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  1. RWBY V5

    what was v5 announced for a release date?
  2. Pixxxxx~ ^.^

    i am utterly baffled.

    *Gagged and taken away by the secret service*

  4. Childhood Nostalgia

    The best part of childhood is that we had no standards.
  5. Hi welcome i'm literally just posting because i take issue with the fact that you are pirouetting. Who RPs that?! Have a good time in reborn at least.
  6. CW, wishes

    Wish to usurp the beings power. You get the power and if you're still forced to take wishes, you cant be usurped yourself cuz you made the wish first. If its already been asked, well, it was a good run.
  7. By the way alla yall should play Thomas is Alone if you haven't already.

  8. Hey guys, reviving this topic for a purpose, rather than make a brand new one that pretty much just reiterates everything Zumi said in the OP. I want to host a tournament during the weekend in light of Doomfist being released to the public. The tournament would be in the same time slot and have the same rules as Zumi outlined because, really, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Same flexibility as before too, if we don't get enough players we can do 3v3s or just hop into quick play or the different arcade modes. We can decide on the day. So, who's interested? To be clear, it'll be a tournament on Saturday the 29th of JULY JULY JULY at 2pm EST.
  9. Meet the vets!

    A good chunk of people came on a wave of Shofuism, a huge influx of members joined at that point and lo and behold the community grew. I for one still enjoy the game when an episode comes out and I can still remember a good part of the first 3/4s of teh game fairly well. With recent changes and a large addition to sidequests and the like I'm not so knowledgeable anymore. I did once try an LP like so many people, got to Spinel and then I just dropped like a stone for uploading. Ripperoni. I'm now here because I like the people here. I want more people to like though, the old fogies I hang around with just grumble. Probably the places people interact and the dynamic this had. We started on Pokemon Online and for a year or so we stayed there with the last season of league and various other community wide events. then we switched to Showdown and there were some issues commuting there but eventually we got back into a regular chat routine. Then most recently discord became a thing. The community was slowly transitioning into a general gaming community as interest in pokemon waned so Discord was the obvious place to migrate to. All the while forum activity waxed and waned with Reborn City and the RP forum being the core activity centres. Really that hasn't changed too much but there's less vets flitting around anywhere outside of ace. Feel free to ask questions too, the whole point is to get to know us bud.
  10. Happy Birthday mate.

  11. Meet the vets!

    General Info:Known as: Felix, Dobby, that one uncle you see at family gatherings who you suspect to be trying to hide drugs in the bathroom but actually using them there. Age: 18 goin' on 19 Gender: Blue Birthday: The midday of the eight moon. Location: Ingerland. Height: 175cm? Hair Color: Fuck i dunno uh straw coloured ona good day Eye Color: Muddy Lives with: Two and a half men. Pets: Two and a half men. Also two cats. Relationship status: A pringle has more relationships than i do. Favourite Food: I honestly can't pick. Favourite Drink: Copious amounts of apple and blackcurrent squash Favourite Color: Changes by the day. Favourite kind of Music: Columbian throat music.Favourite Band: Rubber. Favourite Album: Elastic. Favourite Song: Silicone love. Favourite Game: Persona 3. Five is fist fighting its senior for that spot tho. Favourite Genre of Game: any variants of RPG,which pretty much includes everything nowadays. Picking by genre is haaaaard okaaaay?Favourite Hobbies: Writing. Redrafting not so much.Favourite Movies: Forrest Gump, Koe no Katachi, Run Fatboy Run, Hercules, to name a few and give you a sense of the range.Favourite Shows: hrk, Orange is the New Black annnnd uhhhhh recently i've been loving Re:creators from teh new anime season. There's so much to choose from man. Community questions:So, who are you?: Hi, I'm Felix. I've been around since early 2014 and my role in the community is. Hm. Oh, It's...! Ok idk I just hang around and dip into conversations as and when I like. Outside of reborn I'm a university student studying creative writing and wasting too much of my time to be healthy. I typically lurk in discord lobby these days waiting for an interesting topic to come up. I currently go by pink but i will literally change my name at the drop of a hat. My avatars are typically static on discord tho. If you suspect it's me just click my name and hey, Felix it will be. Anything you're responsible for? The auth don't typically trust me. Every so often in the reborn parties I've been seen hosting music or an event. I am also responsible for a good chunk of tangents and conversations taking a turn towards territory just shy of the rule against sexual content. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? Ok maybe not the most social post but its all in good fun, tooootally. What can I talk to you about? I'm a huge anime nerd who keeps up with the seasonal anime so I'll take on all corners in a conversation about this. I can also hold a decent conversation about a variety of games so if you're talking about something in lobby don't be surprised if I hop in. Otherwise I like to think I'ma jack of all conversational trades. I don't know niche stuff so don't expect me to know about silent Russian cinema or some other obscure yet kinda respectable interest. I'm also a sucker for arguments, I like debating controversial things. It's just plain interesting. Closing statements? Well, this is me. The last thing I can say is welcome to all the new people coming to the community. Even if you just stay around the parts of the community featuring the reborn game I hope you enjoy your stay.

  13. Being a terrible friend

    You get no pity from me. Harrassing someone despite people telling you to stop is just awful. Learn about boundaries and when jokes are appropriate.
  14. I killed the shuffling horror with just three people, a plague doctor, vestal and highwayman. I just kept healing and using riposte whenever he shuffled the highwayman into position. the vestal never even attacked. Just healing. And Kuro the plague doctor got the focused attribute when their resolve was tested, god bless.

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    2. Hukuna the Undying

      Hukuna the Undying

      oh ye, just usually Vestal is on heals duty. ((love Houndmasters myself fav class cause geez they are good and don't really have a bad or bleh ability in the bunch. Also Bleed stacking is pretty fun lel.)) She does get that reeeeeeeeeeeeeeal solid stun though if recall and that one attacks that heals at the same time is nice cause it has good action econ ((self heal + damage))

    3. Felix~


      yeah, those two attacks are the mainstays cuz ideally she never leaves teh back row, which is why in this fight she never did that cuz i only had three people, backrow was an exclusive spot.


      Also i always prefer blight to bleed, without a doubt. Bleed in general just does less damage. There is a set of unchained mods tho that makes his attack that hits and bleeds everyone do a shitton more bleed damage for like 20 rounds, with teh catch that its only usable once per battle.

    4. Hukuna the Undying

      Hukuna the Undying

      Ye l like DoT stack in general lel. Sorta something l always dig in such games cause of the way l am for whatever reason muhuhu~ And hmmm... certainly would make Hound's Harry less of a need to just keep applying it all the time and allow you to make use of other moves with your time not mass applying stacks constantly.

  15. I was running a dungeon in FFXIV and got put in a party with Maxibillion Pegasus.

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    2. Bibs


      id argue that toon dark magician girl also knows no innocence because people are bad.

      toon gemini elf takes the cake though.

    3. Felix~


      people dont exist, not against the wrath of Pegasus.

    4. Wolfox


      his toons still know more innocence than Gardevoir... so I guess he's doing a pretty good job if nothing else