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  1. I got it on first try without SR^^ But I don't need it, somebody want it?
  2. Drgon run will be hard, because you have in the beginning only Noibat^^ Next avaliable is Axew from the 1/18 egg^^
  3. I already have the electrizer ^^ But thanks Only need a Ditto for breading^^ But can't wait till the 7th street^^ Ditto: 7th street if you missed the event, West Peridot Ward Factory (after finishing Daycare Couple storyline) Guide: http://youtu.be/UEoCuDInp5U?t=4m Is he still avaliable in West Peridot Ward? If no can you trade me one please?
  4. I need a Ditto Somebody has one for me?
  5. You know how to trade Mons?
  6. You can get it But I don't need Ariados, so send me a trash mon ^^
  7. Some other shinys I will give away
  8. I will take Tynamo Can you give him the Electrizier from Litleo? ID: HellBoyOnEarth
  9. Can you send pictures? Haha Lol
  10. Someone want it? Searching for other Shiny's...
  11. Did you defeated the gigant badass steelix?
  12. Do you want to evolve Jeremy the Electabuzz now? If yes, I can evolve it for you(I Have many Link stones and the item to evolve it^^) Hope that Claptrap will help you In my first run, it was later in the game very helpful for me
  13. I will look for him when it's sunny :-P Maybe then he will be back...
  14. He didn't appears here
  15. I focused me on this video: I found him on this spots: