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  1. Ame did draw this map as a concept for the world of Reborn, and has stuck to it pretty faithfully: But otherwise there isn't a detailed map because one isn't needed. The game already has an in-game map that shows all place names you've been to. She could always make her own map if she wants to, (this was pretty common practice in older RPG's, that or scribble notes for things as she finds them). But again, this isn't necessary, Reborn is a pretty straightforward game that doesn't confuse the player as to where to go outside of one specific point quite late into the game. In any case, if she has trouble, you should probably help her, as one who's completed the game(?), you're pretty qualified to answer her questions. If your friend still has a hard time finding things in the game, I can refer her to Sparsyle's walkthrough which is pretty comprehensive, but takes quite a bit away from the enjoyment of exploring the game. And please don't follow this piece of advice. Let her play to her heart's content, and don't force her into unnecessarily searching for unneeded Pokémon just for the sake of completion. Nothing sucks the life out of a game like doing busy work.
  2. y = 7x+30 where y is days till release of the next episode, and x is the amount of times people have asked when the next release is. - Amethyst (probably)
  3. I think your understanding on what is religious education and mine differ. In most parts of the Western world religion is already taught in classes for a semester or two, to further the student's understanding of cultures around the world, and their own country's history. Teaching religion in this sense could be viewed as an extension to history education, since the history of many countries cannot be understood without a firm grasp of the development and practices of religions in it, as many nations have in many ways tied their cultural identity to religious doctrine. Thus, while I don't believe education on matters of religion is especially important, it does have some merit for bridging the gap between nations and promoting cultural understanding which is always a healthy thing, and speaks for its inclusion in the curriculum. Now if you meant that the state should teach and promote the beliefs and doctrines of a specific religion to its population, is an unhealthy practice that in your own words gives the government the "power to plant their own political opinions or agendas into the minds of children". It is not the for the goverment to teach children what to think, but instead give them the tools necessary to think and search out new knowledge so that they can become good citizens. Should we stop teaching about the history? Many conflicts have arisen and perpetuated due to events that have happened in the distant past, and thus history could be viewed as a cause of discord among nations and preventing the world from coming together as one due to crimes and injustices committed in the past.
  4. Should it be legal? Yes. In what way and to which extent it should be is a legal minefield that I'd rather not discuss, but I'll try to highlight some hurdles I can see in implementing such a policy. In an ideal world, it should be up to people themselves to decide when they want their lives to end, especially in a world where we can prolong human life to such an extent that the mental and physical faculties of the body cannot keep up. So if a person wants to die, even if they aren't terminally ill, they shouldn't be prevented from doing it. But this is where the legal minefield comes in, because how do you prevent people from being forced into such situations by others, or taking their lives due to not wanting to burden people around them. There many ways such a system could be misused, but in the end, it's something that needs to be implemented due to our current level of medical technology, and how it will develop in the future. Should languages outside of major lingua franca languages be made non-mandatory to take up in school (ie. like French, German and Spanish being mandatory in various countries), and the time allocated to learning languages given to subjects that can in a better way contribute to the development of society, like classes teaching the sciences, math or computer engineering?
  5. Chocolate is the most scrumptious thing on this planet. I mostly indulge myself with plain dark chocolate, but otherwise, I enjoy any kinds of chocolate, as long as they're well made. As compared to Viridescent, I do also enjoy light and white chocolate. Sadly there is too much sub-par milk and white chocolate that has flood the market, so most people don't respect such types, but when a good chocolatier makes high-grade chocolate, even things like white chocolate can be used to work in tandem with various fillings to provide exquisite flavours. So in short, I adore chocolate, which kinds? All of them. Do you that in life, one ought to act in such ways that avoid unnecessarily showcasing their talents, so as not to make others feel inferior?
  6. Well, the main protagonist of Reborn is already 18, and most of the cast is quite old aside from Heather, Shelly and parts of the orphanage gang. Besides that, I feel that a Pokémon game would lose all of its identity if you could pick a team from the start, and have no progression in it. Pokémon is all about how you go on a journey, explore distant lands and capture fantastical beasts. If the game was distilled into a combat and story based game, it would lose most of its appeal.
  7. @Anti_Hero You could've mentioned the Hercule Poirot series of books, since most of her other works are one-offs. But yeah, Agatha Christie (AKA the poor man's Phoenix Wright) are always great fun. I've only read 3 of her works, all of them were great, but solving them sadly takes too long, for me to read them too often. My conscience simply won't allow me to read the solution before solving every part of the mystery myself, which can easily take two readings, writing several essays worth of notes, and furiously wandering across my living room carpet pondering the intricacies of life death. On that note, this thread kinda reminded me that I've practically read no book series, as I mostly read older works. Welp uhm... Do books in volumes count as a series? No... Uhm, okay, i've got it. Foundation by Asimov was a fun read... if only for the fact that it was a sci-fi series written over the course of 50 years, and showcases the way people thought about the technological developments of the future and how said perception evolved from the beginning of the last century to the end of it. It is a seminal piece of art that has greatly influenced the development of the modern sci-fi genre, if not practically inventing the way it's written.
  8. 9/10 Looks crisp, sharp and powerful lines. Vibrant colours, looks good despite the low resolution which can't be said for many avatars on here. Among the best avatars on here I'd say.
  9. @KosherKitten Thanks for the long and insightful comment. I'll try to answer your questions to the best of my ability. Libraries in Denmark use a form of stickers on books/discs when checking out that works sort of like a credit card chip. The loan process involves you checking into the system with a personal card, and placing everything you want to borrow on the computer table you borrow books from. Then some magic happens, and the table detects everything on the table and puts it as borrowed on your account. When exiting the library, you go through a "gate" that works in the same fashion and can detect the stickers on the things you borrow, and will start an alarm if something you forgot to borrow something. Multiple disc sets just use a sticker for each individual disc. You return things in the same fashion, by putting the books you want to return, on the computer table and then having it detect them as returned, and then put them in a shared pool of books/games/DVD's that a librarian will put back in their rightful place once they get the time. Perhaps at this point, the items are checked for the condition they're in, but I'm not entirely certain. In general, librarians aren't involved with the borrowing or returning process unless an error or problem occurs at which point things can be borrowed/returned manually, as everything else is highly automated. I honestly can't remember the last time I've spoken to a librarian. Otherwise, I think individual users can report a book/game as being in poor condition, though I'm not entirely certain what happens after that, as I've never reported a book. I must apologise for not being able to comment too much on the functions and tasks of librarians over here as I'm unfamiliar with what they do outside of providing service and support. But in general, the library systems in our two countries seem to work on quite different principles. On that note, you're the first to report that your country's libraries also have a large collection of games. Would you mind if I asked you which country you lived in?
  10. I don't exactly know how the library system in your country works, but at least here scanning a CD/DVD/Game is tied to the disc itself and not the case. And at the exit to the library the there are these scanners akin to those in clothing stores, that check whether material passing through them has been checked-out. With this being the only exit, it sounds pretty difficult to pull what you described. Am I understanding correctly that you manually check each and every return to make sure they're in good condition? Sounds like a ton of work. On a side note, it's very interesting that you happen to work in a library. Do you have any other interesting tales of mystery/intrigue/romance?
  11. Welp... I mostly judge classes by how cool their animations look, always have, always will. And I base those on a character to character basis. Sure a character/class may be strong, but if their animations and designs look janky I'm not gonna use you. Some standout animations are Ephraim: Lyn (with the Sol Kati specifically) Myrrh from Sacred Stones And Pegasus Knights always look cool... Oh and a final shout-out to Zephiel and Guinevere for being awesome.
  12. I'd say this is a foolproof plan, but I'm slightly afraid my local library will send assassins or the like to find me if I return a book too late... Librarians are scary. (Besides, if you have to replace something you've lost to a library, it's twice the original price, and the fines for being late are kinda insane... So I'd rather not try). I remember once needing a book badly for a project I was writing a few years back, and it was soon overdue. But I decided to keep it two days more since I needed it badly. The library sent me a 20$ fine and blocked me from using the library until it was paid. Mind you, it was returned 2 days late. I'd shudder to think what would've happened had I returned it 3 days late, much less 4...
  13. How would one go about stealing a game disc, or anything in a library for that matter? You need to present the game disc to confirm the return, just like with books. 1: 14 days at a time, but you can extend the duration as long as no one in line to get the game after you, which isn't always possible for the more popular games. 2: I don't use the service very much anymore, but when I did I never had a non-functioning game disc. Though I reckon games get removed from circulation if it's reported that they've been damaged.
  14. Well, in Danish we use a word directly translates to "loan" when we take things from the library (the same used when getting money from a bank), but people seem to misunderstand the word when I've used it, so I used rent because it seemed more appropriate. But it does have the connotation that you pay for something, when in fact, libraries are free, outside of being paid for by taxes. Perhaps borrow is the correct term to use... Welp didn't think I'd get to argue semantics today.
  15. @HongaarseBeer97I see. I checked the amount available over here. 407 PS4 games, 1318 PS3 games, 1017 PS2 games, 704 Wii games, 308 Xbox One games, and a bunch of others I didn't bother checking. It's surprisingly a lot, though do note that we often get games multiple languages and some entries may be duplicates. So I think you could remove 1/2 of the games to get a more accurate number. I would love if other countries also pitched in. Especially the state of other Scandinavian libraries could be interesting, and from Germany too.