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  1. Mr Mine crest(kanto only)- gives mimicry and can learn Nature Power when equipped. Girafarig Crest- bite moves are special attacks now Tsareena-kicking moves get stab. Speed goes up every time it misses a move with >100 acc
  2. Samurott Crest gives a boost to cutting moves by 33% and increases base speed by 25%. Octillery crest- Speed scales with lowering attacking stat. SE Moves do 1.25% more dmg Emboar Crest- gives weight based moves a 1.3 power boost. Flygon Crest-Sound based moves get a 1.3 power boost and /swaps attack with speical attack and becomes a Bug/Dragon type. Noctowl Crest-Psychic moves hit with STAB and speed is increased by 1.2% Huntail Crest- contact moves power increase by 1.2 times and dark type moves get stab Gorebyss- same a
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  4. So will the mystery egg be able to have galaran darumuaka and will more mons be added to the list?
  5. Also will the tournament even be a thing? I really wanna crub stop Risa and her Naganadel so bad.
  6. So I have a question. Will the ladder that is East Gearen be accessible in v13?
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