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  1. Octavius

    Strawpoll of the _____

    Which is the TRUE master race??? https://www.strawpoll.me/15718838
  2. Octavius

    Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    As you all might of guessed (based on the fact that I'm the one giving these updates), the key team member we are missing is indeed the lead dev of Pokemon Empire, ssbCasper. And he'll be gone for at least another month, maybe more. So unfortunately, development is pretty much at a halt. The rest of the team will do everything we can in his absence, but we ultimately won't be able to progress in certain areas of development without him. So yeah. It sucks. But we wanted to let everyone know ahead of time instead of just disappearing for a month without any explanation. And don't worry, we'll still be here; and we might still post every now and again. But until further notice, we'll mostly just be taking any suggestions or contributions you guys have, and are still inviting anyone interested to join our EPL discord to come hang out with us and play some Pokemon. Until next time, be well, stay safe. And long live Pokemon Empire.
  3. Octavius

    Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Oh, and one more unrelated thing! We wanted to invite anyone interested to join our EPL, or Empire Premier League! The EPL is a draft league Pokemon battling format that operates pretty much the same way as the Pokemon GBA. If you're unfamiliar with the GBA, check it out on YouTube. You basically draft and use a team of Pokemon from all the different Smogon tiers for an entire season, like a sports team would. It isn't just the usual showdown ladder grind. Anyways, for season 1 (which we're just finishing now), we had membership reserved to the Empire dev team itself. But now we're looking to add a few new teams for season 2! So if you're interested, post a reply or pm me and I'll get you started! It'd be really cool to meet some of you guys, hang out a little bit, and play some Pokemon.
  4. Octavius

    Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Hey everyone! Kind of a somber update today: We're still working on coding the game and making events work properly. Unfortunately, we've been missing a key member in this process for effectively a month now. So the going has been really slow in both communication and implementation. And as a result, we probably won't be as active here with updates and such until we either find another team member or another one of us devs becomes a master coder in RPG Maker/Essentials. On a more gameplay-focused update, we're also exploring what we want to do with level caps. So far, the consensus is to 1. use a level cap system and 2. more or less replicate Rejuvenation's current system. And that means making Pokemon unable to gain experience once they reach the current level cap (which is determined by the player's number of badges). We feel like this system promotes the most fair and balanced play by both challenging players to use diverse teams and preventing them from over-leveling and cruising past battles designed to be difficult (like gym leader and rival battles). Additionally, we're looking for ways (outside of re-balancing) to allow players to use a greater diversity of Pokemon throughout the game. These include Pokemon best known for being defensive or supportive, but lack any real offensive power (for example: blissey, bastiodon, even wobbuffet to an extent). These also include what are called 'suicide leads', or fast pokemon that like to stack entry hazards and/or use moves like endeavor and explosion to gain a strategic advantage. These Pokemon can be really useful team members in tough fights, but struggle to gain experience over the course of most of the game because they can't sweep through all the youngsters and hikers as effectively or easily as an infernape or gardevoir can. To help remedy this on a large-scale basis, we're giving access to an exp. share early on in the game. Secondly, we're looking at ways to implement new exp. share items. For example, an exp. share that grants exp. to a pokemon even if it's fainted (useful for a 'suicide lead' type of mon) and an item that gives ALL the experience to the holder instead of sharing it. And while we understand that these types of items will most likely be used outside of these intended purposes, it still stands that they give Pokemon that aren't just 'fast mons that hit hard and sweep' the chance to be successful throughout the game. And geez, I'd say more about this, but this post is running really long! So I guess I'll leave it at that for now!
  5. Hey everyone! We're just finishing up season one of the EPL, or Empire Premier League! The EPL is a draft league Pokemon battling format that operates pretty much the same way as the Pokemon GBA. If you're unfamiliar with the GBA, check it out on YouTube. It's a really fun way to battle by drafting and using a team of Pokemon from all the different Smogon tiers! It isn't just the usual showdown ladder grind. Anyways, for season 1, we had membership reserved to the Empire dev team itself. But now, we're looking to add a few new teams for season two! So if you're interested, post a reply or pm me and i'll send you over some information. Hope to hear from you soon!
  6. Octavius

    Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Happy to announce that mapping is 100% completed!!!!!! We're still using a few placeholders for some sprites and have a couple animations, icons, and a bunch of other little things to knock out, but all the maps are finalized for ep1. Now we just have to make the game work. So on that note, if anyone reading this is or knows anyone who is a talented scripter or eventer in rpg maker XP, we would love to take on a new team member to help expediate that process. So, if that's you, shoot me a pm and I'd love to show you behind the curtain of pokemon empire!
  7. Octavius

    Is Flygon a Bug or Not?

    @Jess Do you think Flygon would be better competitively with a Dragon/Bug typing (and access to different abilities) than a Dragon/Ground typing? Or what if it got tinted lens instead of compoundeyes? I think tinted lens would be just as good, if not better (especially if flygon were a special attacker).
  8. Octavius

    Is Flygon a Bug or Not?

    Flygon feels like a smorgasbord of ideas that were all thrown together. It's like Gamefreak couldn't decide on an overall direction for it, so they just gave it a lot of different traits and hoped players would love it for whatever it ended up being. And what it ended up being is a physical attacking, dragon/ground type with levitate. Called the 'mystic' pokemon, some of its lore reads "Because its flapping wings whip up a cloud of sand, this Pokémon is always enveloped in a sandstorm while flying. Red covers shield its eyes from sand. The flapping of its wings sounds something like singing. Because the “singing” is the only thing that can be heard in a sandstorm, this Pokémon is said to be the desert spirit". Huh. Well that's kind of weird. I guess levitate makes sense as Fly-gon can, in fact, fly; but based on its lore it should also definitely get abilities like sand veil or shield dust. It's also apparently a 'spirit' of some sort and is known for singing. Yet it's a physical attacker. I would expect a 'singing' spirit to be more specially inclined. And, even though it's known for making noise, it doesn't learn any sound-based moves... except... It technically does! Flygon's pre-evolution, Vibrava, learns Bug Buzz by level up! And that makes a lot of sense, given that Vibrava's lore states "Vibrava’s wings have not yet completed the process of growing. Rather than flying long distances, they are more useful for generating ultrasonic waves by vibrating." Cool! So Vibrava doesn't really fly, but Vibrava's only ability is Levitate. So what's up with that? And while Bug Buzz seems like a move that makes sense on this pokemon species based on its lore (maybe Perish Song would be another), neither Flygon, Vibrava, or Trapinch are actually bug-type at all. Trapinch is ground, and Vibrava/Flygon are dragon/ground types. And despite not being bug-type, they are exclusively in the Bug Egg Group! What the heck!? So look at these guys. What in the world are they? The first two evolutions definitely look like bugs. Even Flygon still looks like a bug, but definitely bears many more lizard-like traits (like its arms). It's kind of like this species has a metamorphosis between each stage, ultimately emerging as this 'singing' desert bug-lizard. But it's also said to be a spirit. Whatever that means.. So what do you think Flygon is? Or, what do you think it should be? What typing should it have, what abilities or moves should it be able to use? how should its stats look? And how do you make sense of its pre-evolutions? I'm curious to see what you think.
  9. The current state of affairs in pokemon is too convoluted to change only a few things and call it balanced. Any time you change the type chart, it creates a massive ripple effect: if poison is now super effective against water, for example, that's not only a nerf to water but also a nerf to fairy and grass. Because if you make poison stronger, all the other types that are weak to poison will suffer by extension (like poison being more commonly carried as a coverage move). And by extension you also buff psychic and ground because those attacking types suddenly become more important to have against the more prevalent poison type. And of course that also buffs steel (and the poison type itself) because its poison immunity becomes even more powerful. Any time a meta-defining change like that is proposed but you want to maintain a similar state of balance to the previous meta, there ultimately have to be underlying changes to offset the ripple effect created by the gigantic change. And unfortunately, those smaller changes also create ripple effects to the point that you eventually have to rebalance every pokemon on an individual level, every item, ability, move, and mechanic. So if you're going to try and tweak one thing, you have to realized that it will completely shift the entire meta. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, though. You just have to be aware that it is a thing. It also means people are going to have to relearn how to play the game around the new meta that's been created. Remember the changes to Knock Off and the introduction of the Fairy type? Completely changed everything. But eventually the dust settled and a new metagame with new strategies formed around the new system. This happens in basically every generation of pokemon, so no matter how much people complain, they;ll eventually either adapt or not associate with the new stuff. So no matter how much or how little you change as far as game balance is concerned, you're going to be left with a new metagame with its balances and imbalances. Some metas will be better than the previous ones; some will be worse. But no matter what you do or what changes you think would be best, there's always going to be resistance and people who think they know better. And while all of us have our own ideas for how to improve the game, i doubt any of us have ever actually tested our proposed changes to see how they would actually shake things up. And that's fine; we just have to remember that none of us can actually back up any claims that say one idea is better or worse than another. At least not with evidence that isn't just hypothetical. But I think we can create a list of common ground ideas: for starters, can we all agree that mons without any competitive viability or niche (idk, like dewgong or meganium) deserve to have a way in which they can distinguish themselves from other mons that are strictly better versions of themselves?
  10. Octavius

    Do you think Pokemon freaks are biased?

    I got a good laugh when I saw this. I can't help but feel responsible for you starting this topic, darkfighter15. but yeah, absolutely everyone is biased in some way or another. like zargerth said, there can be no perfect system. that's the case with anything; it's the state of mankind and can't be changed. so whomever tries to come up with their own system is going to have their own faults or preconceived notions influencing their decisions. Ideally, you'd have multiple (and very different but also open-minded) people working together to achieve the best possible result. But that doesn't ever really work in practice (see U.S. Government), so you try to shoot for some series of guidelines that are objectively good and true and hope things fall into line based off of those guidelines. Now since this is again on the topic of types, there absolutely should be types that are stronger and types that are weaker. that doesn't mean that every mon within each type is going to be good or bad strictly because of their typing, though. with game mechanics, moves, abilities, stats, etc., any number of mons within each type can fill out a specific niche. which is why you really do need to balance on the individual pokemon level so that each mon can have its own niche (at least one) and have some use in some tier in some way. and that's what it means for each mon to be equitable as opposed to only having a few chosen mons be amazing and strictly outclass every other mon that tries to do the same thing. you're inevitably going to have mons within each type that are weaker than others, but this is a good and necessary thing. it's even better when the weaker mons have something they can do that the better mons can't--so that in some way, the weaker mons are still useful and even better than the stronger mon.
  11. first of all, balancing mons has never been a priority for gamefreak. but since we're talking balancing mons... based on their history, gamefreak actually balances mons around the VGC format (competitive doubles) but are still aware of the tiered 'showdown' format where mons are divided into tiers based on their usage. which means their overall vision allows them to create pokemon that are worse or better than pre-existing ones because then those pokemon would just find spots in different tiers. so it doesn't matter if a mon they create sucks competitively, because then it can just be used in a tier with all the other mons that suck competitively. this post, though, is about the type chart overall. namely because it IS unbalanced. for example, there are far more bug and grass types in lower tiers than there are fighting or dragon types. and i agree with you in that it would be better to see a more equal distribution of types through all competitive tiers. But without minor changes to the type chart (which idk why you're more against that than other changes that people would also need to learn/re-learn), you're going to need more than just the changes you proposed to actually see any significant shift. namely because most of your changes are based around weather. and weather really only affects a handful of pokemon. like someone here said, weather setters would gain a massive boost with your changes, but leave most mons unaffected. gigalith would be way better, but sudowoodo sure wouldn't. changes would need to either affect a wider swathe of pokemon of that particular type than just weather mons, giving more pokemon the opportunity to have a niche (or reason to be used) in a higher tier in the metagame. OR implement changes that only affect select pokemon of a particular type (preferably sucky ones). For example, introducing moves or giving abilities to only the mons that are bad instead of just making tyranitar even better. But to optimally balance the game, each pokemon needs to be looked at on an individual basis. Many pokemon are only used in the tier they are in because of a specific niche: like araquanid wouldn't be nearly as good if it didn't have access to sticky web or didn't have its water bubble ability. Here are some better changes: Rock types: 1. have rock-types take no damage from stealth rock 2. introduce better special attacking rock-type moves or rock-type moves that grant temporary immunities (like magnet rise) Grass types: 1. give more grass-types abilities that cover their weaknesses (like thick fat) or allow them to hit through their resistances (like tinted lens or a grass-type move that works like freeze-dry) 2. highlight grass-types' ability to be annoying: introduce a sucker-punch esque priority move and/or have worry seed act as an entry hazard with the same effect Ice types: 1. change the Freeze mechanic to halving the opponent's Sp. Attack and have them be 'fully frozen' 25% of the time, unable to take action 2. make new ice-type moves that are like scald/thunder wave, but apply the new freeze mechanic instead And these are just a few examples.
  12. You can supplement buffs/nerfs indirectly in an unbelievable number of ways. Whether you change core mechanics (like freeze working more like burn/paralysis instead of sleep), moves (like magnet rise applying to your whole team instead of just the active mon), or abilities (like what you mentioned with light metal having a new competitive wrinkle to it), there's always going to be a trickle-down effect. this applies with changing the type chart, moves, mechanics, everything. and while it's difficult to do a complete overhaul without people being turned off by it, sometimes the best way to bring things into a better state of balance is a few quality of life changes. Like bug maybe not being resisted by every single type or ice having one extra resist so it can actually switch into moves sometimes. Ultimately, you have to remember that most of the time, players are going to side with gamefreak's vision for balance over any one person or design team. Unless the person (or community overall) feels like gamefreak made a mistake in an isolated case and that the person's idea is better in line with gamefreak's overall vision than gamefreak's original idea was (in that isolated case). For example, I would venture to guess that most people would be supportive of a type chart change where bug now deals neutral damage to fairy instead of being resisted by it. on the other hand, i imagine people would think introducing a bug-type move with 180 base power and 100 accuracy that sleeps your opponent 100% of the time and has no drawback would be a terrible idea. The problem of achieving better game balance isn't with type chart changes. Those are fine if done correctly. The problem is trying to over-adjust things where your own ideas become out of line with gamefreak's overall vision and thus aren't readily accepted. So with that in mind, people would largely disagree with your steel switches out last nerf but be perfectly fine with your rock gets +1 defense as well as sp. defense in a sandstorm buff.
  13. Octavius

    Who beat you the most times?

    In my opinion, Corey (at least with the poison mist field) has always been Reborn's gatekeeper. I had nothing for his crobat in my first run. And of all my friends who played back in the day, the only friend who had an easy time of him on their first run had a Guts Luxray. As for the 'other' category that I selected: it was for Ciel. If that was one of the options, I didn't actually see it, so my bad. Otherwise, I vividly recall being stunned by Ciel in my second playthrough. I was carried by my Mamoswine in that gym in my first run, so I went in overconfidently. But without a really powerful super effective priority move like Mamo's ice shard, I got speed checked and acrobatics spammed into a loss. Pretty sure that was one of, if not my only loss in my second playthrough.
  14. Octavius

    Updates and Spoilers

    Looking for some feedback from you folks: As you know, we are planning on implementing a few fakemon in Pokemon Empire. Our original plan was to introduce 3 or so new original fakemon into the game per episode. These pokemon would all have a unique or rare type combination, fill a specific niche (like for a weather team), and/or have a design/lore that is new or really interesting. Recently, we've decided to scrap one of our fakemon designs (or at least not release it in ep1). the pokemon was going to be a fire/fairy type based off of a wallaby/kangaroo. it would be cute and have a fairly low Base Stat Total. It would function as more of a utility pokemon, but still be able to pack a little punch offensively. And while we don't want to reveal the front sprite, here's a tiny shot of one of it's overworld sprites--just so you get the idea. The overall points of this are: first, does anyone care about us introducing fakemon that are designed more for the early game? This isn't to say this wallaby fakemon won't be good or have a unique niche, but it probably wouldn't be in the same competitive tier as other fire- or fairy-types like infernape or gardevoir. And second, oare concerned that this fakemon doesn't have a particularly interesting backstory, and that making a wallaby into a fire/fairy type might feel a bit... forced. So, what would make you want to use this fakemon in your playthrough? Better design? Better stats/power level? More interesting lore? Something else? Or should we scrap the idea entirely? Any thoughts or feedback will be taken into consideration. Thanks, everyone!
  15. Octavius

    Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    After realizing how out of place the conventional Pokemon Center looked in comparison to the rest of Polaris Point's rustic, lodge-like interiors, we decided we needed to give it a facelift. What do you think?