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  1. Where about is the second vendor in the North District EDIT Nevermind found it
  2. Gastly event has been moved further on into the game
  3. 5-6pm is when you can evolve it into dusk lyncaroc
  4. a bit after you get the fourth gym badge you can do the quest for the evo items
  5. evo items are available in celia after doing a quest in celia docks
  6. when your at level cap you dont get any evs
  7. when your breaking into the library there are some invisible tiles that dont allow you to get to the blue haired guy so you cant progress
  8. Are your profile pictures Caz=Lilith Posty=Hardy Ruby=Amelia
  9. Will there ever be a Side quest list for Rejuvenation The list could show the name of the quest and where to start it from Will we find more about cosmet and cosmia since one of them literally deletes an npc that was about to tell us madame X identity in Christiline townn I cant remember the names so there probably wrong
  10. Will Amber finally give us the thing that shes has been trying to give us since Chapter 12 in V13
  11. 1 month left and i can finally have a reason to continue all of my 4 desolation save files
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