lexiel will summon a Spark Trooper to attack the Onryo, or if she's dead the Bud Ogre. The Spark Trooper will, following Lexiel's orders, deal [synergy]d4 damage to its target, and then heal the non-summon ally with the least HP remaining for [intelligence]d4 HP. Lexiel's synergy and intelligence are currently both 6, so unless she's buffed or debuffed before the summoning the Spark Trooper will deal 6d4 damage and 6d4 healing. After attacking and healing, the Spark Trooper will harmlessly explode. If the Soul Warden is still present when the Spark
  17. Battle theme Mot, Kino, and Emna hold their turns for now… With a flash of red, the Onryo dashes forward, becoming a blur as she flies around the room and slashes at various members, dealing 26, 40, and 29 damage to Kino, Mitsu, and Spicy respectively. Though bloodied by the Onyro’s attacks, Mitsu manages to hold on and strike Ubume 1 for 80 damage, felling it in one swift blow. The other Ubume, though losing their partner, decides to take a step back from the raging goddesses, instead switching its focus to the fellow undead that was Enma, sla
  18. If he was being honest, Proditor felt somewhat uncomfortable just by being in a place like this. He had braved wars, fought against horrors that could shatter the mind of normal humans, yet a human karaoke bar was enough to make him feel odd. He didn't exactly feel like he should be spending time here, not when there was more work to be done... Yet he didn't have the heart to go against everyone's desire for a bit of rest, especially with the child being so engrossed in their unique singing. So, as visibly uncomfortable as he was, Proditor simply tried to relax, floating just out o
  19. Lucine scratched at her head. She'd climbed up next to Nader out of habit; the girl wasn't much for singing and dancing publicly, and she was tired to boot. "Um. I think I have a couple euros, but that's not the same thing." The magical girl frowned. "I don't suppose telling them we just saved half the world will get us anything for free?"
  20. Sitting at a stool at the karaoke bar, after taking a moment to verify that the weight of all his gear wasn't going to cause it to turn into a pile of splinters, Nader leaned an arm on the table and couldn't help but feel relaxed. Actually, now that he thought about it, he reflected that he should probably be feeling way more of a sense of urgency than he was. After all, this moment was a big deal - the second time in this world since that far-off war where humans and monsters met, and maybe the first one big enough to really make waves, if he had to guess. But, well... after everything that h
  21. 6D Attack CFW Magic using the AT-TE's forward-laser gun Interact with Metal Patch A Lightning Speed Count: 1
  22. Bridgett delays tell after Saejik and then starts charging Ginnungagap for her actions.
  23. Gaster nods. "Of course. I'm sure a solution is forthcoming. After all, the future approaches, young man." "By god it finally approaches." -THE SURFACE- By coincidence or intent, Frisk eventually rounds up the monsters, humans, and others, bringing them to the surface. The sun is rising as everyone walks out of the Underground's exit, casting light over Mt. Ebbot. Asgore finally breaks the awestruck silence. "Nice day today, huh? Birds are singing, flowers are blooming..." "Perfect day for a game of catch." Everyone looks at Asriel
  24. Agile though she was, Isobel's build betrayed the fact that she really was not much of an endurance person, focused mostly on bursts of agility than she was doing things like walking long distances. After all, on a compact space station where she mostly just stood around and carefully tended plants except for during occasional bursts of hellish violence, one of those things was much more valuable than the other! Still, eventually, she made it up to Masako's house, dutifully ignoring all the strange looks and their potential consequences, though she was huffing and puffing juuuust a little by t
  25. Osada "Hm, nice place, Must've taken a while to get the money for it huh?" Osada commented, whistling as they stopped at the detective's home. Truth be told, he didn't much mind the odd looks the resident gave him, he got that enough back in his old world no matter where he went, be it in the Mage community or from ordinary people. After all, he wasn't exactly a normal human. If anything, he just felt glad to be continuing his exploration of what life had to offer, and being allowed to see the sights of a place normally locked off from his kind was rather enjoyable.
  26. "Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute... are those Nazis???" Despite all the craziness that this insane multiversal journey brought with it, this managed to still raise Perlita's eyebrows - she had to resist the urge to throw her shoulders into a disbelieving shrug. But... well, she really didn't have the time to spare just standing around shrugging! Or, well, actually, she kind of did. Despite how these fights were usually madhouses (and, well, of course this one still was), there was actually still a bit of a lull in the need for healing. After the awakening of the very ominous deity-
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