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  1. r u still looking for a fight
  2. lets trade which pokemon do you want?
  3. What i want Hi im looking for a other pokemon im interested: , Marrill , Drillbur. __________________________________________________ What i offer: Froakie, Torchic, Mudkip, Treecko, Goomy, Riolu, Beldum, Chansey, Larvesta, Vulpix, Pyroar, Growlith, Chinchar, Charmander and more. Shinies: Meditite, Hoppip, Tepig, Golett, Noctolw, Ponyta, Boldore,Venonat
  4. We are looking for a Forum Champion, the one above all the only one capable of defeating team meteor leader The situation: So i thought of organizing the first Reborn Tournament using GTM to make a tournament.. the winner will win.... recognition and maybe we can speak with a developer to give them an unique Pokemon or item ( that cannot be traded) or an exclusive battle againts Ame ( haha probably not). I want to make sure this is not anything oficial it just a proposal: 1º Place: Schyther ( Reborn Champion Rank) 2º Place: Marrill ( Elite four Forum Rank) 3º Place: Life orb /weakness policy ( Elite four Forum Rank) 4º Place: Elite four Forum Rank 5 Place: Elite four Forum Rank Tournaments will last 1 month and we will divide the tournament every saturday till we reach the final match. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So depending on who many people get listed i asume we will have max 32 to 64 challengers. if this get big enough we may even talk about a new segment in the forum just for tournaments. About Cheaters I know ... i know there is not exactly an anti-cheat system that can corroborate if someone altered their pokemon's to make them a little stronger, they might be ways to cheat but lets concentrate in the positive side if a player sees something of in the match he will take a screenshoot of the moment all players who want to participate will upload their Game Save Data to a location and will only use the team with the items that are in the current team before the check the referee will check the teams and acept the match the teams will go public just before the fight and if you change anything and there is prove of it you will be disqualified. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm acepting sugestion and support if we find enough we may be able to organize one, even if we dont get any prices it would be fun to do it
  5. im 15min yeah?
  6. i want it
  7. its not exactly a weather problem its a new system. Ame said when i asked: there is! the first thing to know is that it is kind of a little bit busted as of the community release, but has, we dearly hope, been fixed for public it works on a 5 day cycle updating every 8 hours (instead of a 7 day cycle updating every day)
  8. my body is ready!
  9. is there a harder version of shelly, we should be able to battle that one post game and others leaders too *-* (heavy breathing)
  10. the center of the circle is not the player anymore and it seem like its has been cut the bug persist when using Flash.
  11. im interesed about Larvesta, Drillbur, Shroomish and Axew
  12. Hey guys i find this spot for EV training ATk most pokemons that appears give phy ATk IVS Hawlucha, Ursaring, Machoke
  13. you are right he can learn it by tutor but i recomend you use icycle crash instead it hits harder better side effect
  14. yeah the title is a reference enough said the error is in the brigde north of the grand hall when you walk right next to this two guys in the picture either up of them or bellow there is also another error its not fatal but i open this post so... in seventh street when you walk sometimes its get a lot darker like night and then its gets as before this happens over and over. also in the slums just when you just fix it before getting the aplication to max ( team magma) there is this guy where the berries are that walks through everything