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  1. a Nintendo battle royal! night 4

    [Unvote] Mario [Vote] Soren
  2. a Nintendo battle royal! night 4

    [Eliminate] Mario
  3. a Nintendo battle royal! night 4

    I'm willing to believe you're at least Team FE, but I don't necessarily think you're Valter. It feels that this may be just a diversion of sorts. You claiming doesn't change my vote though. It'd be way better to get the balance going as if we leave it this way, clearly FE would take an easy win in the endgame. I'm not convinced with your statement that you and Venus aren't groupmates. Could be a trick, but I'd rather believe you're allies than not. Don't see him pulling such a bold move even if he's typically bold.
  4. a Nintendo battle royal! night 4

    On a side note, I just saw Hooligan's latest post and he's acting uncharacteristically edgy. I'm betting he's FE now after this
  5. a Nintendo battle royal! night 4

    A couple of statements: - I don't agree with what Venus says that leaving FE alone would not give them an advantage. It does give them an advantage, especially when they will hold voting power. If all other teams have diminished members, it becomes easier for them to manipulate the votes to their bidding and it does leave them much unchecked in terms of abilities. - I feel confused with Paul's actions. He's saying that they don't have an advantage but he agrees with me to keep the balance? I feel that this is one really contradicting post especially after voting for Valter. - I'm feeling an odd feeling from Hooligan's post. He's weirdly focusing on Paul. I don't know what to make of it, especially when the post is more than a few statements on a specific person. He's most likely allied with Venus in FE, or alternatively, he's doing it to make it seem that he's not connected with Paul. - Venus is also weirdly focusing on Team Mario. He's most likely from Team FE, but I see the possibility of him being in any other group aside from Team Mario and he's only blatantly acting like that to make it seem he's from FE when he might be just protecting his real group. That said, I still think it is best for us to keep FE from gaining too much power. We can decide what to do later after we lynch Valter.
  6. a Nintendo battle royal! night 4

    @Venus It may be agreeable to lynch Team Mario the other day, but it feels really off for you to still push for Team Mario to be lynched when all other teams have three members right now and it's completely valid to lynch any other team.
  7. a Nintendo battle royal! night 4

    You're all being fooled by Venus. He's making you ignore something. Team Fire Emblem has a full set of members. He's trying to get you to eliminate each other, so that Team FE can take the win right out from under you. That is why, we should maintain the balance for now and take out Team FE. [Eliminate] Valter
  8. Is it better to live in empty ideals or in the bitter truth?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Meteor Admin Divergent

      Meteor Admin Divergent

      @Corso Unfortunately, in our world and even Reborn that seems to be most of the case.

    3. Corso


      In our world and even Reborn I try to choose ideals

    4. Alistair



      Next time I'm aiming for the ideals.


  9. Season 1 Onyx Arcade Mafia Awards Result Thread

    I would like to say thank you to everyone who voted for me! Thank you for your support and it means a lot to me. To the other awardees, congratulations for your achievement/s!
  10. I, Myrmidon Divergent, am honored to present to you two important results: the winrates of Season 1 and the awardees of Season 1. Congratulations to all winners and to those who didn't win, go for it in Season 2. All winners will receive a banner which they may place in their signature. I. Season 1 Winrates Congratulations to Megagun for being Season 1's Overall Champion and Overall MVP! II. Season 1 Awards Player Awards: Team Category ☆ Best Town Coordination: Hospital Mafia Doctors and Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade Mafia Keepers ☆ Best Mafia Coordination: WitchHunt! Coven ☆ Best Third Party Coordination: Pokemon CYOC Cult Individual Category ☆ Best Town Performance: Megagun from Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade and Myrmidon Divergent from Mafia Halloween Edition ☆ Best Mafia Performance: Purplecicada from WitchHunt and Eviora from Star Wars ☆ Best Third Party Performance: Megagun from Hospital Mafia ☆ Easiest Player to read: LykosHand ☆ Hardest Player to read: Lord Drakyle ☆ Always Town Award: Paul25 and LykosHand ☆ Always Mafia Award: Megagun ☆ Most Tactical Player: Lord Drakyle and Myrmidon Divergent ☆ Most Interesting Player: Venus ☆ Most Unfortunate Player: Alistair Host and Mafia Game Awards: ☆ Most Interesting Set-up: Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade ☆ Most Organized Game: Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade ☆ Favorite Game: Hospital Mafia and Dark Ages Mafia ☆ Most Creative Host: Myrmidon Divergent ☆ Most Interesting Host: Myrmidon Divergent ☆ The Judge Host: Sailboat Reborn Mafia Awards: ☆ Mr./Ms. Friendly: LykosHand ☆ Mr./Ms. Entertaining: Venus, Alistair, and Myrmidon Divergent ☆ Mr./Ms. Reborn Mafia: Myrmidon Divergent and Alistair See you again in the Season 2 Awards!
  11. Welcome to the Reborn Mafia Club!

    Introducing your Leaders Reborn Mafia Club is supported by several leaders who have different responsibilities in the club's endeavors. Feel free to ask them for assistance and help regarding club matters while you may also approach them for conversation ~ Myrmidon Divergent - President Greetings! I am Myrmidon Divergent and I am your Club President. I became interested in Mafia after learning about it some months ago and since then, I've been hosting games and helping other players make their own games. I am responsible for most of the Reborn Mafia Club - Forum works (while I also monitor Discord at times) and I also am one of the peeps whom you can talk to regarding Game Design. Quinn - Vice President Quinn is one of the good players I met in an earlier game and she is one of the frontrunners in the Discord server of Reborn Mafia Club, which was created last August. Quinn is responsible for most of Reborn Mafia Club - Discord matters, and she's a person you can approach if you want assistance regarding Discord actions. Alistair - Vice President Although Alistair joined the Reborn Mafia Community at a later time, Alistair is one of those players who quickly created good relations with other players, and it was an easy decision to include Alistair as an Admin for the Discord server due to seeing his work in the server. Alistair is my second-in-command in the Reborn Mafia Club - Forum responsibilities and he also monitors the Discord server. Along with me, you can also talk to Alistair about Game Design. AmineChankey - Vice President Amine is one of the 10 people who played in the very first mafia game I hosted and he's been present since then to participate in other games. I'm not exactly sure how I ended up giving him responsibility, but as far as I remember, I think it was because I saw that he was capable of helping in the club's endeavors, as well. Amine is responsible for Reborn Mafia Club - Discord monitoring, and he is also someone you can approach if you want a fun conversation.
  12. a Nintendo battle royal! night 4

    Interesting theory. That's something we should look out for in the coming days. I'm still unsure of whether we should or should not eliminate a team slowly by slowly. I feel that there might be something that's bound to go wrong with that later on. I'm still analyzing how this game works,so I'll give input on that in the next day. For now, Mario seems like a plausible choice [Unvote] Giratina , [Vote] Mario
  13. Reborn Mafia Game Queue

    Alola! The queue system was organized a few months ago in the Discord community to keep the influx of games flowing, without either suffering from a dry spell or a flood at any point in time. This thread will now be the official queue area of mafia games. Based from an assessment of the current activity and members of the Reborn Mafia Club, there will be two mafia games running at any given time. When a game ends, the next game in the queue will be eligible for the start of sign-ups. Interested game hosts are asked to place themselves in the queue by notifying any of the moderators of the Club. To organize a notification, hosts must submit a list of their set-up, which includes mechanics and roles, for assessment. The moderators will assess the set-up if it contains sufficient game balance before approving it and placing it on queue. When it is approved, hosts must prepare the Role PMs and other necessary materials, so that when it is their order in the queue, they can immediately begin sign-ups. Each host may only have one game in the queue. Hosts may also co-host with other interested hosts if they prefer better organization and/or divided responsibilities. Queue Ongoing Games: League of Legends Mafia [Quinnox] Nintendo Mafia [Jace Stormkirk] Upcoming Games: End of a Journey [Sailboat] The Great War at Little Italy [LykosHand] Circus Mafia [Digital Amber] DanganRonpa Mafia [Venus]
  14. The Reborn Mafia Club is a club which has two main objectives: (1) for its members to be able to participate in mafia games - social deductions games which require an interest in analysis, a knack for arguing, and a talent for deception. (2) for its members to be able to engage in social discussions outside of the mafia games and form good relationships with the assistance of the Club Subforums and the Discord server. With this two objectives in mind, there are rules and guidelines for players and hosts to follow. I. Playing Guidelines Read and follow the rules. Hosts typically follow a different set of rules for their game, depending on the kind of game and their intended result. Before you join a game, read through the rules and follow them as the game officially starts. Violation of game rules will equate to consequences and further offenses will result to graver consequences. Participate and be active. Games usually require specific requirements - be it in posting or in voting in specific phases. It is advisable to follow them, but it is recommended to go beyond the confines of post and vote requirements, and engage in active discussions with other players in a game. In this manner, the game becomes more interesting and exciting. If you will be away for a while or incapable of continuing the game due to circumstances, contact the game host as soon as possible, so that arrangements can be made. Be respectful to others. In a game, there may be times when things heat up due to intense arguments and discussions. These incidents are acceptable due to the nature of the game, however, keep the discussion in the confines of the game, and refrain from insulting other people out of line, especially when the game does not require it. Treat others with respect as much as possible. II. Hosting Guidelines Be fair to all players. Give equal rights and opportunities to all players. Do not give specific roles to a certain person out of your own desire nor give specific advantages to a certain person. Deal fairly with all players and avoid being biased. Keep the balance between all factions. Avoid unjust advantages to a certain faction or support and favor a certain faction. Be neutral in dealing with players and do not interfere unless it is necessary to do so. Be prepared always. When your game is approved by a moderator, be sure to prepare all necessary things for when your game starts. This includes Role PMs, the opening post, and a clear understanding of role priority and mechanics. Certain incidents may require immediate decisions such as conflicts in role actions, so you must be prepared to address these kinds of issues when your game is already underway. Be accountable for your actions. Mistakes may happen anytime in the game flow. When mistakes happen, try your best to resolve such mistakes and control the damage your mistake made. Do not give fault to players for any mistakes you have made. Be approachable. When players ask you questions related to the game, be polite and answer them to the best of your abilities. However, there are questions that you may not answer fully, especially when this relates to a confidential information. Keep these kinds of information private and avoid accidentally revealing it to players. For specific rules and guidelines relating to playing and hosting, a more in-depth guide will be provided in the next days.