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A Brief Rules Update!

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Hello everyone! 


The staff here have been brainstorming ways to make our community a better place, and notably, one thing keeps coming to our attention.

A lot of the warnings people receive are for repeat offenses, often within a short span of time.  Given that the purpose of a warning is to discourage people from repeating the action they were warned for, it's brought up questions of if our warning system is really as effective as it could be. So after some discussion, we've decided to implement some changes to our warning system. 


As of now, if a user breaks a rule, they receive the regular number of warning points as detailed here. While that warning is active, each subsequent repeat of the same offense will accrue one more warning point than the last. (For example, a second use of derogatory language within the 90 day warning period would be worth 2 points, a third would be 3, etc.) 

Repeats of the same offense after the warning points expire may or may not accrue the extra point, at the moderators' discretion. This is so we can decide on a case-by-case basis; nobody wants to punish anyone for honest mistakes, but sadly there are times when people just refuse to change their behaviour and need a reminder to take the rules seriously.


To supplement this, we're slightly reworking the way accumulated points work. Currently the system is:

3 active points: muted for one week on Discord, content moderated on the forums

5 active points: unverified on Discord until the warning points expire

7 active points: muted and content moderated until the warning points expire.


What we're implementing instead is:

3 active points: muted and content moderated for one week

5 active points: muted and content moderated until the active warning points expire

7 active points: ban


We're hoping these changes will encourage people to take warnings more seriously and learn from mistakes, and to make the server a better place for everyone. 


With all that info out of the way, I hope you all have a lovely timezone and thank you for being part of Reborn!


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thanks to all the mods for dealing with all this stuff, I'm sure it's exhausting 😞

hope the new set up works for ya

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Thanks mods.

Guess this means I can't sell Psyducks in back alleys anymore. 


Guess I have to sell them out of the back of my pokevan. 

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22 hours ago, Ojama Yellow said:

hehe buoi

thanks bib

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Well you get the idea

Also being someone who bends the rules 

Sometimes you gotta ask yourself first whether it’s worth the risk.


Cause nobody gonna care for a shitty behaviour

Grow up


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