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v13 Intense Mono Bug: My Mons' tierlist


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So, I had a blast recently with my intense monobug run and i decided to rank my mons into a tier list just for fun xD


Tier ranking details:


S tier -- Mons that are really good overall and are in my 'fixed' party, I can win the fight with them usually if I go in blind. 

A tier -- Mons with really good support (sticky webs), or hits hard but are a little passive due to slow speed, or mons that need setup to work.

B tier -- The mons here are niche, but they actually carries me in certain fights. Mons at the front carried me the most number of times lol

C tier -- Dedicated for the cheese teammates, but most of them are really great leads as well! (I'd rank them low A tier if it weren't for the cheese factor) You can 99% see them if the enemy is a rift mon :P

D tier -- These are mons that carried me through the early game (pre-terajuma), mostly early route bugs that somehow fall off after a certain point at the game :( but they have a special place in my heart!

Not used -- I didn't use them cuz I didn't need to (nincada family), or it's not in the bug egg group (armaldo) so it's hard to breed for good ivs


As for individual mons:



Golisopod: Top tier simply because of the priority moves.

Scizor: Swords dance + Roost + Bullet Punch hits like a truck, y'know?

A-Parasect: This thing is just OP for the two HP bars, you essentially have 7 mons in your team with it. Nice priority and sleep powder is really good as well.

Volcarona, M-Heracross: All-around hard hitters, rona has roost and q.dance so it's a bonus.



Vivillon: The most viable late-game early bug! Compoundeyes + Sleep Powder is simply a beast!

Crustle: Has dual roles - shell smash sweep and rocks support. Both excel and it's up to specific fights for which to use.

Ledian: Wow. Ledian Crest is simply ridiculous.

Scolipede: The cornerstone of baton pass teams, always get me through the hardest fights.



Parasect: HARD CARRY for numerous fights, ie Valarie, Flora, Neptune sidequest and many more! Never knew this mushroom had so much potential :D

Ariados: It's crest is quite good as well, but require sticky web support. A swords dance boost will be even better!



Shuckle: Don't fuckle with shuckle >:) Aside from a great web lead, power split, knock off makes it a great utility mon!

Illumise: Prankster + a ton of status moves ftw, helps with significantly weakening the enemy!

Vespiquen: Its crest makes even better for stalling, Pressure + Toxic + Attack Order infestation + Heal Order tortures the enemy. Just no crits pls


Summary of Bug's strats:


Hazard Support

Bug types normally use hyper offense, dishing out tons of damage ASAP. I normally lead with supports, then bring in my attacker/sweeper to 1v6 the enemy. Bug has access to every hazard move, so I normally spread webs and rocks before attacking ---- breaks sashes and it's easier to sweep! 

Toxic spikes can be used with vespiquen for stalling as well, as I did with the Chapter 4 Ren fight.


Baton Pass

So this is just a really OP strat that I could've used for any fight, so I save these for the hardest fights, for example: Mosely sidequest and Saki's absurd gym xD


Yeah that's it, bugs are actually quite good when it comes to monotype (Am I sounding like Bennett lol), fellow bug enthusiasts feel free to share your thoughts hehe


Btw I did compile all fights on my youtube, maybe leave a view if you're interested?



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15 hours ago, Xtrack said:

Bug monotype was run I ended up enjoying a lot more than I expected. Like you said, you can do a lot of really fun hyper offense teams that can just wreck bosses. Probably in my top 3 favorite monotypes. 

Bug is definitely suited for me, as I like hyper offense a lot. But they can definitely cheese with toxic stalling as well, making it a really versatile monotype! Certainly exceeded my expectations.

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