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  1. just looked on bulbapedia, the best rate is 2 different trainers, same pokemon
  2. now that I think about it, why would 2 of the same pokemon have lesser chances? that doesnt make sense.
  3. Thanks for tips! I'll update acoordingly. I'm not really the kind of guy to talk to for breeding, so I wouldn't know. Thanks!
  4. thanks! i'm doing it for more of the early game since that's when most people would need ap since later on you'd be like "oh well time to grind wild encounters" or somethin
  5. Im only doing the more complex ones that need more grinding. most ap stuff just requires you to play. 1. Buy and Sell for AP There's a shop in Gearen City that sells Reverse Candies. If you're around Goldenleaf, use the van guy in the corner of the town. Continously buy reverse candies and sell them. 2. Evo stones Get a pansage, pansear and panpour in gearen park (buy nest balls from the pokeball emporium) and then buy water, fire and leaf stones from the kid in The Lost Camp. 3. finding pokeball items actually use your eyes and go to each previous area you can. 4. shiny hunter the shiny rate is 1/100. i'd personally reccomend going into any cave or go to Keta's house in sheridan and just fight a bunch of swablu. 5. baby boomer (updated) Get 1 pokemon from a different trainer and breed it with another pokemon of the same species. This is the best egg rate. 6. pickup i'd reccomend breeding a lillipup for this one, since herdier is fairly common and can be caught with nest balls. 7. friendship for this one, i think i accidentally glitched it. so, i sometimes lowered my pokemon's friendship points and raised it again so i easily maxed it out. i used this by using some sour items.
  6. Her pointing at herself makes it even better, because she's like "Me? Oh, I totally didn't whine like an immature child."
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