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Oh My ARCEUS! I'm going on a Pokemon adventure! And I'm going to a region called... Aevium? Weird name but it's still so awesome! I can't believe I'm gonna be starting a hard Pokemon journey. My mom told me that this place has 18 gyms and an ELITE 8! That's insanely crazy! Hopefully this will be a better journey than the 1 in Unova. Ohh? You don't know? My mom and I are from Unova. She likes to train Fairy Type Pokemon. It's rare to see her without her Sylveon out with her. Her name's Nancy. Ohh yea. Totally forgot to tell you my name. My name's Matthew! Wanna know something cool? Well... I'm actually a former Champion of Unova. But honestly, it wasn't that much of a challenge. It only took a couple of months for me to achieve that goal. And after that I got bored. I got a regular boring ass job to help my mother with the bills and I've been doing that for about 3 years now. The only thing that made that whole thing tolerable was my best friend... I uhh… He's not with us anymore if you get what I mean... I actually named 1 of the 2 Pokemon I have with me right now after him. And weirdly enough, it came around to help when it happened too. Ehh- Anyways! New adventure baby! Can't wait to see and capture the Pokemon here and take on the gyms and the Elite 8! Well I mean before we can even do that, we gotta get settled into the place we're supposed to be living at. What was the city called again? Umm... Ahh! Here it is. West Gearen City! Hmm. Sounds interesting at least. I wish the damn boat would get here already. Fuck. Hmm? What's that? How am I here when I'm still in Reborn? Uhh… I mean I've heard of the Reborn Region but I've never been there before... Wait. I'm the 1 dealing with all the craziness in Reborn and I somehow have another soul residing in my body?... Ok. You definitely need to be taking some kind of medication or something. I mean that just sounds downright funny. I'm sorry but you have the wrong person. Besides, someone else is dealing with all that fucking stuff down there. I think her name is Vanilla. Weird name. Gets me hungry for ice cream though. And no. I don't mean Vanillite. But yea. She's taking care of that problem. I have nothing to do with it. But I guess I have some time to waste til the boat gets here. Wanna know everything that happened to me before now? Great! Well lay backs and enjoy my story!




Wehttam: Hello there vessels! It is I! WEHTTAM! YeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEs!~ I know you may know me from another time, from another place. But I have the ability to do that. I am here to deliver all of you MORTALS out there a message! I may not know this vessel known as Matthew as the 1 back in Reborn but this man is different from the 1 you all know in Reborn. For 1 thing, he does not have another soul occupying within his body! This Matthew is from another time. An Alternate Timeline if you will. But I am here to tell you all that in this story, he will be catching most of his teammates through his GRAND SCHEME of an adventure! Also, he will have 18 FANTASTIC BEASTS on his team! Isn't that grand?! He has a destiny in this REGION! What will it be? Well you all will just have to wait and see what it is and if you do not, you will be DELETED! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! AaAaAaAaHhHhHhHh.~ I apologize for that mortals of the Pokemon World. Before I leave, I think I'll leave links down below whenever he has written his story. Internally of course! YeEeEeEeEeEeEs.~ Enjoy the stories mortals! Ciao!








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Mom (Nancy): Matthew!~ It’s time to wake up dear! You’ll be late for work if you don’t get up right now!~

Matthew: Ugh. I hate working a normal job.


I opened my eyes, stretched and sat up in bed. I was very groggy when I got out of bed and started getting ready for the day. I worked for a tree cutting company and spent most of the day just cutting down trees for land space for buildings and whatever the people that contacted us wanted. The only saving grace was that I always worked with my best friend and today would be no different. At this job, we weren’t allowed to bring our own Pokemon. We could only use their Pokemon. So I decided to retire my Pokemon team. They stay with the Professor of Unova, Professor Juniper. I go to see them anytime I’m free. After brushing my teeth, combing my hair and putting on my work clothes, I walked downstairs and went into the kitchen to have a something quick to eat. My mother was sitting down having her own breakfast.


Matthew: Thanks for waking me up.

Mom: No problem Matthew.

Matthew: So what are you doing today?

Mom: Nothing much. Don’t have much to do today. May go take a walk around the town.

Matthew: That sounds nice. -grabs a poptart- Alright. I’m gonna go. See you later.

Mom: Ohh! Before you go, I wanted to tell you something. We need to have a talk when you get home.

Matthew: Ok. Is it bad?

Mom: It shouldn’t be.

Matthew: -takes a bite out of the poptart- Ok. Later!

Mom: Bye!… -waits until I close the door behind me- I really hope he takes this news well.


As I walked down to the job site, I thought back to my adventure through Unova. While it was somewhat easy to get through, I had a great time with the Pokemon I used. My starter was a Snivy which evolved into a powerful Serperior. As the journey continued, I had acquired a Conkeldurr, Stunfisk, Garbodor, Darmanitan and Reuniclus. It was fun. They didn’t even get mad at me when I handed them over to Professor Juniper. They were the best team I could ever hope for. But I would be lying if I didn’t want a better adventure. An adventure where the Gym Leaders were harder to beat and the journey was more exciting. But it felt like that was a dream. Besides, I had to help my mom for now with bills. I finally made it to the area. My friend came running over to me greeting me his usual way.


???: Yo Matt. Almost late again. Always cutting it close aren’t you? Haha.

Matthew: Haha. Shut it Taka. I got here on time.

Taka: Maybe but you keep doing this and then you’ll be late every time.

Matthew: Then I guess I just won’t let that happen.

Taka: Haha. Right. Well come on. Apparently today’s gonna be a busy day.

Matthew: Greeeaaat. My favorite kind of work day.

Taka: Well at least it’s just me and you here for today.

Matthew: True I suppose. This rarely happens ever. No other people interrupting us talking or goofing around.

Taka: I mean to be honest, that’s probably a good thing buuut I’m not complaining. But let’s get to it.


We started getting to work cutting down the trees and clearing them out. We talked about life, what we can do to hang out whenever we both had a day off on the same day and other stuff. It was actually a fun time. Heading towards the end of the day, I started to daydream about having a difficult Pokemon journey and what Pokemon I would catch along the way. I wasn’t paying attention though and I got smacked in the face with a tree trunk that a Throh was carrying. Taka ran over to me to make sure if I was ok.


Taka: You ok man?

Matthew: Ahh fuck! That hurt. Ahh! But I should be fine.

Taka: Haha. What were you doing? You totally were just staring off into space.

Matthew: Was just thinking about what my next Pokemon adventure would be.

Taka: You really miss that don’t you?

Matthew: Well yea. But I actually want a challenge. I mean, it took me a couple of months to defeat all the gym leaders, the Elite 4 and become Champion.

Taka: Ahh. I should have known. Well, knowing you, I think it’ll happen some day. I don’t know when but it will. Trust me.

Matthew: I hope so. I really hate working this stupid ass job.

Taka: Me too. It’s only tolerable because I’m always working with you.

Matthew: That’s how I’m feeling dude! But still…

Taka: Yea. I get’cha. But hey. Let’s finish work. We’re almost done.

Matthew: Yea… Yea. You’re right. Let’s finish up.


We loaded all the fallen tree trunks onto the backs of trucks and had them driven off to wherever they went to. Taka and I cleaned up the area a bit and then headed our way back home. As I headed back home, I couldn’t help but keep thinking about a newer, more difficult Pokemon journey. This thought was driving me mad. It was as if I was tormenting myself with it.


Matthew: Urgh! Isn’t there a region with a difficult league for me to take on?!

???: Kull! Duskull!

Matthew: Ahh!


Something appeared right in front of my face and scared me so bad that I jumped backwards and eventually fell on my ass. When I looked up, I could see a small, shadowy figure floating in the air. Since it was somewhat dark out, I couldn’t exactly see what it was. But after staring at it for a couple of seconds, I could see the outline of the thing. Turned out it was a Duskull. It looked like it enjoyed the prank it pulled on me. I got up, dusted myself off and looked at the Pokemon with a stern look.


Matthew: Duskull, why would you do that? That wasn’t cool of you to do.

Duskull: Dusk… Duskull.

Matthew: I suppose it was funny… Just don’t do it to me again alright?

Duskull: Duskull. Dusk Duskull!

Matthew: Alright. Good. Well… I guess I’ll see you around Duskull. -starts walking away-

Duskull: Dusk?


I started walking back home again but I felt like I was being followed by someone or something. Every couple of minutes, I’d look back behind me but I could never see anyone. The last time, I decided to fully turn around and try to see my surroundings. No matter where I looked though, I couldn’t see anything. As I turned around however, Duskull appeared right in front of my face, scaring me once again.


Duskull: Dusk Dusk Duskull!

Matthew: Ahh! Didn’t I say to not scare me?!

Duskull: Duskull kull.

Matthew: What’s up with you anyways? I’ve never seen you around here before.


The Duskull’s eye… thing went from looking amused and happy to looking somewhat down. I felt bad that maybe I somehow made it remember something bad in its life. I asked it if someone had gotten rid of it and the Pokemon looked down at the ground and confirmed what I thought. I felt bad for it. I always carried around my Pokedex just in case I wanted to know stuff about Pokemon. I pulled it out and held it in front of the wild Duskull.


Pokedex: Duskull: The Requiem Pokemon. It loves the crying of children. It startles bad kids by passing through walls and making them cry.

Matthew: -slowly lowers the Pokedex and looks at the Duskull- Hopefully, this doesn’t mean you think I’m bad or a kid at that.

Duskull: Dusk Duskull!

Matthew: Hmm. Well, might as well see your moveset and level. Hmm… Level 5 with the moves Nigh Shade, Leer and… Destiny Bond? That’s an interesting move. Well I don’t know why you’re other trainer gave up on you. You’re a low level but it doesn’t mean you’re weak.

Duskull: Duskull…


I could see that the Duskull was still sad. Now I was feeling really bad for it. Then, I got an idea. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a Moon Ball. I pressed the button in the middle and the ball expanded and held it up to the Duskull who seemed puzzled.


Matthew: Well, if you want a home, you could always become my Pokemon. I promise not to get rid of you. I think you’ll be a strong Pokemon. And whenever I go on a journey, I promise to take you along with me. So… what do you say?


The Duskull looked at me with admiration. It floated towards the Moon Ball, touched it and was caught instantly. I looked at the ball full of happiness. But this also made me want to go on a Pokemon journey even more now. I always gave my Pokemon nicknames so I called it back out and tried to think of a nickname for it.


Matthew: Hmm… What to call you? Ohh! I think I got the perfect name for you! Krep!

Duskull: Duskull?

Matthew: Ohh wait. No. I meant Kreep!


The Duskull frantically shook its head no when I corrected myself. But it seemed to have liked the way I mistakenly said it before.


Matthew: Uhh… Would you like to be called Krep?

Duskull: -nodding in approval-

Matthew: Well alright. From now on, you’ll be called Krep!

Duskull: Dusk Duskull!

Matthew: Haha. Alright. Back in the ball you go.


I returned Duskull back to its ball. It had been a while since I had captured a Pokemon. It felt nostalgic. It was awesome.


Matthew: Alright! I caught a Duskull!

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As I walked back home, I couldn’t stop staring at the Moon Ball which now held my newly captured Duskull. It filled me with excitement. When I finally made it home, I saw my mother sitting in the chair watching tv. She turned around when she heard me come in.



Mom: Hello dear. How was your day at work?

Matthew: It was alright but only because Taka was there.

Mom: Well that’s good. So I think it’s-

Matthew: Before we have this talk mom, I really need to show you something. When I came home, this little Pokemon kept scaring me for fun and it seemed sad when I was going to leave it. Sooo… Come on out Krep!

Mom: Krep?


I took out the Moon Ball and out popped Duskull. Mom seemed surprised that I had captured a Pokemon.



But I didn’t blame her shock. It had been sometime since I caught my last Pokemon. The little Ghost Type floated around the house, looking at its new home. It seemed quite pleased with its new home. It then floated over to my mom and waved hi to her. Mother giggled and waved back.


Mom: Aww. What a cute Pokemon. But why did you call it Krep?

Matthew: Well I went to call it Kreep but I said it like that for some reason but it seemed to like that name better so I kept it.

Mom: How adorable. Well little Krep, I’m sure you’ll be a pleasure to have around the house.

Duskull: Duskull.~

Matthew: It’s really got me psyched on wanting to go on another Pokemon adventure… But it’s not like I’m just gonna go through Unova again. It needs to be another region.

Mom: Ahh… Another region huh? Do you think we could have that talk now?

Matthew: Yea. Sure. Hey Krep. You can hang out in my room upstairs. I’ll be up there after I talk to my mom ok?

Duskull: Dusk Duskull!


Duskull listened to me and floated up through the ceiling and into my room. If that were any other Pokemon, that would have freaked me out. I walked around the table and sat down. I looked the expression on my mothers face. She seemed troubled. As if she didn’t know how to start the talk.



Matthew: Is… everything ok?

Mom: Ohh yes! Yes. Everything’s fine. I’m just trying to think of a way to say what I need to say.

Matthew: Well I think you just need to say it or else we might be here all night.

Mom: Well… fine. By the end of the month, we’ll be moving.

Matthew: Umm… What?

Mom: Yes. I’ve decided it’s time to go to another region.

Matthew: Well… I mean ok. So what region? Kanto? Kalos? Alola?

Mom: You’ve probably never heard of this region before but it’s called the Aevium Region.

Matthew: The Aevium Region? You’re right. I’ve never heard of that region before. Weird name for it too.

Mom: And once we get there, we will be living in a city called West Gearen City.

Matthew:… And the names just keep getting weirder.

Mom: So… anything you want to say?

Matthew: No. I think it’s great. It’s probably still gotta be close to here so I can visit Taka every now and again.

Mom: Well… about that. It’s gonna take 2 days to get there.

Matthew: Wait… 2 days?!

Mom: Yes. We have to get to Kanto and then get onto a ship called the S.S. Oceana. And the trip will take us 2 days on that ship.

Matthew: B… But-

Mom: Do you remember my old friend Augustus? He’s gonna be the 1 to operate the ship and-

Matthew: Do you really think I care enough to remember who your dumb ass old friend is? I mean how can you make this decision without even consulting me? I know I’m your son but… I thought that you’d talk to me about this before just making a decision like that. I basically won’t be able to see my best friend for like months if this is the case.

Mom: Well there’s another reason I did this as a sort of surprise for you.

Matthew: A surprise?! This ought to be rich.

Mom: They have their own Pokemon League.


As soon as my mother said this, my eyes widened and I looked back up to her. She was right. This was a surprise. My attention was all on her as she told me about this Aevium League. It was quite different from the League challenge of Unova. When she was done, I was amazed with everything she told me.


Matthew: Ok. Wait. So let me get this straight. This Aevium Region has 18 Gyms instead of the regular 8 and instead of an Elite 4, it’s an Elite 8?!

Mom: That’s the gist of it.

Matthew: That’s… a lot to take in!

Mom: It is but I thought maybe you’d like that. You’ve always been saying that you wanted to be on another Pokemon journey. Even I must admit that you beat the Unova League relatively fast.

Matthew: This is… incredible! But still… I would hardly ever see my best friend again.

Mom: I know… It’ll be hard but I’m sure he’ll understand. I’m sure you 2 will still see each other once in a while.

Matthew: But it wouldn’t be constantly… But still. This Aevium Region sounds like it’d be a lot of fun to travel through. Capture new Pokemon too.

Mom: So how are you feeling about it now?

Matthew: Well I’m less mad now. I’m just afraid of how he’ll take it when I tell him eventually.

Mom: I understand. Well you have some time to think it over. I think I’m gonna go to bed now. Good night Matthew. See you in the morning tomorrow.

Matthew: Good night mother.


My mom went up to her room to sleep. I sat at the table for a bit trying to process everything that had just happened. I couldn’t believe that I was going to a new region and going to take on that region’s Pokemon League. It was surreal. After a while, I got up from the table and went upstairs to my room. I could see the Duskull I had caught just a few hours ago floating above my bed. It came over and greeted me when it saw me come into the room. I went over to the bed and sat in it. Duskull came over and floated near me.


Duskull: Duskull?

Matthew: Well… I guess that Pokemon adventure I’ve been wanting to go on will be happening soon.

Duskull: Duskull?! Duskull kull!

Matthew: Haha. Yes. I’m taking you along with me. I said I would take you remember? I wasn’t lying.

Duskull: Dusk! Kull!

Matthew: Haha. Yes. It is very exciting. We’ll be leaving at the end of this month. You gonna be ready for this journey when it comes buddy?

Duskull: -nods its head yes-

Matthew: Good. Well, I think it’s time for me to get some sleep. You’re a Ghost Type and I’m not sure if they sleep all day and stay up all night. Sooo… do whatever you usually do Krep. Have a nice night.

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For the next 2 weeks, I was thinking about this trip to Aevium. I was excited and anxious because I’d be starting another journey throughout this mysterious region. But at the same time, I’d be very far away from my best friend and would barely ever get to see him. This had been on my mind throughout all that time. I had been acting a bit different whenever I was at work with Taka. He could definitely tell something was wrong with me.


Taka: Hey Matt. Are you ok?

Matthew: Huh? Ohh. Yea. I am.

Taka: You sure? You’ve been acting different for the past 2 weeks now.

Matthew: What? No. Everything’s fine. Maybe you’re just thinking too much into it.

Taka: I know you dude. Something’s up. Tell me.

Matthew: -sighs- I’ll tell you ok? Just not right now. It doesn’t feel right just saying it at work.

Taka: Well we got tomorrow off. Why don’t you come over to hang out and tell me about whatever is bothering you then?

Matthew: Yea. That’s a good idea. Let’s get back to work though. It’s been too long of a day.

Taka: Yea. You’re right. Today has been a tough 1.


We spent the rest of the day just working, clearing the trees out of the way. Near the end of the work session, our boss came by to see how work was doing. He seemed really impressed with how well everything seemed to be going and how we were doing. Be fore he left, I pulled him to the side and told him the situation about me moving to another region. While he was sad about me leaving, he could see that I was very excited about going onto another Pokemon journey. He then informed me that since this project that was going on now only needed a half a day’s work to be completed, I wouldn’t have to worry about coming back to work for the rest of my time in Unova. We shook hands and he went on his way. Taka noticed me coming back from having the talk with our boss. Well former boss for me now.


Taka: Hey. What was that all about?

Matthew: Ehh… Nothing… I’m not gonna be working here anymore.

Taka: What?!

Matthew: Yea. Today is my last day.

Taka: Why the fuck did he fire you?! That son of a-

Matthew: Whoa whoa. Chill man. He didn’t fire me.

Taka: What? Then why are you-

Matthew: It all has to do with what I have to talk to you about tomorrow. You can wait right?

Taka: I… -sigh- Fine. Better be a damn good reason though.


We high-fived each other and went on our way home. I felt bad for making him wait for my explanation for not working with him anymore but I thought it’d be better to wait for tomorrow when we hung out. When I walked in the door, mother was watching tv.


Mom: Well hello there son. How was work?

Matthew: It was alright. Today’s my last day working there.

Mom: Ahh. So you told the boss what’s going on?

Matthew: Yea. He seemed sad about it but he was nice about it.

Mom: Well that’s good.

Matthew: I’m gonna go over Taka’s house tomorrow and tell him about what’s going on too.

Mom: I’m surprised you haven’t old him sooner.

Matthew: Well he asked me today. Told him that tomorrow when we hang out I’ll tell him what’s going on.

Mom: Well it’s probably a good idea.

Matthew: I just hope it all goes well. I’m kind of afraid he’ll denounce me as his best friend because of this.

Mom: Ohh that’s nonsense. I’m sure he’ll understand.

Matthew: Yea. I hope you’re right. Well I’m gonna go up to bed. Good night mom.

Mom: Good night Matt.~


The next morning, I woke up and got ready to go over Taka’s house. As I started walking over, I started to think how he’d take the news about me moving very far away from here. I was hoping everything would be ok. When I got there, I knocked on his door.


Taka: -opens the door- Come on in dude.

Matthew: Thanks. Your dad home.

Taka: Naw. He won’t be home til like tonight. So we got the whole house to ourselves today.

Matthew: Sweet.

Taka: Let’s go into the kitchen and get a drink.


I followed Taka into the kitchen and sat down as he got me and himself a glass of soda. He came back over and slid the glass over to me. I took a sip if it and then looked over to him. He was staring at me. I knew what he wanted.



Taka: Alright. So spill it man. What’s going on? You’ve been acting weird for the past 2 weeks and you don’t have a job anymore.

Matthew: So a couple of nights ago, my mom had a talk with me. She told me that we’re gonna be moving to another region by the end of the month.

Taka: Really? That’s it? That’s why you’ve been acting so weird?

Matthew: Well I mean it’s not like I’m moving to Kanto or even Alola. I’ve never even heard of this region before.

Taka: What’s the name of it?

Matthew: The Aevium region.

Taka: Aevium? That’s a weird name.

Matthew: That’s what I said! But the bad thing is that we have to go there by boat and it’s take 2 days to get there.

Taka: Ohh… So basically we wouldn’t be able to see each other as much as we both thought then?

Matthew: Yea…

Taka:… I know there’s 1 more thing you ain’t telling me.

Matthew: What? How do you know?

Taka: You’d be more upset if that was it. Something else is going on that you’re not all that mad about moving there.

Matthew: Alright. You got me. When I get there, I’ll be going on a Pokemon journey. But this place has 18 Gym Leader and an Elite 8 instead of an Elite 4.

Taka: Wow. Really? Well… that’s freaking awesome!

Matthew: It is?

Taka: Yea man! You know how many times you’ve been whining about wanting to go on a difficult Pokemon adventure? Sounds like you’ll finally be going on 1.

Matthew: I guess you are. But… aren’t you upset?

Taka: Well yea. It’s gonna suck not having you around anymore but I know you’ll be happy. Plus, we’re best friends dude. We might not always see each other as much anymore but we have a strong bond and you moving isn’t going to break that.

Matthew: Ohh… wow. I feel better now. I’m glad you’re not upset with me.

Taka: You thought I’d be upset with you for that? Hell no! I’m happy for you! I know you’re gonna tear that league up!

Matthew: Thanks Taka. I really appreciate it man.

Taka: No problem. Hey. Let’s go watch some tv.

Matthew: Good idea.


The 2 of us went into the living room, turned the tv on and sat on the sofas in the room.



We talked for about a half hour with the tv on until I realized something.


Matthew: Oh my Arceus!

Taka: What’s wrong?

Matthew: I totally forgot to tell you something else! I got a new Pokemon!

Taka: When?

Matthew: 2 weeks ago!

Taka: And you’re just telling me now?!

Matthew: Hehe… Oops. Come on out Krep!

Duskull: Duskull Dusk!



Taka: A Duskull! That’s awesome!

Duskull: Dusk! Duskull Kull!

Matthew: Yea. I found it when I was going back from work 1 night and decided to catch it.

Taka: Are you taking that little dude with you on your adventure through Aevium?

Matthew: Yea. I promised it I would. I think it had a trainer before but they must have given up on it because they thought it was too weak.

Taka: What? That’s horrible! Every Pokemon can be powerful. You just gotta put your time and energy into training them.

Matthew: Exactly! I’m gonna make this the best Duskull it can be.

Taka: That’s awesome!

TV Reporter On TV: BREAKING NEWS! Reports are coming in saying a strangely colored Bisharp is on the loose somewhere in Unova. We can confirm that this Bisharp is violent and has caused casualties to both humans and Pokemon. We advise that everyone avoid this Pokemon if seen. Now back to your scheduled programming.


The tv went back to showing what was playing before that emergency news broadcast. Taka and I both looked at each other in amazement. We couldn’t believe that a Pokemon could be that cruel that it would kill anything.


Matthew: That’s… insane.

Taka: Yea. And did you notice how they said it’s different colored too?

Matthew: I wonder why it’s doing that?

Taka: I have no idea but I’m not worried. I have my trusted Garchomp with me. -shows off Garchomp’s PokeBall-

Matthew: Ohh yea. I forgot you had that.


Just then, a loud thud could be heard from the side of the house. Taka, Duskull and I both jumped and turned around to the source of the noise.



We waited and waited to see if the noise would happen again. When we thought it was ok, it happened again but this time louder. And soon, it kept going faster and faster but as soon as it started it, stopped. Taka started to run to the door.


Matthew: Dude, what are you doing?! It could be that Bisharp!

Taka: I got my Garchomp! If it is that thing, it’ll be no problem!

Matthew: Ugh! Fine! Come on Krep! We’re gonna go see too!

Duskull: Duskull Dusk!


The 3 of us ran outside and looked around the house to see if we could spot what was making that noise. Then we saw something. Something was standing in Taka’s yard. It looked like a Bisharp but it looked purple. It was weird. It locked its eyes onto us. We then showed ourselves to it.



Matthew: That thing is super creeping me out.

Taka: Yea. It kind of is. Why’s it purple?

Matthew: I don’t know. Is it a shiny?

Taka: No way. Shiny Bisharps are blue. It doesn’t matter though. Hey you! I don’t know what you think you’re doing but we know what you’ve done! Your crime stops here and now!


The Pokemon didn’t move at all. It just stared right into Taka’s eyes. I didn’t know what was gonna happen next but I had a bad feeling. Taka grabbed a PokeBall and threw it out.


Taka: Let’s go Garchomp!

Garchomp: -roars-



Duskull: Duskull!?

Matthew: Damn! That things gigantic!

Taka: Yea. And now this thing is gonna feels it’s wrath! Garchomp! Dragon Claw on that Bisharp now!


Garchomp obeyed its trainer and swiftly performed its attack on the Bisharp. But something was wrong. The Pokemon didn’t seem too affected by the attack. This had us all shocked. But what happened next was horrifying. The oddly colored Bisharp slashed Garchomp. At 1st, Garchomp just stood there. Just standing. We didn’t know what was going on. Then all of a sudden, its body fell down but the head was completely severed from the body. The Bisharp had decapitated the Taka’s Garchomp. The lot of us were horrified at this.



Taka: Gar… Chomp… No!

Matthew: How the fuck did it do that?! That Bisharp is stronger than it should be!

Taka: My Garchomp… It killed my Garchomp… NO!

Matthew: Taka! Wait!


But he didn’t. Taka went running up to his dead Garchomp but before he could get to its body, the Bisharp jumped in front of it and looked right into Taka’s eyes again. With a swift and powerful motion, it moved its arm back and jab its sharp edge right into Taka’s chest. With Taka still impaled on the end of its arm, it raised Taka into the air. It was as if it was showing off at what it did. It then threw him onto the ground.



I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My best friend had just gotten stabbed through his stomach. I couldn’t think about that for now though for the Bisharp then looked at me. I didn’t know what to do. I only had my Duskull. Then I remembered something.


Matthew: That’s right! Krep, use Destiny Bond!

Duskull: Duskull!~


A shadow form of Duskull shot over to the Bisharp and phased into it. The Bisharp then delivered a powerful attack on Duskull, knocking it out. Luckily it was still alive but I didn’t want to possibly lose it so I called it back to its ball. The Bisharp then looked at me but before it could do anything, it fell straight to the ground.



Destiny Bond had worked and the Pokemon was stopped. Then I remembered Taka. I ran over to him and knelt down beside him and held him in my arms.


Matthew: Dude… Dude no! This can’t be happening! This can’t be fucking real!

Taka: -gasping for air- I-I don’t think I- Ugh! It’s over man…

Matthew: No no. It can’t. It won’t! Just hang on!

Taka: D-Dude, it’s over.

Matthew: Stop saying that! It’s not! I won’t let it!

Taka: Listen to me. It stabbed me r-right through- -coughs up blood- my heart. I’m n-not making I-it…

Matthew: What the fuck man?! This wasn’t supposed to happen! You’re not supposed to… No! Fuuuck!

Taka: Hey. It’ll be o- Ack! Ok…

Matthew: I can’t go now… No way…

Taka: Y-You are.

Matthew: Wh-What? What are you talking about?

Taka: You’re gonna g-go on that adventure o-of yours and you’re gonna d-do it for- -starts gasping for air- me…

Matthew: Taka… I-

Taka: Thank you… for being my best… friend…


As soon as he finished that sentence, he stopped breathing. I tried bringing him back but it was no use. He was dead. My best friend was dead. This deranged Pokemon attacked and killed Arceus knows how many Pokemon and humans and then did this to my best friend. Tears started to well up in my eyes and I sobbed for losing my best friend. As that was happening though, I could hear voices. I looked up and could see a man and a woman in weird clothing standing next to the fallen Bisharp.



Man: Damn! I can’t believe we lost this thing in this region for hours!

Woman: We?! It was you who wasn’t paying attention and not lock its cage!

Man: Well you weren’t exactly keeping an eye on it either now were you?!

Matthew: You 2… What the fuck did you do?!

Man: And now you. Hmph. Look. Be lucky we have to get going or else you’d be in trouble as well.

Matthew: Do you not understand!? Your Pokemon just killed not only my best friend’s Pokemon but also my best friend!

Woman: Shut up! We need to get back to HQ or we’ll be in worse trouble than your friend there.

Matthew: You son of a-

Man: There. I’ll keep it in the PokeBall for now. Let’s move.

Woman: You didn’t see an Arceus damn thing. You got it?!


And with that, the pair ran away. I sat there holding my best friends lifeless body in my arms as I wept. I never thought I’d ever go through something like this. I called the police. Around the same time they came over, so did Taka’s dad. He came over to me and asked what happened. Before I could get a word out though, he looked over and saw his son’s lifeless body on the ground. He screamed out in horror and tried to run over to his son but the police stopped him. I went over to him and hugged him as the both of us cried over the loss of Taka. After a few hours, the area was clean and Taka was taken to a morgue. I sat inside the house with his dad at the kitchen table.



Matthew: I’m… sorry.

Taka’s Dad: For what?

Matthew: I couldn’t save him… I couldn’t save my… best-

Taka’s Dad: No. It wasn’t your fault. It was the monstrous Pokemon’s fault. If it wasn’t for you Matt… that think would still be terrorizing the city.

Matthew: But I couldn’t save Taka.

Taka’s Dad: We have to try to not feel bad Matt. I know my son… -tries to stop himself from crying again- He wouldn’t want us to… feel bad.

Matthew: I… I guess you’re right. I can’t believe it though.

Taka’s Dad: Ohh… I guess I should give you this now.

Matthew: Huh?… What are you talking about?

Taka’s Dad: Hold on… I’ll be right back…


Taka’s dad went into his room to fetch something for me. I didn’t feel like receiving any kind of gifts right now though. I wasn’t in the mood. But what he came out with had me shocked.


Taka’s Dad: Here. My son was gonna give this to you but…

Matthew: A… Gible?

Gible: Gible!



Taka’s Dad: When he noticed you were acting weird for the past couple of weeks, he was worried. He was going to gice you this Gible today to try to cheer you up. It’s from his… his…

Matthew: It’s ok. You don’t have to say it… Are you sure?

Taka’s Dad: It’s what my son wanted… Besides, it would just sit in the house. It would have a purpose if you took it.

Matthew: Heh… Thanks… -looks up towards the ceiling- and thank you Taka…

Taka’s Dad: Ohh yea. Sorry. You uhh… You’ll need a PokeBall to keep it in.

Matthew: Ahh..a I do huh? This is a special Gible to me.


I reached into my pocket and pulled out a Master Ball. Taka’s Dad seemed surprised that I had such an item. It was rare to see 1 these days.


Taka’s Dad: How do you have a Master Ball?

Matthew: When I… beat the Unova Champion, he gave it to me as a prize… I’ve been waiting for the right moment to use it and… this would be the best time to use it.

Gible: Gible Gib?

Matthew: Hey buddy… I’ll take real good care of you… Taka.


I bopped the Master Ball onto the head of Gible and instantly caught it. Taka’s dad and I gave each other 1 final hug before I slowly went back to my house. I really didn’t feel like going anywhere now. Even though Taka told me he wanted me to go on an adventure, I wasn’t so sure I’d be able to right now. I had a lot of thinking to do.

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I had to hold back tears as I walked back to my house. I didn’t want anyone to see me crying. But my best friend died and my mind was going all over the place. I finally made it back home. As I opened the door, I could hear the tv playing and it was covering what had happened to me and Taka. The whole thing played in my head again with the Bisharp decapitating Taka’s Garchomp to it then slicing into Taka’s stomach. I couldn’t hold it in anymore and crumbled to the floor sobbing. Mother noticed this and ran over and consoled me.


Matthew: -sobbing- I… I couldn’t s-save him!

Mom: Matt! It’s ok! It’ll be ok!

Matthew: How?! My best friend is dead! His Garchomp is dead! How is any of this gonna be ok!?

Mom: I… I don’t know! But I know he wouldn’t want you to be like this!

Matthew: I just… I couldn’t stop him… After he saw his Garchomp be… be… killed like that… he just ran up and the thing just stabbed him through his stomach… and raised him up in the air as like a prize that he just killed… If it wasn’t for Krep, I’d be dead too.

Mom: Matt… I know this is hard but they didn’t say anything after all that happened. You were there. What happened afterwards?

Matthew: -sniffs- Umm… These 2 people dressed in weird clothing came and took the Bisharp away… Apparently it was theirs.

Mom: Ahh… I see. I’m just glad you’re ok.

Matthew: I wish Taka was… He was gonna give me a gift today.

Mom: A gift?

Matthew: Yea… Apparently, his Garchomp… had a baby and he was gonna give me the baby Gible…

Mom: Ohh my… I can only imagine how it’s feeling right now.

Matthew: Yea… Actually, maybe it’s best if bring it out now. Maybe being around us will make it better.


I took out the Master Ball and let Gible out. Mom seemed surprised that I had used the Master Ball on the Gible.


Mom: The Master Ball? That’s what the former Champion gave you for beating him right?

Matthew: Yea… I thought this Gible deserved it… It’s probably obvious but this Gible’s name is Taka.

Mom: I figured you would. I think it fits though.

Matthew: Thanks.


The Gible looked at the 2 of us and started to tear up. We all embraced in a hug.


Matthew: Mom… I don’t think I can go.

Mom: What?

Matthew: I can’t… I can’t go to Aevium.

Mom: I know what happened today is tragic but you have to go whether you like it or not.

Matthew: What do you mean I have to go whether I like it or not?! I can make my own choices! And I’m choosing not to go there! Now excuse me! I’m gonna go the fuck to sleep!


I stormed upstairs and laid in bed. I just wanted this all to be a fucked up dream and then wake up and be able to go over his house and see him. But it wasn’t. It was reality. My best friend was gone and there was nothing I could do about it. It sucked. I closed my eyes for a while and was somehow able to fall asleep. Soon afterwards, I started to have dreams. Dreams of what transpired that day. Over and over I would see Taka and his Garchomp be killed. It was horrifying.


Matthew: N-No… Taka! Please!


I swiftly sat up on my bed. Sweat was running down my face. The dreams were too much for me. Gible walked up to me and rubbed its head on my leg.


Gible: Gib Gib Gible.

Matthew: I’m sorry if I woke you up from your sleep Taka.

Gible: Gible Gib!

Matthew: Are you doing ok?


The little Gible looked sad but then seemed like it was trying to put on a brave face for me. I slightly smiled at it and picked it up putting it onto my bed. I appreciated it for trying to be tough for me but there wasn’t gonna be anything that could help me through this. At least not so quick.

???: Go… You… Must… Go…

Matthew: Huh? Who was that?


I swore I could have heard a voice just then. I looked around my room but couldn’t see anything that could have talked to me. I figured it was just me being tired and upset. I laid back down and tried to sleep. The next day, I woke up. I didn’t really wanna do anything today but I had to do something to not think about yesterday. So I got dressed and just started to walk around the city. I didn’t know what to do. My want to go on this new adventure to Aevium was completely gone. I couldn’t believe that my mom said that I had to go. To hell with that. I was old enough to be on my own. I could do whatever I wanted. The walking wasn’t doing anything so I decided to just go back home. I did the same thing for the next couple of days and soon, it had been a week since Taka’s death. My relationship with my mother had went down since then too because I refused to go to the Aevium Region with her when the time would come. However, each day, I swear I could hear someone’s voice. It sounded familiar but I couldn’t exactly tell who it was. I went to sleep and soon was fast asleep. I started to have the dream again with the Bisharp and stuff but this time was different. It was just me there and the Bisharp. The Bisharp rushed up to me and I was staring face to face with it. Out of nowhere, Taka and Garchomp came and started to fight the Bisharp. I was shocked because they were actually putting up a fight this time. Taka seemed to give orders for his Garchomp to fight it alone for a bit and then he came over to me.



Taka: Matthew! What are you doing?!

Matthew: I… What? What do you mean?

Taka: You have got to snap out of this funk dude. It’s not good for you.

Matthew: But… you’re dead. How am I supposed to be right now?

Taka: Ok. Fair point but I think you know what I’m getting at.

Matthew: Are you talking about Aevium? I’m not going there. I can’t.

Taka: Why? Because I’m not here anymore?

Matthew: It’s just… as soon as I found out about that, that thing with that weird fucking Bisharp happened and now you’re… and your Garchomp are-

Taka: That’s no reason to give up Matt. This is your fucking dream. You can’t give that up. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself… Well… You get what I mean!

Matthew: That’s kind of dark isn’t it?

Taka: Maybe but that’s not the point. You need to go on this journey so you can have that adventure you always wanted… and to make friends.

Matthew: Make more friends? But-

Taka: Hey. Me and you? We’ll always be best friends and I’ll always be there for you. But you NEED this.

Matthew: I… I’m not sure.

Taka: Come on man. Tell me the truth. Do you honestly not want to go on that adventure of yours?

Matthew: I mean… I do. But you just died man! I can’t just forget about that!

Taka: I’m not asking you to forget about it!

Matthew: Then what are you trying to tell me?!

Taka: Follow your heart! Follow your dreams! Go on that fucking adventure! Meet new people! You do not want to just give that up because of me!

Matthew: I guess… I guess you’re right…

Taka: You’re Arceus damn right I am! But I know a way for you to get it into your brain. Garchomp! Move out of the way!


The Garchomp did as it was told and stopped fighting the Bisharp. The oddly colored Bisharp appeared right before me and looked at me with intense eyes. I did the same thing. I had no idea what Taka was up to though. What was he up to? I would find out soon enough.



Matthew: What… What are you-

Taka: You have to defeat it Matt.

Matthew: Defeat it?!

Taka: Yes! If you defeat it, this whole ordeal will be a lot more easier to get through!

Matthew: I… Are you sure?!

Taka: I’m your best friend man! Of course I’m sure! Now show that fucker who’s boss!


I looked back up to Bisharp. The Pokemon tried to stab me with its sharp arms but I was able to stop it. I was able to punch it in the face, making it stagger back a bit. A slight grin could be shown on its face. The 2 of us charged each other and the fight ensued. Many cuts were all over my body but I was able to get some pretty good kicks and punches on it as well. The fight was coming down to its last seconds. I made the Bisharp fall onto its back and I quickly hopped on top of it and started to repeatedly punch it in its face. I did this for a little bit until I started to lose strength in my arms. I got up and looked down at the Bisharp. It was completely knocked out. I felt satisfied with myself. I turned around and saw Taka and his Garchomp starting to fade.


Matthew: Taka!

Taka: Heh. Nice job bud. You’ll feel better when you wake up.

Matthew: So… this is it then?

Taka: Yes… It’s time for me to go.

Garchomp: -roars-

Taka: Yea yea. And you too. Ohh. Speaking of which, I appreciate you taking that baby Gible. I’m sure it’ll be of great use to you throughout your journey.

Matthew: Yea. I’m sure it will. And Garchomp, I promise to take good care of it and make it the best Garchomp it can be someday! I’ll make sure to tell it that you love it as well!

Garchomp: Garchomp!

Taka: Thank you Matt. I’ll be seeing you. -completely vanishes along with Garchomp-

Matthew: Good bye Taka. I’ll see ya someday.


Soon, everything went black. I didn’t know where I was. I opened my eyes and shot up in my bed. I looked all over my body. The cuts and stab wounds from that fight with the Bisharp weren’t there. I was relieved. But I also felt better about what had happened. I was still saddened about Taka’s death but I realized that I couldn’t cancel my adventure just because of his passing. That wouldn’t be right for either of us. Still, I sort of couldn’t believe all of that happened.


Matthew: That… was the weirdest dream ever. But I’m glad I had it. Ohh yea. Hey Taka?

Gible: Gible Gib?

Matthew: Your mom says she loves you.

Gible: -starts to tear up- Gible…


I hugged the little land shark Pokemon as it had a good cry. I was glad I was able to give it a message from its mother. After a while of that, it stopped and looked up at me with a smile. Looked like Gible was also starting to feel better. This was good for both of us. I knew I had to go find my mom and make up to her. I hadn’t been treating her right. I went downstairs and saw mom in the kitchen. I went up to her and hugged her.


Mom: Ohh? What’s this for?

Matthew: I’m sorry mom.

Mom: -returns the hug- It’s alright son. I understand.

Matthew: I shouldn’t have treated you like this.

Mom: It’s ok. Really. I forgive you.

Matthew: I’m ready to go on my adventure when it’s time to leave for Aevium.

Mom: That’s great hun. But how did you come to that decision?

Matthew: I… had a very good dream last night.

Mom: Ohh really? What happened?


We both sat down and I told what happened in it. She seemed quite amazed at what I had told her. I waited for her response after I got done telling her the story.


Mom: My. Even in death, he’s still looking out for you.

Matthew: Yea… He is. Couldn’t ask for a better friend.

Mom: Well This is the last week we’ll be here in Unova.

Matthew: Yea… it will. But Aevium will be even more awesome! The League better be prepared for me! Because I’m coming for them!

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The time had come. It was the day that mom and I were moving to the Aevium Region. Where I would start my next Pokemon adventure. I helped my mother pack up everything we were taking with us. Didn’t take long though as we were only bringing the essentials with us. From what mom told me, our new home would already be furnished. We finally got our stuff packed up. As we opened the door to go to Kanto, we both looked back to what we called home for the last time. We then both went outside and closed the door.


Mom: So, you ready hun?

Matthew: Hell yea! This is gonna be awesome!

Mom: Haha. I’m happy you’re excited. I’ll be rooting for you when you start your journey.

Matthew: Thanks. So where are we going?

Mom: Well we have to go to Mistralton City to take a plane to Saffron City and then from there, we’ll take a taxi to Vermillion and wait for the boat there.

Matthew: The S.S. Oceana right? That’s what the boat’s called?

Mom: Mhm. From there, we’ll be on the ship for 2 days. We’ll probably board the ship late though so it shouldn’t be too long.

Matthew: Sweet. Let’s go!


The 2 of us set off to Mistralton City. It took us about an hour to get there. When we got there, we saw Skyla there by the plane.


Matthew: Hey there Skyla.

Skyla: Ohh Matthew! Former Champion of Unova. You and you and your mother doing?

Matthew: We’re doing alright. I could be better but I’m still doing good.

Skyla: Well that’s good.

Mom: So are you ready to take us to Saffron City?

Skyla: Of course Nancy. It’s kind of sad to see you 2 leave but I know you’re itching to take on that League Matt.

Matthew: You have no idea how badly I want to. This is gonna be exciting.

Skyla: Alright. Get on board you 2!


Mom and I boarded the plane and took our seats. We put on the seatbelts as Skyla came into the plane. She put hers on as well and started to get the plane ready to fly. In no time, we were taking off up into the air. It was exciting. The trip took about 2 hours until we got to Saffron. When we touched down, Skyla opened the doors and mom and I got off. We looked on as Skyla waved good bye and took back off back to Unova. We then waited for a taxi to come by so we could get to Vermillion City. Once we got there, we waited on the dock for the boat to come.


Matthew: Gah! I hope the boat doesn’t take long. It’s 4:30 right now.

Mom: It should be coming in about a half hour.

Matthew: Ehh. I guess that’s not long. Still, I hate waiting around.

Mom: Well I’m sure you’ll find something to do.

Matthew: Hmm. Ohh I know! Krep! Taka! Come on out!

Duskull: Duskull Dusk!

Gible: Gib Gible!

Matthew: Hey you 2. Look. We’re in Kanto now!


The 2 Pokemon looked around their surroundings for a bit. They seemed intrigued by the area.


Matthew: -thinking to myself- I would have these 2 train against each other but all Taka knows is Tackle and Sand-Attack and that wouldn’t be fair to have it fight against Krep. Ehh. Ohh well. It’ll get lots of training once we get to Aevium.

Mom: Ahh! The boats here!


Sure enough, the boat was coming to the dock. I returned my Pokemon back to their respected PokeBalls and got in line to board the ship. Once we got in there, we stopped and looked around the ship. It was so big and luxurious. I couldn’t believe my eyes.



Matthew: Wow. This place is amazing.

Mom: It is. What a gorgeous looking ship.

Matthew: I wonder where our rooms are?

Mom: Ahh yes. I decided to get us different rooms. Thought you’d like your own space.

Matthew: Aww. You’re the best mom.

Mom: Thank you Matt.

Matthew: So what is there to do for the next couple of hours.

Mom: Umm… I’m not sure to be honest.

???: Excuse me. Are you 2 taking part of the Aevium League?

Matthew: She’s not but I am. I plan on beating all of the Gym Leaders and the Elite 8. Who are you by the way?

Sailor: I’m just a sailor on this here ship. My job here is to make sure no 1 accidentally walks out this down here and fall into the ocean.

Matthew: Have… people really done that?

Sailor: Well if they didn’t, I wouldn’t be needed now would I?

Matthew:… Good point.

Sailor: Anyways, we have a registration room here for trainers looking to take part in the Aevium League. If you wanna kill some time, I suggest you go there.

Matthew: The registration room huh? Yea. Yea! That’s an awesome idea! Thanks! How do I get to it?

Sailor: All you got to do is to go up the 1st 2 flights of stairs and it’s the last door to your right. It could take a couple of hours to complete though.

Matthew: That’s alright. I’ll do anything to take part in this league. Thanks for the information.

Mom: Well, I guess you’re gonna go register now then huh?

Matthew: Yea. You don’t mind right?

Mom: Of course not sweetie. You need to do everything you can so you can officially take place in this league. Have fun. I’m gonna go look around the ship. Ohh yes. Your room is the last 1 on the right of this floor.

Matthew: Alright. Thanks mom! I’ll see you when I get done.

Mom: Take care dear.


Mother went to go explore the ship. I looked around as well but only in the room I was at now. This was the 1st time I was ever on a ship. It was quite exciting. I finally made it to the door of the registration room and entered it. There were some computers and a couple of trainers that were registering themselves. I went up to a computer, put on the headphones that were assigned to that computer and pressed the call button.



???: REGISTRATION……….. Start!

Matthew: What the-

???: Hello? Can you hear me?

Matthew: Yes I can. Can you hear me?

???: I can. Great! We can both hear each other!

Matthew: Uhh… Can you see me though? Because I can’t see you.

???: Huh? Oops. Give me a couple of seconds.


I could hear some stuff on the other side being fiddled about. But as the person said, it only took a couple of seconds and I was able to see them on screen. It was a woman with black hair with some red on the tips of them. She looked well dressed as well.



???: How’s that? Can you see me now?

Matthew: Yes I can.

Amanda: Great! Then we can get this started! 1st, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Amanda. I’m what you could call a scout.

Matthew: A scout? For what?

Amanda: I scout new trainers for the Aevium League of course!

Matthew: Ohh. That makes sense.

Amanda: It’s my duty to guide newcomers like you into the world of Pokemon!

Matthew: Well, I’m not really a newcomer.

Amanda: Ahh. A seasoned trainer then ehh? This will go even more smoother then. By the way, what’s your name?

Matthew: It’s Matthew.

Amanda: Well Matthew, do you know anything about the Aevium League?

Matthew: Umm… All I know is that there are 18 Gym Leaders and instead of an Elite 4, there’s an Elite 8.

Amanda: Ahh. Then I can skip past that part then. But, there’s something else you should know. Pokemon here refuse to grow if their trainer isn’t in tip-top shape!

Matthew: What do you mean?

Amanda: Well depending on how many badges you have, the Pokemon you catch will only grow to a certain level.

Matthew: Wait. Really? Even Pokemon I’m bringing?

Amanda: Ahh. You have Pokemon with you already? That’s wonderful! But yes. That includes them as well.

Matthew: Interesting. I guess that’ll make training even harder now.

Amanda: I’m glad you like the idea of that. I usually get a lot of people annoyed with that and get yelled for it. It’s a pain sometimes.

Matthew: Ohh. I’m sorry.

Amanda: Ehh. It’s alright. The job of being a scout. Anyways, we should set up your Trainer Card. Let’s see here. Your name’s Matthew and you’re a male. Could stand back a bit? I’m gonna take a picture of you to put on your Trainer Card.

Matthew: Yea. Sure. -stands back and poses- Is this good?

Amanda: Haha. Yea. Now hold still aaannnd… got it!


I could hear a lot of typing on the keyboard this Amanda was using. I didn’t know what she was doing but the fact that she was working on my Trainer Card for this region was getting me even more pumped up.


Amanda: Well, congratulations Matthew! You are now registered in the Aevium League!

Matthew: Awesome! Thank you so much!

Amanda: No problem. Now, once the S.S. Oceana docks tomorrow, meet me at Gearen Laboratory. From there, we’ll pick out your starter Pokemon and then you’ll be on your way to great things!

Matthew: Real quick question. Since you already know I have Pokemon, do I still have to pick a starter?

Amanda: Yes. No matter what, it is mandatory that you choose a starter Pokemon.

Matthew: Alright. I’m just making sure.

Amanda: Do you have anymore questions?

Matthew: Naw. I think I’m good.

Amanda: Then you’re all set! I’ll see you soon!

Matthew: Later.


The computer screen turned off. I was really feeling the excitement now. The receptionist called me over to her counter. She went over to a machine and printed out my Trainer Card and then handed it to me.



I looked at it with glee. Before I left though, she told me that it wasn’t verified and that I would need to get it verified at Gearen Immigration. I thanked her and walked out the door. By the time I was done, it was nighttime. I didn’t realize that it took so long. Mother came down the stairs looking for me.



Mom: Ohh Matthew! You’re out! Did everything go smoothly?

Matthew: It sure did. Look. I got my Trainer Card. -shows mom the trainer card-

Mom: That’s great dear! But wow. I didn’t think registration would take that long.

Matthew: Me neither. But ohh well. It passed the time and was actually kind of fun. I think I should head off to bed though. It’s getting late.

Mom: Ohh! Before you do that, mind taking a quick stroll with me?

Matthew: Sure.


Mother and I went up the stairs and then stood in front of some doors that was near the top of the room. I didn’t know why she wanted me to see this.



Matthew: So… what are we doing here?

Mom: Well, when the ship is close to docking at Gearen City, a feast will be held inside there.

Matthew: Really? Why?

Mom: Just a celebration for new or seasoned trainers looking for a challenge and also to have a good time.

Matthew: It does sound like a good time. This trip is getting better and better.

Mom: Ohh yea. My friend Augustus is the Captain of this ship. When you wake up tomorrow, I think you should go see him. I know you probably wanna see the rest of the ship before we dock.

Matthew: I do actually. I was in 1 room for hours. How do you know this Augustus anyways?

Mom: He’s 1 of my friends from back in the day. He used to be a very powerful trainer back in his day but he’s retired now.

Matthew: Stronger than me?

Mom: Haha. He could probably have given you a run for your money.

Matthew: Well now I wanna battle him.

Mom: Maybe another time dear. But you should really talk to him tomorrow. He knows more stuff about Aevium than I do.

Matthew: He does huh? I guess I will then.

Mom: Alright. Good. Well, I’m gonna go to my room to sleep.

Matthew: Yea. I’m gonna do the same. Been a long busy day. Need to be rested up for tomorrow.

Mom: Mhm. Good night Matthew.

Matthew: Good night mom.


She went on her way to her room and I went to mine. This had been the 1st time I was in my room. It was pretty cozy looking. Some couches, a table and a really big bed. I’d be able to stretch out more than I normally would on my usual bed. I got ready for bed, turned off the lights and crawled into bed. Before going to sleep, I looked at my Trainer Card 1 more time. I couldn’t believe that I was gonna be starting my adventure here.


Matthew: I’m so glad I’m on this ship… Thanks Taka.


I put my Trainer Card on the desk next to me. I rolled over onto my side, closed my eyes and fell fast asleep for the next day tomorrow.





0 hours spent in Aevium

For right now, I don't consider myself in the Aevium Region. That will happen in the next episode.




Question Of The Thread #1 - How were you feeling when you were registering for the Aevium League?

My Answer - Considering I've only played this game for a long period of time twice (I finished all of V9 stuff and I'm far into the current version now) it was very fun and neat. But now that I'm doing the story version with myself in the game (Btw, yes. My name is Matthew if you hadn't known) I felt REALLY into it. Like even though I was just typing all of that stuff to make the story more interesting to read, the real life me was getting really psyched that I was doing this. Plus, I think this is a more realistic way to register for a Pokemon League.


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Matthew: -yawns- Ahh. That was the greatest sleep I’ve ever gotten.


I sat up in bed feeling fully refreshed. I had such a great sleep. I got out of bed, got dressed for the day, took my Trainer Card and walked out of the room. I remembered what my mother told me to do yesterday and decided to go to see the Captain of the ship Augustus. I went up to a sailor and asked him where the Captain’s room was. It was at the top of the ship. I thanked them and went on my way. When I got up 1 floor, I could hear this enchanting, beautiful song being played on a piano. I went over to where the piano was. A woman was playing it with her Jigglypuff sitting on it. I stood there listening to her playing the song to the end. When she was done, I clapped for her.



Matthew: Wow. You played that very well.

Piano Lady: Thanks. Playing the piano is something I’ll never get tired of.

Matthew: I would hope not. That was very good what you just played.

Piano Lady: Hehe. You’re very kind. I love it when the wonderful audience takes time to listen to my music.

Matthew: Well hopefully you’ll be playing more.

Piano Lady: Oh I will! Are you by any chance going to the banquet that’s being held on the lower floor later?

Matthew: Yes I am.

Piano Lady: Then you’ll be hearing me play there.

Matthew: Well great! I look forward to hearing you playing the piano beautifully.


I turned around and started to continue my way to the Captain’s room as the piano lady started to play a new song. When I walked into the room, I could see a heavy set man in the chair ahead of me. He looked up at me and smiled.



???: Ahh. Matthew correct?

Matthew: Yes. And I take it you’re Augustus?

Augustus: Yes. Augustus Briney to be exact.

Matthew: So you’re the captain of this ship huh?

Augustus: Haha. Indeed. Let me ask you. How are you enjoying your voyage to the Aevium Region?

Matthew: Ohh it’s great! I had a great time yesterday. I registered for the Aevium League.

Augustus: Ahh. I remember back in my day when I used to do that. I’m sure your mother has already told you but I’ve retired from that life.

Matthew: She also told me you used to quite the trainer.

Augustus: She’s not wrong young man.

Matthew: Too bad you don’t battle anymore. I’d love to have a battle with you.

Augustus: If only it were earlier in my life. Alas, we cannot.

Matthew: I know. So what do you know about Aevium?

Augustus: Well for starters, there’s a lot to do there. I doubt you’ll ever be bored there.

Matthew: I hope not. Especially since I’m looking for a challenge here.

Augustus: So your mother tells me. I know you might have already heard this but I’ll lay it all out for you anyways. Because of the size of Aevium, there’s more than your ordinary amount of Gym Leaders.

Matthew: Ahh. I wondered why there were 18 and not 8. Still though. That’s exciting enough.

Augustus: And I’m sure you’ve been told this as well but there’s not an Elite 4 but an Elite 8.

Matthew: Why the extra members of the elite?

Augustus: That I am not sure of. Maybe they just wanted to make it difficult. But this part is important for you. Pokemon act slightly different in this region.

Matthew: Yea. I was told that. Apparently if I want my Pokemon to get stronger, I need to get more Gym Badges.

Augustus: That is exactly right. It shows them how much potential you have in your skills.

Matthew: Ahh. Thank you. I did already know about most of that stuff but it was actually kind of exciting to hear all of that again.

Augustus: Well that’s good. I am going to head downstairs and prepare for the banquet. It starts in half an hour.

Matthew: Great. Me and my mom will see you there.


Augustus exited the Captain’s room to get the banquet prepared. I followed suit and went down the flight of stairs. When I reached the bottom, I felt my leg bump into something. When I looked down, I could see that it was a Wynaut. I felt a little bad for accidentally bumping into it.


Matthew: Hey there little guy. You ok?

Wynaut: Wynaut Wy.~

Matthew: Ohh. Good. I was afraid I hurt you.

Wynaut: -starts to jump up and down- Wynaut!

Matthew: Haha. You sure seem to be a friendly Pokemon.

Wynaut: Wynaut Wynaut Wy!~



Matthew: Well, you should get back to your trainer. You probably have them worried. Later. -leaves the area-

Wynaut: -sighs happily- Wynaut.~


I went back down to the floor I was on when I woke up. I decided to check on the other rooms. None of the people seemed to care if I was in there or not. A person in the 1 room I went into said he could hear people talking into the next room. The room next to this 1 was my moms. I decided to put my ear up against the wall and see if I could hear anything. I could hear something. It was my mom but also another woman. Apparently her name was Crescent. I couldn’t hear everything that was said but what I did hear made me feel uneasy. This woman seemed to have made my mother make us both move to this region for whatever reason and also seemed to being bossy with my mother. I took my ear away from the wall not wanting to hear anymore. I regretted doing that. Now I would be all anxious for this banquet. I decided to hang out in my room for a bit to try to calm down. But as I got in there, I could hear the door handle start to turn and quite viciously too which was strange. Something in my gut told me this wasn’t gonna be good so I hid underneath my bed. I could hear footsteps walking all over the place. I could only assume it was to make sure that the coast was clear. Then, I could hear them talking.


???: So when are we going to act out what’s planned?

???: Very soon. Nastasia’s about to arrive on the S.S. Oceana.

???: How exactly are we going to go about this? I can’t really say I’m too good with handling explosives.

Matthew: -whispering- Explosives?!

???: Don’t worry about that then. I’ll be the 1 who deals with that stuff. All we have to do is worry about when we get the signal. For now let’s just lay low and try not to be noticed ok? E ven if someone were here listening to us right now…. they wouldn’t be able to find us. Let’s separate now.


I waited til I couldn’t hear footsteps anymore and then I scrambled from underneath the bed. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. People were planning on blowing up this ship? Why? I knew I had to tell someone. I looked at the clock in my room and it was already 2 in the afternoon. I decided to go to the banquet. When I got to the doors, however, my mother spooked me by talking behind me.


Matthew: Ahh!

Mom: Ohh deary me! I’m sorry.

Matthew: No. It’s uhh… it’s ok. Hey mom? Is… is everything alright?

Mom: Yes dear. Of course. Why?

Matthew: I’m just making sure.

Mom: Are you ok?

Matthew: I…

Mom: Sweetie, you know if you need to talk, I’m here for you.

Matthew:… Someone has brought explosives onto the ship.

Mom: What?!

Matthew: Some people came into my room and they were discussing about explosives and the ship.

Mom: Oh my… Ok. We’re gonna go into the banquet now. I’m pretty sure Augustus has prepared a speech for everyone on the boat. When he gets done with the speech, I’ll go and tell him what’s going on.

Matthew: Sounds good.

Mom: Now, let’s go in shall we?


The 2 of us opened the door and entered the banquet. Turns out we were the last guests to arrive. Augustus then started his speech.


Augustus: Greetings everyone! It is my pleasure to host this lovely banquet on this magnificent day! This marks the end of our journey together. I hope that this trip will stay with you in your memory forever. And perhaps 1 day we shall see each other again! And with that all said and done, I’d like the banquet to commence!

Mom: Alright. I’m gonna go talk t-

???: Sorry, but I’m going to have to postpone this little party.

Matthew: No…


Just then, 3 individuals came walking up to the top of the room. They were wearing weird uniforms. These had to be the people that came into my room earlier.



Augustus: Who are you 3? What is the meaning of this?

???: We’re going to need all of you to stay put and listen very carefully. We have explosives on board this ship and any act of rebellion will result in a calamity none of you can afford. So let’s just get through this nice and easy ok?

Augustus: Wait a moment. Are you telling me that y-you’re hijacking the ship?

???: Hijacking? Hahaha. No. That’s too barbaric. We’re here to pick up someone.

Matthew: You motherfu-

Mom: G-Get Matt out of here now!

Matthew: Huh?

???: Don’t make any funny movements! No one’s leaving this room, you hear?

???: Hmph.

???: I said don’t move!

Mom: Get them out of him out of here right this instant!

???: Gothitelle, you know what to do.

Matthew: What do you mean mom? How am I sup- Agh! Ooo. What happened?… Huh?!


I stood up from the ground and checked my surroundings. I wasn’t in the banquet room anymore. I was in the Captain’s Room but something was wrong. There were holes in the floor and the lights were off. When I looked at 1 of the holes on the floor, a tentacle of sorts popped up through it and started to wiggle. I was horrified. It looked like it had an eye in the center and it was staring at me. Another 1 popped up through a hole on the other side.



I ran out of the room horrified. The ship had definitely taken some damage but I didn’t get why. My mind was trying to wrap around what happened to me. As I ran down the steps, I met the Piano Lady.


Matthew: The Piano Lady?

Piano Lady: Hey! You’re the kid that disappeared out of thin are down at the banquet right?

Matthew: I guess? I don’t know what happened.

Piano Lady: We have to get off of this ship.

Matthew: What happened?

Piano Lady: The moment you disappeared, some guy detonated an explosive on the hull of the S.S. Oceana.

Matthew: Oh my Arceus! I forgot about that! Is anyone hurt?!

Piano Lady: I’m not sure but water is rushing in at an alarming rate. If we don’t find a way out soon…

Matthew: We’ll be dead.


The 2 of us looked at a hole that was on the floor. Another 1 of those tentacles came up wiggling around and it appeared they were staring at us. Both of us were kind of disgusted by that.


Matthew: The hell are those things?!

Piano Lady: I don’t know… They seem harmless but they seem to be watching our every move.

Matthew: Are they looking for something?

Piano Lady: Maybe…

Matthew: Ugh! This isn’t how the trip was supposed to go! It was supposed to be nice and pleasant and-

Piano Lady: Hey hey. Don’t lose your cool. Yes this is bad but… we’ll be alright.


I could tell that she was just trying to put on a brave facade to try to calm me down but I could see through it. I appreciated her for trying to calm me down though.


Piano Lady: Listen, you go on ahead.

Matthew: Well what about you? What are you gonna do?

Piano Lady: I’m gonna stay here and see if anyone else needs help.

Matthew: Alright… Be careful.


We both looked at each other for 1 last time before I went to the floor below. When I got there, I went right into the banquet room in hopes of finding my mother. The only person in there was Augustus. He looked horrendously distraught.


Matthew: Augustus! Are you ok?

Augustus: Matthew! Ohh am I glad to see you’re alright. I’m… ok. It seems like… this perfect day has taken quite the turn hasn’t it?

Matthew: No fucking shit!

Augustus: Err… Sorry.

Matthew: It’s ok. Just… who the hell would do this?

Augustus: I’m not sure but to do this without remorse? That’s scary.

Matthew: Hey wait… Where’s my mother?

Augustus: Your mother? I’m sorry but I don’t know. When the bomb exploded, it knocked me out cold. When I came around, everyone in the room was gone.

Matthew: Damnit. -sighs- Well you’re ok at least.

Augustus: For now at least. Water is gushing through the belly of the ship as we speak. And soon, the S.S. Oceana will rest at the bottom of the sea… forever.

Matthew: Well what do we do?

Augustus: I don’t know. I think I’m just gonna stay in here for a bit more… wallow in my own misery for a bit.

Matthew: Are you crazy?! Ugh. Well don’t stay too long or you’ll join the ship as well.

Augustus: Yes. I know. You should try to get out of here though. I know there were some people at the exit of the boat looking for a way to stop the water level from rising. Speak to them. They might have seen your mother.

Matthew: Alright…


I left Augustus in the room and went to find the people at the exit of the boat. There were 2 people in the water trying to get it out but it seemed as no matter what, more water just kept rushing in. As they looked out the opening of the boat however, they could see something coming towards them. Then, in a split second, they appeared right before the 2 people and took them from the ship. Everyone that witnessed that were in shock and horrified.



Passenger #1: They kidnapped those 2 people!

Passenger #2: What the hell were they?!

Matthew: Were they… Deoxys?

Passenger #3: We need to hide! The Cargo Hold should do the trick!

Passenger #1: But that person won’t let anyone pass!

Matthew: I’ll get him to move and then come back for you all!


I ran up the steps and up to the man that was blocking the way to the Cargo Hold. He was persistent on not moving. Then all of a sudden, a woman’s shriek could be heard. 1 of those things came up and took the man that was blocking the way. I jumped back in surprise. I scrambled to my feet and went to tell the others that we could go but they weren’t there anymore. More of those things must have came in and taken them. I had no other choice but to go to the Cargo Hold myself. As I got down there, holes sprang up and water started to rush in. I went into the water and finally got into the Cargo Hold. I could see my mom and her Sylveon though. It seemed as though she was trying to find a way to control the water but wasn’t able to. Sylveon turned around and saw me and then alerted mom.


Mom: Hmm? What is it Sylveon? -turns around- Matt?! Is that you?!



Matthew: Who else would it be?!

Mom: -runs up to me and hugs me with Sylveon- B-But what are you doing here? I thought you were somewhere safe…

Matthew: How the hell did I teleport?!

Mom: I’ll tell you later. I’m just… happy you’re ok.

Matthew: I’m happy you’re ok too.

Mom: I guess all that matters is that we’re together again right?

Matthew: Yea but we should hurry. There are these… things kidnapping people from the boat!

Mom: Well I guess we can use my Pokemon to surf on the water but as for the other people…

???: Sorry to disappoint but you’ll be joining them shortly. Do you really think you’re safe from our onslaught?

Matthew: Who said that?!


We looked towards the floor and could see 4 purple dots appear and then an N formed and a woman appeared before us.



???: We came here for 1 purpose and 1 purpose only and we’re not leaving until we’ve fulfilled that purpose.

Mom: Are you the 1 who’s behind this attack?!

???: Perhaps but that’s not something I’m comfortable sharing.

Matthew: Ohh you fucking bitch.

???: Well don’t you just have a mouth only a mother would love. Anyways, the only thing that truly matters right now is your apprehension.

Matthew: Wait. Apprehension?

Mom: My apprehension?

???: Correct. What? Did you think Matthew was our target?

Matthew: Wait. How do you know my name?!

???: That’s not important right now.

Mom: I don’t understand. If all you wanted was me, then why go so far to destroy the S.S. Oceana?!

Matthew: Everyone was so confused and didn’t know what was going on! And then you had those things kidnap them!

???: Ahh. So you’ve witnessed those Dexoys ehh?

Matthew: Dexoys?

???: Almost sounds like Deoxys and they do look like them too but they are different. And we kidnapped them because… witnesses can be such a bother. It’s better if we just wipe them all out.

Matthew: What?!

Mom: And if someone happened to get out? They would spread awareness.

???: That won’t be happening though. It wouldn’t be too bad considering most people think we’re quite passive anyway.But it’s time! It’s time for people woke up from this dream of safety they have going on!


The ship swayed a bit as it was starting to take on more water. I didn’t know what to do but I was ready for a fight if it came to that. My mom seemed relaxed for some reason though. She recalled her Sylveon and tried to hand me her PokeBalls. I was confused with what she was doing. She then instructed me to get off the ship and that her Pokemon would help me. I protested this but she insisted that I did this.


Matthew: But mom-

Mom: Hun… I’ll be ok as long as I know you’re safe and sound. That’s all that matters to me.

Matthew: Mom… Fine. I’ll do it.

???: Sorry but no can do. That’s not gonna happen.


Just then 3, as this woman called them, Dexoys appeared out of nowhere, separating me from my mother. She was determined to complete her mission.



Matthew: Damnit!

???: Don’t think you’re safe. I’m going to deal with you next Matthew.


Just then, the 3 of us heard something crack from high above. I could hear someone yelling “Look out below!” I looked up and could see something big falling towards us. I moved back just in time as a piano came crashing down on top of the Dexoys.



Then I remembered where the piano used to be and who was there.


Matthew: Piano Lady!?… Piano Lady?! Damn… Damnit! Damnit! DAMNIT! Those Dexoys must have gotten her after pushing the piano off the ledge.

???: What the- What happened?!

Mom: Matt! Go! NOW!


I knew there was nothing else I could do so I did as my mother told me to do. I ran out of the Cargo Hold and ran towards the deck of the ship. But once I got there, a strange looking man was standing there. The girl from before was soon behind me. I was trapped.



Matthew: -thinking to myself- Fuck! What do I do now?!

???: Did you think you were done with me? Be a good little boy and come back with us. There’s no point in fighting back.

Matthew: -grabs the Moon Ball- I’d rather go down trying than to just give up.

???: Tsk tsk tsk. This will just make things worse for you in the lon-

???: Taaalonflaaame!

???: What is that?!


We all looked up towards the sky. All I could see was a blazing orange thing rushing towards the boat. It swooped down, its claws gripped me by the shoulders and took off with me in blinding speed.





1 hour




Question Of The Thread #2 - Do you think that the whole "Team Xen attacking the ship" scene should be different? If yes, what would you change/add?

My Answer - I really wouldn't change anything about it. What I think they should have kept, which this was from 1 of this games earlier versions, was that the tentacles could capture some of the passengers on the boat and take them through the hole. That was kind of terrifying but really cool when I saw that and was kind of disappointed they took that part out.


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Matthew: Ahh! I’m glad you rescued me but could you hurry it up Talonflame?!

Talonflame: Talon!


I was dangling above the weird looking waters of Aevium in the rain. At least I assumed it was Aevium. This random Talonflame had snatched me up from that sinking ship and saved me from those bad people. But why did it do that? Not like it knew me or anything. Soon, I could see a harbor of sorts. The Talonflame started to decline and soon, I was on the ground. The bird Pokemon then flew in front of me and sat down.


Matthew: Ohh geez. That was a close call. Thanks. But… My mom-

???: Talonflame, did you find anything?

Matthew: Huh?


A boat came rushing towards the area and went inside a shed. I wasn’t paying attention to the water because I didn’t want to think of this bird dropping me in it and drowning. It parked inside the shed and a woman, all in red, including her hair, came out. She ran over to us looking concerned.



???: Oh my. Are you ok? You were on the S.S. Oceana weren’t you?

Matthew: Yea… Was not a pretty sight with what went down there.

???: What happened?


I spent what seemed like hours explaining to this woman what happened. She seemed horrified with what I was saying but I couldn’t blame her. If the roles were reversed, I’d look horrified at hearing this story as well.


???: I see… So that’s what happened.

Matthew: Yea. It’s horrible.

???; I saw most of what happened go down.

Matthew: You did?

???: Yea. I tried my best to get there as fast as I could but…

Matthew: It’s alright. You tried.

???: I know… But fortunately, my trusty Talonflame here is fast. We got there just in time to rescue you.

Matthew: Thank you. And thank you Talonflame.

Talonflame: Talon Talonflame!~

Tesla: Oh! I haven’t introduced myself! My name is Tesla.

Matthew: I’m Matthew.

Tesla: Well it’s glad to meet you Matthew. Although, I wish the circumstances were different.

Matthew: Tch. You can say that again.

Tesla: That ship’s most likely sunk to the bottom of the sea by now.

Matthew: That sucks but I’m glad I’m not still on it. I just… I wish I know what happened with my mom.

Tesla: Well from what you’ve told me about her, you shouldn’t worry too much. I’m sure she’s doing fine.

Matthew: I hope so. We were supposed to start our new lives here today. And now? It’s gone to shit.

Tesla: It’ll be alright Matthew.

Matthew: Who are these assholes anyways?

Tesla: Well Team Xen usually aren’t the most competent group out there.

Matthew: Team… Xen?

Tesla: Is this the 1st time you’ve heard of them?

Matthew: Yea. Never heard of them before.

Tesla: Well all anyone really knows about them is that they’re a criminal organization that no 1 really knows about.

Matthew: Well after today, I’m pretty sure they’re gonna be known.

Tesla: This is really shocking. They’re usually all bark and no bite. I wonder if whatever they’re planning has finally gone into action?

Matthew: Well I don’t care what they’re plans are. I’m going after them to get my mother back!

Tesla: I don’t blame you. But… you’re all alone now aren’t you?

Matthew: I don’t mind being alone. I just have no idea what to do now.

Tesla: Hmm. Before you said that you and your mom were starting your new lives here right?

Matthew: Yea. I don’t know what my mom was gonna do but I was gonna start my Pokemon adventure here.

Tesla: I know what you should do then. Go to the Gearen Laboratory.

Matthew: The Gearen Laboratory?

Tesla: Yea! You can go there and get your starter Pokemon and start your journey.

Matthew: You’re suggesting for me to start my journey now while my mom is missing? Are you dumb?

Tesla: You’re gonna need to get stronger to face them. Might as well start your adventure now to help with that.

Matthew:… Yea. I suppose you’re right. Sorry for calling you dumb.

Tesla: It’s ok. You’re stressed out. Anyone would be in this case. Well, I think I’m gonna go to the wreck site to see if I can find anymore survivors.

Matthew: Where is this laboratory?

Tesla: Just keep heading up. You’ll get there. Although, you’ll probably need to get verified 1st. You’ll be doing that before you set foot in Gearen City.

Matthew: Alright. Thanks Tesla. I’m feeling a bit better now.

Tesla: Good. I’m glad. -gets on top of Talonflame- You know, I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Things will work out eventually of you’re patient.



Matthew: Well being patient isn’t really my thing.

Tesla: Well looks like you have to be patient now. Anyways, I’m sure we’ll see each other soon Matthew!


Tesla had me move aside. She then instructed her Talonflame to use Tailwind and they left swiftly to see if they could find anymore people in the waters where the S.S. Oceana used to be. I went up north and came into a building. I went up to the counter with a woman there. She looked up to me and gave me a smile. I gave 1 back although it was a bit weird since I wasn’t all that happy.



Mable: Hello there. My name’s Mable. Welcome to Aevium Immigration.

Matthew: Uhh… Hey.

Mable: Do you have your passport?

Matthew: No. I… dropped it in the ocean.

Mable: That’s terrible. Ohh this simply just won’t do.~ Do you at least have a Train Card? Those can double as passports.

Matthew: Ohh yea! I do.

Mable: Excellent. Follow me for a second.


I followed the girl to another counter with a girl behind it. She handed her my Trainer Card. She put it into a machine and in a couple of seconds, it showed that the card was verified. The girl, who’s name was Sable, gave Mable my Trainer Card and then she handed it over to me.


Sable: Congratulations Matthew! You are now a verified citizen of Aevium as of this moment!

Mable: Yes. Congratulations. Now you can move around Aevium without any restrictions. Good luck out there Matthew.

Matthew: Thank you both.


 I followed Mable back to her work area. She left the door open and I was able to go through. When I got outside, I could see how Gearen City looked. There were these weird things on the ground. I had no idea what they were or what they were used for. The buildings looked nice though. Straight ahead looked like an important building. I walked up to it and read the sign in front.


Matthew: “Gearen Laboratory.” Well looks like I’m here. -walks into the building- Whoa. Nice.

Amanda: Hey. Are you Matthew? -runs up to me-



Matthew: Wait… Amanda?

Amanda: What took you so long to get here? I thought you ditched me!

Matthew: Well I don’t know if you’ve heard or not but-

Amanda: Well now that you’re here, we can get started!

Matthew: But I’m trying to-


But before I could finish my sentence, Amanda bolted upwards. I felt annoyed that she wouldn’t let me tell her what happened but I figured she was gonna hear about it sooner or later. I soon followed her upwards and could see her talking to someone.


Amanda: Yes! The new trainer is finally here!~

Matthew: Not really new but yea. I’m here.

Amanda: Alright! Right this way Matthew!

???: Hold on Amanda.

Amanda: Umm… Uh-oh…


The 2 of us turned around and were greeted by a young man dressed as if he worked in this place. He looked very proper.



???: And where have you been? I’ve tried getting in touch with you for weeks now. Why haven’t you gotten back to me?

Matthew: Wait. Weeks? That sounds troubling.

???: Also, that hat is new. Did you buy it during your trip to Grand Dream City?

Amanda: I was just you know… I’ve been busy and stuff. And yep! I bought this hat at GDC. Stylish, ain’t it?

???: Sure. Well, while you were “busy” shopping, I’ve already gone ahead and finished our project. All I need you to do is to deliver it to Zumi for me. I believe she’s at the Magnolia Library right now studying.

Amanda: Uhh… Oh! You know, I would, but I’m totally busy here with Matthew.

???: Another new trainer? I see.

Matthew: Again, not new but I’m here.

???: Ahh. Apologies then.

Amanda: Yep! Ohh right. You don’t know who this is right? Matthew, meet Jan. Jan, meet Matthew.

Matthew: Nice to meet you Jan.

Jan: Nice to meet you as well Matthew. I’m Amanda’s brother.

Matthew: She is huh? She’s a pain I take it?

Amanda: Hey!

Jan: You have no clue.

Amanda: You realize that we co-manage the league right?!

Matthew: You do?

Jan: If by “co-manage” you mean “Jan does all the work while Amanda plays outside”… then yea. I do co-manage.

Amanda: Hey. That’s not a nice thing to say. Besides, you know I’m better with more hands on stuff Jan. You’re better with the paperwork anyways. I mean honesty, is it such a good idea to pin me with all the legal documentation the league requires?

Jan:… I suppose you’re right. If I left you with all that stuff, you’d make sure everything burned down to the ground.

Amanda: I didn’t say-

Jan: Anyways, since you’re not willing to deliver this for me, I’ll do it myself.

Amanda: Well ok. You do that!

Jan: See you 2 later.

Matthew: Later Jan. -watches as he leaves- You 2 always like that?

Amanda: Yep! So I’ll meet you inside the actual lab ok?

Matthew: Yea. Sure. I’ll see you in there in a bit.


Amanda went up and into the lab. I explored the place a bit more. It was an interesting place to say the least. I decided it was time to go into the lab as well but when I was gonna go through the door, someone knocked into me, both of us falling down.



Matthew: Ow! Ugh. My day just keeps getting better and better.

???: Owie… Sorry about that.

Matthew: It’s alright. You ok?

???: Yes. However, I’m in a rish. Please excuse me.


The girl stood up and ran down towards the exit of the building. I walked through the door with Amanda waiting for me. The 2 of us walked up to the top of the room. I could hear someone talking to who I assumed was the professor but I wasn’t paying attention. I was thinking too much about if my mom was ok or not. When Amanda announced that she brought me in, the man jumped and turned the tv off.



???: Oh! Amanda! I didn’t think you’d get here so soon.

Matthew: You got a nice place here Professor… Uhh-

Prof. Jenner: Jenner. Professor Jenner.

Amanda: Wait wait. So soon? Don’t you mean late?

Prof. Jenner: It doesn’t matter. Welcome to my laboratory Matthew!

Matthew: Thanks for the warm welcome.

Prof. Jenner: You’re quite welcome. Now, I am the lead scientist here at Gearen Lab. I was hired by Jan and Zumi-

Amanda: Professor, must you always put the trainers through this lengthy introduction?!

Prof. Jenner: I beg your pardon?

Matthew: No offense prof but I’d really like to get through this as fast as possible.

Prof. Jenner: Ah. Well I suppose you’re right then Amanda. In that case, please take Matthew and help them choose right away!

Amanda: Ooooo man! This is the best part!

Matthew: You get excited easily don’t you Amanda?


Amanda brought me over to the side and then pressed a button. I could here gates being lowered. She instructed me on choosing my starter Pokemon. It looked in each section. They kept the starters in this little environmental areas. It was quite interesting.





I walked past each 1 a couple of times. I finally went into the fire area and walked up to a Chimchar. It looked up at me and smiled. I felt a certain connection with this little Fire Type for some reason.



Matthew: Hey there. Do you wanna be my Pokemon?

Chimchar: -jumps up and down excitedly- Chim Chimchar! Chimchar!

Matthew: That’s great. Well I have a PokeBall here for you.


I stuck out the PokeBall to Chimchar. The little Pokemon touched the ball and was transported inside the PokeBall, automatically being caught. I kind of felt excited. I had a new Pokemon on my team but better yet, a new friend. I went back over to Amanda to tell her I made my decision.


Amanda: Did you make your decision yet?

Matthew: Yep. Take a look for yourself. -takes out Chimchar’s PokeBall and calls him out-

Chimchar: Chimchar.

Amanda: Hell yea! That’s a nice choice Matthew.

Matthew: Thanks. I felt a certain connection with it.

Amanda: Did you give it a nickname?

Matthew: No but I am thinking of 1.

Amanda: Hmm. -pulls out her Pokedex and scans Chimchar- Ooo. Your Chimchar is female.

Matthew: It is? Hmm. I think I got a good name for her then. Rousey. How you like the sound of that buddy?

Chimchar: -jumps up and down with joy- Chimchar char!

Matthew: Well I’m glad you like that.

Amanda: Hey. Have you had a battle yet in Aevium?

Matthew: No. Why?

Amanda: Because I’m gonna be your 1st opponent!

Matthew: Well… I suppose this will make me feel a little better. Sure. Why not. Let’s do this!




The 2 of us threw our PokeBalls out and started the battle. I chose to use Chimchar as Amanda used a Litten. It wasn’t a serious battle considering it was just a scratching battle but it felt good to have a Pokemon battle for the 1st time in ages. The battle was quick and and soon, Chimchar came out victorious. The feeling of winning a battle was awesome. We both returned our Pokemon back to our PokeBalls and shook each others hands.


Amanda: Gee willickers Mary Ann! I was blown away by your potential!

Matthew: Uhh… Thanks but it was just a scratching battle.

Amanda: Don’t forget, I’m a scout for the league. I have an eye for these things.

Matthew: Ok. I guess you have a point.

Amanda: Even though you have a long way to go to reach your full potential though, I’m positive that you’ll get there.

Matthew: Well thanks Amanda. That’s nice of you to say.

Amanda: No problem. Hehe. Ohh yea. Here’s a little something from me to get you started. -hands me a couple of PokeBalls-

Matthew: Ohh thanks. But I already have some in my bag.

Amanda: Ohh? Well you got extra ones now! Anyways, that’s all for me now. But I think Professor Jenner should get you all situated. Before I go, let me heal your Pokemon.


I brought out Chimchar and Amanda healed her. I thanked her for the heal and she told me good luck on my journey and left. I walked up to Professor Jenner’s desk. He seemed kind of nervous for some reason.


Prof. Jenner: Matthew! Congratulations on winning your 1st battle in the Aevium Region! Your journey here is just beginning!

Matthew: Thanks. Are you ok? You seem nervous for some reason.

Prof. Jenner: Nervous? No. I am alright. But I do have a personal favor to ask you.

Matthew: I’m really busy you know.

Prof. Jenner: Ahh. Yes. I apologize.

Matthew:… Alright. What is it?

Prof. Jenner: It has to do wi-

???: Professor Jenner, I’m back from my trip to Amethyst Cave!


A teenage boy came running up to the professors desk. He was all in dark clothing.



???: Here are the Pokemon you lended me.

Prof. Jenner: Ah Ren… You got back quickly.

Matthew: Ren huh?

Ren: Mhm. I got research on all the Pokemon you requested too. I told you that hiring me as your assistant was a good idea! I get the job done.

Matthew: So you’re the assistant to the professor here? Nice. Must be interesting.

Ren: It is! Ohh wait. Who are you? Are you a new recruit?

Prof. Jenner: Not a new recruit, but a new trainer.

Matthew:… Not even gonna bother saying it anymore.

Ren: Ohh! A trainer huh? Well if that’s the case… Let’s see how you do in battle!

Matthew: So you want to give me my 2nd victory today? Sure. Let’s do this!




We through out our Pokemon and the battle begun. He had chosen Froakie while I had again chose to use Chimchar. Just like the last battle, this 1 was just a quick scratch/pound battle and I, yet again, came out victorious. Ren seemed shocked by the loss.


Ren: You won? Wow. I really didn’t think I’d lose. You’re really good at this!

Matthew: Thanks. You’re not bad either.

Ren: Well that was my 1st battle with a Pokemon I actually own.

Matthew: It is? Well you did alright for your 1st time.

Ren: I’m used to battling with the Pokemon Professor Jenner lends me when I take on more dangerous things.

Prof. Jenner: Speaking of which, I have another task for you when you’re ready.

Ren: Oh… Already? Do you mind if I take on that task a little later?

Prof. Jenner: Why’s that?

Ren: I promised some friends that I’d meet up with the after I came back.

Prof. Jenner: Well, you have been doing a great job so far. I suppose you can have the rest of the day off.

Ren: Thank you sir! I’ll see you tomorrow! And I’m sure we’ll see each other soon, I’m sure. Later! -leaves the area-

Matthew: Nice dude.

Prof. Jenner: Indeed he is. Now about that personal favor.

Matthew: Ohh yea. I forgot you were gonna ask me this. What do you want me to do?

Prof. Jenner: I have a daughter named Melia. I sent her to Route 1 and Goldenwood Forest a little while ago.

Matthew: You want me to go watch your daughter like a babysitter? Really?

Prof. Jenner: Do not get me wrong. I have faith that she’ll be able to take care of herself, but… I’d feel better if there was some to look after her. Of course, I won’t you do this without a reward.

Matthew: Hmm… Fine. I’ll do it.

Prof. Jenner: Good! Take these in advance then. -hands over a new Pokedex and a CyberNav-

Matthew: Oh wow. What’s this CyberNav thing though.

Prof. Jenner: It’s similar to the Pokegear. You can also check the Town Map and listen to music while travelling. I hear that there are other apps available for it as well. So be on the look out for those as well. You may be on your way now. Good luck.

Matthew: Thanks Jenner. I’ll see you later.


I walked down the room and through the doors. I was kind of excited to start my adventure but also a little annoyed about this favor I just accepted to do. But I was never 1 to turn down favors from someone. That got me thinking of my mom because that’s how she taught me. As I was continuing to walk, Jan came up from the entrance and saw me.


Jan: Matthew! Just the person I was hoping to run into.

Matthew: Hopefully you’re not gonna ask me for a favor as well. I’m already doing something for Jenner.

Jan: No no. I just wanted to show you a couple of things. That’s all. Won’t take long at all.

Matthew: Fine. Show me.

Jan: Follow me.


Jan opened up the way and we went through a door. I could see a bunch of things that I had never seen before.


Matthew: What… are these things?

Jan: I’m glad you asked. Let me show you.


He 1st showed me something called the PC Star. It was basically a way for me to access my stuff without it actually being a PC. The next thing he showed me were Healing Stars. There was a Red 1 where when you used it, it would deactivate. The Gold 1 I could use repeatedly. He then last showed me something called a Gym Guide panel. This 1 I was actually interested in. Whenever I would enter a Gym, I would see 1 of these panels and a special person would appear and give me advice on the Gym Leader I would be facing at that time. Once they were defeated though, it would no longer operate for me.


Jan: That’s everything I needed to show you.

Matthew: Thanks.

Jan: Feel free to try out any of these things before you leave. I have a lot of work todo, so I must go. Good luck on your journey Matthew!

Matthew: Thanks and good luck to whatever you’re doing!


Jan exited the room. I decided to try out the red Healing Star since Chimchar wasn’t healed after its last match. After touching it, it blackened out. Before I left, I was curious as to who this “special person” was that would appear with the Gym Guide panel. So I went over to it and pressed the button. I didn’t shock me too much to see a hologramic version of Jan to show up.


Matthew: Heh. I figured it would be you.

Jan: Well I guess the cat’s out of the bag now. I’m the special person.

Matthew: You don’t say.

Jan: But I must really get back to work. Later Matthew.


The panel turned off. I turned around and exited the room and headed towards the exit. When I got outside, I looked all around. I was finally starting my Pokemon adventure. For right now, it was to get stronger so I could save my mother from Team Xen. Before I started walking though, I felt something land on my head. I felt it and could feel feathers. I accidentally pulled 1 off and could see it was blue.


Matthew: Blue feather?… A Ducklett?

Ducklett: Ducklett.~



The little duck Pokemon jumped off of my head and landed in front of me. It bowed to me as if I was some kind of really important person or something.


Matthew: Well you’re a polite Ducklett aren’t you? I’m sorry I plucked out 1 of your feathers…

Ducklett: Ducklett Duck.~

Matthew: What did you land on my head for though?

Ducklett: Ducklett Ducklett lett Duck.~

Matthew: I have no clue what you’re saying but you seemed really fond of me.

Ducklett: -nods its head in agreement- Ducklett.~

Matthew: Do you wanna come with me on my journey?

Ducklett: -nods its head yes- Ducklett Duck.~

Matthew: -pulls out my Pokedex and finds out more info on the Ducklett- Well, you’re a female. Low level. But I can make you stronger. I think I’ll call you… Darlin’. How do you like that?

Ducklett: Ducklett Ducklett lett!~

Matthew: Well I’ll take that as you like the name. Hmm. What ball to catch you?… How about a Great Ba-


Before I could finish my sentence, the Ducklett pecked the Great Ball I head in my hand and caught itself. I never seen a Pokemon act like that before but I was excited I had a new Pokemon and a new friend to have with me on my adventure.





Gible (Taka)/Male/Level 5

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Rough Skin

Held Item: None

Moveset: Tackle/Sand Attack



Duskull (Krep)/Male/Level 5

Nature: Careful/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Night Shade/Leer/Destiny Bond



Chimchar (Rousey)/Female/Level 8

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Iron Fist

Held Item: None

Moveset: Ember/Leer/Scratch



Ducklett (Darlin')/Female/Level 5

Nature: Timid/Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: None

Moveset: Water Gun/Water Sport




Tesla: +10 (10/10) - Very nice woman. I'm so thankful to her for having her Talonflame rescue me from that ship. If she hadn't don that... I don't know what would have happened to me.


Amanda: +5 (10/10) - Seems like a cool person. Kind of lazy with her work though. Really likes helping new trainers too it seems... Although I am NOT a new trainer!


Jan: +6 (6/10) - Very hard working obviously. I'm glad he showed me those star things and the Gym Guide panel. I'm more prepared for this region now.


Professor Jenner: - +3 (3/10) - While I am grateful for him giving me stuff for my journey, I'm a little annoyed he has me basically on babysitter duty for his daughter. I know I said I'd do it but I REALLY don't want to. This is distracting me further from finding my mother.


Ren: +5 (5/10) - Seems really enthusiastic. I could see him as being my rival.




2 and a half hours




Question Of The Thread #3 - Which version of the game was your favorite to pick out your starter Pokemon?

My Answer - I would have to choose V9. There was a grassy area, a lake and like a mini mountain. It made sense for them to be connected and that the Pokemon could go into other territories. Also, I liked the little battle arena there. I mean I don't mind the 1 we have now but it feels like you're trapping them. The way before, they at least had some freedom.


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I looked on my CyberNav and looked at the map on it. The way to get to Goldenwood Forest was to go up, get on a train, and then continue up north. But as I was about to go there, I thought to myself. I didn’t have to go there right away. I mean what was this Melia doing anyways that would require me to watch over her immediately? So instead, I started to explore the entire East side of Gearen. Luckily for me, there were also Pokemon Trainers all over the place. Thanks to them, my team had gotten somewhat stronger. I was loving every second of this. I went inside 1 of the buildings and went up a floor. As I was exploring the place, a woman came over and started talking to me.



Woman: Hello there and welcome to the 1st floor of the Velvet Building.

Matthew: Thanks. So what do you do here?

Woman: Well, this floor contains a small branch of a growing company from Grand Dream City. I don’t suppose you’ve heard of our new PokeBall technology?

Matthew: New PokeBall technology? Uhh… No. Can’t say I have.

Woman: Is that so? Well then, how about we play a game.

Matthew: What kind of game?

Woman: In my hands, I have 2 prototype PokeBalls as we speak. Choose a hand and I’ll give you that ball.

Matthew: Hmm… Left.

Woman: Congrats! You chose the Mineral Ball! -hands me the Mineral Ball-

Matthew: So what’s special about this ball?

Woman: Well a Mineral Ball is great at catching Ground, Rock and Steel Type Pokemon.

Matthew: That’s actually pretty cool. Thanks.

Woman: Ohh it’s no problem dear. Good luck on your journey!


It was cool to see that new types of PokeBalls were being made over here in Aevium. I went on my way and explored the rest of the building. I went inside of another building, which was apparently called the Emerald Building, and was about to explore the entirety of it when I noticed a businessman in front of the elevator.



Matthew: Hey. You think you can move out of the way dude?

Man: Hmm? Do you want to use the elevator?

Matthew: Well… yea.

Man: But of course. You may use it.

Matthew:… Are you gonna m-

Man: After you entertain me with a Pokemon battle!


-2 moves later-


Matthew: Really? All of that and not even last 10 seconds?

Man: Umm… Fine. I’ll admit it.

Matthew: Admit what?

Man: This was my 1st Pokemon battle.

Matthew: Well I mean that’s o-

Man: Also, these Pokemon aren’t mine.

Matthew: What do you mean they aren’t yours? Who’s are they then?

Man: They’re my son’s Pokemon. I took them while he was at school so I could use them in a battle.

Matthew: Wow… Seriously?

Man: I wanted to try it out! I’d say it’s not bad for my 1st time, eh?


I gave the man a very stern look. He was obviously feeling embarrassed so he ran out of the building. I explored the building and then continued exploring the rest of the city. I headed up some stairs and 1 of the buildings caught my eye. I walked in front of a pure white building with a blue roof and gold on it. I read the sign in front of it. It said “Gearen Help Center.”



Matthew: What an interesting place… Perhaps I’ll come here sometime and see what it’s all about.


I went back down the steps and over to the right. I was amazed to see a lot more of the city. I wasn’t complaining though. I loved exploring new places. Soon though, I was really glad that I explored this side of the city. I finally came across the 1st gym of this region. I stared up at it.



It was just a basic building but it was more than that to me. It was gonna be apart of my life. This place and many other Gym places. I knew what I was doing what I was done looking after this Melia girl. I then explored most of the area. The last place I went inside was the Chrisola Hotel. I walked inside and was taken aback by how nice the place looked. As I walked more into the place, the clerk called out to me.



Clerk: Hey! You! What are you doing here?

Matthew: I’m just looking around.

Clerk: Looking around huh? Right. I’m sure you’re looking for a free night here. Well if you’re here for a reservation, let me make this simple for you. There’s no way someone like you would be able to afford our extremely opulent services.

Matthew: Really? Psh. Whatever. I would never want to stay here anyways.

Clerk: Good! With that being said, do me a favor and-

???: Weeeee!!!!


The clerk and I looked in the direction of the noise. I didn’t know what it was but something was barreling at me with someone on it.



I had no time to move out of the way and it crashed into me. It made me fall onto my back, causing me pain.


Matthew: Ow! That hurt like a bitch!

???: Owie powie kazowie, lowie!

Clerk: M-Ms. Blakeory! What on earth are you doing?! How many times do I have to tell you not to use the trolleys in such a barbaric manner! And you’ve gone and hit this hooligan with it!

Matthew: I am NOT a hooligan old-timer!

Clerk: I pray to Arceus that they don’t file a lawsuit!

Matthew: I may do it just to annoy the fuck out of you!

Clerk: Why I never! Watch your tongue young man!

???: Aw, quit worrying so much! He don’t even have a scratch on him!

Matthew: Might not have a mark but my back hurts!

???: Hey! It’s your fault anyways! You got in the way of my trolley 1st! If anyone should be suing, it should be me suing you for the damages myself! Hehe.

Matthew: Ohh whatever.

???: But for real, sorry for slamming my trolley into you like that! It was an accident…

Matthew: -sighs- It’s ok.

???: Ohh yea! The name’s-

Clerk: Ms. Blakeory, stop wasting your time with this street rat!

Matthew: I swear to Arceus, if you call me a hooligan or street rat or anything of the sorts again, you’ll regret it!

Clerk: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. Anyways, the helicopter you requested is waiting for you on the roof as we speak!

???: Oh CRUD! I forgot I requested that… I haven’t even packed yet, hah… Val will kill me if I’m late again! Oh darn, what a bother! Eh, but who needs to pack when the world is your oyster! Because, well, you know what they say!~




Matthew: Sooo…

Clerk: What do they say?

???: Huh? Why would I know? I don’t know what they say. I was asking the 2 of you that.

Matthew: You’re a headache waiting to happen… Might be starting right now actually.

???: But anyways, I gotta go. It was nice crashing into you though! -leaves the area-

Clerk & Matthew: -sighs-


I quickly explored the Hotel but there wasn’t that much there except for a Battle Arena in 1 of the upper floors. I decided that I wasted enough time and headed over to the train station that would take me to Goldenwood Forest. I walked over there but when I got close, a thug stopped me.



Thug: Whoa there buddy. Sorry but this bridge has a toll.

Matthew: A toll? For what?

Thug: For me! Now you either pay it or turn back.

Matthew: Dude, I seriously don’t have time for this. Just get out of my way.

Thug: As soon as you give me the money, I will gladly move.

Matthew: You’re really doing this aren’t you? Alright. I’ll battle you.

Thug: You serious? You wanna battle me? You must be joking.

Matthew: You win, I’ll give you all of my money. I win, you get the fuck out of here.

Thug: Fine by me! I’m gonna send you packin’!


The battle began. I was expecting this battle to be easy but it was surprisingly challenging. At least from the ones I had battled already. But I had won the battle. He had a shocked expression on his face upon his defeat.


Thug: I-I thought the trainers in this town were supposed to be weak?!

Matthew: Well I’m not originally from here. So…

Thug: Damnit! My easy money making technique can’t go on if there are trainers like you walking around…

Matthew: Then leave. You did lose the bet after all.

Thug: Fine. I’ll leave and I probably won’t be back. But seriously? Screw you.


The thug went away and I was able to continue north towards the train station. But when I got there, there was an officer standing in front of the entrance.



Matthew: Hey. Can I get through?

Officer: Sorry but there’s been a power outage at this station. You’ll have to come back some other time.

Matthew: Seriously?! Ugh! How am I supposed to go see Melia now!?

Officer: Excuse me but did you just say Melia?

Matthew: Yes I did. Why?

Officer: I’ve been guarding this post all day and I can with certainty that Melia did not come this way.

Matthew: Wait. She didn’t come this way? Where the hell is she then?

Officer: I’m not sure but she’s not here. Good luck sir.

Matthew: Yea… Thanks for telling me…


I slowly walked away from the train station. I had no idea what to do now. I remembered that there was a park somewhere near. So I went there and sat on a bench.



I started to get in my thoughts and started to wonder what I was doing. Why was I doing something for the Professor of this region when my mom was kidnapped? I then started to feel bad that there were a couple of moments today where I was having fun while she was Arceus knows where and possibly hurt. I was starting to feel sad. While I was in my feelings, I started to hear loud music. Really loud music. I looked around but no 1 was in the park besides me. So I got up and tried to look for the source of the loud music.






Gible (Taka)/Male/Level 11

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Rough Skin

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Rage/Tackle/Sand Attack



Duskull (Krep)/Male/Level 10

Nature: Careful/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Night Shade/Leer/Astonish/Destiny Bond



Chimchar (Rousey)/Female/Level 10

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Iron Fist

Held Item: None

Moveset: Ember/Leer/Scratch/Taunt



Ducklett (Darlin')/Female/Level 11

Nature: Timid/Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/Defog/Water Gun/Water Sport




3 and a half hours




Question Of The Thread #4 - Do you explore everything and battle every trainer you can in Gearen City before you advance with the plot?

My Answer - Yes. Doesn't matter if I've restarted this game 10 times or more. I will most likely always do that because that completionist side of me will not let that go.


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I followed the sound of the loud music to a house somewhat in the middle of the East Gearen City. It was odd though because this was the only house I had seen since I explored this whole city. As I got closer to the house with the loud music, I could hear 2 people screaming inside.


???: WAIT! WAIT!

???: Veronica, turn that music down this instant!


???: I’ve had enough of your insolent bantering and noise pollution!

Matthew: What the fuck is going on in there?!

???: The neighbors are furious! The police have come to this house at least 3 times this week!



Veronica: Hey! What the fuck?! Turn the music back on! H-Hey! What are you-

???: I said I’ve had enough!

Veronica: NOOOOOO!!!


For a couple of seconds, there was no noise coming from the house. As I was stepping slowly closer, a heard a noise come from the roof of the house. When I looked up, I could see something falling back down onto the ground. It crash landed right in front of the door of the house. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It looked like a punk girl dressed out in purple, including her hair. She had somehow been thrown threw her roof and landed in front of her house. I ran over to her to make sure she was ok.



Matthew: Holy fuck! Are you ok?!

Veronica: Ahh… Damnit… It looks like I’ve been fatally wounded…

Matthew: I mean I bet that hurt like a son of a bitch but… you don’t seem that badly injured.

Veronica: It hurts… so bad… That awful old wretch… she’s gone too far this time.

Matthew: Who was that?

Veronica: My mother…

Matthew: Whoa… Remind me to stay on her good side if we ever meet.

Veronica: Listen to me… This is the end… I need to ask you for a favor…

Matthew: Ok. Seriously. You’re not that bad.

Veronica: Please… Just please… Listen to my last request in this cruel world…

Matthew: Ugh. Fine! What is it ohh cruel fated 1?

Veronica: A Pecha Berry… from the Berry Emporium…

Matthew: Really? A Pecha Berry?

Veronica: Yes… I need to taste a Pecha Berry 1 last time before I go…


I was irritated but I decided to just go get the girl her Pecha Berry. I went to the Berry Emporium, purchased a Pecha Berry and came back to the girl who was still lying on the ground.


Veronica: Did you… get me 1?

Matthew: Yea. Here you go. -hands her the Pecha Berry-

Veronica: Th-Thank you… E-Even though we’ve just met, it feels like we’ve been friends for a lifetime…

Matthew: Yea. Sure it has.

Veronica: But this is the end for me… I can see the light on the horizon. I-If only I was able to have 1 last Oran Berry too…

Matthew:… You have GOT to be kidding me.

Veronica: G-Goodbye…


I just stood there looking at her. I didn’t move an inch. I could see that she was getting annoyed that I wasn’t going to get her another berry. She sighed and gave up her little act and jumped up onto her feet.


Venam: Sup? The name’s Venam.

Matthew: Venam? I thought it was Veronica.

Venam: I can understand why you think that because of my mom but it’s Venam. If you call me Veronica, you’ll need more than an Oran Berry to heal your wounds.

Matthew: Suuuure I will. Anyways, my name’s Matthew.

Venam: Nice name.

Matthew: So, looks like you got… thrown out huh?

Venam: Yea but I’m used to it.

Matthew: That doesn’t shock me.

Venam: You’re being very cruel to me Matthew. I kind of like that.

Matthew: I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

Venam: But yes. This happens on a weekly basis. I play loud music, I get kicked out and then I get some poor sap to buy me free food.

Matthew: Don’t you even-

Venam: So does that mean you’re the poor sap this time around?

Matthew: Urgh!

Venam: Haha! I’m just teasing you! You don’t have to look at me like that.

Matthew: Well I’ve been getting called names all day today. Kind of getting me now.

Venam: I’ve gotten used to it. Hey! I have an idea! Why don’t you come hang out with me and my friends?

Matthew: Uhh… Well…

Venam: I promise you it’ll be fun. My friends are more responsible than me so it won’t go bad.

Matthew: Well… I guess I can. I don’t have anything else to do anyways.

Venam: Great! We hang out at the Abandoned Sewers.

Matthew: You and your friends… hang out in the sewers?

Venam: Mhm. It’s fun! You can find it by going directly south of here. And if you don’t show up, I’ll find you and demand that you buy me more food. And I assure you that I have expensive tastes all around.


I moved out of the way so she could go to this abandoned sewers. I was annoyed with this girl… but she was kind of cool too. But definitely annoying overall. I went south and eventually came across the entrance to the abandoned sewers. But what I saw wasn’t really shocking. Venam was trying to pull the same “trick” she did on me to Ren. And he was clearly irritated with it.



Ren: Just give it up Venam. Or should I say, Veronica…

Venam: -jumps up to her feet with rage in her eyes- WHAT DID I TELL YOU?! NEVER CALL ME VERONICA!

Ren: Yea I got it. Just open the door.

Venam: You’re horrible Ren. Just absolutely horrible. You wouldn’t grant a dying girl’s wish?

Ren: Wait. You’ve been a girl those whole time? Could’ve fooled me.

Venam: Matthew! Do you see how this guy treats me? It’s awful.

Matthew: I think he’s being too nice to you if I’m being honest.

Ren: Matthew’s here? Is this the 1 you were talking about before?

Venam: Yes it is. They granted a dying girl’s wish. Unlike someone I know.

Matthew: I only did it because you annoyed me into it. But then you tried to do it again for a 2nd time.

Ren: Yep. She’s tried to do that to me too.

Venam: Whatever. Sounds like you 2 already know each other so I’m skipping introductions. -opens the entrance and goes in-

Matthew: She’s annoying but like a good annoying.

Ren: There’s a way to be annoying in a good way?

Matthew: I’m… just a weird person.

Ren: Well that’s alright. Anyways, this works out well for everyone.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Ren: I’m sorry but I was eavesdropping before when the Professor asked you to look over Melia.

Matthew: Ehh. It’s ok. But how does this work out for everyone.

Ren: Well I’m sure you know by now that the train station isn’t operating right now.

Matthew: Yea. Some kind of power outage? I honestly can’t remember.

Ren: Well there’s an old power grid that the city still uses despite the actual sewer system being abandoned. It was shut down by an unknown force recently. Melia decided she wanted to see if she could fix it herself.

Matthew: Fix it herself? Does she know how to do stuff like that.

Ren: Well Professor Jenner is good with machines. I wouldn’t be surprised he’s taught her a few good things.

Matthew: Interesting. We should get going then huh?

Ren: Yea. Shouldn’t keep the ladies waiting. Let’s go.


The 2 of us entered the place but it wasn’t what I was expecting. It looked more like a resting area for workers. Ren turned around and introduced me to the place.



Ren: This is the lobby, but we’re basically there yea?

Matthew: Uhh… sure?

Ren: The abandoned sewers is a place where a ton of trainers come to level up their Pokemon.

Matthew: Ohh? Then I guess there’s more reason for me to be here. I need to train my Pokemon up as much as possible.

Ren: Well I’m not gonna pry into your life. Sounds important to you though. But… I may need some help getting through the sewers myself!

Matthew: So are you asking to team up with me?

Ren: If you don’t mind.

Matthew: Ehh. Sure. Why not? It’s not really in my nature to refuse someone asking for help.

Ren: Great! With my strength, everyone will quiver in fear at the mere sight of us!


The 2 of us stood there for a moment. I had no idea why in the world he had said that and he was obviously embarrassed. I went on ahead and he followed me. When we got to the actual sewer, I was surprised with how it looked. The smell was not all that good, but it wasn’t the worst. Ren started to show me all over the place. As he did so, the 2 of us got into a couple of double battles. This definitely helped toughen up my Pokemon. We started to head to the place where Melia and Venam were supposed to be. When we got there, Venam was out waiting for us.



Venam: About damn time you 2 got here! You took your sweet ass time! I’ve been withering away over here!

Matthew: Well you also kept us at the entrance so you’re to blame too!

Venam: Man, whatever. This is where we’re supposed to be. -heads inside

Ren: Nice 1. It usually takes me a bit to come up with a comeback like that.

Matthew: Well it’s not like I’m wrong. She did!

Ren: I guess you’re right. But we should go meet them.


As soon as we were close going through to the next area, the lights flickered and the doors in front of us closed. We tried opening it but the doors just wouldn’t budge. We were both annoyed at this.


Ren: You’ve gotten be kidding me.

Matthew: What happened?

Ren: The power supply flickered. Now we’re locked outside and Melia and Venam are locked inside.

Matthew: Well there’s gotta be a generator or something down here right?

Ren: Mhm. Follow me. We’ll reset it ourselves.


Ren took me to where the generators were. There were 3 huge ones in the room. I went to turn them on but Ren stopped me.



Matthew: What are you doing?

Ren: There’s a certain pattern you have to turn them on.

Matthew: Ok. So how do you do that?

Ren: Umm… I know Melia told me once. I think it went something like… 3 + 1 + 2? But what would-

Matthew: Got it. Hold on.


I went over to the 3rd generator and reset it. Then, I went to the 1st generator and reset it. Last, I went to the 2nd generator and reset it. The lights flickered again and it was officially reset.


Ren: Wow! You figured it out Matthew! Nice job!

Matthew: Wasn’t that hard. Now come on. Let’s get back to the girls.

Ren: Right!


We rushed back to where we were before the power supply reset. We walked through and could see a girl by a big machine and Venam on the ground again trying to get more berries again.


Venam: Please… I need more-

Matthew: Ignoring you.~

Ren: Seriously. At this point, I feel like you’re doing this just to be annoying.

Matthew: I think it’d be annoying whenever she does this.

Venam: Shush you!

???: Venam, I’m trying to focus here. Could you quiet down a bit?

Venam: Yea, I know I should but… I’m sooooo bored right now. Are you done fiddling with that computer yet?



???: Unfortunately, that’s a super negative. I can’t pinpoint the source of the error.

Matthew: That sounds like it sucks.

???: It does suck. It’s hopeless… I’ll never figure it out. Maybe I should just- Wait a moment… Have we met before? You look familiar.

Matthew: Kind of. You bashed into me before when I was getting my starter Pokemon.

???: Ohh yes! I remember now. I’m sorry…

Matthew: It’s ok. Not a big deal.

Melia: My name’s Melia. Nice to meet you…

Matthew: Name’s Matthew.

Melia: Well it’s nice to meet you Matthew.

Matthew: So… what do we do now?

Melia: I don’t know… I was originally gonna go to Goldenwood Forest but because of this power failure, I wasn’t able to go.

Venam: Welp, I guess that means the trip’s cancelled. Time to go back home and do nothing.

Matthew: Would you even be allowed back in right now?

Venam: Hmph… You’re alright Matt.

Matthew: You too Venam.

Melia: Well shoot. That’s a shame. But I suppose I can always go tomorrow. Ohh wait! We can check up on our experiment!

Ren: Do you mean those trash bags you left lying around?

Matthew: What kind of experiment has you just leave trash bags in this sewer?

Melia: Explain to Matthew what we’re talking about Ren please?

Ren: Sure. We basically are trying to see if the rumors about Trubbish and Garbodor are true. Apparently, if you leave trash in filth for a few days, there’s a chance it will mutate into Pokemon!

Matthew: Ohh. Well that is interesting actually.

Venam: But that’s not all we’re testing! We’re here to put Melia’s hidden ability to the test!

Matthew: Melia’s hidden ability?

Melia: Oh my- Venam! I don’t have any hidden abilities… Will you please stop telling people things that are just not true?

Venam: Melia, you have a bunch of shiny Pokemon! No 1 else has that luck!

Matthew: A team full of shinies huh? That is pretty cool actually.

Melia: Well… thank you for the compliment. But Venam is still wrong.

Venam: It’s a hidden ability and that’s that!

Melia: -sighs- I’m sure the experiment will be a failure anyways. There is no way trash bags can mutate into Pokemon in the 1st place.

Venam: Then check them already!

Matthew: Where’d you even leave them?


All 4 of us searched the room but couldn’t find any trace of the trash bags. Melia seemed severely confused as to why the trash bags weren’t there. Suddenly, from across the water, we all heard a Pokemon cry. We all looked over to the other side and could see a Garbodor walk into the room and start eating the wiring but there was something weird about it.


Melia: No way! Is that a Garbodor?! It’s eating the wiring! So that’s the reason the power’s been all over the place!

Matthew: Wait wait! Hold on! What the fuck is wrong with it!?

Ren: It’s a bit of a different color isn’t it?

Venam: It’s a shiny! It’s purple instead of green!

Matthew: That’s not a shiny Garbodor! Shiny Garbodor’s are blue!

Venam: Huh? What are you talking about?

Melia: Where are you from Matt?

Matthew: The Unova Region.

Melia: Ahh. That explains the confusion then. Shiny Pokemon in Aevium are different from other regions. No 1 knows why though.

Matthew: Ohh… Well it’s still weird but pretty cool.

Venam: Hey. Hold on. Where are the 2 trash bags I placed?


2 Trubbish came jumping out of the water. Garbodor then dove into the water. All of us were confused as to what exactly was going on right now. The Garbodor then jumped out of the water to up on top of the computer. It seemed like it was ready for a battle.



Melia: Ohh!

Matthew: Get out of the way Melia!

Ren: Matthew and I will take care of this!


Melia went behind us as Ren and I went up towards the computer to confront the Garbodor. The Trubbish that were there came to the aid of the Garbodor and the battle started.




Thanks to my Gible, the battle wasn’t very hard. Ren and I returned our Pokemon back to our PokeBalls. Just as the battle ended, Venam decided to catch 1 of the Trubbish.


Venam: Easy.

Matthew: Yea. After WE knocked it out.

Venam: I know. That’s why it was easy.

Ren: You 2 should go on and think about what you’ve done. You can’t go around attacking people because you want to.


The Garbodor seemed saddened by what it did and so, it and the Trubbish that wasn’t caught went into hiding. Things were starting to calm down now.


Melia: Thanks Ren and… Matthew right?

Matthew: Right and no problem.

Melia: You 2 have really nice synergy together. Did you know that?

Matthew: Considering I have no idea what that is, no.

Melia: Ahh… Anyways, we weren’t in any real danger to begin with.

Ren: Why’s that?

Melia: -whips out a suitcase- Because we have this!



Venam: Whoa!… What is it?

Melia: It’s a briefcase. My father gave it to me right before I left. I opened it earlier and it just holds things like potions and stuff like that. But my father told me to enter a secret code if things got really bad out here. So if things got really bad, all I’d have to do is enter that code and we would be safe. Eh… At least, I think we’d be.

Venam: Right…

Ren: Ok then.

Matthew: Whatever you say. What’s there to do now?

Melia: Well, we found the source of the power problems. Some engineers should be here soon to fix the broken pipes and wiring around the grid.

Ren: Things should be back to normal in no time then.

Venam: I suppose I’ll stay here and supervise.

Matthew: Or are you just staying here because you can’t go back home yet? Hehe.

Venam: Ohh shut up… You’re cool though.

Matthew: Ehh… You are too.

Melia: Matthew, I know this may sound odd but… would you like to accompany me to Goldenwood Forest?

Matthew: Well I was gonna go there anyways before all of this so sure.

Melia: Excellent! This should be good for you too. Lots of trainers up there for you to battle.

Matthew: And even more of a reason for me to go.

Melia: Well I’ll meet you there then Matthew. I’m gonna go now. Bye you guys! -leaves the room-

Matthew: Well I guess we should get out of here Ren.

Ren: Yea. I have to do some research for the Professor. So I’m gonna head for the Magnolia Library.


The 2 of us walked back through the sewers and then up onto land. Before Ren went anywhere, I stopped him really quick.


Matthew: Hey. Wait a minute.

Ren: Hmm? What is it?

Matthew: I know it’s only been a couple of hours since we battled but you did pretty good down there. How about we have a round 2 right now?

Ren: Sure. I’d love to.




The 2 of us started our battle. Unlike our last battle, this 1 was pretty difficult. I thought a couple of times that he might actually beat me. It was a close battle but I was able to come out victorious. He seemed a bit disappointed but he smiled at me.


Ren: Nice battle. Guess I still need to train up some more to beat you.

Matthew: Hey. You had me up against the wall for a bit there. I thought you were gonna win that a couple of times.

Ren: Well thanks for that. I really should get going though.

Matthew: Alright. Later. Have fun with your researches.

Ren: Later Matt!


Ren ran off to the Magnolia Library. I started my trek up to the train station that would take me up to Goldenwood Forest. I was starting to feel a bit better now with the whole situation. I was making new friends now and things were going alright. But in the back of my mind, I was still worried about my mother. I was hoping she was still alive.








Gible (Taka)/Male/Level 14

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Rough Skin

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Rage/Sand Attack/Tackle/Sandstorm



Duskull (Krep)/Male/Level 12

Nature: Careful/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Night Shade/Leer/Astonish/Destiny Bond



Chimchar (Rousey)/Female/Level 13

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Iron Fist

Held Item: None

Moveset: Ember/Leer/Scratch/Taunt



Ducklett (Darlin')/Female/Level 12

Nature: Timid/Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/Defog/Water Gun/Water Sport




Venam: +7 (7/10) - She seems like a pretty rad chick. Someone I could be really good pals with. Although that "Please get me a berry before I die" shtick is reeeaaalllly annoying.


Ren: +2/-1 (6/10) - It was cool to hang out with Ren a bit more. He's gotten to be a decent battler in the short couple of hours we've spent apart. Although the things he said before we actually got into the sewers... Ugh. I don't even wanna think about it.


Melia: +5 (5/10) - She seems... interesting. Apparently she's good with fixing stuff and attracts shiny Pokemon. That's pretty awesome to be honest. But she seems... I don't know. Shy? Ehh. She's alright though.




4 hours




Question Of The Thread #5 - What are your thoughts on how we 1st meet Veronica/Venam?

My Answer - It's very interesting to say the least. I mean she gets bashed through the roof, flies through the air, crash lands right in front of her house and is basically fine. Not much more you can say there.


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I finally got to the train station. This time, the officer that was in front of the entrance last time was gone. I walked through into the station and saw a familiar red head. It was Tesla. She turned around and noticed me.



Tesla: Matthew!

Matthew: Hey Tesla. What’s up? Did you find anymore people?

Tesla: Unfortunately, no. I searched for a couple of hours but I couldn’t see anyone.

Matthew: Damn. What a shame.

Tesla: How are you hun? Are you feeling ok?

Matthew: I mean I feel a little better than when we met earlier but… you know.

Tesla: Well I’m glad you feel a little better at least. We shouldn’t lose hope! Your mother is still out there and we both must become stronger to rescue her.

Matthew: Heh… Thanks Tesla.

Tesla: No problem. So what are you doing?

Matthew: Gonna go meet someone at Goldenwood Forest.

Tesla: Ahh. Making friends. That’s a good thing to do. Especially at a time like this.

Matthew: I suppose. I’m more or less doing this to get me and my team stronger.

Tesla: That’s fine too. But you should take in the scenery of Goldenwood Forest. Honestly, it’s 1 of my favorite places in Aevium. The golden trees and the eternal smell of autum brings nostalgic memories…

Matthew: So you really enjoy that place huh? Hehe.

Tesla: Ohh… Sorry. Seems like I went on a small tangent there. I’ll make it up to you. Hold on.


Tesla went up to the clerk and requested 1 ticket for the Goldenwood Forest. Tesla handed over money as the clerk handed her the ticket. She came back to me and handed over the ticket.


Matthew: Ohh wow. Thanks.

Tesla: It’s no problem really. And here. Take some of these too. -hands over a couple of potions-

Matthew: Thank you but really. You didn’t have to do that.

Tesla: Nonsense. I’d feel bad if I didn’t do that.

Matthew: Well thanks Tesla. I appreciate it.

Tesla: You’re welcome. But I have to go now Matthew. I promise we’ll see each other soon though. Bye.

Matthew: Later Tesla.


Tesla exited the train station. It felt good to have someone like her helping me cope with the situation of my mother. I boarded onto the train and was on my way to Goldenwood Forest. It took a little bit to get there but we finally got to the train stop. It was in Route 1 but to my understanding, the walk to Goldenwood Forest would only take a couple of minutes. As soon as I walked off the train, I could see what Tesla was talking about. The golden leaves on the trees were beautiful looking. As I walked along the pathway, I could see Melia waiting for me.



Melia: There you are Matthew! You sure took your time.

Matthew: Yea. Sorry about that. I had a battle with Ren before I came here.

Melia: Ohh. That makes sense. Your probably his rival now.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Melia: When Ren meets someone that he enjoys battling, he’ll keep at it til he’s better than them.

Matthew: Ahh. Well that makes sense. It’ll motivate him to train more at least.

Melia: True. Well let’s go then.


The 2 of us walked up north. It just a couple of minutes, the 2 of us were in Goldenwood Forest. It looked more like a park of some sorts than a forest to me.


Matthew: So… this is Goldenwood Forest huh?

Melia: Yes. Although, it looks more like a park right?

Matthew: Exactly what I was thinking.

Melia: Well, there’s work to be done. But before work, why don’t we enjoy ourselves for a bit here?

Matthew: I suppose. I’ll be more relaxed.

Melia: Good. Let’s have fun together!


The 2 of us then started the fun. Spending time with her was actually quite enjoying. We watched as a lot of Vivillon were flying about in the trees. Then, we helped a fisherman catch a Magikarp which was quite hilarious. Next, I watched as Melia enjoyed the sight of some flowers. However, a lady wasn’t happy with us being so close to them. So we got away from that area so we wouldn’t anger her anymore. Next, we fed some Finneon in the lake. It was nice seeing the little Water Pokemon enjoying the fish food we were giving them. As we were going to the place where Melia was supposed to go, we saw another Vivillon on the bridge. It came up to us and started to dance around the air. It was quite entertaining.



After that, we walked upwards more. When we came to a sign, Melia read it and seemed pleased.


Melia: Alright! We’re here!

Matthew: Awesome!… Where are we going?

Melia: Ohh right. I never told you. We’re going into Goldenwood Cave. Come on. Come on. Let’s go.


Melia ran up and entered the entrance of the cave. I was a bit taken aback with how excited she was about being here but I was kind of excited myself. Or trying to anyways. I went up and entered the cave myself. I met Melia on the inside of the cave.



Melia: Welcome to the Goldenwood Cave Matthew!

Matthew: Well it’s nice in here. I’ll give you that.

Melia: That’s not all. Ohoho. This is where things get interesting.

Matthew: You’re really excited about being here aren’t you?

Melia:Of course I am! Aren’t you?

Matthew: Ehh… Yea. I am.

Melia: I’m sure you’ve heard that Goldenwood Forest is a training ground for newbie trainers, right?

Matthew: Yes… Although, I’m not a newbie trainer.

Melia: Well either way, this is where everyone gathers to train to become stronger.

Matthew: So they come here huh? Nice. My team could use some training.

Melia: But people don’t usually come here by themselves. They’re usually here with their friends. You won’t find anyone battling by themselves.

Matthew: So a lot of double battles?

Melia: Mhm. But hey! You won’t be by yourself! You have me! We’ll team up and take this cave by storm!


Melia: What?

Matthew: Ren did that earlier when we were about to go through the sewers and it was awkward.

Melia: Ohh. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make this awkward…

Matthew: It’s not. That’s why I’m puzzled.

Melia: Ohh! Well… good then right?

Matthew: It is. Come on. Let’s go!


The 2 of us ventured further into the cave. We had a couple of battles while going through the cave. It was interesting to see some of the Pokemon she had. So far, what Venam said about Melia having a team of shinies was true. She had a shiny Buneary and Eevee. They were different colored as well. We finally made it to the end of the cave. There seemed to be some kind of inscriptions on the wall.



Melia: Looks like we’ve finally made it.

Matthew: What exactly are you supposed to be doing here anyways?

Melia: My father wanted me to take some pictures of this. But… is this really what he wanted me to look at?

Matthew: I mean it seems simple enough.

Melia: Yea… I know I’m not strong enough to do more jarring tasks, but this is a little insulting.

Matthew: Heh. So are you saying you’re stronger than that?

Melia: Of course! -sighs- Ohh well. No use complaining about it! Let’s just get to work and finish this up.


Melia set down the briefcase and opened it up. She picked up a camera and started to take pictures of the wall. After a couple of pics, she turned around and surprised me with taking a picture of me.



Matthew: Ahh! Could have given me a warning 1st!

Melia: Hehe. Sorry. But that’ll be enough picture taking for now. Still… it’s strange for my father to send me off to check something like inscriptions. Usually I just study actual Pokemon behavior and stuff like that.

Matthew: Maybe it’s important?

Melia: I don’t know. I mean the writing here is practically illegible.


Melia stepped forward towards the wall and touched it but as she did that, the ground started to shake and an entrance appeared before us. We were both a little shocked at what just happened.


Matthew: The fuck was that?!

Melia: All I did was touch the wall! Why did the ground shake?! And this hole in the wall! Why did it just appear all of a sudden?!

Matthew: I have no clue Melia. That whole experience was just… crazy.

Melia: It was and it’s… so worth it!

Matthew: Huh?

Melia: We found a secret passageway deep within the depths of Goldenwood Cave! This is so…

Matthew: Awesome?

Melia: Yes! Exactly! Well come on! We can’t let a discovery like this slip through our fingers!


Melia picked up the briefcase and zoomed into the entrance. I was entertained at how excited she was with this discovery. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested as well. I walked in through the new entrance and then through another hole and was back outside. I had no idea where I was. I followed the path until I saw a blanket on the ground. I was a bit confused until I saw Melia come out from behind a tree. She seemed quite pleased with herself.


Melia: Ta-da.~

Matthew: Haha. What is all of this?

Melia: Well I thought we’d have a little picnic here.

Matthew: A picnic? Well… I haven’t eaten anything for a while.

Melia: Plus, isn’t this place beautiful? This place isn’t on a map or anything.

Matthew: Is that so. That’s gotta mean something.

Melia: I think so too! I think we’ve discovered a completely new area! This region is less than a century old. So there very well may be some places we haven’t discovered. I believe that we’ve accomplished a lot today and at least deserve a celebration!

Matthew: I’m down for it!


The 2 of us got the food and drinks out, sat down on the blanket and began eating. We started to talk about our lives. I left out the part about what happened earlier today because I didn’t want to bring down the mood.


Melia: Today has been 100%-

Matthew: Awesome.

Melia: Yes! Exactly! The experiment worked and we also found this place! By the way, have you noticed the Arceus statue back there?

Matthew: I have but it doesn’t really interest me.

Melia: I can’t help but wonder why it’s back here. And all of these Vivillon are surrounding us… I believe they’re called “Butterflies of Fate?”



Matthew: That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard of in my life.

Melia: I feel like a day like this only comes once a year.

Matthew: -under my breath- It better only happen once.

Melia: Also a day where you make another life-long friend.

Matthew: Ohh. Wow. You consider me a life-long friend?

Melia: Of course I do.

Matthew: Well… thanks Melia. That’s nice of you to say. You know, I’m glad I came with you here. It’s been pretty fun.

Melia: I’m glad you came along as well Matthew. You’ve made this day a memorable 1. You know… this will be my last memory on Foria Island.

Matthew: Uhh… Why?

Melia: The day after tomorrow, I leave for Grand Dream City.

Matthew: Ohh yea? For what?

Melia: I’m becoming the Normal-Type Gym Leader there.


I started choking on the food I was swallowing when Melia was finishing her sentence. I didn’t expect her to say that. She helped me get the food down my throat.


Melia: Are you ok?!

Matthew: Yea. I just wasn’t expecting that response from you. You’re a Gym Leader?!

Melia: Well more like a Gym Leader In Training. But I guess it shouldn’t be surprised that someone like me is going to be a Gym Leader.

Matthew: I’m not saying you shouldn’t be. Just not expected.

Melia: I’m sorry for not telling you before.

Matthew: It’s ok. Although, I wouldn’t have chocked on food if you told me before. Haha.

Melia: Hehe. Probably not. But, I’ll be going alone. Ren will still be working with my father and Venam will be doing her Gym Leader duties.

Matthew: Wait. Venam is a Gym Leader as well?!

Melia: Mhm. Her Gym is in East Gearen City.

Matthew: Ohh. That’s the gym I saw while exploring the city then. But I’m sorry. I know how it feels to… leave friends behind.

Melia: I’m also gonna be thrown into a city I don’t know much about. I’m kind of scared.

Matthew: It’ll be ok. I’m in the same bo- err, train here. This is my 1st day here.

Melia: Ohh really? You seem so calm though.

Matthew: Well… I’m trying to be calm. At the very least, I feel very anxious because I don’t really know anything about this place. But thanks to you and Jenner and Venam and Ren… I’ve gotten more comfortable here.

Melia: Wow… That’s really touching. Thank you for those kind words Matt.

Matthew: It’s no problem.

Melia: Hey Matthew?

Matthew: Yea?

Melia: Do you have anywhere to go after this?

Matthew: I mean I would like to get my 1st badge but after that, I don’t know where I’d go.

Melia: I see. Well maybe after that… Would you come with me?

Matthew: Uhh… I mean… I don’t know…

Melia: Oh! Oh my gosh. I’m sorry. Nevermind. That’s a really big question for someone I only just met.

Matthew: It’s ok. Just I think I’d like to explore all of the region. But I’m sure I’d have to go there sometime!

Melia: Yes. Yes. Of course… Matthew, fight me.

Matthew: I beg your pardon?

Melia: I mean in a Pokemon Battle. Not like fist fight.

Matthew: Ohh! Yea sure! I’d love to!

Melia: Great! I’m going to become a Gym Leader! So this training will help me grow as 1!

Matthew: I have 4 Pokemon. Hopefully that’s not too much.

Melia: It’s not. In fact, that’s perfect! This’ll be a 4-on-4 Pokemon Battle!


Melia and I got up and stood a couple of feet apart from each other. Melia closed her eyes and raised her head up towards the sky.


Melia: Matthew, today has been 1 of the best days ever, but it’s time for me to get serious now. While I do love to play the researcher and all… Battling is where my soul is. And I just won’t let you beat me. At least not without a fight!

Matthew: I expect nothing less from you Melia. Let’s do this!




The 2 of us grabbed our PokeBalls and threw out our Pokemon. The battle was pretty tough. I could see why she was going to become a Normal-Type Gym Leader. The battle was back and forth. I got to see the rest of her shiny team as well. That was exciting for me to see as well. When the battle was done, I was the 1 that was victorious. We both returned our Pokemon back to our PokeBalls. Melia looked down towards the ground. But then she smiled and looked up at me.


Melia: Thanks for the battle Matthew. It seems as though I’ve still got a long way to go.

Matthew: Hey. You did pretty well. I’m sure when you’re a proper Gym Leader, you’ll be even more difficult to defeat.

Melia: Hehe. Thanks Matthew.


Melia cleaned up everything from the blanket and asked me to help her roll up the blanket. I obliged and went on the opposite side of her. But just as we were about to roll the blanket up, a weird green lighting could be seen up in the sky.



Then suddenly, a huge explosion could be heard. The ground beneath us shook. We couldn’t believe what just happened.


Matthew: What the fuck was that huge ass explosion?!

Melia: I have no idea but it sounded like it came from Goldenwood Forest! We have to go back there immediately!

Matthew: Don’t have to tell me twice!


Melia ran ahead of me and was quickly out of that area. I started to run to the forest too but when I got to the cave entrance, a wild Absol appeared.



I didn’t know why it was there but then I remembered that Absol was called the Disaster Pokemon. The Absol looked at me and then ran back up the hill. I started to run through the cave but I was scared of what I might find when I came out on the other side.





Gible (Taka)/Male/Level 15

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Rough Skin

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Rage/Sand Attack/Take Down/Sandstorm



Duskull (Krep)/Male/Level 15

Nature: Careful/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Night Shade/Leer/Astonish/Destiny Bond



Chimchar (Rousey)/Female/Level 17

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Iron Fist

Held Item: None

Moveset: Flame Wheel/Leer/Scratch/Taunt



Ducklett (Darlin')/Female/Level 15

Nature: Timid/Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: None

Moveset: Water Pulse/Water Gun/Wing Attack/Aerial Ace




Tesla: (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - It was nice to see her again and it was nice for her to buy me a train ticket and give me potions. I really need someone there for me in this situation.


Melia: +1 (6/10) - She's gonna becoming a Gym Leader. She's actually a pretty good battler. Can't wait for the day I get to battle her in an official Gym Battle.




5 hours




Question Of The Thread #6 - How did you feel about Melia when you spend the good part of Goldenwood Forest with Melia?

My Answer- I honestly enjoy it. She's not the annoying main character... yet. And she's pretty likable at this point in the game.


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When I finally got to the other side of the cave and exited, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Some trees were knocked down and smoke was filling the area. Melia and I looked ahead and could see 2 boys a bit from the cave’s entrance.


Melia: Hey! You 2! What’s going on?! What happened?!

Boy #1: W-We don’t know…

Boy #2: We were training inside the cave when we both heard a huge explosion. We came out here and… this is what we’re seeing now…

Matthew: This is insane!

???: Ohh please… Some help me!


An elderly woman came running up to us. The 4 of us came running up to her. I remembered her being out here before on the bench with her Furfrou but now, it wasn’t with her anymore.


Old Lady: Someone… Please help…

Matthew: What happened? Are you ok?

Old Lady: Ohh! You 2 are the 2 kinds I saw in the forest earlier. Some thugs came and… they took my precious Furfrou from me.

Melia: Some thugs?

Matthew: Don’t tell me it’s-

Old Lady: They were wearing weird black and red uniforms.


As soon as she told us what the thugs were wearing, I got angry. I knew who she was talking about. It was none other than Team Xen. Now I could get these bastards to tell me where they had taken my mother. Melia looked up at me and could see the anger in my face.


Melia: Well… I’m just gonna leave this here. -sets down the briefcase- Don’t worry Ma’am. We’ll get your Furfrou back for you.

Old Lady: You’re so kind. Thank you!

???: This way!


The 5 of us looked up ahead and could see a couple of Team Xen grunts running up towards us. I wanted to just run up to the and grabbed them by their necks but I knew I had to remain calm if I wanted to get anything out of them.



Team Xen Grunt #1: Hey! Get back here! We weren’t done taking things from you!

Old Lady: Ahh! It’s them!

Melia: I-I knew it. I didn’t want to believe it but it’s clear now.

Matthew: Mother fucking Team Xen.

Team Xen Grunt #2: So then you must have heard of us huh? We’re not some joke anymore then?

Matthew: Ohh I’ll make you all into jokes!

Team Xen Grunt #3: Ha! Don’t make us laugh. Anyways, we’re here for 1 thing and then we’re out of here.

Boy #1:: What are you here for?

Team Xen Grunt #1: I’m glad you asked… We’re here for the girl! Any form of resistance will be met with our unruly wrath!

Old Lady: Wh-What?! You’re here for the girl?!… Ohhhhh myyyyy…


All of us, including the grunts, looked on as the lady started to sway her hips as if she thought that Team Xen was here to get her for her… Well I didn’t want to think about that. Luckily, the Team Xen Grunts shut her up about that.


Melia: Wait. Are you talking about me?

Team Xen Grunt #1: Yes! We are here for you Melia!

Matthew: Wait! What do you want Melia for?!

Team Xen Grunt #2: We were ordered to kidnap a girl named Melia who would be in this area at this time. And now that we’re here, you’re coming with us!

Matthew: Hell no she’s not!

Melia: Yea! You guys must be insane if you think I’m going to go with you lot!

Team Xen Grunt #3: Heh… They never comply do they?

Team Xen Grunt #2: Hey. Show them it.

Team Xen Grunt #1: Right! Come on out Meowth!


The Xen Grunt threw out his PokeBall and out popped a Meowth but it was different. It was mostly purple. It looked at us as if it really wanted to hurt us.



Then I remembered something. A couple of weeks before I was going to leave for here, Taka and I encountered a weirdly colored Bisharp. This Meowth was the same color as that Bisharp. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


Matthew: That Meowth… You…

Melia: Something’s different about it…

Team Xen Grunt #1: Really? Damnit. Madelis said it wouldn’t be noticeable but I guess she was wrong. But you’re right little lady! This Meowth is not a normal 1 at all. This Meowth has been subjected to an experiment thought to be long gone. Shadow Pokemon.


The lot of us were shocked. I remembered when I was younger and heard something like that was happening in the Orre Region. Luckily, it was taken care of quickly. But to think that it was back again, I was a little bit worried.


Matthew: So then that Bisharp a couple of weeks ago… That was a Shadow Pokemon?

Team Xen Grunt #2: Yea but that was in Unova. How do you know about that?

Matthew: I was the 1 who stopped it after it… it killed my best friend.

Team Xen Grunt #3: What?! You stopped it?!

Matthew: Yes… I hated that Pokemon ever since then. It almost made me not even come here… But I’m not mad at it anymore. Whenever I find it, I’m gonna rescue it and find a way to purify its heart!

Team Xen Grunt #1: Ha! You don’t even have a way of getting it, let alone this Meowth as well.

Matthew: Ugh! Damnit!

Melia: Matthew, the code to open the briefcase is 6489! Put that in and open it quickly!


I looked out towards Melia and wondered what could be in the briefcase to help us against a Shadow Pokemon. I did as she asked though and entered the code and opened up the briefcase. What I saw inside though shocked me. It was some kind of mechanical glove. But I knew what it was. Melia could see it too and was in complete shock as well.



Melia: Is… Is that what I think it is?

Matthew: Yes… I’m gonna put it on!


I grabbed the glove and carefully put it onto my arm. It fit quite comfortably. Even though this was a serious time, I couldn’t help but feel awesome wearing this. I then went down to where Melia was and stood in front of the Shadow Meowth.


Team Xen Grunt #1: What? Seriously? You think you can really beat me?

Matthew: Not only that but I’m gonna rescue that Meowth!

Melia: So then you know what that thing is then?

Matthew: Yea… I do.

Melia: Then you know what you have to do.

Team Xen Grunt #1: Tch! You think you can beat me!? Bring it on! Tear them up Meowth!


I sent out Krep but I didn’t really need to send out any Pokemon. Before any move was given, I grabbed a PokeBall with the Snag Machine Glove and threw it towards the Meowth. The ball jiggled for a couple of seconds and then stopped. Meowth was now mine.



Everybody that witnessed it was surprised. Shadow Pokemon were back and so was the Snag Machine. I went over to the PokeBall, picked it up and put it into my pocket. The Team Xen Grunt that initiated the battle seemed upset by the fact that his Meowth was now mine.


Team Xen Grunt #1: You… How? How did you snag my Meowth?!

Matthew: Wow… So this is a Snag Machine.

Melia: Yes but why would it be in the briefcase? Unless… No. I can’t think about that right now.

Team Xen Grunt #1: You! Give me back my Meowth now!

Matthew: Are you kidding me?! You artificially closed the door to its heart!

Team Xen Grunt #1: But I raised it from an egg! Y-You can’t just take it away from me!

Melia: You should have thought about that before turning it into a Shadow Pokemon!

Team Xen Grunt #2: Grr! You’ll both regret this! This doesn’t end here. Let’s just see you try to escape the forest. You’ll be ours before the end of the day.

Melia: Ohh we’ll get out of here alright. And I won’t be going anywhere but home!

Matthew: Now scram.


The 3 Team Xen grunts then ran off the way they came. Melia and I then told the old lady and the 2 boys to go into the cave and hide in the back where the 2 of us were just a little bit ago. The 2 of us decided we should get through the rest of Team Xen and to try to stop their plan with taking Melia. As we walked back through the forest, I battled a few more Team Xen Grunts. If any of them had a Shadow Pokemon, I caught them.




As soon as I seen the Meowth, I decided that I would snag them from any trainer that had them and help them become normal again. As the 2 of us continued to walk through the forest, Melia wanted to know something.


Melia: Hey Matt?

Matthew: What is it?

Melia: Before when we were facing those 3 Xen Grunts before, you said you seen a Shadow Pokemon before coming to Aevium right?

Matthew: Yea? What about it?

Melia: What happened?

Matthew:… A Shadow Bisharp killed a lot of people in Unova in the area where I lived. And the last person it killed was… He was my best friend… His name was Taka…

Melia: Ohh! I’m sorry. I didn’t know that happened.

Matthew: It’s ok. You know… I hated that Bisharp. So much. I was even gonna kill it if I saw it again. But now that I know it was a Shadow Pokemon, I’m not mad at it now. I wanna help that 1 the most.

Melia: I’m sure it’ll like that very much whenever you do get to it.


When we finally got to the entrance of the forest, we saw a truck blocking the path. Melia seemed upset but I was kind of happy. Now I could get some info on what happened to my mom. When we looked back at the little hill, we could see 3 people standing on it. We decided to go there and confront the 3. When we got there, the 2 people that were standing in front of the 1 person looked at us.



???: Well well well. They’re here.

???: Ohh! That Melia girl right? Bad girl? We capture her and sell them to high up?

???: Wha- Sell? What are you talking about Eli? We’re not selling anyone. If you mean we’re gonna capture her and give her to our leader, then yea.

Eli: Yes yes! That is what Eli mean! I apologize to you Sharon!

Matthew: Alright you 2! Just shut up! Where is my mother?!

Eli: Mother? We take someone mother?

Sharon: I don’t know. Whatever we do is what we do. Whatever someone else does in the team stays with them.

Matthew: Liars!

Sharon: Look, you can keep shouting all you want. We don’t know anything. And even if we did, we wouldn’t tell you.

Eli: Correct. Sharon is tell the truth!

Melia: Matt? They took your mother? Is that true?

Matthew: Yea. It is. They attacked the S.S. Oceana and took her and I’m pretty sure they took the others as well… I’m the only 1 that escaped.

Melia: That’s… How? How did you have any kind of fun today?

Matthew: It’s been hard. I may have had to fake a lot of it today but you and Venam and Ren… you all helped.

Melia: Matt…

Sharon: Enough with the sob stories. We’re taking Melia and that’s that.

Melia: No you won’t! I don’t know what your obsession with me is all about but we’re leaving this place!

Sharon: But you see, that’s where you’re wrong. Not only are you not getting away, you also won’t be seeing this place ever again.

Melia: What?!

Matthew: I’ll be damned if I let any of you Team Xen freaks take Melia!

Eli: Pointless to resist. Give up your lives now.

Sharon: Well that’s a bit much. Giving up would be just fine though.

Melia: We’ll never give up! Matt, I don’t have much but I’ll fight with you with my Hapi.

Matthew: Are you sure?

Melia: Yes. I’m sure.

Matthew: Well alright then future Gym Leader. Let’s do this!

Sharon: Ugh. You 2 are so annoying. But whatever. Let’s go!




The tag team battle started. Shockingly it wasn’t a tough match. Melia’s Togepi survived throughout the whole much as did my Ducklett. Eli seemed frustrated but not Sharon.


Matthew: Nothing to say now?

Sharon: -sighs- Despite my big talk, this isn’t a surprise.

Melia: Then why battle us?

Sharon: We get in trouble if we don’t do as we’re told. But that was pretty boring. Having things go exactly the way you predicted? Psh. But I guess it doesn’t really matter. We’re still gonna try to capture you.

Eli: Give up don’t we!

Matthew: Uhh… What?

Sharon: He means we don’t give up.


The Team Xen Grunts advanced towards us. Melia threatened them that we’d attack. Even though I had only known her for a short time, I knew she wasn’t someone to do something like that. I was about to step in front of Melia to protect her when we all heard some kind of Pokemon sound. We all turned around to the sound of the noise. Walking up to us was a Garbodor that was a shiny exclusive to Aevium. But then I remembered this Pokemon from somewhere.



Matthew: Melia… Isn’t that the Garbodor from…

Melia: Wait… It is! It’s the 1 from the sewers! But why is it here?

Matthew: I have no clue.

Sharon: Damn! Another threat to the mission! Sorry Zetta but we’re going to have to deal with this. Right Eli?

Eli: D-Do we?

Sharon: Duh! I mean it’s our JOB to take care of threats. Come on. Let’s go.


The Garbodor took off running and the strange duo went running after it. Melia and I looked at each other. We figured that the lady of the duo didn’t really want to stay there for long. So she decided to chase the Garbodor instead of trying to get Melia. There was only 1 person left there. Considering that Sharon called out Zetta, I figured she was referring to this person. I had Melia stay on the ground below as I confronted the person.



Matthew: Hey. Your name’s Zetta right?

Zetta: Ahh. So Sandra and Eli weren’t able to hold you 2 off?

Melia: Sandra? But I thought her name was Sharon?

Zetta: Sandra? Sharon? Who cares. And yes. My name is Zetta.

Matthew: We have some questions for you.

Zetta: And I would LOVE to answer them, but I really don’t feel like it right now. Maybe later. I’ll give you props for making it this far though. Nicely done.

Matthew: Shut up! I don’t want to be given props from you.

Zetta: Too bad. Already gave them to you. What’s your name anyways kid?

Matthew: I’m not a kid but if you wanna know, it’s Matthew.

Zetta: Matthew? Wow. Your parents must have hated you or something to give you that n- ow!


Zetta stumbled back a bit after being hit in the face by my fist. I did not want him talking about my parents. Especially since they had my mother right now. Zetta regained his composure though and looked up at me, smiling.


Zetta: Nice punch there. Hmm. Ohh. That girl there. Is that Melia? Hmm… So that’s what you look like.

Matthew: That’s kind of creepy dude.

Melia: Enough of this. Leave Goldenwood Forest immediately! Why attack this place if I’m the prime target?

Zetta: You don’t seem like a bright kid Melia. So I’m just gonna skip it. But what has me interested is that machine your friend Matthew here has. I wonder. Where’d you get that?

Matthew: It doesn’t matter where I get it. All that matters is that I have it and that I’m gonna save all those Shadow Pokemon.

Melia: Yea! What Matthew said!

Zetta: Actually, it does matter. To me at least. That little machine is kind of troublesome. It kind of negates a huge part of what we’re doing. Now hand it over.

Matthew: Ha! You think I’d just hand this over?! Just try to take it!

Zetta: Ohh I will. Although I knew you wouldn’t just willingly hand it over. That is precisely why I brought a little friend with me.


Zetta pointed out on the lake. Melia and I both looked out towards the water and could see something on the surface. We had no idea what it was but it left a bad feeling in our stomachs.


Matthew: What the hell is that thing?

Zetta: Ohh fantastic! I get to be teacher for the day! So listen up! This, my himble students, is what you would call a Dimensional Rift.

Melia: A Dimensional Rift?

Zetta: Mhm. They’re breaks in the universe that create portals to other dimensions. They may act as transportation. Teleportation if you will or as… Weapons of mass destruction!

Melia: W-Weapons of mass destruction?!

Zetta: You see, these portals have no purpose when it’s just out here alone. But if you put something inside of it, particularly a Pokemon… Something very interesting happens.

Matthew: You’re… doing even more things to these Pokemon? Team Xen must be stopped.

Zetta: -laughs- I’d love to see that. But see, conjuring up 1 of these things takes up a lot of energy. These things are really only used for as a last resort. I would like to not use it unless I totally have to. Ohh! I have a great idea! Let’s play a game!

Melia: We don’t have time for games!

Zetta: Too bad! I make the rules for right now! Matthew, you and me will battle right now. If I win, I take Melia and the Snag Machine. If you win, I’ll activate the Dimensional Rift. That sounds fair right?

Melia: What?! That’s completely unfair! We’re in a bad situation no matter the outcome!

Zetta: Ding ding ding! The girl’s smart after all! Too bad that my deals are final and are acted upon immediately!

Matthew: Hey Melia! It’ll be ok! I’ll take down both Zetta and the Dimensional Rift! Don’t worry ok!

Melia: O-Ok Matthew… I believe in you!




I turned back towards Zetta and we both threw out our 1st Pokemon. His 1st Pokemon was actually a Shadow Alolan Grimer. While it did manage to knock out Taka, I was able to catch it from Taka. I was then able to take down the rest of his team. But of course he didn’t seem all that concerned for he had his backup plan. The Dimensional Rift. After a bit more banter between Zetta and Melia, Zetta turned around and activated the Dimensional Rift. Out of it came a Gyarados but it looked different from both its original form and its mega form. It almost looked demonic. Melia and myself couldn’t believe what we were seeing.



Matthew: What the fuck is that?!

Melia: Is that really a Gyarados?!

Zetta: Yes. So before you said you could take on me and the Dimensional Rift Matthew. Do you think you can still do that?

Matthew: I… I…

Zetta: Because I’d really love to see you try! Well… actually I don’t. Soooo I’m just going to sweep you to the side for now.

Melia: What are you talking about?

Zetta: Listen here Matthew. That battle was nice and all but you’re just in the way right now. So… Gyarados, devour Matthew! Now!


I stared up at the monster, frozen in place. I could hear Melia telling me to start running but I just couldn’t. Before long, I could feel myself starting to get sucked into the Pokemon. That brough me out of my shocked state. I tried to run from the suction. Melia grabbed onto my arm and tried to pull me away from the beast. But thanks to the powerful suction and also Zetta pushing me off the ledge, I was sucked into the Gyarados’ mouth and swallowed. When I came to however, I was on a dock.



I looked around the area. It was weird. When I could see grass, I could see red grass. I didn’t know where I was. I walked up and went into a new area. I could see another dock but before that, there was a strange looking PokeBall on the floor. When I got closer to it, my CyberNav was starting to rumble like crazy. I pulled it out and hovered it near the ball. It seemed to shake crazy and then suddenly, I could see the word “Downloading” on the screen. I didn’t know what was going on. When it said “Download Complete,” I opened up the CyberNav and looked on it. A new app had appeared and it was called the Rift Dex. I opened it up and could see a file of some sort on it called Code: Evo. I opened it up and was dumbfounded by what I was reading.



Matthew: What the fuck is this? This is… I don’t know what this is. Shadow Pokemon and now this? What’s going on?


After reading it, I put my CyberNav away. I looked out on the dock again and noticed a Magikarp flopping around on it. I walked up to it and gently pushed it into the water. It then started to swim up a waterfall and when it made it up to the top, it started to glow. It then fell back down and splashed under the water. I went to the edge of the dock as I could to see what was going on. Almost instantly, the demon Gyarados popped up out of the water and gazed its eyes on me. I jumped back.



I grabbed a PokeBall ready for the inevitable battle that would be taking place. Before the Pokemon could attack though, I could hear a voice.


???: Matt! Wait!

Matthew: Huh? Who is that?! Show yourself!

???: Matthew! I don’t know where you are or if you can even hear this… But I won’t let you face this alone!

Matthew: Wait… That sounds like Melia!

Melia: I’ll help you in any way I can!

Matthew: Good. Looks like I got some help from outside of this place as well. Alright you beast! It’s time to take you down!




The Gyarados roared out a mighty roar and the battle was underway. Luckily for me, Krep was able to take its hits and deal some too and eventually knocked out the Pokemon. I returned Krep back to its ball, happy that the Gyarados was gone now but I had no idea how to get out of this place. Then I could hear a familiar voice once again. I looked up and could see the figure of Melia.


Melia: Heh… You did well Matthew!

Matthew: Thanks! But… how do I get out of he- Whoa!


The ground started to shake and I once again blacked out. When I woke up, I was outside of the Goldenwood Forest back in Route 1. I had no idea what happened.



Matthew: Wha… What happened? How did we get here?

Melia: I’m so glad you’re awake! Ohh yea. Me and Garbodor attacked the Gyarados but I don’t think we were able to truly defeat it.

Matthew: Are you serious? Damn.

Melia: At the last second, Zetta was able to save it by turning it back into a Rift.

Matthew: Damn him. Next time I see him, I’ll make sure he gets knocked out.

Melia: I tried bringing Garbodor with me but it refused to come.

Matthew: I think it might be creating a diversion for us to escape.

Melia: Yea. I think you’re right… But that doesn’t matter right now. All that matters is getting out of this place. But luckily, the police arrived and they’re taking care of the situation. We need to head back to the lab!

Matthew: Right. Let’s go!





Gible (Taka)/Male/Level 16

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Rough Skin

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Rage/Sand Attack/Take Down/Sandstorm



Duskull (Krep)/Male/Level 17

Nature: Careful/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Night Shade/Leer/Shadow Sneak/Destiny Bond



Chimchar (Rousey)/Female/Level 17

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Iron Fist

Held Item: None

Moveset: Flame Wheel/Leer/Scratch/Taunt



Ducklett (Darlin')/Female/Level 17

Nature: Timid/Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: None

Moveset: Water Pulse/Water Gun/Wing Attack/Aerial Ace




Melia: +1 (7/10) - She was pretty helpful throughout this whole ordeal. Plus, I finally got to tell someone about what happened on my way to Aevium.  She's a pretty good friend.


Sharon & Eli: +2 (2/10) - What a really weird duo. Yes they're apart of Team Xen but they don't seem FULLY committed to it.


Zetta: +0 (0/10) - This dude... Using that thing called a Dimensional Rift. I can't believe what happened while I was inside that thing. This dude is weird but dangerous.




6 & a half hours




Question Of The Thread #7 - What are your thoughts on the Dimensional Rift?

My Answer - They're quite interesting. I like how they get a bit different later on in the story but even now, they can be way out there.