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  1. Battled fisherman on the lone lighthouse while surfing Turn 1 I used swords dance, he used phantom force Turn 2 I used king's shield, phantom force hit because I'm stupid Got this error https://gyazo.com/c1fc2a869dd1317df891e750ada9fc2e Used shadow rush got this error https://gyazo.com/e34b734cb0ab17bb39a03e6fd67e94ea Skipped my turn. I have no idea....
  2. Mortally Divine

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    So leave whatever is paralyzed alive for the entire fight? Also, Masquerain is first out which cuts Fraxure's attack... so I'd have to use two dragon dances Managed to beat shelly, not sure if I got lucky or what. Started with dragonair and a noibat that I randomly caught (shiny) just as a throwaway to avoid the intimidate on fraxure. paralyze stopped illumise's first move, and masquerain used energy ball on the noibat. IDK why, but noibat got off an air cutter. Dragonair paralyzed masquerain, and both of them lost their turn, and took another air cutter. Dragonair hits illumise with dragon rage, illumise uses bug bite, noibat lives with 1 hp, then dies to icy wind from masquerain. Dragonair uses another dragon rage on illumise, but it got healed. Meanwhile, the newly sent out fraxure uses dragon dance. Masquerain loses turn to paralyze. Fraxure begins sweeping, being healed by dragonair. Fraxure ended up being 1 shot, but she was down to a paralyzed masqeurain + bugsy. I double heal dragonair, she drops dragonair to 5/8ths and kills noibat #2. dragonair uses thunder wave to paralyze bugsy, she drops deino to 1 hp and almost kills dragonair. I dragon rage them to death as she loses her final turns to paralyzation. My god RNG finally played in my favor.. I feel so relieved xd
  3. Mortally Divine

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    MONOTYPE DRAGON RUN My Team: Dragonair (34) No Item Shed Skin Nature: Timid Dragon Rage Dragon Tail Thunder Wave Twister Deino (34) No Item Hustle Nature: Docile Crunch Dragon Rage Dragon Pulse Headbutt Fraxure (35) No Item Unnerve Nature: Lax Dragon Dance Dragon Claw Slash Assurance Goomy (32) No Item Gooey Nature: Careful Dragon Breath Rain Dance Bubble Body Slam Noibat (33) No Item Infiltrator Screech Supersonic Air Cutter Bite Man. I've been stuck. So. Damn. Hard. This is like trying to run monosteel into kiki, except this time I dont have an empoleon to carry me, and it's a double battle that spams dazzling gleam + icy wind. I really wanna die. I have no idea what I'm doing at this point. Fraxure can 1 shot everyone except heather and wormadam with a dragon dance + dragon claw. Fraxure dies in 2 hits to anything. Fraxure outspeeds everyone with a dragon dance Dragonair outspeeds everyone until he gets hit by icy wind. Goomy is legit useless, been using her to paralyze via dragon breath, Otherwise she does no damage. Decent tank though, could possibly use as a potion bot? Deino dies in 1 hit. Noibat dies in 1 hit if they use icy wind or rock slide (anortih) or anything from Heather.
  4. Mortally Divine

    Request-A-Mon Thread! (Pokemon Reborn Savefiles Only)

    Hey, this is a fresh save, but I would like to do a dragon monotype run. I was thinking dratini + goomy + deino for starters? And I don't know if it's possible, but make the mystery egg be an axew? Or just put an axew in the PC and I wont use it until the egg hatches? Your call I was thinking those three starters because goomy is really weak early, so I think he'd be alright, dratini is a solid pokemon, and deino would mainly be for later since he is unobtainable, but I would somewhat need him for a well rounded team. I'd really appreciate it Game.rxdata
  5. Mortally Divine

    In-game Item Guide V2 (E16-proofed)

    In Spinel Town oh god I hate myself for that Dad answer but I couldn't help myself
  6. Mortally Divine

    Pokémon Location Guide v3 (Episode 16)

    Hello! I see this is your first post, and I would like to inform you that it is in the wrong place. Pokemon Location Guide is most likely not the most optimal place to ask why you cannot reach the byxbysion grotto. Try making a new thread in bug reporting if it is some sort of bug, or if you just cannot find it, try browsing On The Hunt, or making a thread there if you cannot find your answer already posted somewhere. The search function on the left is very good at finding answers that are old or buried by newer posts. Thanks! P.S. Introduce yourself in the Grand Hall
  7. Mortally Divine

    Request-A-Mon Thread! (Pokemon Reborn Savefiles Only)

    Going against the discussion thing to explain myself: I wasn't suggesting Scyther SIMPLY because you couldn't get it in game, but it also is a very diverse and strong bug pokemon that he could use as his ace considering that many of the other bug types in the game are not as strong, and the run through COULD be extremely difficult because of this. It was just a recommendation, and I already understood that this wasn't a fanservice to get pokemon that aren't in the game (otherwise I would've requested Skarmory so that I could use fly, otherwise I don't NEED Skarmory, Steel types are diverse and strong enough). I know that there is a vague line between wanting a pokemon for challenge and wanting because it isn't in the game, I understand that and I understand what you're saying. I just think that you missed the point of my original post, where I recommended Scyther BECAUSE I thought that he would need a stronger bug type to be able to do the mono. TL;DR: I recommended Scyther because I thought it would be a good pokemon for a bug mono with its diversity and strength, considering bug is a generally weak type, NOT because it is unobtainable in the current release.
  8. Mortally Divine

    Request-A-Mon Thread! (Pokemon Reborn Savefiles Only)

    Just my opinion, but I would ask for a bug type that is currently not available in the game, and one that has decent power, as your starter. May I recommend Scyther?
  9. Mortally Divine

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Terra, having problems against her Ground types with my mono-steel team. HNNN Empoleon 71 Surf Aqua Jet Hydro Pump Drill Peck Defiant Lucario 68 Aura Sphere Dark Pulse Dragon Pulse Calm Mind Inner Focus Magnezone 70 Magnet Rise Flash Cannon Discharge Metal Sound Analytic Excadrill 70 Rock Slide Earthquake Swords Dance Sandstorm Sand Force Escavalier X-Scissor Slash Iron Head Reversal Overcoat Metagross Zen Headbutt Hammer Arm Bullet Punch Meteor Mash Clear Body In the PC: Steelix (70ish) Bronzong (mid 60s) Forretress (?) Wormadam (trash coat, ?) Klinklang(mid 60s)
  10. Mortally Divine

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Level up the Bronzong, I had to soft reset until it finally didn't die, it took ~30 tries to get trick room set up, but it worked! I'm more limited however, only being able to use steel types.
  11. Mortally Divine

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    I beat Charlotte using a bronzong (heatproof) to set up trick room and then sent out Steelix and Escavalier holding hard stones and spammed rock slide. That is mono-steel though... It would be helpful if you listed your team and any other notable pokemon you have. IMHO Rain dance doesn't help a ton, the room stays superheated even after you make it rain (which is quite annoying) You could always catch a piloswine and make sure it knows mist, for some reason, iirc, mist cancels out all other terrain effects. Other than that I don't really have much advice to offer besides going back a few episodes and picking up a moxxie gyarados to sweep her with.
  12. Mortally Divine

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Story time Steven holds the pokeball of Forretress, who he thinks might be his only hope at beating Samson, who has a team that counters his favorite type of Steel. Steven's team of metal may be strong, but it is no match for the denting blows of Samson's vicious fighting types. Steven throws at Hariyama, starting every fight the same. Steven surprises Samson this time, starting out with forretress, who his horridly underleveled, having sat in a PC for what seemed to it like an eternity. Forretress spun around at the new battle, ready to fight hard for his trainer. Little did he know what was coming. Hariyama jumped up, ready to preform a Heavy Slam onto Forretress. WHAMO! POWERFUL! Forretress was crushed under this Hariyama, and shot Spikes everywhere to get the big thing off of him. Hariyama raised his arms up, and brought them down onto forretress. Brick Break. Forretress fainted from the move, not being able to withstand Hariyama's force. Steven smiled, the plan worked perfectly. Pokeball in hand, he threw it out in front of the crowd. Metagross hummed to life, ready to destroy. Meteor Mash. WHAMO! POWERFUL! Hariyama responded with another Heavy Smash, having the same plan for Metagross as he did for Forretress. He didn't realize Metagross can hit back. Thrown back by the Meteor Mash, Samson used a Super Potion. Out of nowhere, another Meteor Mash onto Hariyama. Samson used another Potion in a vain attempt to save Hariyama from the beating it was receiving at the end of Metagross's furious Meteor Mash. Another one, dropping Hariyama super low. Metagross followed up with a Bullet Punch, finishing off the big brute. Blaziken. Steven withdrew Metagross and Sent out Steelix. Steelix knew the plan, he had been through this many times before. Blaziken kicked, a furious Brick Break. Unfortunately, Steelix was more Sturdy than that, withstanding the blow he dug under the circus, causing rumbles throughout the ground. Blaziken Blaze Kicked in frustration, his opponent having ran from him. The rumbles grew strong, and Steelix dug up from the ground, throwing blaziken into the air, diving back into the ground. Samson used a super potion to heal Blaziken up while Steelix was underground. Blaziken saw it coming this time, and after Steelix emerged, he blaze kicked and finished Steelix off. Steven smiled, Blaziken was weak now. Empoleon, his starting pokemon, had never failed him. Though Blaziken was fast, being pumped up from the battle and his Speed Boost, Empoleon was an Aqua Jet, cutting through the watery air he had made at light speeds, crashing into Blaziken. Blaziken held on from the onslaught, only managing to Blaze Kick Empoleon off of him, which only lasted a second before Empoleon crashed into him again, knocking the fighting chicken out cold. "Return!" exclaimed steven as he withdrew empoleon and sent out Magnezone. Mienshao was Samson's next pokemon, and it was ready for the fight. Brick Break was soming Magnezone wasn't prepared for, and feinted instantly. Meanwhile, Steven had used an ultra potion on Empoleon. He sent empoleon back out, who took off in Aqua Jet, crashing into Mienshao. Mienshao countered with another Brick Break, sending empoleon back into his pokeball, feinted. Geez, Mienshao is tough. Steven sent out Escavalier. Escavalier had a serious look under his helmet, he was ready to kick some ass. Mienshao dashed at him, jumping around with fancy Acrobatics, after making contact with Escavalier once, something stopped him dead cold. He had been slammed by Escavalier's Iron Head, before feinting from the pain. Hawlucha was next. Escavalier was very weak, Mienshao having been a tough fight, his Acrobatics having come close to knocking him out. Steven used a revive on Steelix. Hawlucha hit Escavalier, fainting him. Metagross, you're up. Metagross was prepared, only 2 pokemon left to defeat. Metagross used Zen Headbutt, a slamming attack empowered with his psychic abilities, and slammed into Hawlucha who was trying the same Acrobatics Mienshao had used. "One more Zen headbutt, and he would be out, should I bullet punch to finish him off?" Metagross wondered, when he remembered how Hawlucha could swap places with extreme speed while bouncing off of him in the process, a move he called "U-turn". He prepared a Zen headbutt as he saw Hawlucha preparing to use U-turn, and he suddenly slammed into a much bigger pokemon. Conkledurr, Samson's Ace. Zen headbutt made contact with him, dealing heavy damage. Metagross was faster, and slammed another Zen headbutt into conkledurr, knocking him out. Predicted, and out-smarted. Hawlucha reluctantly flew back out, being the last pokemon Samson had. He tried to U-Turn back and switch with someone else, but it was no use. Clonk! A metallic force slammed into his head, knocking him cold. A final Zen Headbutt to end the fight. Steven returned Metagross back to his belt of pokeballs, and proceeded to rob samson of his pocket change for some more cotton candy, that shit is good! tl;dr I won
  13. Mortally Divine

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Just randomly trying the fight again and again I've made it to conkledurr, leveled up a few times, and am getting closer with the levels I'm gaining. I think I should be able to beat it. Metagross can halfhealth the conkledurr at level 64 with a Zen Headbutt. Forretress already knows spikes, but not toxic spikes. Considering Klingklang / magnezone are practically useless as they get 1 shot by anything and move last, I might use forretress as a spikes first so that thats that. I think I should be good if I get everything leveled up though. idk if I should spend the heart scale on toxic spikes though I will if I need it to get past How the fight goes so far: Metagross kills hariyama with meteor mash, takes a bit of damage ~100 hp left if RNG is good Steelix faints to Blaziken, but baits out a potion use: Empoleon 1 shots blaziken with Hydro Pump after potion. Mienshao wipes pretty much the whole team, finally gets taken out by either Escavalier if he survives the 1 shot, or empoleon if he survives, or metagross if he survives. Lucario gets 1 shot by metagross, hammer arm -> bullet punch. Metagross halfhealths conkledurr, conkledurr kills him. I think if I use some cotton candy / ultra potions wisely, I might be able to win this fight as is If Metagross levels up enough, I can give him Metal Coat and he can 1 shot hariyama with first move meteor mash, but since he cant with metal coat, hariyama always uses knock off which kills him
  14. Mortally Divine

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Samson (EP15) My Team (MONO-STEEL) Metagross (62): (Naive) (Clear Body) Hammer Arm Bullet Punch Meteor Mash Zen Headbutt Escavalier (61): (Naughty) (Overcoat) X-Scissor Iron Head Slash Reversal Empoleon(61): (Hardy) (Defiant) Hydro Pump Aqua Jet Drill Peck Metal Claw Magnezone(61) (Jolly) (Analytic) Magnet Rise Metal Souns Flash Cannon Discharge Klingklang(61) (Naive) (Minus) Gear Grind Shift Gear Dishcharge Brick Break (HM slave, sadly ) Steelix(61)-------(Really want to replace with Excadrill, but cannot go back to get Drillbur ) (Docile) (Sturdy) Iron Tail Crunch Rock Slide Dig I can only use steel types, and I'm pretty much out of Ideas except maybe grinding levels, which is taking forever on the low-leveled wild mons in route 2. Any ideas? (I could grind some levels off of samson himself by failing the battle but killing a few pokemon each time, but I'd lose a HUGE chunk of cash doing that, so I would prefer not to) EDIT: Kiki also gave me a lot of problems, only beat her by RNGesus and using Protect to make High Jump Kick miss. I also have more magnemites, a forretress and a wormadam steel coat thingy in the PC. I have 1 Metal Coat that can be held to boost Steel Type attacks. EDIT2: Just noticed I also have a level 24 Bronzor in the PC. Might be worthwhile? EDIT3: Just learned you dont lose money when you lose to samson... I thought you did? Well, time to use that to train up
  15. Mortally Divine

    Monotype Challenge Quick Glance Guide - Episode 18+

    You also did a Steel monotype run? Cool dude Right now I'm on the dark leader, I forget her name.... but I need to grind a few levels on my mons first, just gotta find the time to do so