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  1. Choose my Team: Desolation Edition

    @Filthy Casual Did you already started the project?^^ Can't find the topic
  2. "But in the end, it doesn't even matter..."

    1. Wolfox


      I put my trust

      In you

      Pushed as far as I can go

      For all this, there's only one thing you should know

      I put my trust

      In you

      Pushed as far as I can go

      For all this, there's only one thing you should know~

  3. Hooligan's Giveaway Thread

    I don't get it...^^ I only have to search for the "FAKE" Birthday from you/other people and do a Screenshot from it and post it here?
  4. E17 Obtainable Pokemon List Changes [Potential Spoilers?]

    Come on AME, give me my lovely Gible
  5. Would be nice, if u have one for me with Sturdy(must have) If possible, I will take one with a Modest nature, but it isn't a must have Edit: Uhh, don't really know if I have it^^ But u can let it free, cause I don't really need it anymore
  6. Reserve me that Beldum I will be avaliable to trade later^^ a Magnemite without Sturdy isn't the real King of Reborn
  7. @Zarc Can you show me the stats/attack, etc. from Beldum and Magnemite?
  8. Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Good luck against Kiki and Samson I am doing a Dark Type run on Rejuvenation, and for me was Keta(Fighting gym) the hell^^ I won only with very much luck... But really try to do what @Jess and @Zargerth said, cause this can be very helpful also can Toxic and Acid Spray(which lowers the Sp. Def down) be useful here Edit: I hope your mightyena has Moxie Try to relearn him ThunderFang, it can be very strong if the Illumise uses Rain Dance and your Mighty gets bossted with Moxie
  9. Short info meanwhile: I finally got my mystery egg I have a chance from 4/18 to get a Dark Type Mon, so I got big hopes that I will get one of this 4(Vullaby, Sneasel, Zorua and Pawinard) I got:
  10. Meanwhile: Yeah Lets do it YOU!!!!!! Slimy attack... No I can't do that You and stronger??? Hah I can only laugh That will be mine!!! Ok, lets be faster than Ren!!! Huh a Mimikyu... What the??? It can talks??? and Suddenly dissapears Whoa don't scare me ever again!!! Shut the fuck up Ren Cause I want my badge before you!!! "battle" Yeah Come here I will show you who the better Dark Trainer is!!! vs Ren No problem Ren, I will fix this town now! Huh how?? OK I know that I am good^^ Mhh... Yeah ok... Go for it! What??!! OK loser so I will go now and handle here Which change? consequences are always a bad thing yeah it all comes to us if we want it or not Good gear Ouh thats me My power will be awesome Oh thank you Sakura The show must go on vs Narcissa Yeah finally Good!!! Ouh not u again Sariah.... Yeah u must What??? I did nothing... "happened" Ouh okay^^ So I did nothing, phew^^ But what happened??? Sariah u are a bad girl the future must be positive and not negative So true Aelita!!! Changes need time What is with me?^^ What??? she did nothing here??? Yeah, but I think first u must give me my badge or?? Nice Whats wrong Gregory? Haha, this is what you deserves, u peace of shit You are a loser, cause u will have no chance in this run against me Wait... is that Zetta and Jenner??? Yeah you all are trapped there forever haha You can do nothing to escape.... Nim??? what the hell are you doing there?? Huh... Story doesn't continue there... Hah, nice thank you Narcissa Will continue on next part
  11. Back to business Last time we defeated Marianette and get our 3rd badge, also we got back to Gearen City Lol, why? it was such an intersting adventure there Mhh, I was there and safed you, and also we learned much out from this adventure, so I think it was cool "rough" Hey Venam, I am still there for you Lol creepy "help?" Yeah, it was a very stupid idea from him... Yeah why not Huh, must say thanks to your Grimer My Slimy coukdn't do that... What the...?!? Come in Goldenleaf and heared a scream... Lets help fast Whats wrong here? Julliet doesn't like it... Hey Hey, I think we can handle this on the easy way... Or not... You are the only problem here... Julliet handle her!! I've more if you want... No problem Sis Uhhh now I am scared... NOT Good job Julliet Thank you Who's this? Uhh, yeah Why? Grmpl... And how can I become an insider? What the... again??? Hah, ok, easy challenge or Ramsey? Would u say something me with that?^^ Ouh, hy Aelita Sow you was the outsider? Ramsey do your job!! Great Just get away Sarah my team can always beat you Yeah I think it too!! "funny" Yeah I will try it Really???? Do it BigFatFart... Easy... Yeah come here... Thanks for your help you random Pangoro Lets try to find Narcissa in the Wispy Tower now Why did u went then up here? Ouh yeah this is really sad... so you are just a copy from... "noose" Mh okay, but how can we deal with them, so that they aren't angry anymore???? Yeah Yeah it's time for a gym battle Why did u stand outside of the gym?? "mind" Hah ok... Seems like Aelita is a little angry^^ But why don't u change something? lol... they must really learn how to listen to you, cause this can't go on like this Nobody said this... I have other things to do, but okay... Okay and this is what??? "later" Ouh, yeah totally forgot it^^ Ahh Geara... get away, I want my badge now... What the... Stop attacking other people u peace of sh** What do you want??? Yeah I kicked your Volcanion away Come here, I am not scared Not on my clock, Sakura... Who the hell get in my way right now??? Not you again... how often will u get knocked down??? No it wasn't me... .... Help me Mosely!!! Which thing? I will find u there Geara!!! "me earlier" Good that u comes Mosely, Wait u love me? Lets find Geara fast in the Wispy Tower, I want to kick his ass That would be nice I love it Ahh Found you!!! You are the Psychopath when u attack other people wit your Mons... Yeah a real Dumbass I don't think so Ramsey says your soul is good Good idea Journal Entry 1 Journal Entry 2 Journal Entry 3 Only Geara and some Journal Entry's For sure they get trapped... Just get out of my way now!!! (So I finally reached the part where I lost my Nuzloke... Hope my team will do it better right now ) vs Sharon and Eli Yeah Goodbye Yeah they are iditos Yeah lets confront him Journal Entry 4 A big fat Gira-chiken... C'Mon no story please... Yeah thats sounds like Sirius... Wait?!?!?! Sirius is the husband from Narcissa? Intresting... Was it Ho-Oh? So Sirius is dead... So it is true... Yeah I also want revenge on you for that infront of the gym... What have I done to you??? This will be a hard battle... Gregory... xD :'D Whats wrong with this name Gregory? Come here vs Gregory Hah with 6 Dark Type Mons?? Easy Wait??? Don't say it is your son... You have no chance against me What this chicken has still power??? Why? It is your son... I'll wait for you... Uhh dinner sounds nice Haha, then you didn't know me I have always appetite^^ So why are they already angry by such a great meal?? Ahh Alita u missed something I crushed Gregory away Uhh Ok.. Yeah! I hope you are a great actor Narcissa...cause to change the mind from all people must be a very great thing... Huh me??? Ahh u mean the gym battle Ok, good idea Yeah!! But the gym battle will be in the next part(Have something to do before) So see ya later guys
  12. E17 Obtainable Pokemon List Changes [Potential Spoilers?]

    @Endstrom damn you are fast bro
  13. Burning Desire - A Rejuvenation Fire Monotype

    Yeah, I think the next 2 gyms aren't so hard for me(have a plan for both of them), think Crawli will be the next hard challenge
  14. Valerieeeeeeee~WhY!

    Ah okay