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Perhaps this will be realized and we'll get Ambrose or Ziggler to win the Rumble instead.

lol no Ambrose is getting fed momentum-wise to Bray. Having 20 million pointless street fights to point where Dean is injured and can't compete with Roman. They make Dean and Seth weak while making Roman the next big thing. Roman is getting a bigger push since there is only 1 world title now unlike Sheamus and Del Rio's pushes. Roman is over right now but won't be come January. Then again maybe he will still be popped. Ambrose momentum stopped due to no reaction Bray. Bray only got a reaction because the fuckawesome Shield match and feuding with Cena which can make a face more than it makes a heel which Vince doesn't realize since CENAWINSLOL.

Ziggler isn't believable, like he is an entertainer who can main event easily. But Ziggler shouldn't take Brock out. Bryan, Reigns, Cena, and Ambrose are the four that legit can make it believable. Ziggler just takes moves and oversells them so people go WOW SO GOOD SO ENTERTAINING.

Meanwhile, what about Miz & Mizdow and the tag titles? Any top contenders to think of?

Ascension will grab them and do fuckall with them. Mizdow beats Miz at Mania and goes back to midcard hell as well.

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Reading this makes me realize I havent seen WWE in years.. The only names I recognize are Cena/Lesnar/Miz/Goldberg.. Though I heard rumours about Sting joining.. Is that true?? He is having some feud with HHH or something???

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Is it this Sting? :P

Yes, I tend to watch it as a soap opera. It would be nice if some matches or events were not already scripted, like the royal rumble. It would become much more interesting. It makes people wonder and root for their favorite, not just watch and applaud like in the theater.

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