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  1. there'sa running list arku, its rngesus who decides now.
  2. The random background character that gets minimal to no distinguishing characteristics and is typically shown as a static image rather than actually being animated.
  3. my resting bitch face evolved into latent serial killer face!

  4. I mean bioware has standards of its own for animation, so long as the writing and gameplay, which I've heard is vastly improved with more mobility and the opportunity to change your class, is as good as ever then the animation is irrelevant. Dragon Age Origins and the first two Mass effect games were as janky, if not more, and they hold up to 80% of releases to this day imo. So that issue is a superficial complaint. Even DA2 scoots by through sheer writing prowess, ME3 is up to the individual more than the rest, I think. As for viewpoints, Bioware and its teams have always been progressive, right from the word go they were all for sexual freedom, having a diverse cast of genders, orientations and races, fantastical and closer to home. Hell, a good chunk of the humans in both series are white with characters like Isabella or Vivian ( i think that was her name at least, the Mages Circle Templar Mage you could recruit into your party) from DA2 and Inquisition being more of an exception than a standard, so I can't see any evidence of tampering at odds with what they've done before. I'm not sure if it was Bioware, there's a small chance it was Blizzard, but when one of their writers was under fire for being too PC her boss adamantly defended her. The company has decent writing integrity to me and a game should not be dismissed because of one prominent persons views.
  5. You want a fantasy book that subverts traditional heroic protagonists, go read The Travellers Gate trilogy. When protagonist Simon's village is attacked by the big bad goobidy gobble Empire a new hero is revealed... and it isn't Simon. A resistance force swoops in to take this new hero away to train him and an epic saga begins, a battle between the empire and the resistance forces. But what the fuck does Simon do? His friend was abducted in the raid and he can't leave it all to the hero! He goes to an eldritch abomination/location and seeks training from a mentally deranged man on how to harness that locations powers to become someone altogether stronger. The story does a fantastic job of highlighting what happens when power is given to those who don't deserve it. It has a very well fleshed out magic system, which isn't quite magic per se, but the worldly lore is somewhat lacking. The trilogy definitely has a big focus on the main events and doesn't bog you down with details about the world at large very often, this is remedied in the few side stories the author has published though if that's what you like. The dialogue is snappy and engaging if not humorous and the writer uses a very clever and interesting conceit to maintain that dialogue with a lot of variation to keep you interested. It's also one of the few fantasy series that has the characters take several levels in bad-ass and keep the power scaling feeling natural thanks to the series' short length. Also it has some awesome fucking fights which, dunno if you noticed, is hard with books.
  6. SO i made up a random japanese sentence with random words that i half remembered and then put it into google translate. The closest it got was "It was a strange thing I tried" which is fkn fitting

  7. i have select moments where i wonder what I am doing and my answer is always 'Dicking around'

  8. communication is nice and will defo keep the game going a hell of a lot longer than other fads *cough* POGO *cough*
  9. I'm almost certain type bonuses aren't negated by svallin, it only affects bonuses like vs flying, infantry and armour. Otherwise Sheena wouldn't get nuked by reds like she does.
  10. not that it matters, most armour units like hector or effie don't need it.
  11. the reason the EF thing was so infamous really is cuz it served as a catharsis of all the pent up frustration in the community, which was good but not really sustainable. Once you get through ranting its down to the auth to act, there's still that power imbalance. Then you're just on repeat like a bad song bad song bad song bad song bad song bad song.
  12. So michalis is flying sheena thats cOOL THAT DIDNT INVALIDATE MY FAVE UNIT
  13. tbh i think the meta will shift in favour of counters to the previous meta, so taking on board the slightly lower tier heroes will be a better idea. You get their base strengths but they're not outright countered like Taco and hector will be. For example, hector is now invalidated by any sword unit with a half decent attack and axebreaker, like my lucina.
  14. 8/10 decent quality but screams edge to me, idk the character tho so hey ho
  15. Hi, I'm Adam Lowe and have I got a deal for you! Just submit your bank account details, mothers maiden name and favourite colour to Legitimatebusiness@gmail.com to profit from these exclusive savings!

    1. Jericho


      Why is everyone giving me such good deals today???