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  1. Just in theory Can a replace gym leaders became a E8 Members ? Spector and Kreis for example
  2. Gonna start some preparations for my mono run on Intense difficulty Can i get suggestions how to make my life much easier with this playthrought options ?
  3. Did somebody know how to open this ? Its not far from Venam father laboratory
  4. Did somebody know how to obtain moon Dial for opening april door in v13 ?
  5. Explain your smalness Stunfisk: Im a shadow pokemon
  6. I just caught shiny Ratata, and that didnt count my achievement
  7. Can somebody say how to move save file from 12 to 13?
  8. Darkwave


    Where's download button ? I want to see a new master piece that we got
  9. Gonna restart, because even if you can continue without a knowing new story's, i want to find the differences between them all Plus possibly rebuild the team
  10. Hitpoint Third Sinnoh game
  11. Whoah That's gonna be interesting
  12. I wonder what happened to Crescent actually And what a team Saki will use ?(Probably MEGA Metagross going ace)
  13. How the heck that human body was even feet in that box ?
  14. Yep And you need to solve the Riddle The answer connected with last one
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