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  1. I'd rate it 52/78
  2. Go to fighting cafe Beat 3-4 Elite trainers After you beat 3-4 elite trainers go out the cafe You see grunts beat them read paper Give paper to Garret in your house Go to Garret old base Beat boss Get Deino egg
  3. Blaziken Speed boost sweeper Gengar Focus/Shadow ball Azumarill Belly drum Aqua jet Ferrothorn Entry hazards Gliscor Poison heal Weavile Stab moves and coverage Krookodile Moxie Stab moves Yanmega Stab moves + speed boost Trying to get a main team for future episodes without using any other pokemon from my pc
  4. Blaziken/Gengar/Azumarill/Ferrothorn/Gliscor/Weavile Blaziken/Gengar/Azumarill/Ferrothorn/Krookodile/Yanmega
  5. 5th sludge fragment location
  6. Feelsbadman time to replay the game for secret end
  7. Is Garret in the libray?
  8. Where can i see TM list?
  9. I currently have Scolipede, Blaziken, Magnezone, Flygon and Starmie. I'd like to try out Baton pass on to slow pokemon with high power but im not sure witch pokemon i should get. Im open to any other suggestions
  10. Just saw that ferroseed is available in obtainable list where can you get it?
  11. Yea it leveled up in daycare. Feelsbadman
  12. So i tried to breed a venipede with toxic spikes and spikes with forretress but my bred venipede's suddenly didn't get egg moves anymore so i checked forretress and he has different moves now. This is in rejuvenation