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  1. Reborn City in Minecraft

    That seems like a very daunting task, but I'd love to see some of the famous landmarks of Reborn re-created. It's probably not necessary to design the interior of every house as that would make a difficult task more or less impossible, but if, say, you could re-create something like Obsidia Ward, that would already be a great accomplishment. I wish you the best of luck with the task ahead.
  2. Digimon: Your Digital Dream

    Despite the tamer sprites looking quite badly designed, and some questionable area tile sets, the game does the generally good if it can pull off a good story with the Pokémon inspired combat system.
  3. Remove one of these from the battle system

    I'd rather not remove any of those as they are all very integral to the Pokémon competitive experience.but if I have to choose one to remove that would be the least debilitating, it would be priority moves as the rest are too important for the overall health of the competitive scene. Types, status conditions and stat modifiers are the heart and soul of the Pokémon game play and the games would be lesser for the removal of them.
  4. starlight divide

    Starlight Divide still only exists in a conceptual state.Amethyst sometimes post about her notes for how the game will be, the character designs and the lore. But besides that the game barely exists as a game yet. What has been the focus of development so far has been the engine, or rather the modifications Ame is doing to RPGmaker to make it suitable to function as a turn-based RPG engine which has mostly been focused on movement so far. Again, the game is still very early in development, and as this GIF shows it's still using RPG maker assets and has no implemented assets of its own. So while it's great that you have a lot of enthusiasm for the game we probably shouldn't expect it out in the next 4-5 years.
  5. RPG recommendations

    I've always been fond of Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy IX and find those to the best games in the series.
  6. A Little start of newcomers

    *Ahem* we have an entire post dedicated to introduce people to the game, so I recommend you go there and read that one to start off.
  7. Kakegurui Episode 5 [Spoilers]

    Yes in the sense that the winner would have his debts swapped with the loser.
  8. Kakegurui Episode 5 [Spoilers]

    That second explanation was pretty spot on, one minor detail though. Saotome does not have her $10M debt which she gained from Jun paid off by the SC, only her false debt ($310M), so she's technically only 250 million in the positive.
  9. Do you wear shoes and/or socks indoors?

    I wear both, and by shoes I mean slippers, and by socks I sometimes wear two pairs (i.e. a regular pair and sometimes a woolen pair over the winter). Coldness is the enemy after all.
  10. What level should I play this game on?

    I would say that the normal difficulty level of Rejuvenation is quite a bit easier than Reborn, while the intense difficulty level is approximately the same difficulty level as Reborn. personally, I found the intense difficulty level of rejuvenation to be just perfect and was never stuck at any point in time and never had to breed or rely on strategies from the Internet.so you're if you're up for a challenge I recommend you try it But then again there is nothing wrong with going for the normal difficulty level as it also provides an enjoyable experience.
  11. I admire your frugality, while at the same time being slightly horrified by your financial situation and lifestyle.I sincerely hope that your financial situation will stabilize and your transition into a proper indie developer with the creation of Starlight Divide will be a smooth one. Thanks for the enlightening post, and please treat yourself to something nice once in a while…
  12. I've been wondering about this for a while. Half a year ago Ame spoke about quitting her previous job to work full-time on Reborn and her other projects, backed up by her Patreon. As of this moment us Patreon backers are supporting her with approximately $650 a month which she says is enough to pay rent. But considering all of her other expenses and her recent PC repair costs, I have a hard time understanding how she can live off of the back of her Patreon? Perhaps it is not my place to ask for Amethysts financial situation but I am genuinely concerned how my favorite game developer, can possibly live any semblance of a normal lifestyle while working on Reborn full-time. Perhaps I misunderstanding something and she has secondary means of income or is drawing on her savings. Does anyone know anything in regards to this, or has she herself perhaps commented on this topic during her streams? @Amethyst
  13. Who's ICSW's Pokemon alter ego?

    Lopunny ~

  14. Game suggestions

    That entirely depends on which type of game you want to play. personally my favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy 6, it is available on steam, alternatively it also has a great port for the Game Boy advance. So if you liked Reborn because of its dark setting, great plot and wonderful characters you will definitely enjoy this one.
  15. You have posted thousand times (finally) :D 

    Congrats^^ ^_^ 

    1. Tartar


      Thank you very much, kind stranger on the Internet, whom I have never seen before, but who apparently has accrued over 1000 posts over the course of less than half a year... 

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      Congratulations Tartar :D