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  1. Take a staff member, add/change/delete a letter in their username... And as if through magic, they are now a new person, who are they? Amethyst -> Aimethyst: our beloved leader is now a Hydra agent, but we should probably have known considering her chaotic nature… Kurotsune -> Kubotsune: our beloved prince of evil is apparently a mangaka in his spare time. Zumi -> Bumi: our resident artist extraordinaire is now a character from Avatar ICSW -> IceScreamSandWitch: instead of whispering sweet nothings puns into our ears, she just screams now unspeakable horrors... I want the old ICSW back Jan -> Jam: twice the deliciousness, and 5 times the sugar content. Ikaru... -> Iaru... Like I don't know, he sounds like a pirate or something now if you squint your eyes for a bit???
  2. I need something NEW.

    Free you say? Then you probably can't go wrong with the undisputed masterpiece that is Cave Story. A gorgeous little platformer with great gameplay, beautifully designed levels and an emotional story with multiple endings that demands to be played several times to see them all. It is according to some among the best platformerers ever made, and a cult classic. A game everyone needs to play at least once.
  3. Steam games under 20

    Huh, I guess I must have missed that for some reason, I must've equated RPG with JRPG since she mentioned Final Fantasy.
  4. Steam games under 20

    I'd like to remind everyone that Nova is looking for JRPG's, which is all things considered a very very specific genre, and the majority of suggestions so far have been games that have taken inspiration from JRPG's but are no way to RPG's in gameplay.
  5. Steam games under 20

    First things first, don't buy any games until the steam Halloween sales starts next Friday, at which point every single game will be at least 50% off and many even 75% off. Now on to the games, I'm not exactly sure how good your PC is, but I'll try to mention some games that are good but not too demanding. - Valkyria Chronicles: a wonderful tactical JRPG game that in a World War I'esque world with a charming cast of characters, great gameplay and an intriguing and at times heartbreaking story. Overall a very good game. 20$ atm. possibly $ next week. - Final Fantasy 6+9: not much needs to be said about these 2 legendary games, both considered among the best JRPG's ever made, and by some among the best video games ever made. They'll probably be about $10 next week. Do note that Final Fantasy 6 has a slightly bad port, and is probably better played on an emulator. - Tales of Symphonia: a charming adventure story with a lovable cast of characters that quickly spirals into a deconstruction of the hero's journey, and gets incredibly dark and poignant with his messages, all wrapped around a great world, fascinating characters and a really fun action RPG combat system. Overall a ton of fun! Probably $10 next week, perhaps 5. Again there are there games like, Disgaea, Trials of Cold Steel and Hyper Dimensional Girl: Neptunia, but I consider those inferior to those 3 mentioned. edit: remember that you can always refund the game within 2 hours of playtime, if your computer isn't beefy enough to play it. So don't be afraid of buying a game, since you can always refund it.
  6. Online F2P CCG Suggestions?

    Well there are a few major ones out there at the moment, - Firstly there's Duelyst, which compared to Hearthstone is played on a grid where units can move which adds an interesting twist to the concept. It's also much more generous with card acquisition rate with 1 legendary dropping in 1/4 packs, and within one month of starting I had gotten to the equivalent of rank 5 and a highly competetive deck. I've heard of plenty of people who reached legend within a month of playing. you also get a legendary card at the end of every month if you read rank 10. In general the barrier to entry is very low compared to Hearthstone, though it may have gotten slightly bigger in the past year since I haven't played in a while. - alternatively there are things like Gwent which I've heard great things about but haven't played myself. - In the end you could also just played Yu-Gi-Oh in one of the plethora of clients available online, Cardfight Vanguard on CF-Area or Magic the Gathering in Cockatrice. In the end I always return to Hearthstone after playing other card games, but I can definitely understand why some people may be turned off by how hard it is to keep up with the card releases these days.
  7. Reborn City in Minecraft

    That seems like a very daunting task, but I'd love to see some of the famous landmarks of Reborn re-created. It's probably not necessary to design the interior of every house as that would make a difficult task more or less impossible, but if, say, you could re-create something like Obsidia Ward, that would already be a great accomplishment. I wish you the best of luck with the task ahead.
  8. Digimon: Your Digital Dream

    Despite the tamer sprites looking quite badly designed, and some questionable area tile sets, the game does the generally good if it can pull off a good story with the Pokémon inspired combat system.
  9. Remove one of these from the battle system

    I'd rather not remove any of those as they are all very integral to the Pokémon competitive experience.but if I have to choose one to remove that would be the least debilitating, it would be priority moves as the rest are too important for the overall health of the competitive scene. Types, status conditions and stat modifiers are the heart and soul of the Pokémon game play and the games would be lesser for the removal of them.
  10. Do you wear shoes and/or socks indoors?

    I wear both, and by shoes I mean slippers, and by socks I sometimes wear two pairs (i.e. a regular pair and sometimes a woolen pair over the winter). Coldness is the enemy after all.
  11. Who's ICSW's Pokemon alter ego?

    Lopunny ~

  12. You have posted thousand times (finally) :D 

    Congrats^^ ^_^ 

    1. Tartar


      Thank you very much, kind stranger on the Internet, whom I have never seen before, but who apparently has accrued over 1000 posts over the course of less than half a year... 

    2. LykosHand


      Congratulations Tartar :D

  13. If anyone deserves to be a mod, it's ISCW: She's a Nice Cream Sand Witch after all I wonder whether she planned for this all along? Is she an Ice Scheme Sand Witch? Needless to say, ICSW has become an Ice Cream Ban Witch, beware evil-doors. Hopefully, this is the beginning of something and not the end. Mods don't tend to be very active.
  14. Translate an entire french comic

    If you decide to undertake this endeavor, I recommend that you do so because you find it an interesting challenge that can improve you editing and language skills, rather than doing it because others want you to. I'd wager Zumi and Amethyst would still continue to work on their own projects, even if they were to get no exposure. That's the kind of mentality one should have in regards to these types of creative works.
  15. Ask the next person a Yes/No question

    Isn't that just another way of saying that it's a classical trolley problem with the trolleys replaced any other arbitrary action? It's also a less elegant version, considering many of the factors involved are intangible, like how many people are involved, and how large of a commitment I'd have to make to avert the greater evil, and how much of the greater evil I would avert. It also doesn't state that I am the only one capable of taking this action. These would all influence my decision, say I'd have to spend 5 years of my life averting this evil, to save 1 person from dying and as a result get thrown in jail. At that point I wouldn't do it since I could support other causes to make an equivalent impact and I wouldn't have to stain my hands with evil. For me to do this action it would have to have a sizeable impact and the amount of effort I'd have to exert be minimal. Say that we were instead talking about saving a million people, when talking about such a huge intangible amount of people, there's pretty few action I wouldn't take at that point. We talked about this earlier in the thread, and you even actively opposed my notion that the individual had an obligation to sacrifice their life for the greater good, saying the individual has no obligation to do so for the sake of a world the world sacrifice them, even in the name of the greater good. At this point we differ quite heavily, were the good I would do to be sufficiently large in this scenario, I would do commit to taking the action. Now where the arbitrary line between committing to action and inaction lies, I don't know. When killing 1 person to save 10 people in a Trolley dilemma I would pull the switch, but were we talking about killing 1 person to save 2, at that point I wouldn't do anything. Say you had an incredible talent to be a politician and inspire people. You could do great good if you pursued such a career path, but you heavily disliked anything related to the profession and wanted to be a painter, despite not being a good one. Would you still chose to become a politician because you could do more good that way?