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  1. Thanks a lot! I’ll try to do that
  2. '1 - Noah - 0h 3m - 0 badges.rxdata"'
  3. Thx, I’ll find it tomorrow
  4. I sold mine a while ago and forgot about piplup, anyone know where I can get another?
  5. No, but I realized that I was loading backups wrong- I’ve been deleting backups, not loading.
  6. Hey, Reborn! So, I’ve been trying to complete a bunch of encounters and trades before I go into Agate. I’ve just traded away a furret holding an exp share for the castform and saved. I’ve tried loading my backups and it didn’t do anything. Any way I can go into my files and change my items to give me one? Thanks!
  7. Why does every episode he make go along the lines of: “I hate this game. I don’t want to nuzlocke this game.” Lol
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