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  1. Starting playing Re:Digitize yesterday. I did not expect to be able to get my very first partner digimon up to Mega.


    And yet here I am, with Shine Greymon.

    1. YinYang9705
    2. Felix-


      I mean its no Wargreymon, lets face it.

  2. Whhhhy do these vanishing sprite bugs exist, this making sprites vanish business was so much more hassle than it was worth. I mean, uh Thanks for the report!
  3. I'll look into this, thanks!
  4. Thanks for the report, I will look into this.
  5. This has now been fixed for E17, thanks for the report!
  6. The issue with this appears to simply be the condition for the extra stat drop was just not present for Sweet Scent. This has been fixed for E17.
  7. Looking at the code, this appears to be the result of trying to use an unimplemented move. There shouldn't be any such things in game so I'm writing this off as likely the result of a incomplete download wiht some of the move data or animations being lost. So I'm gonna go ahead and say this is resolved.
  8. Ame did this

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Mazeclelllo


      I already like this pic

    3. Felix-


      even torchwick looks like he's thinking "I don't know how this name happened but i like it"

    4. Ice Cream Sand Witch
  9. This has now been fixed for E17.
  10. Thanks to the error messages, I have managed to fix this for E17.
  11. "I don't think anyone will forget the walking corpses for quite a while... Even as someone that has seen similar things before, the whole ordeal was rather... Chilling." Terrin admits, before just shaking his head. "If we can find any information on what was going on, I'm sure that would, if nothing else, help us all sleep easier at night."
  12. Thanks for the report, this was just a slight error in the sprite-vanishing logic, and has been fixed for E17!
  13. Thanks for the report, this has now been fixed for E17
  14. Hi! I am still wanted to add Z-Moves to my game. Did you have all its scripts? If do, link it to me.


    I also wanted all the Generation 7 Pokemon backsprite, forms, icons, shinies, and all.

    1. Mazeclelllo


      Hi there! Z-Moves have been completed for Reborn, and I will be releasing those acripts to the public fir anyone to use in their fangames, but they're not released just yet so be a bit patient and then you can have them!


      As for Gen VII sprites, Ame has already made a post on the forums linking people to the full pack for anyone to use, here you go.



    2. TheShinyMew


      What about the Gen 4-style backsprites?

  15. This has now been fixed for E17.