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  1. Want to see fire, because it will be the opposite of my planning water run
  2. Haha the first Slowpoke I found
  3. I dived there for an half hour, but can't find Taras Body... Edit: Got it
  4. Super rod Tanzan cove, given to you by fisherman after finding Taras body Where is Taras body? Can't find the body(Hope it's the place where the battle vs Noel is and you can dive)...
  5. Slowpoke: Route 4 (Fish) Is this the location to find Slowpoke? Because I am searching now for an hour to find it, but no Slowpoke... ._. I used the Good Rod
  6. Are shinies so often like in Reborn?
  7. i am waiting
  8. I will take the Modest shiny ID is like my name here^^
  9. ok I will give you much love
  10. Yeah show me What do you want for it?
  11. Somebody have one with a good nature?
  12. So I have 2 tactics for the boss battle, lets hope that one can hit So here it comes Kiki?!... What are you doing here She tries to stop Solaris Pur Medicham gots thrown into the Lava... WTF?! Garchomp kills Kiki... Cal's Magmortar destroys the Pulse Wait... DAMN... This all means no badge for us -.- So lets try to find the next badge, so that we can finally can save the kids... Cain says that the next gym leader will be Aya, his sister so lets visit her... Cain will open us the way to her, but first we must battle him See ya
  13. Rematch vs Aster & Eclipse Ouh come on not this guy now... Ugh... Now we must climb the Pyrous Mountain again, because Team Meteor want to destroy Apophyll with the volcan and a Pulse Camerupt So lets try to stop them But first I will plan me tactic for the boss battle up on the mountain You'll see it then