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  1. Requested Pokemon : Ferroseed, Honedge Gender: Female if possible Item: / Ability : / Nature : / Shininess : / Egg Moves : Leech seed, Seed bomb and spikes Offered Pokemon : 5IV Larvitar , 4IV Marill Gender(Male or Female) : Female, Male Item : / Ability : sand veil, Thick fat Nature : hardy, hasty Shininess: Both Shiny Egg Moves : Dragon Dance, Outrage, aqua jet, Belly drum, superpower Online ID : superbuttt
  2. Where is coin case and is mystery egg pokemon locked from the start of the game?
  3. Thanks
  4. I'd like to get male joltik and female fletchling
  5. Male tyrunt and starly is fine
  6. I'd like to get starly, joltik and tyrunt.
  7. Clauncher, Porygon, Pinsir and Totodile. I can breed you these pokemon. +Hawlucha and Zorua
  8. I would recommend to play normally until you get stuck somehow. More satisfying to defeat a gym that took hours then to steamroll through the content
  9. Kingdom is so good. I get orgasm every chapter. It's about war. Characters are awesome. Strategies are super interesting. I immediatly fell in love with this manga in the first arc and it's one of the "weaker" ones MAL
  10. I got from the Camel guy in the online forum
  11. Got another question Is there a way to change your nature?
  12. Is gourmet treat the same as pokesnax? Long since i played this getting ready for EP4
  13. Hey are u still trading? I would like to get female Torchic, Zubat, Zorua, Snorunt, Snivy, Hawlucha. In return i can give you 5IV Sneasel, Chimchar, Sigilypgh, Togepi, Goomy. I can also breed you a 5IV Larvitar and Dratini. I can breed more pokemon but they are already on the list.
  14. I 1v6 him with krokoodile w/moxie