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  1. so, i don't know if this is a tile error or it's supposed to be like that, but i just saw this
  2. the most notory ones, apart from the Help center requests, are: Narcissa / Dufaux side quest A.N.A Quest The hole lost camp bouch The Karen Sidequest (the 3 hidden library quests + zorilian desert ruins)
  3. so, as always, replaying the game i came up with a little something. We saw Huey and Rune in Teila resort. But, a while before that (in the cave where we found her) Saki tells us that a red haired girl guided she there, and that after a change of outfit she tells her to remember the name "Freya" (she didn't remember the exact name, but we all know it was that). So.. may be add Rune to the list of or "freya suspects" and supose that, Rune dissaparition and Freya appearing in GDC entrace and in the pyramid are related? I don't remember if huey have faced freya as to have a chance to recognize her if she was Rune, but we can remember that Freya wears almost a mask
  4. so, as the title says, this is a minor typo, but i didn't find a thread to post this there, simply that extra uppercase letter in the dialogue when the berryguy gives you the wailmer pail
  5. search in your "saved games" folder for an older save (the backup auto saves that the game makes) and change the name so that it matchs your current saved game. That should get you out of that situation at least
  6. i'm pretty sure that Yveltal's soul stone has a soul inside it already as they might be older, we know that the original kingdoms had "garufan magic" from the books in Griselda's castle (the one where dufaux was trapped), all of em had huge technology and/or magic, even if the maids are not originally from the garufans, we know that they are kinda related. Also, with what Marianette sais if you talk to her in Chrysalis Manor (when she follows you in the sewers Manor), it would seem that maids have similaries on they beheavior with the people that summons them? (i mean, marianette tell you that they act kinda like her father)
  7. I would go for android, usually if something is a maid they refer to it by that, "maid", if we come to thing of it, garufans have huge technology and magic, so... it woulnd't be weird that androids were made from time ago, even tho, madame X and Crescent seems both able to time travel without trouble
  8. So.. i was replaying the game and i'm at Blacksteepe castle when something strikes me down first of all, yeah, MC "mom" (Nancy) is in fact an android, as she herself tells she "wasn't made the same way like the others" second, Nastassia may trust madame X blindly because madame X may be related to Maria Madame X wants to destroy Yvetal (that we can asume, is Indriad or closely related), and Chaos Energy might be the key to do so. "Madame X" body is like Ren's body, it's artificial (as we saw in amethist cave that a machine is producing the bodies) And at last, what if team Xen's name is from Xerneas, as they are opposed to Yveltal?
  9. Little bug in blacksteepe castle, after snooping arround with Emma, came here with the MC and emma still reads the tittle of the book, is just in that library tho, i already checked the others
  10. perhaps she was a robot like A.N.A instead?
  11. i'm just gonna drop a little theroy i think that crescent is a Garufa, involved in the project interceptor, as freya and kieran are also garufans but that aren't on the interceptor side. That's why crescent is always meddling with them About Nancy, our "mc" mom. I guess that nancy is a summoned doll (as kanon) made in the image of someone dear for Cressent (whos real name is Dhalia). Dhalia change her own name to Crescent after that dear person transforms into Cressia, by the same process that we find into the "interceptor files" in rude 8 (i guess it was?) dive spot. When crescent tried to create a "maid" to foster the MC she ended up creating someone that looks like her dear person, and by some reason that doll has the feelings of the real one, that's why they said that nancy "isn't supposed to have feels as she is just a doll", also the collors from nancy match pretty much the ones of Cressia. (as always, sorry for the sloppy english u.u)
  12. i think that in pages like.. 34 - 37 this was talked, arroud the days when the twitter appeared to when it "ended" and yeah, risa being Freya sounds prety much confirmed, someone said that the weird jigglipuff has the same stats as her Naganadel, and taking in account that beheeyem, the jigipuff might be an illusion, also, the fight between melia and Risa is one that we didn't get to see, perhaps so that we don't see her team
  13. try berry farming in goldenwood forest, it worked for me at least but as fast money, i don't think that they will implement that, remember that, at the begining in gearen they told you that money is hard to get in the region
  14. oh, i didn't remembered that part then who knows, perhaps they are the "not so unknowlingly evil" Tiempa and Spacea and also they kinda "desisted" on getting the gem of life after the fight with delpha, as for now, it might still be a mystery, the only thing we know for sure, is that they are related with cresent somehow, even before crescent take her actual name (sorry if some sentences are wierd, english is not my primary lenguage and i'm not practicing it that much lately n.nU)
  15. about team xen, from WLL and the blacksteepe scene, we know that they want to harvest chaos energy for *something*, not precisely world domination, maybe it has to do with the Xenpurgis? (whatever it is) or to break the barrier in the castle that was behind blacksteepe (being blacksteepe nymiera's castle, we can assume the other was the castle of Man // Indriad as we asume) to get wathever is trapped there Still not sure about the silver surfers and cosmia and the other brother, the only think we know about the surfers is that they want to get rid of "the maiden of resurrection" (vivian) and the life gem for anything else, perhaps to revive someone?
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