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V 13 GAME NOT OPENING......... WELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hmm... did you check that the file referred (Audio/BGM/Rejuvenation - Title Screen.mp3) exists? I had a similar issue where some scripts where missing for some reason.

Is this the only error? As far as I know the missing sounds won't stop the game from working (I even tested removing the Audio directory).

I think you can comment out the part of the code that raises the error (Scripts/Game_System.rb) without issues (bar getting no bg music), but I doubt this will help:


  def bgm_play_internal2(name,volume,pitch,position) # :nodoc:
    #  Audio.bgm_play(name,volume,pitch,position)
    #rescue ArgumentError
    #  Audio.bgm_play(name,volume,pitch)


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Does the file show in the game's BGM folder. Anyway this will most likely get patched later.


What does BGM even stand for? Base game music? 

Jade A. Fenwe

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