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  1. Battled fisherman on the lone lighthouse while surfing Turn 1 I used swords dance, he used phantom force Turn 2 I used king's shield, phantom force hit because I'm stupid Got this error https://gyazo.com/c1fc2a869dd1317df891e750ada9fc2e Used shadow rush got this error https://gyazo.com/e34b734cb0ab17bb39a03e6fd67e94ea Skipped my turn. I have no idea....
  2. Mortally Divine

    Shiny Give away

    @Zero1Six I've got Dragonite / Goodra / Noivern / Turtonator / Garchomp / Hydregion / Tyrantrum / Haxorus / Flygon / Dragalge . I think that's all so far, and some that aren't in there just yet. So just send whatever I'll sit and wait for a request. (Name: Mortally Divine)
  3. Mortally Divine

    Shiny Give away

    I don't mind what I get in return, just giving stuff away. Move boosting items like a dragon plate if you have one to spare would be pretty neat. Lemme know when you're ready to trade, I'm gonna be leveling up mons for the next few hours
  4. Mortally Divine

    Shiny Give away

    So I'm on a dragon monotype run, meaning that I can't use any of the shinies I catch. I'd rather just give em away to make other people happy to use them These are wild caught, so IVs vary wildly. But hey, they're shiny :D. https://gyazo.com/ac21a81ed55c192cea61317dcedfddf9 Anything here is free. First come first serve.
  5. Mortally Divine

    LF Turtonator [solved]

    Alright, im waiting for a trade request. I'm assuming its the user I registered with, which is Mortally Divine. I've got something special for ya
  6. Mortally Divine

    LF Turtonator [solved]

    I dont care about any of that I'll wait for a trade, name is Mortally Divine in game @Zero1Six is there anything specific you wanted?
  7. Mortally Divine

    LF Turtonator [solved]

    Looking for a Turtonator for my monotype dragon run. Willing to part with anything in this box, bottom ones are shiny. https://gyazo.com/1d5ed9b7daf7152f1186ccd8c9484ab5
  8. Mortally Divine

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    So leave whatever is paralyzed alive for the entire fight? Also, Masquerain is first out which cuts Fraxure's attack... so I'd have to use two dragon dances Managed to beat shelly, not sure if I got lucky or what. Started with dragonair and a noibat that I randomly caught (shiny) just as a throwaway to avoid the intimidate on fraxure. paralyze stopped illumise's first move, and masquerain used energy ball on the noibat. IDK why, but noibat got off an air cutter. Dragonair paralyzed masquerain, and both of them lost their turn, and took another air cutter. Dragonair hits illumise with dragon rage, illumise uses bug bite, noibat lives with 1 hp, then dies to icy wind from masquerain. Dragonair uses another dragon rage on illumise, but it got healed. Meanwhile, the newly sent out fraxure uses dragon dance. Masquerain loses turn to paralyze. Fraxure begins sweeping, being healed by dragonair. Fraxure ended up being 1 shot, but she was down to a paralyzed masqeurain + bugsy. I double heal dragonair, she drops dragonair to 5/8ths and kills noibat #2. dragonair uses thunder wave to paralyze bugsy, she drops deino to 1 hp and almost kills dragonair. I dragon rage them to death as she loses her final turns to paralyzation. My god RNG finally played in my favor.. I feel so relieved xd
  9. Mortally Divine

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    MONOTYPE DRAGON RUN My Team: Dragonair (34) No Item Shed Skin Nature: Timid Dragon Rage Dragon Tail Thunder Wave Twister Deino (34) No Item Hustle Nature: Docile Crunch Dragon Rage Dragon Pulse Headbutt Fraxure (35) No Item Unnerve Nature: Lax Dragon Dance Dragon Claw Slash Assurance Goomy (32) No Item Gooey Nature: Careful Dragon Breath Rain Dance Bubble Body Slam Noibat (33) No Item Infiltrator Screech Supersonic Air Cutter Bite Man. I've been stuck. So. Damn. Hard. This is like trying to run monosteel into kiki, except this time I dont have an empoleon to carry me, and it's a double battle that spams dazzling gleam + icy wind. I really wanna die. I have no idea what I'm doing at this point. Fraxure can 1 shot everyone except heather and wormadam with a dragon dance + dragon claw. Fraxure dies in 2 hits to anything. Fraxure outspeeds everyone with a dragon dance Dragonair outspeeds everyone until he gets hit by icy wind. Goomy is legit useless, been using her to paralyze via dragon breath, Otherwise she does no damage. Decent tank though, could possibly use as a potion bot? Deino dies in 1 hit. Noibat dies in 1 hit if they use icy wind or rock slide (anortih) or anything from Heather.
  10. Mortally Divine

    Request-A-Mon Thread! (Pokemon Reborn Savefiles Only)

    Hey, this is a fresh save, but I would like to do a dragon monotype run. I was thinking dratini + goomy + deino for starters? And I don't know if it's possible, but make the mystery egg be an axew? Or just put an axew in the PC and I wont use it until the egg hatches? Your call I was thinking those three starters because goomy is really weak early, so I think he'd be alright, dratini is a solid pokemon, and deino would mainly be for later since he is unobtainable, but I would somewhat need him for a well rounded team. I'd really appreciate it Game.rxdata
  11. Mortally Divine

    In-game Item Guide V2 (E16-proofed)

    In Spinel Town oh god I hate myself for that Dad answer but I couldn't help myself
  12. Mortally Divine

    Pokémon Location Guide v3 (Episode 16)

    Hello! I see this is your first post, and I would like to inform you that it is in the wrong place. Pokemon Location Guide is most likely not the most optimal place to ask why you cannot reach the byxbysion grotto. Try making a new thread in bug reporting if it is some sort of bug, or if you just cannot find it, try browsing On The Hunt, or making a thread there if you cannot find your answer already posted somewhere. The search function on the left is very good at finding answers that are old or buried by newer posts. Thanks! P.S. Introduce yourself in the Grand Hall
  13. Mortally Divine

    Request-A-Mon Thread! (Pokemon Reborn Savefiles Only)

    Going against the discussion thing to explain myself: I wasn't suggesting Scyther SIMPLY because you couldn't get it in game, but it also is a very diverse and strong bug pokemon that he could use as his ace considering that many of the other bug types in the game are not as strong, and the run through COULD be extremely difficult because of this. It was just a recommendation, and I already understood that this wasn't a fanservice to get pokemon that aren't in the game (otherwise I would've requested Skarmory so that I could use fly, otherwise I don't NEED Skarmory, Steel types are diverse and strong enough). I know that there is a vague line between wanting a pokemon for challenge and wanting because it isn't in the game, I understand that and I understand what you're saying. I just think that you missed the point of my original post, where I recommended Scyther BECAUSE I thought that he would need a stronger bug type to be able to do the mono. TL;DR: I recommended Scyther because I thought it would be a good pokemon for a bug mono with its diversity and strength, considering bug is a generally weak type, NOT because it is unobtainable in the current release.
  14. Mortally Divine

    Request-A-Mon Thread! (Pokemon Reborn Savefiles Only)

    Just my opinion, but I would ask for a bug type that is currently not available in the game, and one that has decent power, as your starter. May I recommend Scyther?
  15. Mortally Divine

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Terra, having problems against her Ground types with my mono-steel team. HNNN Empoleon 71 Surf Aqua Jet Hydro Pump Drill Peck Defiant Lucario 68 Aura Sphere Dark Pulse Dragon Pulse Calm Mind Inner Focus Magnezone 70 Magnet Rise Flash Cannon Discharge Metal Sound Analytic Excadrill 70 Rock Slide Earthquake Swords Dance Sandstorm Sand Force Escavalier X-Scissor Slash Iron Head Reversal Overcoat Metagross Zen Headbutt Hammer Arm Bullet Punch Meteor Mash Clear Body In the PC: Steelix (70ish) Bronzong (mid 60s) Forretress (?) Wormadam (trash coat, ?) Klinklang(mid 60s)