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  1. I deeply dislike not being able to scroll to the bottom of the page and see the nightclub there. It still exists but it's moved.

  2. How do you name a place?

    Names with meanings are surprisingly easy if you have an idea of the locations purpose or know what characteristics you wanna use to make it distinct. Pastor's Forest for example is a common place for pilgrimage, so it's not hard to see why it's named so. Names for larger places in general like continents are harder. It's also hard to go wrong with those so go nuts with it.
  3. Medusa the pubehead. No, I won't elaborate on that, tyvm.
  4. Pokemon Reborn 30000 Members

    Fuck me, it's spreading.
  5. You learn to figure out what's insignificant. We see all these shows and films that stress the small stuff to communicate volumes, with psychology n shit coming into the fore you get people analysing microscopic things people do with the utmost gravitas. Like 90% of it doesn't matter. Learn to let it go and focus on what really matters to you.
  6. Good luck with the life, saw the topic. I don't have much to say just simple well wishes that don't merit a sappy post.






  7. RWBY V5

    what was v5 announced for a release date?
  8. Pixxxxx~ ^.^

    i am utterly baffled.

    *Gagged and taken away by the secret service*

  10. Childhood Nostalgia

    The best part of childhood is that we had no standards.
  11. Hi welcome i'm literally just posting because i take issue with the fact that you are pirouetting. Who RPs that?! Have a good time in reborn at least.
  12. CW, wishes

    Wish to usurp the beings power. You get the power and if you're still forced to take wishes, you cant be usurped yourself cuz you made the wish first. If its already been asked, well, it was a good run.
  13. By the way alla yall should play Thomas is Alone if you haven't already.

  14. Hey guys, reviving this topic for a purpose, rather than make a brand new one that pretty much just reiterates everything Zumi said in the OP. I want to host a tournament during the weekend in light of Doomfist being released to the public. The tournament would be in the same time slot and have the same rules as Zumi outlined because, really, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Same flexibility as before too, if we don't get enough players we can do 3v3s or just hop into quick play or the different arcade modes. We can decide on the day. So, who's interested? To be clear, it'll be a tournament on Saturday the 29th of JULY JULY JULY at 2pm EST.
  15. Meet the vets!

    A good chunk of people came on a wave of Shofuism, a huge influx of members joined at that point and lo and behold the community grew. I for one still enjoy the game when an episode comes out and I can still remember a good part of the first 3/4s of teh game fairly well. With recent changes and a large addition to sidequests and the like I'm not so knowledgeable anymore. I did once try an LP like so many people, got to Spinel and then I just dropped like a stone for uploading. Ripperoni. I'm now here because I like the people here. I want more people to like though, the old fogies I hang around with just grumble. Probably the places people interact and the dynamic this had. We started on Pokemon Online and for a year or so we stayed there with the last season of league and various other community wide events. then we switched to Showdown and there were some issues commuting there but eventually we got back into a regular chat routine. Then most recently discord became a thing. The community was slowly transitioning into a general gaming community as interest in pokemon waned so Discord was the obvious place to migrate to. All the while forum activity waxed and waned with Reborn City and the RP forum being the core activity centres. Really that hasn't changed too much but there's less vets flitting around anywhere outside of ace. Feel free to ask questions too, the whole point is to get to know us bud.