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  1. So I beat Kyogre and completed the cutscene. Then I went south to exit the place and this happened: I am using Windows PC to play it. Please help. Edit: Its fixed. Updated to v12.2 Heres my save file: Game.rxdata
  2. Nevermind the post above. Trade closed. I got awesome Pokemon. Thanks to @clownprince137 on Discord (doesn't have a forum account yet) who gave me 5 frickin' Pokemon for trade. I will update when I need new Pokemon. If you guys can help, great. If not, I don't mind. If you have any tips, dm me here or on discord. See ya!
  3. Sure. But my team is weak. Still don't have first badge.
  4. My online name: PokeGuy1238
  5. Hii everyone! PokeGuy1238 here! (You can call me PokeGuy1238 ;)) So, I read in the rules that everyone can have one trade thread so this is my trade thread! Feel free to shoot a trade my way. If you like xD. Um, also this is my first ever post here, so... Yeah. Currently, if anyone could give me a Pokemon holding an Exp. Share, that will be awesome. I don't have many Pokemon to give in return as I started Reborn today. I have Mincinno or Bidoof so take your pick. Not the best, but hey. I started today so yeah. Hoping to see some replies soon, maybe...? Bye!!
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