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  1. Rejuvenation Nuzlocke run

    team updates: So back in Action on Cratoos Mountain vs 2nd Security roboter vs 3rd Security roboter Hey I just want my fucking badge... On which side are you now?!? Team Xen or our??? HAHAHAHAHA Eli is a good men What??? They have a Hydreigon??? If they don't use him, they can also give to me So now comes a real challenge here, and I think I will lose some Mons ._. SHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT vs Madelis Lets destroy the generator so that they can't create any other Shadow Mons What?!? A legendary Dimensional Mon`??? Oh good this will be hard... Vs Dimensional Volcanion To our luck Crescent comes to us and saved us WHAT THE... Crescent sent us infront of the leaders from Team Xen.... WHYYY???? AND I am out there... Encounter for Spring of Purification It looks like a shiny *.* Don't scare me so much the next time u stupid ghost While traveling to the Grotto Will continue later
  2. Follower Pokemon for V9

    @Personthing Another wrong sprite?
  3. Rejuvenation Nuzlocke run

    Heyya I am back Lets try to get the 2nd badge Or not^^ we must do a special mission for the sensei of Sherdian Vaillage, Keta so lets do this... ...But first we found a lill new buddy here in the gym Encounter for Amethyst Grotto A ghost?!?! Lol no O.o Ok, I will try it... Mhh... did she really died here? OK?!?! Let us ask Keta what this means ... Liar... Why did u sent me then all the way down to the cave for no reason??? Lets beat him now for the 2nd badge What??? Keta come back and give me my fucking badge!!!!!!!! new team will be while training the new partners up: So lets try to find Keta and our badge right now... Cratoos Mountain encounter vs Security roboter Ok I definetly need more mOns in my team, ause it is a really hard challenge in the Mountains with only 3 Mons... So I will decide to make a short break and train all of my mOns up and then choosing my 6 partners
  4. Rejuvenation Nuzlocke run

    So lets try to find Melia now But I firstly find Zetta with... Oh please not another Dimensional Rift.... What?!? I will get revenge fo her right now... Mhh I will partner with Ren, cause I tink he will be better as Venam for this fight so lets do this with Ren vs Zetta Come on it absorbs us, now we must find a way out of that... what a big one... vs Dimensional Galvantula Hahahaha Asked me the same ^^ Cresenct appeared and let Zetta dissapears^^ Next step is Sherdian Village This mwwan we can finally see our new Team partners Encounter for this Village Another break for now, my motivation is away to play
  5. Rejuvenation Nuzlocke run

    Heya, I finally beat Venam with my new team Here is what I got till yet: This time I wont lose against Karina vs Gang leader Karina Now that we have Rock Smash, we can finally go to Route 2 Encounter for Route 2: Now that we are on Route 2 we also can get a Mon from a Lady in Gearen Creepy vs Nim Encounter for Amethyst Cave Short food break
  6. Choose My Team! Remastered (Latest Defeated: Luna)

    Ok keep the Flaeron away looks like u didn't need it But maybe evolve it into Vaporeon Go after Doofmund, I want to see what happens then
  7. Rejuvenation Nuzlocke run

    I am back, sry for longer break Last time we defeated the gigant badass Gyarados, so lets continue The team after a short training session I will try now some Help Plaza Missions: Save Starly Battl me! Love Letter So lets do thy gym right now, before I am totally overleveld But Before we found a mystery place in the gym and got something there But now... vs Venam No we must get the TM Rock Smash from a Gang in Gearen.. Lets kick them the ass away ^^ vs Gang leader Karina I will restart one more time... but this time I will skip all the way up till I got the first badge
  8. Free Skorupi, all perfect IVs!

    Damn to late
  9. Choose My Team! Remastered (Latest Defeated: Luna)

    Mhh I think u need a Fire Typ in your team for the next gym So get this Eevee(Hope u can get it right now^^) and evolve it into Flareon name should be The Firehawk
  10. Rejuvenation Nuzlocke run

    Back in business Last time we defeated Melia in the Goldenwood Grove After that, we heard a bomb somewhere in the near, now lets see where this comes from The bomb cames from Team Xen in the Goldenwood Forest We must stop them now, before they can bomb anythng else away Now Melia teamed up with us, and we must stop the other Team Xen grunts with Melia vs Sharon & Eli vs Zetta Now comes the true hard battle... vs Dimensional Gyarados So next step will be the first gym battle But before: short break
  11. Choose My Team! Remastered (Latest Defeated: Luna)

    Ah ok Must look for it next time Then I will say fight against Doofmund
  12. Choose My Team! Remastered (Latest Defeated: Luna)

    Where can you choose to fight against Doofmund or Sirius? Never really realized it... ^^
  13. Choose My Team! Remastered (Latest Defeated: Luna)

    @Awesome_One Man I just realized this yet after I've played Reborn 3 times Victoria is a stupid chick and will it always be^^
  14. Choose My Team! Remastered (Latest Defeated: Luna)

    Yeah nice to see Sonic in action Seems like he did a great job *.*
  15. Rejuvenation Nuzlocke run

    I didn't know it too^^ Yeah I hope that I will made it to the end But I am yet a lill scared because of the upcoming boss battles(like the gigant badass Gyrados, hope BigBloom will made it)