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  1. Mayflower896

    Rejuvenation V11 | Conflicting Ren-union

    If you mean pseudo-legendaries (Pokemon with a 600 BST) two are available: Tyranitar through the mystery egg and Metagross through an event in the Sheridan Wetlands. As for Legendaries, we have Phione in Terajuma (where you battled Valerie at night) and Silvally through Matthew’s quest in River’s End (south of Route 3 via surf). Other Pokemon with high BSTs, Volcarona and Arcanine, are available through the mystery egg and an even in Terajuma respectively.
  2. Mayflower896

    Team Help for keta

    You can catch Woobat in the Gearen Sewers, which quad resist fighting attacks. You can also evolve them easily by giving them haircuts in the Petal Salon and by simply walking around. If you manage to defeat Novae in the Battle Me Again Quest, you receive an Eevee, which can be evolved in a Sylveon or Espeon. In Route 2, Igglybuff can be found as a rare encounter, and then can be traded in Sheridan for Cleffa. Finally, Chingling can be caught in Gearen at night. The only downside to these Pokemon is that they are all Friendship evolution, which can be cumbersome.
  3. Mayflower896

    Dragonite Mail + sand stream cave

    Go east of Wispy Tower and you will find it beside the entrance to the ruins.
  4. Mayflower896

    Rejuvenation V11 | Conflicting Ren-union

    Use Dark Pulse or Night Daze during a battle (or Dark Void, if you somehow have access to it).
  5. Mayflower896

    Rejuvenation V11 | Conflicting Ren-union

    Try using the Time Stone in the Rose Theatre. It’s connected to Route 4, which is directly south of Kugearen.
  6. She almost made me change to Casual Mode...
  7. I also played on Intense, and Angie and Amber were the only battles in which I used Pokémon outside of my main team. I ended up training 2 Lycanrocs to defeat Angie, it was one of the most frustrating battles ever. As for Amber, changing the field to a sky field did the trick, and even though it was relatively easy, it was a very fun battle.
  8. Mayflower896

    Rejuvenation V11 | Conflicting Ren-union

    You can get one by doing the Dragonite Missing Mail quest. It starts in Oceana Pier, but I don’t remember when it becomes available ( I know for sure that it can be done when you return to Gearen from Terajuma).
  9. Mayflower896

    Can we save rift gyrados

    The diary was added in V7.
  10. Mayflower896

    AI Errors V11

    During the Dimensional Chandelure Battle, it used a fire type move (I don’t remember which one) against my Swampert, which proceeded to kill with Earthquake.
  11. Mayflower896

    Rejuvenation V11 | Conflicting Ren-union

    There are three other ways I know of. You can buy a haircut ( this can only be done once a day), use blue moon ice cream to max out friendship ( unfortunately it’s very hard to find ) or by feeding EV decreasing berries, which can be bought in the lost camp.