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  2. Francis: As Francis takes the drink he can quickly feel the glow permeating his body, causing everything around him to gain an unnatural glow, something harsh and almost painful at first but that fades with time. After a few moments to adjust he notices the various fungi in the establishment retain the most of the glow in veins and mesmerizing patterns, and the two Fungimancers altered similarly. The other patrons however aren't left quite as similar. Of the two cowboys closest to Francis the one dressed in black is like a cold shadow, a colorless blank in a room of vibrance nearly choking out the man next to him. Glowing red blood drips from the hilt of the knight's sword, but not the blade, and a snake wraps around his arm. The lizardmen each glow a different almost blinding color, crimson with smoking eyes and black horns, blue with a single horn and sparking haze, and white with a misty crown of diamond shaped ice crystals. The Norseman's arms appear etched with glowing runes in a myriad of colors while the old fashioned woman has spider-like legs and features over her own that glow a feint purple. The being made of stars seems to expand into an impossible vastness that covers everything and yet remains calmly seated and contain, while the little creature beside it despite being dwarfed are ever-present. Lastly the images of skulls overlay the heads of each of the astronauts, with glowing skeletons visible through their suits. Leo: Leo finds the damaged powerlines easily enough. Given the obvious yellow caution tape and bright orange cones in front of a loudly and brightly sparking segment of cable. The cable appears to be insulated and bolted to the bricks along the backmost wall of the district, running from a building on one end to another catty-corner from it. Takumi: Surprisingly enough Takumi finds an unused room nicely furnished and decorated with blooming yellow flowers. Inside there is a second door leading to a small stocked bathroom.
  3. The Palace of Earth Spirits "Kaenbyou Rin, but people usually just call me Orin." She frowned. "A phone is that thing Koishi started obsessing over during the whole urban legend thing, right? No, there aren't really any of those down here, unless she brought one." Muenzuka The pair doesn't get very far before they feel a hostile presence. The source of this, after a quick glance around, is an orb of pitch blackness that seems to drink in the light, slowly drifting through the air towards the road.
  4. IP stood still for several seconds, before reloading its weapon and shaking its head. "I... I'm sorry. I merely attempted to use the rules to..." The android stopped itself mid-sentence, seeming to realize Yuugi likely wasn't in the mood for hearing excuses, "I suppose attempting to manipulate the rules of the duel was... disrespectful and underhanded of me. If you are still willing, I would have a proper duel with you this time. If you are not willing to have another duel..." The android gestured to where the shield lay. "You may keep what I wagered as a penalty for my dishonorable conduct. Unless you have some other form of reparations in mind."
  5. The Streets of a Former Hell The shot cleanly struck the dish. Rather than shattering, it popped off into the air and flipped end over end. Yuugi dashed to catch it before it fell into an errant lava flow, but the sake within was all gone. She turned back to IP with a glower. "I take back what I said. Typical human." She stalked back toward IP; one couldn't help but notice that the earth itself seemed to shake with each step. Once she was back within normal conversation distance, she turned to answer Lotus. "It means I'm one of the four most powerful oni in Japan. And I could fold the other ones in half if I wanted to." Yuugi returned her glare to IP. "So, clever hero, now that you've triumphed over the brutish oni with your superior intellect, what do you want me to teach you, specifically?" Youkai Mountain The guard gave Masako a put-upon look as he rubbed at his nose. "I wasn't sleeping," he said with a pout. "If I get in trouble for letting humans in, then you're the one who's going to have to deal with Inubashiri, not me." He pressed a button as he slunk away to patrol another section of the wall; the gate groaned open ahead of the party. It wasn't quite shocked silence waiting for them on the other side, but more than a few odd looks came their direction from the denizens within.
  6. Harmony “Hm, she is a strange creature, isn’t she? I doubt anything has experienced something like her before” Harmony commented, pushing herself from her chair and taking a few steps towards Scarlet, hands behind her back, hidden underneath her shawl, “But yes, we can skip your ‘warnings’, I’m sure I’ve heard them all before. Right now, I’m far more interested in learning just what kind of being you are, miss..?”
  7. Osada For his part, Osada was barely paying attention to the wolf tengu and the detective's talk, instead gazing at the Tengu Settlement itself. It was an odd blend of feudalism and modernism, what with the traditional walls and what seemed like factories within them. It was an oddity, yet that made it somewhat interesting to look at. Of course, even when focused on admiring the architecture, Osada's gaze shifted back to the conversation once the word 'stabbed' was dropped, just as Masako flew up to the weary guard to handle their entry. Not that he would've done it himself, seeing as he was practically being dragged around right about now, "I take it you have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to getting into fights, eh?" the swordsman commented towards Isobel, taking note of her inaudible sigh, "I'd see it as a blessing, but only because I actually like it. You don't strike me as the girl to enjoy matching blades."
  8. "Finer details. Sure." The explanation was clearly insufficient for the mercenary, but she didn't press the issue. . . yet. "And yes, we've been pressganged into working together. Not a typical associate of mine." Which wasn't quite true; she had encountered a number of characters over the years, and going legit had only made it weirder. Though, none were quite as insane as Walker. "So if you've got a file on me, you already know what you're getting into. That means we can skip the warnings, yeah?"
  9. Harmony "It is part of my job to notice the finer details, and no, we haven't yet" Harmony replied with a smile, not seeming to mind Scarlet's guarded tone. She was used to it, since no matter how 'unassuming' she looked, there was always something that clued the observant on her true nature, "My name is Harmony, a mere Observer who has chosen to watch this... Particular oddity of a group. You do happen to work with that anomaly that calls itself... Zoe, correct?" she asked, straightening her posture now that she had Scarlet's attention.
  10. Scarlet stopped in her tracks as the strange woman called her out. She turned her head, silently giving her an appraising look. The brunette didn't look all that threatening, but it was never the ones that did that got you. "You're perceptive," she commented simply, before turning to face the stranger more fully. "I don't think we've been introduced." Her tone was guarded, suspicious. Suspicion was a natural response to her; it kept you alive. It was something she defaulted to, questioning the intents of everyone as if she were a machine programmed to do so. Strangers that knew how long she'd been around were especially suspicious.
  11. Harmony With precision and grace, Harmony added yet another stroke to her painting, masterfully recreating the dias that was meant to be the door's 'key'. Truthfully, she could've cared less about the now vaporized ruins, but there was history that was stored in those stones, and she could hardly trust those barbarians who called themselves archeologists to bother keeping an accurate portrayal of the place. So, she decided to grace it with a footprint in history, a reminder that it once existed, before it inevitably faded from all memory except hers. For an instant, her eyes shifted away from her canvas, registering the sight of another young woman walking past her station, white hair and red clothes highlighting a particularly annoyed expression. Then in that same instant, she returned her gaze to her painting. At least until her eyes suddenly snapped back to Scarlet, catching a sight that caught her interest, "Fascinating, now aren't you an interesting specimen. An artificial immortal, hm?" Harmony commented as her green eyes bore into Scarlet's back, leaning forward and resting her chin on her hands as she did so.
  12. Joaquin just shrugged as Scarlet walked off. Then it hit him. Alex's fist, that is. "Ow! The hell was that for?" "Was for trying to pull... whatever the hell that stunt you were trying to pull even was. I need a drink." Without any further words, Alex left his seat and retrieved a cooler from the Party Van's back. Alex opened it and pulled out two cold bottles of... some amber unmarked liquid - one for himself, and one for Joaquin. After a few moments of drinking in silence - save for the crunching of Joaquin eating some snacks he'd taken from another box in the Party Van's back - Joaquin began to speak again. This time, however, he was much quieter. Almost afraid, even. "So... what do you think we're going to be doing, exactly?" "You think I know that any better than you? It's going to be helping him in some way we won't ever know about, let alone see. Same as our time in the NEP, same as our time in the Corvids." "... You really like to get reductive when it comes to this sort of thing, you know that?" "Why else do you think I got stuck with you instead of actually making it somewhere in the NEP, huh? I don't know jack about 'bigger picture perspectives', and I wasn't about to do the dick-sucking required to make up for that shortcoming." "That totally explains last Thursday." "The point of the drinks was to stop you from saying things like that." "I've said nothing of the sort. What I've implied, on the other hand... Really, though. You don't expect any better from them?" "That Jack guy seems like he's got the greed of the SNC with the unprofessionalism of the Corvids. Toss in a dose of Great Leader-tier pride and a pinch of the Spacer's upper-class facade, and you've got a recipe that'll serve an entire nation. Not all at the same intensity and all, but still..." "Haha! Well said, well said! But we'll still be working for him?" "Honestly, seems just like before. We don't really have a choice, do we?" "... Hey, you want some of these?" "Yeah, thanks." With that, the two went back to eating and drinking in relative silence.
  13. As Scarlet stomps off, Sucrose simply huffs, crossing her arms. "I am a perfectly serviceable at repairing organics, unless any of you happen to have molecular imaging structures in your eyes as well."
  14. "And I don't give a shit whether you think I'm 'unique or interesting.' You're gonna have to try harder to piss me off than that." Scarlet rolled her eyes. "My dipshit tolerance is up." If it were a few decades ago, she might have risen to the challenge, but she'd seen too many kids high on their own fumes at this point. Instead, she just headed off to see if she could improvise something to . . . or find something powerful enough to get her drunk. Sometimes she wondered why she even tried to go legit. Things were easier when she just killed everyone that annoyed her.
  15. Harold raises one eyebrow at Juaquin's continued harassment. "Ya know kid just because she's the only one with a license doesn't mean that she's the only one who can figure out how to dig out a bullet or sew closed a wound. 'Course it'd take me a while longer on account of having to dig out my sewing kit and wipe the crud off 'it. Or you could ask the pirate man, pretty sure he's got'emself a carpenter on his ship."
  16. Joaquin just gave a sad smile as he shook his head almost pityingly. "You know, listening to you, I'm reminded of someone I knew back on Solo Nobre." The man turned to his partner. "Wouldn't you agree that this gal seems kinda like her?" "Don't really see how that's relevant-" "Just answer the question." Alex sighed and nodded reluctantly. "I guess she does seem somewhat similar in attitude, at least. There a point in comparing our only source of medical care to people she wouldn't know right in front of her?" Joaquin tilted his head back and forth in an exaggerated manner, as if he was literally rolling his thoughts around in his head. "Oh, I was just thinking of a way to tell her her sarcastic behavior wasn't terribly unique or interesting. Want to tell her make it fuck off before I fall asleep right here where I'm sitting." "And thus your pattern of insulting doctors continues. Which, by the way, also isn't terribly unique or interesting. And I'm telling you to make it fuck off before I knock you out right where you're sitting." "Hey, I'll have you know it's-" Waving his words away, Alex turned to Scarlet. "Don't worry too much about him. He's always like this." "Don't be patronizing, Alex! I'm sure she already knows that we're the comic relief who are supposed to die near the end to signal the permanent change in tone," "If you want me to do some punching on your behalf, Scarlet..."
  17. Travis Hoses down the damaged rock man with machine gun fire.
  18. Hearing her name finally prompted Scarlet to turn around and acknowledge the newcomers. "Somehow, I also ended up being the only medical professional here. Which means I get to do whatever I want with you if you get any new and interesting orifices blown in you." Her dry tone didn't make it clear whether this was an attempt at humor or intimidation. Great, more kids to keep alive. She elected not to comment on the earlier exchange about hitting on her. The merc wasn't sure if she would even notice at this point. Not for lack of interest, but for the fact that most people who would do so were people she wasn't exactly interested in for one reason or another.
  19. Harold reaches over and raps the reinforced sheet metal wall of the ship with the back of his knuckles just hard enough to get a dull thud. "I've made rust buckets that make this thing look like a luxury cruiser fly in a vacuum. Course' where I from you've still got cold unforgiving space out there instead ah....nothin'." Harold shrugs off the sudden dwelling on the severity of the situation after a few moments. "Suppose yer just as dead either way. Anyhow, the rest ah the crew consists of a super soldier with no regard for his own life, some kinda space wizard, an outdated pirate, some kid hooked on holo tapes, a lady who stares at things, an' a hothead claiming to be a god."
  20. "Good to know we're not the only ones." "What about you? What do you bring to the table? I mean, the two of us got this baby," Joaquin slapped the door of the Party Van to emphasize his point, "And Scarlet's got her rifle and other kit - I'm assuming the not-human's got her own skillset, but I'll ask her about it later. But your rifle sure isn't as fancy as hers, and you don't seem to be glowing with supernatural powers yourself, not that we're any better in that regard." "Unfortunately, we don't have much in the way of firepower right now besides our Stutter machinegun. And as much as I'd love to ram our foes, our vehicle isn't really in the best shape for that." "What are you talking about? We're packing plenty of fire and power right in our glove box!" "Fifteen tapes of 'Avenged Sevenfold' is not an appropriate substitute for a good Carlos!" "It sounds a hell of a lot better!" "And I'm sure they'll play 'em at our funerals!" Despite the snark and arguing, the two men seemed happy to be shouting at one another, like it was a ritual they'd practiced hundreds of times before.
  21. Perlita spend a moment hemming and hawing, torn between providing some healing in a scenario that didn't really need it, and getting the party a supply of Elder Coins through a... risky but hopefully effective. Eventually, though, she opted for the latter, especially considering that the Star Wars empire guy (uh.... Captain Sae-something, oh no, she was absolutely going to be too awkward to ask later) seemed to be turning to tend to them. "Uh-- um-- I'm going to-- I'm going to get some of those Elder Coins! I think this should be enough for everybody for a little while, too, as long as this doesn't really horribly mess up!" Perlita let out a slightly strangled noise of pain as she offered up a large amount of her very life force to the machine selling Elder Coins, but started taking deeper breaths not long after that. Then, having calmed herself sufficiently: "Okay, Crawford...! Diarama!" She promptly suffused herself with pink healing energy. Perlita trades 60 HP for Elder Coins, and then immediately heals herself with Diarama, healing herself for an astounding 7d4+SYN (14)+SYN from Better to Give... (14)+SYN from Altruism (14), or 7d4+42 damage!
  22. "Come on, Mira, you can't let a hit like that bring you down. Give 'em what for!" Captain Saejik shouts, "Gabriel, keep the pressure up, we need to get as much damage in as possible before she realizes she's focusing too much on offense. Punch, good thinking going after the support structures. Keep at it!" He uses Lead From the Front, giving Gabriel, Mira, and Punch 20 temporary HP and +6 attack damage for 3 rounds! Temporary HP is lost before normal HP, and replaced if a higher amount of temporary HP is applied. Lead From the Front is on cooldown for 5 rounds. The AT-TE will arrive next round! Loadout https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y2p_ofBRFbFPFAFbpyB8TC1eEvUUjg84Pjvg_GpeejU/edit?usp=sharing
  23. "Well I'm Harold, nice to meet y'all." Harold reaches up and offers Alex and Joaquin each a firm callused handshake. "Oh them? To be quite honest I don't think the yellow one is human in anything more than shape. But Scarlet is an experienced mercenary."
  24. "At the end of the day, it was your fault you chose to trust someone whose hobbies include paint huffing and insulting Loyalist Soldiers at the nearest Texas -" "Alex!" "Joaquin, shut up! I'm - oh." There was an awkward pause as Alex realized he'd been ranting right in front of the people who were going to be his colleagues. "Heh. Nice one." "Oh, go fuck yourself." "I think we both know who I'd rather fu-" "Joaquin, shut up!" Alex took a moment to catch his breath. If one looked closely enough, one might detect a bit of a blush beneath the goggles he wore. Joaquin's own face sported a big dumb grin. "Anyway, I'm Alex, that's Joaquin. I suppose you could say we are, but more specifically, we're here about a contract. We, uh, don't have to buy the terms and conditions to it, do we?" "What's their deal, anyway?" Joaquin asked, gesturing to Scarlet and Sucrose. "The two of them haven't started kissing or kicking one another, so I'm gonna guess their relationship isn't the same as ours."
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