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  1. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Prepare yourself. This is Chemera, the Corrupted Pokemon. While certainly powerful and imposing, Chemera is a very rare and complex Pokemon. It only appears under specific conditions... namely disastrous ones. And even when it does appear, most trainers dare not try and capture one... But why not? As you might expect, Chemera will be available in episode 1. But even if captured, what difficulties lie ahead? What dark truths will you discover about this dangerous and enigmatic creature? Will you find a way to raise a powerful team member and unlock its hidden potential? Or will you cast Chemera aside like the vile monster it is? Find out more in Pokemon Empire: Episode 1, coming soon.
  2. Strawpoll of the _____

    @StoicStone Why do we have the best avatar icons on this entire site?
  3. gastly,axew,froakie

    I thought gastly was also mystery egg, but I could be wrong there.
  4. Best place to grind money?

    To my knowledge, Rejuv doesn't have any actual way to grind money. And not sure why you need money anyways. If you're grinding anything in Rejuv, it's experience. Seriously, the level jumps in that game are outrageous. Instead of money, maybe you're talking about grinding coins for the game corner? If so, the best way to do that is voltorb flip. It's actually a decently fun mini-game and is (largely) not luck-based. So you can actually get coins coming in pretty quickly. Hope this helps.
  5. Pokemon Brotherhood Developmental Blog

    Great set of starters, man! Looking good. Can't wait to see where they go from here. Personally I'd sign up for the squashkin. We absolutely need an actual elephant in Pokemon (no offense, Donphan). And plus, I typically don't like monkeys; so it's an easy call for me lmao.
  6. Unimplemented moves?

    Wow. Your game is all kinds of different from mine lol.
  7. Unimplemented moves?

    I believe the third move tutor (with gunk shot, dragon pulse, etc.) only appears at the end of ep. 16. I'm uncertain as to what exact event causes the 3rd vendor to appear, but i believe it is triggered by upgrading either the railnet, slums, or nature center. It's bizarre that dragon pulse would cause that error message. See if gunk shot or any of the others cause the same message to display. OR it might not be dragon pulse at all. Also, how does your Charizard know roost? It only learns that move by tm, and that tm is unavailable as far as I'm aware. Lastly, perhaps the Sceptile problem is actually caused by giga drain? Sceptile only learns giga drain by Move Tutor (a giga drain tutor is not in the game yet), even though Treecko learns giga drain by level up. That's kind of a unique circumstance, so it might be causing that error to display. These are two isolated cases, but it may mean dragon pulse might not be the culprit.
  8. Daycare Change in Sun/Moon for Reborn

    I don't really see what Reborn specifically has to do things being overly-simplistic. Reborn has pretty strictly followed the mechanics of the canon games, and the canon games in gen 7 separated the level-up aspect of the day care from the breeding aspect of the day care into two separate facilities. So the only reason Reborn won't change that in the next update would be as a result of coding issues or unwillingness to update because of the extra work. As for over-simplicity, I feel like a quality of life improvement is much different than taking the challenge out of something. For example, a day care quality of life improvement would be the day care lady not automatically teaching your pokemon the new moves it learns by level up and overwriting your pokemon's much more valuable moves (especially egg moves). It'd be a nice improvement if, when you take your pokemon out of daycare, you would have the option to go through the list of level up moves it learned yourself and decide which it learns and which it doesn't. A day care over-simplification would be making a widely and easily accessible item(s) that just grants your pokemon free IVs, thus effectively making the breeding process obsolete.
  9. With the announcement of USUM being the last Pokemon game of its kind on the 3DS, maybe a change in console (from handheld to the Switch, perhaps?) will create new possibilities for the Pokemon series. Because with the advent of the Pokemon Go phenomenon, it would only make sense for Pokemon (and other Nintendo franchises) to start dipping into other gaming genres. And while Nintendo isn't always keen on moving it's franchises across multiple genres (except for Mario, which is in literally everything), we have seen some crazy things recently. Namely, Breath of the Wild moved Zelda into the open world genre for the first time, and it was a massive success. But Nintendo has still left so many unexplored gaming genres alone. Their policy has been (largely) to stick to single-player console games. And while that's obviously worked for them, they could realistically tap into all sorts of different things: like an online card game, RTS, FPS, or even a MOBA. Heck, especially a MOBA. We already have Super Smash Bros and other Nintendo games that pull characters from across multiple franchises, so it seems the next logical route is Nintendo drawing from their many franchises to support a bunch of new genres for online play. Pending the superstructure for Nintendo Switch Online (coming in 2018) is successful, I would expect to see Nintendo start exploring the types of online gaming genres other companies have been tapping into for years now. So what do you want to see most? Maybe a Metroid or Kid Icarus online FPS? A new type of online card game with playable classes representing the various Nintendo franchises? Or what I would want the most, an online MOBA with a cast of characters similar to those from the Super Smash Bros series. What do you think will or should happen?
  10. Daycare Change in Sun/Moon for Reborn

    Full eugenics breeding in its current state is a pain. You have to jump through hoops (and many mod their game or use speed up methods) to hasten the process of getting that sweet, sweet 5 IV mon. The process needs an update, even more than the one they did in gen 7. And don't get me wrong, splitting the two day care roles (breeding and training) into two different things is a good start. But there's so much more you could do. Why not have multiple day cares (so you can be breeding multiple things at once), or perhaps an egg hatcher or two as well? That way you can be hatching more eggs than you could normally carry. Oh, and definitely more efficient ways of maxing out pokemon IVs. So like a new item that helps breeding better IVs or a buff to the destiny knot, etc. Or we could revamp the system completely and have items that grant flat IVs or convert EVs into IVs. So many options to explore, but we're stuck with this annoying, inefficient system.
  11. lmao here's a poll for those interested: http://www.strawpoll.me/14446347
  12. My Team After Beating Adrienn

    Eviolite and protector are both available. Protector is in Iolia Valley. Assuming you have all four crystal plugs, go to the upper right cave in the valley, and use the purple crystal to change the path towards where the sableye event is. It should be right outside the cave, right before the sableye event cave. Eviolite is in Azurine Lake. It's available via diving. If you haven't begun unlocking the various buildings/rooms down there, bring your itemfinder and get to work. Eviolite is in building F10, but you'll have to open a number of other buildings and get a bunch of other keys/items before you get there. And I'm sure there are youtube guides to help you figure out exactly where both of these items are. Good luck!
  13. So basically what I'm gathering is people like dragonite as a standalone mon because of its own attributes, but think dragonair should really evolve into something that looks like itself. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!
  14. Daycare Change in Sun/Moon for Reborn

    Ame replied to a similar topic. feel free to check it out:
  15. I was curious about the community's opinion on this: Do you love the way Dragonite looks, or do you wish it retained more of the slender beauty of Dragonair? I came across this image recently https://www.deviantart.com/art/Dragonite-V2-411629213 and thought it was a really great illustration of what could have been. I personally love Dragonair and wish it evolved into something that wasn't so drastically different, but that's just me. What would you prefer?