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  1. I have a feeling I need the badge. I kind of figured I needed some form of progression, thanx for clearing that up. Correction: It's not a badge that's required, you just need to do the cut scene in Crawli's office.
  2. Shortly after arriving in Kakori Village I started the Help Center quests. I've turned on the Bulbasaur quest and I'm told to search for the Team Xen thief in a shack on route 5, however, I can not access route 5. There is a woman blocking it at the entrance who says only certified individuals may pass. I'm at a loss for what I need to do. Am I just unable to do this quest right now? FYI I always Google before I create a thread here so this thread exists because that was unsuccessful.
  3. 'Sup? I've just gotten to Kakori Village and it seems I can't enter encounters in the Safari Zone. For my first visit I wanted to start off in the very first patch of grass just inside the entrance and during the transition from overworld to wild encounter the game crashes with the following error: Fortunately this kind of thing is exactly why I save anally so I didn't lose anything but it's a bummer and I want to know what the woman sitting inside the lobby gives you for a Chansey. I'm suddenly getting the feeling that it's the Lucky Egg and if I'm right I'd hate to lose out on that.
  4. No big deal, we still got it sorted, thanx a bunch. I'm hoping that Seviper could come in handy for Narcissa's Mimikyu.
  5. Certainly. I'm saved in the gym, I never left after my last attempt as I anticipated that this might happen. Game.rxdata
  6. Interesting, I just had the same experience in Rejuvenation. I was in a double wild battle in the Forgotten Path and when I used my Nuzleaf's Nature Power, it hit the Pokemon directly opposite Nuzleaf, the one of the left instead of the one on right which I'd targeted. I did feel that was strange though I've hardly ever used Nature Power. In fact, I couldn't tolerate that Nuzleaf much after that because it's IVs are trash.
  7. - Both Salons - EV reducing Berries (The EVs can be regained) - Have the Pokemon lead your party - Let it get as many KOs as possible - NEVER let it faint - Use items such as Moomoo Milk and Ice Cream to heal instead of the Pokemon Center. Pretty much in that exact order. Hell, that's good to know though I'm preparing for the Glass Factory and have NEVER seen a Blue Moon Ice Cream in my game. I've checked every Ice Cream vendor and machine and none ever have it.
  8. I feel that. One of the most frustrating parts for me to watch was Slowking essentially throwing his Radamus battle by NOT using Trick Room until like last turn when it didn't matter after how nasty the damned thing was to me but I echo Riceratio that I don't hate on him for something that's out of his control. The fun of watching let's players is seeing what the game throws at others and how they handle it. Now that I've read that Slowking has been given a Synthetic Seed and as such immunity to Taunt in the most recent update of the game, I'm actually grateful for my experience with that battle.
  9. Alright so I went back to the gym and entered this combination. It's accepted but nothing happens. I've been all over the gym and can't find any new access points nor does the warp tile that is "for Vanem's use only" allow me use.
  10. Hello again. I assume this is the appropriate thread to point something out/make a suggestion of sorts. I'm presumably nearing the end of the Chrysalis Manor event pre-third badge and I've entered Anju's chamber with the passwords I noticed scattered throughout the property (and one I found online). Apparently this isn't meant to be done until later but one can't be aware of that until she asks the third question about a city as of yet reached pre-third badge, Hiyoshi City. I had to use a Youtube video to get the correct answer. I did save before I entered so I could have just reset and left it but since it was the last question I preferred to figure it out and not everyone saves as anally as I do so this should be made a bit more clear.
  11. I'm now in Crysalias Manor so it'll have to wait for a bit but thank you.
  12. That did cross my mind, thanx dude.
  13. Yup me again with a couple of questions. 1. Has the secret chamber in Vamen's gym which is supposed to contain a Seviper Egg and a Zygard cube removed? I can't access it. I'm using the code provided by the following page: https://pkmn-rejuvenation.fandom.com/wiki/Venam which is Brown, White, Orange but it doesn't work, all but Orange since it's the first correct color in the main combination are rejected. Is this page giving the incorrect code? I've noticed there are two different wikis for Rejuvenation and neither are quite as put together and updated as Reborn's. 2. I would have gone to the 'Where do I go Next' thread with this one but since I wanted to ask the previous question I figured I could kill two Spearow with one stone hehe. Ren just locked me out of Goldenleaf Town and hinted that Vanem could melt the gate which I took to mean that I need to find Vanem but she's not in her gym or her house. So how do I find her or if I've read the hint wrong what do I do?
  14. The relationship value guide is at least 2 or 3 versions old I believe so I assume some of it has either been changed or removed.
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