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Suggestions/Reccomendations for Themed Pokemon Team Run


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I haven't played this in a while and wanted to do a themed run. With a Themed run you can only use pokemon that fit the theme you're doing. These are some themes I have so far:


 Flower Garden Theme is the first one I thought of (reminds me of Laura from reborn)  and basically you use pokemon resembling flowers so this means Florges and Comfey also can be used or pokemon that can be found around flowers like bug pokemon.


Royalty Theme is another one using only pokemon that represent royalty in some way and I already thought of a team for this one consiting of Serperior, Vespiquen, Tyrantrum, Florges, Pyroar, Aggron. I'm sure there are other pokemon that can be used.


Other Themes:

Murky Swamp Themed 

Evil Witch Themed 

Haunted Forest Themed

Fairy Woods Themed (Inspired by Bewitched Woods)

Artificial Themed

Archaeology Themed

Food Themed

Dessert Themed

Out of Space Themed

Sky Paradise Themed 


These are just some I came up with. If you have any other suggestions you can post them. 😊


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Maybe you could do run like i did with Pokemon mystery dungeon characters. I had quite a bit of fun with it on casual mode. And honestly, normal mode has some pretty unbalanced battles like the one with geara  and zetta.

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On 3/12/2023 at 12:53 AM, Grimvalent said:

You could do something like an amphibian/lizard playthrough, think grenininja, seismitoad, salandit and many more.

It gives you a lot of mons to play with


I really like this idea and Helioptile is one of my favs.

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