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Nightmare Casino


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You can fight random npc's with busted teams for completing the story/farming a lot of money there are also sponsers the best being the guy who gives 10 times of what you would win normally

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You need a million coins in order to advance and you're only given 10.000, the best way to farm those is by betting (aka, if you lose, YOU LOSE) your coins in the arena.
The arena is a 3v3 and the trainers you fight are random but it's a small selection, you can increase your gains by talking to the NPCs and finding a sponsor, the best sponsor is the old man in a fedora by the left side of the casino area that can increase your gains by 10x, so just keep fighting on the arena, win and eventually you'll get there, but again, remember, you're BETTING if you lose the fight you will lose the coins too.

Or.. You can gamble on the slots but.. It's just.. Don't, just don't.. Or else you'll take weeks in there..

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