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  1. --------------------- Leo --------------------- Leo moves over to examine the machine, and speaks his analyze spell over it, examining and its functions carefully... "Oh man, look at this, manipulation of time using completely mundane construction. Anomalous miniaturization, Structures....I can't even begin to understand what half of these parts do! Its been a while since I had a product of an Extremis to pour over. It seems a little overkill to use something like this to skip Intervals on a clock but it could be useful, not to mention great research material." Its easy to hear the mix of rampant eagerness , slight befuddlement (Probably at the aforementioned overkill) and genuine respect in his voice. This was the product of someone who had mastered their craft to such an amazing degree time could be touched with plain machinery. Manipulate time with magic? Leo could DO that with the right materials. The simple things mostly, but he could do more with some time, spellwork, and work building the right golems. But this was a product of pure engineering and machining. He couldn't find any enchantments ANYWHERE in this. Even the materials where, as far as he could tell, completely mundane, except perhaps some anomalous forging? He would have to look closer later. "Here, help me get this off, CAREFULLY." --------------------- Takumi --------------------- Takumi looked at the sharks. He recognized them as sharks instantly. They had been extinct on Ar Ciel since the Grathnode Infertia, up until the recent restoration, where they started to turn up again, but its not like he had never seen pictures or read about them. He shouldn't really be surprised. If other worlds could give birth to humans, they could surely give rise to other familiar animals as well. Granted. These were talking and playing poker which was not at all a trait he expected sharks ANYWHERE to have. He stared for a moment as he tried to figure out how to react, before he decided to just not question it anymore. "Sorry to interrupt, but do you know where vacant rooms a bath is? Im exhausted"
  2. --------------------- Leo --------------------- Leo pulls the potion out of the chest and stores it away "I see no reason not just to keep going up. I don't think we missed anything in that last room..." Onwards! --------------------- Takumi --------------------- That felt kinda weird. Not bad, but...weird? Maybe it had some kind of parameno component that could pick up on the world's feelings that created the water, and translate them into perception of it? Did that make sense? It vaugely felt like wearing a parameno ring. Curious. Maybe he could pull some equipment together and study these to figure out how they worked, though by this point most of his patience and ability to ask questions had been worn away. Getting pulled around like this and thrown out of your depth was, perhaps obviously, pretty taxing. Either way Takumi puts them on and closes the fountain, then makes sure to finish cleaning up, returning the key to where he had found it. He then decides to look around the hotel and its rooms a bit, to see if there's a bath he can use. Maybe behind the blue door?
  3. ----------------- Leo ---------------- Leo after his comical stumbling footwork tried to crush his casual confidence and failed, took a look around the area he now stood. The platforms didn't look that bad and there was ample space to not get killed by machinery if they missed a jump. He would have to mess up pretty badly to get caught, and at worst could likely redirect himself away from the gears...Or have Stoneheart slow his fall... He briefly considered trying to have Stoneheart carry him up, but if this was a dungeon it would be a shame to skip loot. No, this would be good exercise. Nothing to do but go for it. He took a moment to observe the gears, and then jumped for the next platform. Leo moves across the platforms, stopping at each one to observe the turning and listen to the clock, getting a rhythm for his movements, a rhythm for time. Tick Tick Tick Of course, he stays ready to use emit force, or force mana, or really any other tool he has to avert a splat or painful crushing if need be. But this didn't seem that bad. It really was much the same as being in a dungeon. possibly dangerous, but almost relaxing in its familiarity. ----------------- Takumi ----------------- Takumi looked at the box for a few moments before pulling it out. Was this some way of paying for repair work on the fountain that only worked when someone fixed it and flipped the switch? No, that was stupid. How would you get it in there if things were broken? And its not like it was hard to find, so you couldn't put it in there when it was working without someone taking it. For that matter, its not a very good secret compartment if the switch is just visible in the public fountain, so it cant just be a hiding place. Takumi proceeds to open the box, and finding the bauble inside, holds it up above him for a better look
  4. ------------ Leo ------------ Leo looks around at the massive clockwork with interest, it looked well put together and everything seemed to be turning nicely. "I don't know, Ive seen more esoteric setups before, some of the machine dungeons iv'e been in have had pretty nuts movement and puzzles, Especially the one that had gone haywire." Leo rubs his shoulder thoughtfully "Just....don't fall into any machinery if you can help it, if you do, remember that its better to have to fix the gearwork and reset the system, then it is to fix you." "It does seem a little odd there aren't stairs though, it might be a security measure, but its not out of the question this place is undergoing dungeonification. Stay alert." Leo admires the clockwork around him as he starts to channel some safety measures, the way the turning gears continued to move and measure time. What was that piece there for? ...Perhaps? Tick....Tick....Tick.... he listened to the sounds, the ticking, the rattling, the turning, as ideas started to form in his head and dots started to connect. Leo creates two balls of pink gel mana wrapped up in force mana shells to prevent them from dripping gel everywhere, and has them follow him. If they do fall, throwing these down should let him break a fall. (Essence 5, Synergy 4, Channel, Pink gel and Iron mana) Leo then takes his turn, spending two effort, as he focuses on not falling, even as he holds on with one hand, the other hanging near snow's hilt in case he has sudden need of her or convenient iron (3 Dex, Two effort) Snow keeps an eye out with her eye and her scanners keeping on eye on the possible dungeon tower Frostbrute waits at the bottom floor in massive weight and 0 dex prison. While Stoneheart just kinda flys up to follow Leo --------------------------------------------- Takumi --------------------------------------------- Takumi waits for the water to clear up a bit more, then flips the switch
  5. ---------------- Leo ---------------- To Satomi Leo nods to Ena and follows along, heading into the building "These caught my eyes right away, and they offer some great effects and mana types. Releasing latent power, better energy control, protective mana, the works. Ill take some time later and see about some proper testing. Im really looking forward to messing with some of these. Alternate casting with green tourmaline sounds like it would give good results, and the aquamarine can make liquid. Tourmaline to aquamarine might be really good actually." --------------- Takumi --------------- Takumi finally finishes getting the pipes in place and flicks the drain clog away with a momentarily disgusted face, only to be followed shortly after by a dismayed one as the pump literally crumbles to pieces in his hands. Hopefully no one was going to try and make him pay for that, Its not like it could have been made any better. He could scarcely fathom why this system was in such disrepair, everything else looked rather nice in the area....even if this place was freaking him out, what with its empty hotel, eternal darkness, and sparse activity. It was like the opening to a mystery novel or a horror story where- Wait no don't think about that while in the dark underground unfamiliar pumphouse alone. He didn't have much money on him. Did they even take Leaf here? With little option for fixing the pump, Takumi heads back to the area they came in from for a bit, and gets brought up to speed on the ships, the unwanted items piled aboard, and an apparently new super printer. Looking around Takumi begins to help himself to the metal supply and more minor items left laying around unwanted, starting by building himself an actual set of tools If he can just figure out how this works Takumi just kind of does his best to shrug off the strange behavior of the equally strange and out of context super tech, and after holding one of the tools for a few moments decides its good enough. Looking over the alien alloy, Takumi tries to scratch it, and upon failing strikes the metal and listens to its sound as he feels the vibrations travel up through his wrench and his arms. Noding to himself he takes two alien alloy Ingots, the remaining Biotic Field Generator, and some extra two gold ingots for conversion and uses them to construct a new pump. He uses his tools for this as much as he can, but will use the printer for making the casing and such. The intended result is a durable, long lasting water pump with a distinct look. Being made of Alien alloy, brass (Converted from the gold) and glowy tech bits and such. Ok so maybe this was a LITTLE stupid. Well...At least it wouldn't really clog? Returning to the pump house to find it just as he left, Takumi begins to install the pump bolting things down, connecting pipes, ensuring everything fits, and at last turns it on, and breaths a sigh of relief at the sound of it starting up as he begins to pack everything back up.
  6. ------------- Takumi ------------- With no better options at the moment, Takumi makes sure all the valves are shut off, and disables or disconnects its powersource if one can be located With tools in hand he begins to dissemble the pump and clean it as best he can. As for the rust, the places that are rusted to the point of jamming will receive a light sanding in absence of proper rust remover. Of course, he also goes over the piping, the worst pipes will be replaced with the spares, and the others will have the insides checked and cleaned if need be. If the Pump was this bad they might need it.
  7. ------------ Takumi ----------- Takumi groans at the sight of the old, decaying equipment and piping. As both an engineer and lab technician it was like being slapped in the face, a feeling that was likely not helped by the times he had formerly worked on and maintained hydroponics equipment as an apprentice and then some. Thankfully this experience meant something as simple as a fountain, even one in such horrid condition should be no trouble. He just needed to grab....his.....tools....and... Well this was a problem. Takumi now realized he had gotten pretty far ahead of himself and cursed the untimely timing of his getting pulled into the multiverse. Couldn't they have waited till he was back at the hotel? Or better yet, grabbed him while he was still at work? Takumi starts looking around to see if someone left any tools here, but partly hopes he won't find them in such poor conditions.
  8. ------- Leo ------- Leo nods, both at the shopkeep, and Ena "Ill have to run back to the ship to grab more meteorite, But I can make Prisms and Pink Gel here. Might take a bit though......Or....Hang on, I know an Easier way." Leo trades in a portion of Meteorite bars with Tim to quickly generate some Prisms and Pink Gel, and trades a number of the three materials in exchange for 900 munny His eyes are caught by some of the gems they have, and most notably, the rings and that chain. He purchases the Protect Chain , Aquamarine Ring , Tourmaline Ring , And Sardonyx Ring, Along with an additional shard of tourmaline with his Credit "These are great. Damage reduction, release of latent power, better energy control, increased strength, enhanced control over various element based spells, a synthetic liquid? Oh Im going to have field day with this stuff. Pleasure doing business with you" Before continuing the quests though, he alerts the rest of the party he might be a few minuets and tells them to take a break or something, as he gets involved in one of Law's projects, and spends perhaps a bit more time then he intended in the ship, between helping with a super forge printer (Which he is quite impressed by and eager to try out later), making tea for a (copy?) eldritch god, and putting more planter boxes in the ship. He DOES notice the bug he brought from the agony is missing, and none of the golems seem to have seen it, but after a few moments of thinking, Leo shrugs. It was either somewhere it was going to get squished and killed, somewhere where it was going to get captured, somewhere where it couldn't hurt anyone, or running about on the ship somewhere. After all they spent a while on the ship after helping the village, what with how long it took to get exams done. At worst, there would be an infestation to deal with later in exchange for valuable research material. At best, it would wander into this room, lured by the presence of its associated biome. Leo briefly considers using a mana pulse to dominate it and lure it back, but decides that sending pulses over the whole ship for an hour to catch a bug that might not be here for an hour might be a waste of time. Especially given he had work to do. And so, he returns to the party "Alright, Sorry for taking so long, who's up for checking out the clock tower?"
  9. ------------ Leo ------------ "Sure, go right ahead." Leo prepares to follow them up the ladder. ------------ Takumi ------------ Takumi grabs a conveniently placed lantern and starts to slowly progress into the passage, noting and examining all the equipment as he passes, Still unnerved at this empty place that seemed a little to lifeless.
  10. ------------ Leo ------------ Leo asks about testing the wares out, but the shopkeep is understandably concerned about having someone without money screw around with the gear. Which prompts a "Hmmm" of thinking. Not that Leo had to think THAT hard on it. "Well, I didn't bring much money, but I should have plenty of material to trade, got a bunch of metal from another world I went to, Ive also got synthetics and transmuted materials I could trade you. I also make golems and do enchanting." Leo tosses a few spare Prisms and Channeling Samples on the table, mostly ones hes whipped up or got from Terraria, barring the really dangerous stuff. "Here are some of the attunement samples I carry around with me, and some scraps of some things I was whipping up earlier, Prisms, Eternal Ice, Icy Shards, Hard Disks, Magnetolight Disk, Meteorite Metal, Oh, these metals here-" He gestures to the T-Variants of normal metals "-Were smelted a little differently, so they aren't the same as the normal stuff, They are physically stronger, and have different effects then usual." "I can keep going, Tell me if something catches your eye." ------------------ Takumi ------------------ Well while this was still bothering him, He did not feel inclined to go breaking into chests or rummaging around. If there wasent anyone in here, then he would just have to go looking for the pumphouse on his own. If it was near here, then this Key would probably be what goes to it...Maybe. And given the fountain was here, the pumphouse had to be close by, assuming the people who built the thing were reasonable. So Takumi turns and heads back outside, making a note to return the key later, and starts looking around for and clues as to where the pumphouse might be.
  11. --------------- Leo --------------- Leo fixes up the tags (Im assuming he wont need a check for something this minor, he would just keep shaping them till he got them right anyways) and after checking them to make sure he got the address right, tells the party he will be right back, and heads into the accessory shop. Given the old lady does not seem to be the one who actually put the request out, There might still be a momentary reward by the people who were spooked by a "Monster" With this is mind, Leo will greet the shopkeep and ask about any rewards that might have been left, explaining he and the party dealt with the "Monster" He also looks around at the things for sale. --------------- Takumi --------------- Feeling the chill creep back into him Takumi takes the grey key and looks around. Something was absolutely not right here and it was freaking him out. Lights lit, Front door unlocked, No responses, and as the full keyrack proved, no guests. It could be that whoever runs this place has bumbling forgetfulness to end all bumbling forgetfulness. But, while it might have had more to do with recent events, Takumi was now concerned enough to make sure nobody had collapsed or something. At least the building wasent on fire.... Pocketing the key for now, Takumi proceeds to nock on the various doors, and open any that are already unlocked, before moving upstairs and checking up there.
  12. ------------------------------------------------ Leo ------------------------------------------------ Leo nods, rubbing one of his sore arms. "Thank you, but it was really not much trouble." This does not stop him from taking a cookie, and chomping into it, Gaining 1 Ess....Or not. He nods, feeling the little bit of mana from the cookie start to fill his body and slowly leak into the air around him. Enjoying the lovely sweet and sour flavors as they sink into his body and mix and spread into a mix of hot and cold that spreads through his body. The magical energies soaking through him. Those are some good cookies! "These are really good. You guys should try some." After eating it he wipes his mouth on his sleeve. "Ah. I noticed the address on there tags has been scratched out" Leo nods at the two animals "If you've moved recently I can update the tags with your new address, it would only take a minuet if I used shape solid. You'll have to give me a few minuets to purge some of this foreign mana though. Has a habit of working its way into my spells even when I don't want it to." Leo promptly moves away to do some testing, creating a strange glowing ice, casting shaping blades from his fingertips, and giving form to a small humanoid golem of ice, which instantly begins projecting knight armor around itself, and forms glowing energy blades. The small surge of foreign mana he had gained was gone now....but far from forgotten. That energy felt somewhat natural for him, and as he watched it and muttered to himself, he managed to recreate it, Gaining a new Metamagic, instead of Ess. He proceeds to do more tests, calling forth winds filled with ice blades, and creating binary test cores which he idily tosses. Eventually he wanders back over. "Ok, Purged and then some! I can adjust those tags for you if you want." -------------------------------------------------- Takumi -------------------------------------------------- After waiting a little longer, and ringing the bell one more time, and waiting a bit more If no one else comes Takumi will call out and ask "Is this a bad time?"
  13. Leo gives the animal one more pat, and lets it up as the presumed 'Mom' calls them. Hopefully they don't have to much trouble cleaning them up. He feels a little dizzy as he stands up before shaking it off, though he can't help but notice a craving for fish he's pretty sure is not his and a subtle faint twitch in his fingers that reminds him of when he tested Demonite Ore. "Oof, think I might have let some of those animal impulses rub off on me. Really need more practice....Honestly though some fresh fish would not be that bad." Leo rolls his shoulders, confident the foreign will putzing around his brain and/or psychic shell will purge soon enough. He shakes his head in response to Satomi "Relax, It seems pretty peaceful here, and we could use a bit of rest. Not to mention by doing these errands we might be able to get money and rewards that can help us later. Building Materials, Better weapons, Gear. I for one am eager to get a look at the accessory shop, I could use more Gemstones or any interesting metals they might have." "You know whats better for rest? Actually resting." "Ill rest after I finish, there's not to much left to do. Come on, lets go see what the reward is for solving the 'Monster' problem" Leo proceeds to idly start doing experiments with more mana testing getting moving with the others whenever they are ready. Casually conjuring strange lights and big green hats, Strange disks and CD like objects, condensing fluids and powder into harddrive disks, albeit with gaps in between each test to gather significant amounts of mana. He checks chains and mixes various blobs of magic together, while muttering about cameras, data storage, and weapons. This continues right up until he slams together a magic which is spilling liquid electromagnetism, with one of the ones he had been testing, some kind of mana which creates harddrive disks out of nothing. As soon as the two masses started to swirl and mix into one, it exploded into roiling liquid electricity that made a beeline for Leo himself. Leo falls to the ground with a yelp and scream as what is more or less homing electric napalm splashed onto his arms and face, which he pushed and pulled at through the spasms and kicking as he tried to remove it. Hes certainly had worse, but it sure dident feel good. "AhG f-ffuakck belghhafe stupiaahhh mothe-ahhgGg" He eventually SOMEHOW gets most of it off containing the worst of it in barely stable bubbles of force he is straining to hold together as his spams and sputtering slowly subside. The remaining droplets not large or powerful enough to hurt him to badly. Once he finally can kinda control himself properly again he sits up panting, wiping the drool from his mouth and trying (And failing) to shake off some of the drops that are still making his flesh tingle and a few muscles spasm. "Right...Right. Li-LightninGggg, Cyber and StOne. T-hAt makes sense." Leo eventually pulls himself up with a groan, and continues along. as the liquid taze mass slowly 'evaporates' into nothing, twisting and fading into the void.
  14. --------------------- Leo --------------------- "Animal intelligence can vary, but it can be fairly complex. Though Im not an expert on the subject its not unheard of for animals to learn to construct complex tools or preform spellcasting. A rare few can even talk unassisted. In addition to using telepathy or other methods to talk to and command animals and plants there are also types of magic used by communers and druids and the like, that sometimes involve increasing an animal's or plant's intellect, often to help create familiars." "Here let me try, Im closer and I need the practice anyways" Leo closes his eyes and lays a hand on Tod's head, trying to get basic communing or telepathy going to see where they live. --------------------- Takumi --------------------- Takumi rings the bell once, twice, three times. "Is anyone here? I hope the place is open."
  15. -------------------- Takumi ------------------- Takumi goes to the lit hotel, maybe someone there knows where the pump house is.
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