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  1. Commander, you're smarter than this: You're an ace member who's been here forever. I'm a newcomer. Me prefacing my comments are a sign of respect. So much for that lol. And oh please, no one in their right mind is going to think that "I am unable to respond properly" after looking at any of my well put-together and highly-detailed responses (not to toot my own horn, but come on). That's not even a reasonable thing to say. And I only hit back at you because you criticized me--which is great, don't get me wrong--and because I thought a lot of what you said was incorrect. So I responded for the sake of everyone reading this being able to expand their insights and maybe think about things in a way they hadn't before. That includes you and me, so it's a win-win in my book. But hey, you got me! I did not do my research on Douse. I've never taught it to a Pokemon or used it in game. I admit it. But apparently, you didn't either, otherwise you would've called me out on it before. You made the same mistake I did, so don't give me this tauros-crap about how you did the research and I didn't lol. Heck, you never would've looked at the data files for Douse if my comments hadn't prompted you to do so. But your discovery actually brought to light an oversight made by the Rejuv Dev Team! That's fantastic! So if anything, we (ok it was you, but whatever...) identified a bug for the next episode. So that's great to see! Other than that, yep, it's circular reasoning from here on out, so thanks again for the replies! I enjoyed the discussion. Take care!
  2. If you could make your own ability...

    I could list more, but here are some of my favorites: Ghoulish: when this pokemon faints, makes PP of opponent's last move used become 0 --- various ghosts Indomitable: takes x.5 damage from moves with base 100 power or higher --- aggron, tyranitar, incineroar, bastiodon, abomasnow, regirock, gigalith. (This ability is balanced when applied; feel free to run some calcs on the Pokémon I listed if you don't believe me. At best, Indomitable turns earthquake into a 2HKO, which sturdy already does) Duelist: When the user lands a Critical Hit on an opponent, raises the user's Defense and Sp. Defense 1 stage --- escavalier, gallade Shatterproof: takes x.5 damage from Rock and Fighting-type attacks --- cryogonal, avalugg, gigalith Blood Sucker: contact moves heal the user for 1/4th of their damage dealt --- crobat, ariados, araquanid Vicious: after damaging an opponent with a contact move, all healing effects on that pokemon are reduced by 1/2 (applies grievous wounds) for 3 turns These are all originals. I'll post some of GF's pre-existing abilities that I've reworked in a follow-up post.
  3. @Commander, *Pardon my tone is this response. I mean no disrespect: this is not intended as any sort of personal attack; I simply disagree with you and am explaining why/defending myself* I appreciate the response. But if my posts are 'personal' in nature or are about 'personal problems', I invite you to please tell me how. In my responses to @Alex and @Wolfox, among others, I have been nothing but congenial and respectful. While my rhetoric can be too strong at times, I admit, you are the one who is levying accusations. You accuse me of making this thread all about me and trying to force my ideas on people (I think), while I affirm my ideas are here only for the good and improvement of Rejuv, not for whatever personal gain I would supposedly get from this. Again, no offense. But if you're going to dish it, I expect you to take it without 'pinging' me just because you disagree with me. Now then, in philosophy, criticism is defined by two main appeals: the appeal to power, and the appeal to goodness. Appealing to power is saying someone is subjectively correct because of their privileged position or 'godlike' qualities. Appealing to goodness is saying someone is objectively correct because they appeal to a higher set of guiding principles. So as far as forcing my ideas into Rejuv is concerned, I am not suggesting that Rejuv updates its custom moves because I believe I am a 'godlike' creative content designer. That would be the appeal to power. I am suggesting that Rejuv updates its custom moves because that is what is best for the game from a design perspective. That is the appeal to goodness. If Rejuv uses my custom moves, fine. If not, fine. But those moves should be updated and improved just the same. Hopefully that makes sense to you, because I am not here to offend anyone or because this is some kind of personal ego trip for me. I am here to offer constructive criticism, and if I am doing that incorrectly, please PM me with how I should improve my forum etiquette. Sincerely, thank you. Also, while I disagree with you on most of your points, I think we are both very intelligent people and that makes for more growth and interesting discussion. As such: First off, just because a point has been made before, it doesn't mean that point has been made in the way me or anyone else new makes it. Most posts on this forum are about topics many people have posted about before. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be posted. And to that extent, just because custom moves in Rejuv haven't changed for years doesn't mean they won't change in a future episode. Thing are patched and changed all the time. Terajuma Jungle was remapped after being the same way for a long time. Florinia in Reborn (second gym leader) gave grass knot as her tm since forever, then one episode it changed and her tm became nature power. Next, if you think "feedback and criticism isn't made to fix stuff", then I again respectfully disagree. Many extremely lucrative games patch and change pre-existing content regularly (League of Legends, Hearthstone, etc.) based on player statistics and feedback. And besides, fixing pre-existing issues makes a game better because it builds a stronger foundation off of which to build future endeavors. You yourself said you aren't a fan of Rejuv's custom moves, so I reason to say those can be improved, however that may be. And when you say, "I would focus your attention more on what doesn't exist since it's easier to change," I honestly don't understand what you mean because you can't change what doesn't exist yet. Are you suggesting people should post about what they think should happen in future Rejuv episodes rather than trying to improve things in past episodes? I don't want to read into this further without your clarification. Meanwhile, your point about "You can't just outright get up and change something just because a few people hate it because then you have a brand new group of people who hate how you made changes" is objectively incorrect. Just because a decision is unpopular doesn't mean it's not the right decision. And besides, I don't believe either of us has statistics regarding how many people think the custom moves (for gym leaders and as tm rewards) in Rejuv should be changed. And besides, I'm not saying I dislike custom moves and that they should be removed altogether. I'm saying they should be improved. So your point about Ame removing field effects doesn't translate well. And if you don't think custom moves and custom tms are a large part of the game, then I disagree with you there also. Gym leader fights, boss fights (where the boss has a custom move), and TM rewards are an important part of the game in my opinion. And then we get back to Douse. And since you pointed the finger at me first, here's my counter-point: since you don't know Douse's BP, PP, nor its compatibility with Pokemon, that should give you an idea that maybe it's you who isn't looking at the move right. *Again, I apologize for my tone and mean you no disrespect. But if you're going to dish it, I expect you to take it.*
  4. Everyone hates Melia, but I personally love her character. She is mistreated, misunderstood, and often acts emotionally rather than logically. But her dialogue isn't annoying (like Venam or Saki, for example). So I enjoy seeing how she is going to continue to progress and develop. And believe me, there are a lot of things I dislike about Rejuvenation, but Melia isn't one of them. And, go figure, I dislike Karen. She turns people into mind slaves, has unnatural powers, and acts like she's queen of the universe. I like the story in Goldenleaf Town. It could be more developed (the townspeople change their minds pretty quickly there), but it has strong elements of realism and intrigue (radio tower stuff has unsolved mysteries). And I love Valor Mountain. Even though having it change from volcanic to snowy is absurd, it's implemented in such a great way as far as level design is concerned. So I actually enjoy it because it's unique. Mountain/Volcano areas can kind of be monotonous, so Valor stands out to me in a positive way.
  5. @Katia Thanks for the catch. Edited. I don't remember what I was going to say there, if anything, so that's unfortunate! It seems as though I was probably just transitioning into my second point, so I don't think I omitted anything crucial. @VitaniDaReal Yeah, the point you are making with incineration is absolutely valid. Incineration should be obtained earlier in the game so it doesn't feel obsolete and a step backwards in TM quality progression. That, or Magma Drift should be designed so it isn't simply a better version of Incinerate. The fact that you get Drift first is just silly (and poor game design, imo). ..... Douse is still the worse offender in my book, though. Oh, and @ISNorden, I like your ideas for Holy Water (and have already implemented augmentations to its strength given certain fields). It could definitely also serve as a 'Freeze-Dry' esque move, which means its base power would likely be 70. Although I don't like the idea of giving Water-types access to that sort of utility coverage move because Water is already one of the stronger types in the game (thanks, scald). As for my concept of making it more of a 'Heal Bell' esque move, this is because Holy Water--lore-wise--doesn't really affect anything other than the dark and demonic (which in Pokemon are Dark- and Ghost-types). We're not blasting pressurized holy water out of a cannon here lol. So that's the reasoning behind that. As far as what Pokemon could learn it, you make a fair point about there being no priestly Water Pokemon. Pretty much all the Water-types are some sort of fish or sea creature. But I imagine things like Starmie, Milotic, and Primarina, then maybe Alomomola, Slowking, Jinx, or Gothitelle or a few others being compatible. Perhaps that's a bit of a stretch, but Wooper can still learn Ice Punch, after all. And hey, I have a whole arsenal of custom moves, so feel free to pm me if you'd like to check them out or discuss anything Pokemon-related.
  6. Looking for Pokémon trainers!

    Bear with me because I'm going to list quite a few: name: (hopebringer) Morty theme: ghost, using the past to make a better future; also a gym leader ace Pokemon: probably gengar description: name: (viking lord) Nolferth theme: bug/ice, drinkin' mead and fellin' trees; also a gym leader ace Pokemon: avalugg description: name: (dragonslayer) Strauss and Ansa theme: fairy and ice, respectively, rival sisters and renowned dragonslayers ace Pokemon: two fakemons of mine, Solipsia and Colosswhal, respectively description: name: Thor (Duke of Levington) (Thor is his stage name, his real name is Gerald Carver) theme: electric, a self-absorbed showman ace Pokemon: Thundurus description: name: (aspirant) Thorson Carver theme: wetlands, a hipster environmentalist ace Pokemon: Skymin (eventually) description: name: (ace trainer) Allisyn theme: balanced, a girl with something to prove ace Pokemon: Seraphair (fakemon for dragonite, which has art that looks more like dragonair than orange Barney) description: name: (master trader) Ma'iq (also known as Ma'iq the liar) theme: sandstorm, grass, the leader of a kha'jiit merchant caravan; also a gym leader ace Pokemon: Cacturne description: More to come, eventually. Don't want to get too far ahead of myself here.
  7. Recommend me a team :D

    How about Delphox, Crawdaunt (don't forget aqua jet), Magneton/Vikavolt, Tsareena, Crobat, and Lycanroc (Day)? Honorable mentions: shadow vanillite that gets will-o-wisp, diggersby, salazzle, swampert, heracross, breloom
  8. Lot of great comments in here, which is great. I've said all I've wanted to say in my previous posts already, so with this I simply offer my personal recommendations based on what @Alex seems to be saying from the dev perspective. 1. If the gym leader specific custom moves are not going to be awarded to a player until end game, you need to take the advice of @Katia. These means, either include a guide in-game (like on the screens that tell you about the gym leaders right before you fight them) or outside the game (like a field effect manual) that tells players the specs of the gym leader's (and boss fight's) specific custom moves. These include Venam's Kiss, Gale Strike, Dimensional Thrash, etc. Because as a player, when I came across these moves and never got to find out what they actually did, that was actually a huge disappointment for me. 2. Make the custom moves used by gym leaders more interesting and varied, or at least don't give the custom move to all 6 of the gym leader's Pokémon. Simply loading up an entire team with Tidal Wave users actually makes the fight less interesting because it takes away from the individual qualities and movepools of each individual Pokémon. Like @Seel The Deal said, you can make even make custom moves interact with that gym leader's field effect in some way. Great advice. Or even take these simple suggestions: give Venam's Kiss a chance to infatuate (40% opposite gender, 20% same gender), or have Cold Truth, instead of having a high freeze chance (fun), be negative priority but also disable your opponent's last-used move. 3. Similarly, make the custom tm rewards have more interesting effects and sound more interesting. As a player, it is a major letdown when a gym leader uses a cool-sounding custom move like "Gale Strike" or "Tidal Wave," but gives the player a lame-sounding TM like "stacking shot" or "douse." Again, in the name of constructive criticism, Rejuv can do better with its custom moves. And while I've already offered some more interesting Water type custom moves because Douse needs to go, here are a few more to show that yes, it is indeed possible to make custom moves that aren't just spammable vanilla STABs: Mirror Shield: ice - protect move, but does not protect against status moves. Instead, if foe uses a non-contact move, this move returns 12% of their max HP as damage Seismic Slash: ground - 60 power, physical, has priority if opponent is above 50% Max HP E.M.P. (electromagnetic pulse): electric - 70 power, special, deals double damage if opponent has no held item Soul Sucker: ghost - 80 power, physical, restores 75% of damage inflicted as health to the attacker if it knocks out a Pokémon Elder Spear: dragon - 60 power, physical, changes target to dragon-type Mass Production: steel - gives leftovers to all Pokémon in your party without items I could go on. Point is, realistic moves like these can be made and implemented. They can be used by gym leaders to make their gym fights more interesting, not less. Moves like these can be given as cool-sounding (and hopefully not as disappointing) custom TMs. And if you think these moves are too powerful for the first or second gym, then simply adjust the base power or accuracy (or make it so only a handful of Pokémon can learn the tm, like with Frost Breath) so that they are sufficiently balanced.
  9. Not Enough Experience?

    A few things: First of all, @Zargerth, I love the Xenoblade Chronicles pic. That is one of the all-time greats (and might have the best story and soundtrack of any video game, ever). It's a shame my boy Shulk sucks in SSB4. At least they got some of the amazing music into the game, though. Second of all, @seki108, my apologies! I was thinking Primarina learned Moonblast on evolution, but it learns Sparklng Aria instead. I misinterpreted the situation and subsequently misspoke. Thanks for the clarification! And lastly, @Matt_, yeah if they fix the experience gaps even just a little bit, I think I would be more interested in playing. The grinding is actually what takes me out of the story the most. And I'm not super into the story anyways with all the crazy magic stuff (Karen making those bikers her slaves) and extra-dimensional stuff (Nim is kind of annoying for me) and Valarie LITERALLY CARVING STAIRS INTO THE SIDE OF BLACKSTEEPLE MOUNTAIN IN MERE MINUTES. But yeah, I still would like to beat the game and see what else there is to see (and so I'm fully informed in being able to discuss things), so episode 10 seems like a good time to try and pick things back up. Thanks!
  10. OK, so the tm thing that was brought up is pretty much settled. Most understand the idea from a game development standpoint as to why the player gets bad-mediocre tms (and move tutor moves, etc.) early on, and eventually gets good to great tms later. Me saying "a player should be given a half-decent tm as a reward for beating a gym leader" does not equate to me saying "the tm reward for beating the 2nd gym should be on par with a tm like psychic". I would hope everyone understands that... Anyways, the main point of this post is addressed at criticizing the way custom moves are implemented in Pokemon Rejuvenation. In this game custom moves are either: 1. Used exclusively by bosses (dimensional thrash on rift gyarados, for example) or gym leaders (venam's kiss, gale strike, etc.) 2. Given as a tm to the player as their reward for beating a gym leader Here is my problem with the way these custom moves are implemented: The gym leader and boss custom moves (venam's kiss, gale strike, etc.) are exclusive to that one fight (largely) and are not part of the pokemon 'universe' in any other way. If implementing custom moves into a game, it is my opinion that they should be integrated fully, be it as tms, move tutor moves, or even as level up and egg moves (if that's possible; I'm no coder). But as a result of this exclusivity, the gym leader custom moves actually make the gym leader battles less interesting. Instead of highlighting each pokemon's individual qualities, movepools, strengths and weaknesses, the custom moves can actually make each gym feel like 6 pokemon that spam tidal wave and don't contribute anything much unique. Again, this is not universally true, but it is in some cases. Furthermore, the player doesn't even know what these custom moves do prior to seeing them. This creates an expected outcome where the player wants to know what this new move they've just seen does. For example, after I saw Venam's Kiss for the first time, my reaction was, "Oooh, I've never seen that move before. I wonder what it does!" But never finding out left me disappointed, which is poor game design because it fails to satisfy a player's expected outcome. I was further disappointed by being given Poison Sweep as my reward tm instead, which sounds less cool and interesting than Venam's Kiss (even if Sweep is actually a better move). Whether Poison Sweep is a better move than Venam's Kiss is irrelevant, however, because the player has no way of knowing how strong Venam's Kiss was in the first place. Therein lies the problem. To fix this, either give out the leader-specific moves (Venam's Kiss, Gale Strike, etc.) as the tm reward OR tell the player ahead of time what each gym leader's signature custom move does. Either way, this eliminates the problem of the player being disappointed by never figuring out what any of the gym leader custom moves do. Furthermore, if each gym leader is going to continue using a custom move on nearly all of their Pokemon (and if they are going to be given to a player as a reward), they should be more interesting than basic Vanilla STABs. Crawli's gym does a fine job of this, but most do not. On the other hand, if the current system of giving a completely new and unique custom move to a player as a reward for beating a gym leader is going to continue (as in Poison Sweep, Stacking Shot, etc.), then devs need to step their game up because those moves are largely uninteresting. Douse is the worst offender in this regard. And once again, not saying the tm rewards from gyms have to be game-breakingly powerful. That would obviously be poor game design. But giving a player Douse after you've already given them Surf is also bad game design. Lastly, @Wolfox No one is chewing anyone out. I am offering constructive criticism in the hopes of making Rejuv as good a game as possible. If you are offended, I apologize, but hopefully we can both learn something from this discussion. Take care.
  11. Dear Rejuv Dev team, As a concerned player, I write this on behalf of a player community that wants nothing more than to see your game be the best it can be. So first of all, getting a half-decent tm should be the reward for beating a gym leader. Period. So when the player doesn't get anything right away after beating Narcissa (for example), that's a bit off-putting (Yes, I know you get shadow ball later, but that's not the point). Second of all, I absolutely hate how the player receives a random, sub-par custom tm after beating (certain) gym leaders, especially after the gym leader you just beat was using a different and better custom move than the one the player gets. Strictly from a game design perspective, that's something you want to avoid. Teasing a player with a custom move that they've never seen before will make them curious to know its specifics--what it does exactly. I.E., "Ooh, Gale Strike... that sounds cool! I wonder what it does???" Or, "Cold Truth! That sounds awesome! I want my (x pokemon) to know that!" Instead, the player never has that fantasy fulfilled and is instead given (in most cases) a lackluster, uninteresting, and cheap, second-hand custom move instead. Instead of "Gale Strike," the player gets "stacking shot." How can that be taken as anything but a letdown? Or the player receives no custom move at all and is left wondering about the Multi-Pulse or Venam's Kiss that never was. Either way, player expectations fall short and player satisfaction falls flat. Speaking of falling short and falling flat, let's take a look at the custom tm Douse. First, if custom tms are going to be implemented into a fan game, they should bring something to the table that wasn't there before. Otherwise, they have no business being there. So, in the name of constructive criticism, I'm going to put it like this: If I had a pokemon fangame that implemented Douse in the way Rejuv implements it, I would be embarrassed. Sorry, but let's be real, here: the player finds Douse after the tm/hm Surf, and quickly discovers it is merely a weaker version of Surf. Douse is a 70 base power Special Water-type move with no additional effects. This brings nothing new or interesting to the table, the move itself is completely unusable (like most custom tms the player receives), and it should not be in the game. Look, here are 3 Water-type moves that I can come up with that are more interesting than Douse and aren't direct competition with Surf: Holy Water: cures the party's status and lowers effectiveness of Ghost- and Dark-type moves for 3 turns Depth Charge: 120 Power, 100 accuracy, Physical, damage occurs two turns later (like future sight) Siren's Tears: 50 power, 100 accuracy, Special, changes the target's ability to Defeatist In summary, either give the player the same custom move the gym leader uses (as their tm reward for beating the gym), or if not, at least step up your game with some of the custom moves. Irritation is great, don't get me wrong, but most are awful. Apologies for the harsh criticism; it is meant to be constructive and to promote helpful conversation. Thank you for your consideration, ~Octavius
  12. Not Enough Experience?

    Yeah the Audino trainers are nice as far as quality of life is concerned, so kudos there, but a few areas need extra trainers penciled in so players aren't 5 levels below where they should be. You mention Angie, but Marianette is the worst offender (at least that I've experienced so far). Assuming you're a dev with access to this info, look at the difference between Marianette's team and Keta's team, then see how many trainers there are between them for the player to make up 10 levels worth of experience--experience spread across an entire team, mind you. It isn't there. Not to mention some starters don't even fully evolve until after Marianette's Level 35 cap. Which isn't to say that the Marianette fight is 'too hard', per se, but the Marianette battle is unreasonable and un-fun due to the player being laughably under-leveled and under-equipped for it (in terms of not having fully evolved starters, almost no useful held items, etc.). For example: Fortunately, Brionne evolves into Primarina at level 34, but seki108 even had to use Rare Candies to get there.
  13. Not Enough Experience?

    Thanks for the replies! This post isn't so much me complaining about 'not being able to get past certain boos fights'. I've been playing Pokemon competitively since gen 4 and have been top ten Showdown ladder in multiple tiers in multiple gens. I'm doing ok in that department! This is about Rejuvenation as a game being shamefully grindy. I don't have a problem 'winning' boss fights, so to speak; I just find that I would rather play another better-designed pokemon game than grind out experience from audinos for every single gym because of how poorly paced the game is in terms of exp. My question, therefore, is "does the game get less grindy after, say, Angie?" Because if it doesn't, I'm probably just going to try another game.
  14. Ideas for field effects

    I'll have your museum field ready by the end of the week.
  15. Not Enough Experience?

    This is my second time trying Rejuvenation (I tried it back in ep. 6, both on normal difficulty), and I still find myself giving up on it partway through. There are a few main contributors in this matter, but one that leaves me particularly flustered is the horrid pacing in experience gains between gyms. While some gyms felt lackluster because my team had sizable level advantages (looking at you, Keta), others just left me scratching my head and saying, "how are my mons supposed to be able to fight this? There haven't been any trainers!" Two particular offenders for me were Marianette and Angie. In both cases, the stories leading up to their gym battles were completed devoid of trainers or any way to gain enough experience to be competent in their gym battles. Marianette was particularly awful: there was almost no experience to gain between her and Keta, yet a ridiculous ump in level cap. In both cases, my team barely gained a level or two (not to mention this situation is horribly exacerbated if trying to raise a new team member via exp. share), leaving me incompetently under-leveled for each gym battle. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If not, what was your experience like? Did I just miss something? Also, after beating Angie, Aelita wants to battle me, but ONCE AGAIN, her team is literally 5 levels higher than Angie's was, and I was already a little under-leveled for that fight. I don't mind challenges in Pokemon games; quite frankly, I welcome them. But this is just ridiculous. It's bad game design and it's turning me off from wanting to continue playing. I don't mean to sound whiny, but is it even worth it to finish Rejuv through the current episode? I'm about ready to call it and try Insurgence or something instead. I appreciate your thoughts, everyone.