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  1. You have posted thousand times (finally) :D 

    Congrats^^ ^_^ 

    1. Tartar


      Thank you very much, kind stranger on the Internet, whom I have never seen before, but who apparently has accrued over 1000 posts over the course of less than half a year... 

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      Congratulations Tartar :D

  2. You should probably get yourself a dropbox account and backup all of your data on there as it is much easier and less of a hassle than what you're currently trying to do
  3. I wonder which monster I will get... Naturally my true spirit beast is Pirika Of Gusto, but I wonder which one you will grant me? Oh and if I'm not satisfied with your choice I may just flag you for copyright! (Let's disregard the fact that ISCW created this trend with her "What I think you sound like thread")
  4. @Amethyst Thanks for your lengthy post, I certainly do enjoy your reading your thought process in regards to game design as you seem to think things through quite a bit. My main gripe is people missing story-relevant side-quests, as it would lessen the impact of the story and several minor characters depending on how prominently you'll want to feature side-quests with story content in the future. In general I like the idea that side-quests can tie into the story since this adds more meaning to them for players like me who already have all the Pokemon they'll ever need for the rest of the game. But the thought that that story content is missable just irks me the wrong way, especially considering how obscure some of the side-quests can be. There's probably no way around this since story-related side-quests are a great tool for story-telling, and I do genuinely want more of such content. In either case, I'll trust you that you know what you're doing and will make the best possible game for us. And the 50 sidequests part was perhaps a bit unwarranted. During the development of EP16 you had a milestone progresss bar. The sidequests one said as 0/50, and you said something along the linbes of trying to finish one a day a back then. Maybe I misunderstood this as meaning EP16 had 50 sidequests.
  5. If anyone deserves to be a mod, it's ISCW: She's a Nice Cream Sand Witch after all I wonder whether she planned for this all along? Is she an Ice Scheme Sand Witch? Needless to say, ICSW has become an Ice Cream Ban Witch, beware evil-doors. Hopefully, this is the beginning of something and not the end. Mods don't tend to be very active.
  6. @Ice Cream Sand Witch The thing about Rejuvenation is that considering how the side-quests on the bulletin boards are so prominently featured and the nature of their content, it could be said that they're a major part of the experience, considering one would be underleveled were one to proceed without completing them.
  7. And I wholeheartedly agree with this were it not for side-quests such as the Aster and Eclipse sidequests where missing it makes one miss the resolution to a story arc from the main story. Were sidequests merely ways to find Pokemon making them optional would be fine. In the case where side-quests unlock story crucial information, that is easily missable, that makes a lot more tricky to access whether players should be allowed to miss such content.
  8. Side-questing has always been a major part of Reborn since it's inception. Powerful and Rare Pokemon have only been available to those who explored every nook and cranny of Reborn. And this was something that made especially the intro of the game very enjoyable. But in recent episodes, especially Episode 15, side-quests have become more elaborate to the point where many can't solve many side-quests without help from the forums. In addition, they have also started to include more story content and thus become essential to complete to get the most out of the story. And this leads me into the dilemma I see. In the most recent episode, so many side-quests were introduced (50, in fact!!) that a single player has no chance to experience everything introduced, and people had a hard time finding where to go without help from the forums and Youtube videos. This made for a great few weeks on the forums as people pooled their findings to solve all the new mysteries introduced, but frankly, I have my misgivings as to how healthy this inaccessibility is for the game from a game-design standpoint. When future episodes are released it is highly likely that when people who aren't active on these forums play through Episode 15, most of the quests that unlock after Adrienn is defeated will simply be skipped in favour of doing the next story event. Which pains me since Ame put her Heart and Soul into creating these side-quests and obviously wants us to play through them more than ever considering how vital they are to the progression of the stories of many characters. And this leads me into my question, how does Ame want people to experience the game in the future? Once they've finished the story content of an episode, should they simply proceed with the story and skip many optional areas that unlock, or spend 10+ hours doing side-quests which are inherently less fun than the story content they could be experiencing? Because I think the game currently incentivises the former, which is frankly a shame. Thus I question whether the current model for doing side-quests a good thing for the game as a whole?
  9. Welp, that was surprisingly quickly you decided to give it another go. Good luck with your game, and hopefully you won't get stuck again. Remember that you can always change the game back to Easy Mode whenever you want to.
  10. I'm sorry that you didn't find this game to be enjoyable, and wouldn't want to force anyone into playing something they disliked. And since you don't seem interested in advice as how to progress, I'll just say: Thanks for giving this game a try, I'm sure you will find many other great fan-made Pokemon experiences that are more to your tastes if you search for them.
  11. Honestly speaking, I don't perceive Chocolate to be "bitter" unless it approaches 90%, at which point gets kinda unenjoyable to eat. 86% is already cutting a bit too close for my taste. But 70% and even 81% still seems quite sweet. Now it's gotten me curious. What is your opinion on +90% cocoa chocolate? I've tried 90% once, and a 99% cocoa chocolate. Both were incredibly bitter, and not something I enjoyed a tasting, but perhaps your tastes are different?
  12. Except for chocolate, which you quite clearly said appeal to you a great deal. And while I certainly respect your purist view on drinking tea/coffee, I can't say I can entirely agree with it. Tea, like fine wine, is best enjoyed in combination with something else. That's the whole point of the culinary arts, the combination of flavours can produce sensations that are greater than the sum of their parts.
  13. 4 is an excellent game, it just didn't sound like what OP Supernova was looking for. In either case, I can highly recommend Final Fantasy 6 and 9 once you've got time to play them.
  14. If I may ask, how many games in the series have you played, Fox?
  15. Okay, if your priority is on having a good story, I'd avoid 1-5. While those definitely do have nice stories, especially 4, it's simply not that much of a focus as in the later entries. The difficulties of 1, 4 and 5 are especially high compared to later entries, so I'd avoid these if you want something easy. 4 is especially brutal compared to the rest of the series, and probably the most difficult FF game outside of end-game battles in Final Fantasy 12 and 13. So now that we've gotten that out of the way as someone who's played most of the later entries in the series, here's my takeaway from the last 4 entries. 6: Is by many considered the best game in the series, if not among the best video games ever made. And frankly, I can't disagree with this. It's got a huge cast of characters who are all very lovable, and a very good and fleshed out world. Difficulty wise, it depends entirely on how much you explore the world. This is very much an RPG game with many optional side-quests and areas that give you access to strong equipment that you won't find on the main path. So as long as you take your time to explore the world you shouldn't have much trouble clearing the game, though if you avoid doing so it becomes much more challenging. 7. I'm slightly torn about this game. The gameplay is severely more shallow than the 6th entry, and the graphics are kinda ugly compared to the 6th and 9th entries who both have beautiful artwork. But at the same time, I'm in love with the characters of this game, and it's got some incredibly powerful and emotional moments, it's also got the strongest opening of any Final Fantasy game, with the first 8 hours being a bombastic ride that just keeps going up and up, at which point the middle section falls short of how good the first and last sections of the game are. Overall the other entries have a better-paced story. That isn't to say that it's a bad game, as I love the world, characters and villains. But overall I'd say it's weaker than the 6th and 9th entries. 8. Haven't played this one, sorry. 9. This is by far my favourite entry in the whole series, the characters, the world-building, the music and the graphics just come together in such a good way to make an unforgettable experience. The main characters are my favourite in any Final Fantasy game, and the story, while being overall being weaker than the 6th entry, is better executed with more memorable and emotional moments. I personally didn't find the game to be that difficult, but it was definitely more of a challenge than the 6th and 7th entries, which I greatly appreciated as I breezed through those two way too easily, which made the second halves of those games too easy which overall detracted from the experience. FF9 meanwhile has a very well curved difficulty that always challenges the player while not being unforgiving. Overall, I'd say you should start with the 6th game as it's got the better gameplay and better overworld and side-quests. I recommend you play the GBA version with the audio of the SNES version patched in. This is the optimal way to play the game.