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  1. Cold and calculated metallic entity
  2. Banned for walking without a purpose
  3. *Tries intensely to figure out for to pronounce OP's username* ... Is it like Mo (with a long O), and ceaum pronounced like "sea" and the "ium" suffix from minerals, or is it perhaps like eau in french... Perhaps it's ea (like the latin æ sound?) um, or can it be... *Head continues to spin*
  4. Banned for having too large a signature.
  5. 10/10 The cold and lifeless eyes suit your harsh persona very well.
  6. I remember seeing some time ago that these types of threads aren't actually allowed according to Forum guidelines? Could someone please confirm if this is the case, if we are to proceed to help with this problem.
  7. Sigh... Is this all people hear when seeing my name, I've yet to see someone make the connection to Tartarus. Perhaps I really ought to change it to Mictlan to highten the connection to the underworld or something... Banned for misunderstanding my name.
  8. Whoa whoa whoa... The words "boring" and "Adrien" should not be used in the same sentence. You could've picked Hardy at the very least or Noel, perhaps even Vero if you wanted someone boring/conventional. Someone with the title "Visionary" shouldn't be considered boring. (Oh, and happy Birthsday, may you have a great day)
  9. I beg to disagree. It very much depends on the focus of the work. In fact, I'd say the majority of literary works and most people in real life are without the types of flaws present in Reborn's characters. In fact, many of the greatest literary works of all time include characters without deep flaws, as the flawed hero is itself a relatively new invention. I can't speak for the types of people you've met that have made you come to such a realization, but if I were to tell you that my experiences with different people have convinced me of the opposite view of people you see, with most people being inherently good and without major flaws, you'd probably not believe me. So, for now, let's agree to disagree on this point. Pardon me for saying this, I don't think you actually like reading about flawed characters as you claim, but instead how flawed characters come to grips with their flaws and seek to improve their flaws. Personally, I despise reading about miserable people who through inaction or their flaws create misery for themselves and those around them. Case in point, when I read Crime and Punishment the main character made me feel incredible discomfort and disgust at how flawed he was as an individual. Despite possessing incredible mental faculties and great people around him who desire to help him, his own self-destructive tendencies warped sense of morality compelled him to act in ways to hurt himself and those around him over and over. And after reading how he ruins his own life, and nearly drags his family down with him, he never once surpasses or overcomes his flaws (in fact, he never even tries ). Perhaps, you do in fact enjoy these types of characters, but every time I've stumbled upon reading self-destructive characters, or characters with no redeeming value, I've never been able to enjoy reading about them. Sure classical heroes always have a tragic flaw which is supposed to make them more relatable (case in point, classical Greek and Roman works), but for the most part, these serve as plot devices rather than as actual flaws. In fact, I'm very happy that you find so much value in reading misery and suffering. But like you stated yourself, you don't like these aspects in and of themselves, but since they serve as vehicles to show how character better themselves and improve. In the end, I doubt anyone likes to read about flawed characters who remain flawed until the end.
  10. Now that I think about it, I don't think matching the personality of a character in Reborn is a good thing. Most have profound psychological issues and deep traumas that hinder them as characters. Not really something to aspire to nor admire... Makes you wonder why Ame chose to write a story about such flawed characters.
  11. 7,5/10 I love the design, and the smile is wonderful. The monochrome colours kinda drag it down though
  12. Banned for being indecisive in choosing a name
  13. How would you describe the relationship between yourself and Amethyst, the character in Reborn? Is she an author avatar, alter ego or perhaps just another character with no relation to yourself? And Kurotsune would definitely be Lin. Because they're both tsundere
  14. I'd like to think that I'd be one of the main protagonists. But in truth, I'm probably closest to one of the numerous NPC's scattered about the world.
  15. After scavenging through my collection of Pokémon cards, I found these two.




    I'm pretty excited for using these as bookmarks in the future.