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  1. Fire vs Ice? Wood. Let the Humans die, let the Others die too. Let the world return to the Children of The Forest (and Meera+Bran Who'll ride into the sunset on a Unicorn on Skagos) Seriously? What cool have the humans done? Built tiny castles, fought over petty squabbles. Same with the Others, who've just been sitting and doing nothing for 8000 years. Now the Children... While everyone was playing with bronze swords, they had magic that shattered continents. They made magic biological computers. They've got Mind Control magic. Oh and they've got Bloodraven on their side, the coolest motherfucker in all of Westeros.
  2. No, easy as pie. The answer is obviously a penguin. Would you rather suddenly be the smartest person on Earth, than the dumbest person? (Note that your intelligence stays the same, it's merely the rest of the world that changes)
  3. Implying we the internet, cellphones, airplanes aren't already magic. If the question is whether I'd like to live in the world of magic from Harry Potter, or in the world of muggles, I'd say the world of the muggles is way better than the world of magic. Magic is merely a means to an end, a tool to improve your own life. But due to technological progress, the magic that is shown in things like Harry Potter and Little Witch Academia has grown obsolete and mostly useless. So no, I wouldn't give up my current life in exchange for living in a world of magic. Between living as a commoner in a world of Steampunk or a world of Magictech, would you prefer the former? (Why?)
  4. None of the Pokémon you've requested are in the game as of yet. The only pseudo-legendaries currently available being Beldum and Goomy. If you ask very nicely over in this thread and post you save file, a moderator may edit your save file and add one of the requested Pokémon. But getting all 4 is kind of excessive as it would make the game trivially easy, considering both Gibble and Dratini learn Dragon Rage before level 16.
  5. Ehh, I try to not get excited for anything I'm not playing at this exact moment. No point in anticipating something that is 2-3 years away. And in general hype culture is quite unhealthy overall. If it's a good game, I'll play it. If it's not, then it won't affect me in any major way. Is it time to perhaps retire this thread?
  6. Well, there are many ways emulators can improve. Even those that look complete like Dolphin and VBA aren't really perfect. The emulation "ideal" is what's called cycle accurate emulation, which means the interactions between the components are timed accurately enough so that the emulation behaves the same way as the original machine for any given input i.e. the emulator is indistinguishable from the original hardware. Only a few emulators have achieved this, and only up to the SNES. This isn't needed to play games, but to truly preserve the console and its games as they were meant to be played, including the slowdown, glitches and possible other quirks of the original hardware, this cycle perfect emulation is necessary. Meanwhile, most emulators still struggle with achieving full compatibility and playable performance. Let's take DeSmuME as an example, it has pretty good compatibility with most popular games, but still, struggles to play some of the more obscure ones, and performance is still lacking. In addition, it still doesn't support key features of the DS like Wifi play, and upscaling of textures and DSiware games. There are still many areas of improvement despite the fairly good current build, which is why it saddens me that development has pretty much halted. All of this isn't necessary. But it goes to show that emulation is more than merely having games be playable. Every single emulator for consoles newer than the SNES still have a long way to go, and that's why I'm so excited for the developments that are currently happening in the scene.
  7. @seki108 Oh yeah, it's not fit for use at all. But then again, very few emulators are. Give it 3-4 more years and it should be good. You say that from a general standpoint the development has been slow. But I'd like to point out that PS2 emulation is still in a poor state after nearly 18 years. Nintendo 64 Emulation is nearly unplayable despite having been out for 22 years. The Nintendo DS had pretty poor emulation before DraStic came onto the scene 3 years ago. And there are many other examples of consoles with poor performance despite being old, with even slower progress. Cemu is pretty much an exception in that it has achieved such a level of polish of a modern console, despite said console only being 4½ years old. And imagine consoles like the Xbox, Xbox 360 and the Vita has pretty much nothing in terms of Emulation. And many older consoles have either no emulation or emulators with poor compatibility or accuracy. So I'd claim that after 9 years, that we even a PS3 emulator in such a good state, is incredible. From a "general standpoint," it's not slow at all. edit: I must apologise if I sound antagonistic. I'm not trying to be. It's merely a subject I care about since I think the preservation of video games is important, even if I don't actually use emulation all that much. And it irks me the wrong way when people complain about the development rate of emulators being slow, while we're in fact in a golden age for emulation with development being faster and more centralised than ever.
  8. So in short. To summarise. Ds emulation: There is only one available for PC, DeSmuME. It's uhm... Kinda meh. It has many unsupported games and lacks many many features. But if you stick to playing only popular games, and you have at least a decently powerful PC, you should be fine. If you want to play on Android, get DraStic which for some reason has surpassed DeSmuME in every single way, but is only for Android. But if you like playing on your Android over the PC, I recommend playing on DraStic. 3DS emulation is at a good stage of development, but still not something for the average consumer. There are very few games that run optimally, but in the past year they've developed to the point where most popular game can run with only minor glitches at 60-70% speed. Give it a year or two and we should have a great emulator. You have way to unrealistic expectations. The 3DS is a complicated system, and in 3 years of development they've achieved good compatibility and high accuracy, with most games playable at 50-60% speed, and the more popular ones being very close to full speed. A good emulator requires thousands of man-hours to work, and saying people who work for free should work faster is quite disrespectful. I refer you to my previous comment. RPCS3 is at a good stage of development. Things are improving rapidly, and Persona 5 already runs pretty close to full speed, albeit with graphical glitches. In 2-3 years we should have a great product.
  9. No. I don't want one Eeveelution, I want 10. Let's have Eeveelutions for every elemental type. And after that, let's have Eeveelutions for the Eeveelutions that are dual types. In short, In addition to Eevee, I want 19 Mono Type Eeveelutions, and 342 additional 3rd stage Dual Type Eeveelutions. Should they introduce additional types into Pokémon?
  10. During the closure of the past site, it was written that it wouldn't return as people didn't really use it.
  11. What I understood from the situation was that despite Aelita being immensely talented, were she to be tied down to Sheridan as a gym leader, it would hamper her growth as an individual, which is why she wasn't listed as the heir. Obviously, everyone respected her and her abilities, but Keita knew that her journey was more important than her assuming the gym leader position. Her being one of the four lights, is certainly an interesting idea, though I don't think we can say anything for certain in this regard as of yet.
  12. I read, watch and play everything, including manga, games, comics, literature, movies, anime etc.. Relegating oneself to only enjoying one medium would truly be a hollow existence. Do you as an individual strive to improve your question making abilities?
  13. I must assume you mean which, whether I'd want a harem of 5 fictional character, and which 5 characters I'd want to be in it, were I in an anime. But since I don't really want a harem, I'll just mention 5 fictional characters I'd like to drink tea with. So in no particular order: Beatrice from Umineko: When They Cry. Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club. Rika from Higurashi: When They Cry. Edmond Dantes from Gankutsuou (The Count of Monte Cristo) and Holo, from Spice and Wolf. Now as to my question. Were you to be given the option to go to a tea party with 5 fictional characters of your choice, would you go? (And who would be there when you arrived?)
  14. Your question is written as if implying anyone dislikes paying taxes? Taxes are important, and despite living in the country with the highest tax rate in the world (currently 55%, it used to be above 60%), I don't mind paying it as I know the benefits I get in return far outstrip that which I pay. My whole society is built on said taxes: the roads use, the hospitals I visit, the crime-free streets I walk. All are a byproduct of the welfare state built by the high taxes. Once one realises this, I don't see how anyone could dislike paying taxes. Naturally were I to live in a country with a high degree of corruption, and taxes were being improperly managed, in that case, I'd be more reluctant to pay my taxes. Would you rather have a long life, lived in happiness but obscurity. Or a short but glorious life where you live forever on in the memories of others?
  15. I remember having fond memories of playing Adventure Quest and Dragon Fable when I was younger. They're turn-based RPG's with a decent story and lots of customization. They're both free and have a ton of content to get through if you're interested. Also, I found this video that lists a bunch of free browser MMORPG's that could perhaps interest you.