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  1. Name The Song!

    Bob Marley's living la vida loca ft The Who Jk its the rick roll dude who actually hates when people reference his song, Never gonna give you up. She keeps Moet et ChandonIn her pretty cabinet'Let them eat cake' she saysJust like Marie AntoinetteA built-in remedyFor Kruschev and KennedyAt anytime an invitationYou can't decline
  2. Water, the amount of ways i could apply this irl. I could have my tablet in the shower, i could dry off instantly, i could drink without ever sitting up, i could take a piss without moving and no fear of soiling my clothes, rain would never be an issue, it would be an awesome fucking party trick to levitate the booze and mix drinks, so on. Making the magical mundane is great.
  3. What do you look like?

    I would love to be an eternally flustered L'oreal hair flicking lesbian.
  4. What do you look like?

    For the past couple of years I've worn it long, yes.

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    2. Hukuna the Undying

      Hukuna the Undying

      Well, both of those were terrifying. Where do l sign up?

    3. Dorcas


      theres not much more im afraid. the guy only made one more video and its like 11 seconds long.



    4. Hukuna the Undying

      Hukuna the Undying

      ripper roo. Sadly sometimes greatness must be brief.

  6. What do you look like?

    Here's me looking like I got angel lighting and some huge ass ears. Also friends and drinking what social life.
  7. I miss you

    1. Tacos


      I miss you and this place too but I just don't have the time to be on here much anymore, my friend.

    2. Felix~


      Shit, happy trails my guy.

  8. Why do people make fun of "emos"?

    Y'all and your text walls smh. The stereotype goes as a vapid phase in which teenagers express their angst, typically in ways that expose their naivete and inexperience with the world and conduct themselves with a general non-conformist attitude. For all intents and purposes, that's all I need to define an Emo because this is effectively the idea people are mocking. the actual people naturally don't have to conform to this. The emos aren't particularly necessary here, just the people doing the mocking that has you confused. That said. this idea is easily offensive to an older group of people, or at least people who feel they're older. That lack of experience combined with the attempt to express it can be interpreted as pretentiousness, something false that grinds against what the mockers think of as their own genuine experiences. Then you can put this together with that sense of "Difference." For the same reason LGBT people have been discriminated against for years, the norm has to define itself against something and prove itself right, typically doing so by mocking and belittling that which it defines itself against (See how gay men have been historically presented in the past, as comically effeminate and goofy caricatures as an example.) This and the general cringe surrounding the awkward way adolescent expression tends to come about makes it very easy to tear the idea of Emo down. BOOM my course on Gender in Media came in useful hahahahahhahahakillmeimgoingtobeunemployedonceimoutofunihahahahahahahahah
  9. A Letter to Reborn

    I'd like to berate this behaviour but I know it's just feeding into attention seeking habits. Also mods probably wouldn't like it.To count I think this is the third "farewell topic", the second being last month.Is this going to be a monthly melodrama? I'd make a period joke if it wasn't horribly crass and broke R7. Instead I'll address other posters. Please do try not to buy into shameless plays for sympathy. It'll attract more incidents, from more people, and attract more of this into the community. Personally, I don't want that, in point of fact I wish I had a more immediately obvious way to show my disdain without having to post in the topic itself. So please think twice when you see something like this, especially so brazenly soon after another similar topic.
  10. I managed to get Nier Automata working on my pc and even at ts lowest specs it's still utterly gorgeous and is absolutely dazzling in its environments, not to mention movement and combat are physical joys. The OST also is in itself beautiful and I know i'm in for a fuckfest of a story so good times. Also the VN for Steins gate and I'm casually emulating Radiant Historia.
  11. Pokemon Reborn Pentaop Prethread

    I legit think they're going to lose, its so easy to wipe in reborn and they can't even overlevel, not to mention what could happen if they put in locke rules and end up losing a mon very useful in the mid game, before mon availability spikes. It'll be fun whatever happens, best tip they can get is to scour the city. there's five of them, they'll probably be able to find the less obscure events. Otherwise listing what goes where is prolly p boring. I'm not sure if they can even randomise Rebron either since ti doesn't have a dedicated randomise like insurgence nor will the typical rom randomiser app applicable to the exe so i dont think there's much worry of seeing Corey or some such getting twatted by a rayquayquay.
  12. Try playing Europa universalis blind without a tutorial then come back and ask yourself this question again.
  13. Reborn Support Group™

    Laughter is the best medicine fam, that is a genuine attempt to be supportive.
  14. Reborn Support Group™

    "Shit, fuck, where did I leave the tv remote?"- Socrates
  15. y'know who's gay?

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    2. Dorcas
    3. Hycrox


      the girl reading this

    4. Nyaagisa The Maid

      Nyaagisa The Maid

      Someone called Astolfo his waifu despite knowing he's a guy?