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  1. Jason Grace

    back to the basics V: white flag [day 1]

    The only thing that troubles me is Bean's voting on Dragoknight although there's already a vote on them. Feels like he's BWing on him, but considering it's D1 and it's Bean, maybe it doesn't really mean much at all. With that said, I'll go with [Vote] Astra125. I don't have much else to go with an informed vote, so I'll rand vote for now.
  2. Jason Grace

    back to the basics V: white flag [day 1]

    Wait ... wha-? I just had the time right now to post, but shouldn't we be having 48 hours instead of 24 hours for the day phase @Jace Stormkirk?
  3. Eliminate [Chromsmasher_xX] I have reason to trust Michel on this one.
  4. I think I'm going with Astra for this day. [Vote] Astra
  5. Hello. Sorry for not having commented last day phase. I actually forgot phase was on and was going to comment, but didn't make it -_- I'll post context related stuff in the morning, but first, does anyone have any ideas as to why there are no deaths in the previous night?
  6. I'm sorry I don't have much time to invest in this game due to having 2nd Monthly Exams tomorrow and Thursday, so I'd like to know if you guys have any information on how we should vote today. I only skimmed through Day 1 though, so I don't have any solid reasoning, but I think some of the bandwagoners are more likely mafia due to the way the votes were given without much reason or motivation behind it.
  7. Soz for being absent. Been really too busy to catch up but thanks for the heads up. [Eliminate] L'Belle
  8. I don't think mafia is within Lia / Alistair / Digital Amber / Andracass simply because their actions don't seem to be ones made by a last mafia member, really. Checking vote counts, I'm partially more confident with checking out Alistair because Jace voted with him last day phase and it's unlikely for mafia to vote together unless if there's someone to save. I also don't think either of Walpurgis or L'Belle is mafia because of the counterwagon. I find it unlikely for Bean to be mafia too for voting Jace, but he's random anyway, so that's not a decisive action. The outliers remaining are Purp, Caimie, and Digital. I liked Digital's contribution, but I can't decide between the two left, so I'll go with Purp just because. [Vote] Purplecicada
  9. IDK how the assassin managed to get two mafia out of the way, but that's some amazing skill or luck there. Anyways, I've been feeling sick for the past few days due to fatigue, but I'll contribute something tomorrow morning. The fastest way we can resolve this though is for the power roles to claim and resolves lynches from those left. Would you guys be in favor of this?
  10. I need a second post anyway, so all I can say is that I'll give more time for analysis next game day.
  11. I don't have time for analysis for this game day -_- so I'll be going with [Eliminate] No One for now.