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  1. This has been a long time, hasn't it? I hope you've been doing well. I've really been struggling on the chapters following the previous one, as I may have hinted multiple times. I'm not too sure why. And to top it all, I was hurting inside a little each time I saw Candy's frequent updates (or Derog's, I guess) -- always very good, while my writing is an uphill battle these days. Maybe it'll change now that I'm "on vacation". Maybe I need a true break from this too. I don't know. Still, the view counter keeps going up, and we're far past the amazing 15k views, so
  2. I did not expect to ever hear again of Urashima's story, to me it was more like a children's book someone told me they read in grade school. I didn't expect it to actually a "folkloric tale", with the importance that it implies. I like Vanilla's approach to responsibility, although it is probably terrible for her own mental health and long-term improvement. Then again, in her choice of 'career', long-term prospects are uncertain, aren't they? But in this respect, losing her mortality could very well be the worst thing to ever happen to her (after all, now, everything bad wou
  3. This is splendid. But, cass, dev blogs can’t be a mistake – otherwise we would have no inkling of the diaboli ex machina impossible battles magic squares niceties that you wonderful people are working on. And you would have no way to satisfy the Radomus urge (aka “I know what’s in store and you don’t so I’ll cryptically tease at a small bit”)! … at least, I hope I’m not the only one with that kind of impulse.
  4. Wow, math. Your post made me realize that indeed, natures had effects of considerable magnitude – I didn’t think that it could offset subpar IVs that well. Yes, Disaster is beautiful and deadly and very fast. Don’t be too upset about not resolving analytically the inequation, since you would still plug the solution in a computer to get the result. The solution I found out is the following: a <= floor(x) < b iff ceil(a) <=x < ceil(b). And then plug it in. (Where “ceil(x)” is the smallest integer no less than x). What would be interesting to see is how the effect s
  5. I think Candy gave you some useful advice. What I wanted to add is that there are a few fanfictions on the forum. So you can look at them to try and find what you think works best. The site allows you to do some nice stuff with the layout (changing colors, fonts, sizes, alignments) so it shouldn't be too hard to come up with something neat. Also, we're not very demanding readers, so you can just experiment with your first chapters until you find a presentation that you really like. And above all, if you want to write, don't overthink it too much... Ha
  6. I swear to Indriad, this is the last time I open to a delivery employee at 1 in the morning.

    If that weirdo wants their toy this badly, they'll just have to be on time like everyone else. 


    More seriously though (especially since I am still probably not starting playing Rejuv this version because I still am a coward) I'll give some news about The Odd One Out: I think I'm done with the draft for chapter 55.


    I don't know if I'll have the courage to rework it. It was a very hard chapter to write, and I can only say I finished because I transferred some of the difficulties to chapter 56. Because I really need a better idea of what happens next, I may delay uploading chapter 55 until I finish drafts for chapters 56 (very likely), 57 (likely) and perhaps 58 (not sure). 


    It certainly frustrates me to no end to feel so stuck on the story these days. I really hope it's just a phase...

  7. I’ll be honest – I’ve never read, written or watched horror stories. I don’t like being frightened (or mock-frightened). But when such a fairy tale-like story goes wrong – what else could it be than horror? (I guess I’ll find out). Yes, I agree that wine red does have a regal feel. Although I’m no interior decorator either so I’m not sure what it would feel like. I was thinking of another fanfiction I read (a Star Wars-themed one) where a certain character (let’s call him OK) is handed another character’s (let’s call him P) job, office and quarters. Bu
  8. Wow, a new chapter… Why put the link in spoilers though? I liked it! I like your character’s reaction at all the insanity that happens around him – the labs that just have to be an evil underground lair, the sassing between the “managers” of the League, Jenner’s unexpected “request”, Veronica, Saki and the hotel... Could he have handled the Starly quest too? I’m particularly fond of the
  9. Wow – I can’t believe I almost missed the new chapter. And it’s a very good one too! I feel forced to comment (a little bit nonsensically) that somehow Vanilla’s reaction to Titania (as you spoiled it) is absolutely spot on - I can’t imagine anything fitting her better. (and yes, that’s nonsensical, because you’re writing her so of course what you write is the essence, the epitome of her very self!) It’s a very good idea to have made the Andersen family an old Everish family that moved away. It nicely explains how, well, mysteriously magical (almost dreamlike,
  10. Ah. Oops. Please, don’t do that? Your first reaction at a ten-year-old experiencing massive issues due to epically messed-up parenting was “kill her for being annoying”. You’re definitely a villain. But keep working on your justifications and you could become an interesting one. How do you know that? Murder for revenge still exists (and was once an institution, known as dueling). Even though it’s illegal. Nah. This is more like a pre-emptive strike, where the ethical ground is shaky and is obviously illegal. Self-defense requires
  11. It doesn’t happen onscreen. But how else can one explain Elias’s behavior when he’s in the Castle as Radomus’s butler? And honestly, what was the point of doing that anyway? Radomus could already get the Amethyst Pendant the regular way (taking it off Elias’s hypnotized body in the Citae)… @Siv Murder is still punishable by law, and Julia/Florinia would kill you if they decided that you killed Titania or Amaria. So if Titania’s death is a “stray” bullet, why not “suicide” Amaria? (In exchange for this previous advice, I would like you to spare someone else b
  12. I don’t really want to kill anyone… especially not any of our “allies” even if they are being murderous or simply evil at some point… killing is wrong, isn’t it? And it leads to some people hurting about it (not just the ones to end up dead). This does not include the wish to sic Saphira on Sirius or Connal, or the inhabitants of Ametrine on Blake – these [REDACTED] would totally have had it coming. Still, I think it acceptable to kill off Lin and Terra. It’s not that I hate them – it’s because without them, Team Meteor basically falls. And their most heinous members can the
  13. O Muse, please sing a writer’s frightful woes:

    His mind and limb become his dreaded foes.

    His hand is limp before the empty sheet

    That stalls his thoughts and makes his drive retreat. 

    … okay, that wasn’t very good poetry. Perhaps it might not be too terrible an idea to actually read some before I attempt something like that again. 


    In everyday speak: chapter 55 isn’t out yet and I’m frustrated that it takes such a long time. And I worry about not getting the tone right. It’s not even like there’s going to be anything very important in it! 

    (there used to be, but then it would have been too long). 

    And of course, I have but the faintest notion of what happens next… 

  14. Are you sure about that? Gabriel just went above and beyond to rescue Charlotte from an awful place. Whereas each time he worked with Amaria, Gabriel got out in a far better state than she did. But I will be merciful… after all, no more Gabriel means no more story, right? That’s underestimating Saphira’s power. She’s going to Hyper Beam them to orbit instead. Yes, Noel doesn’t have it easy, does he? I think I can only answer all this comment by “Read the next chapters to find out!” Or, I assume, wait until I finally get bac
  15. Oh dear... I worry that it says something about me that I didn't even consider it to be a sad chapter. For Noel: I think he's supposed to be “on the spectrum”, which implies that he can tend to think or react differently. As he's (when he speaks) pretty pragmatic and unemotional, I thought it was in character for him to view this ordeal as a price to pay -- and, all things considered, one he would be willing to. That doesn't mean that he won't suffer emotional consequences from everything that happened... perhaps they'll just take longer to appear or be deeper. I'm not exactly sur
  16. My Reborn story has a new chapter! We're temporarily letting go of all the action, and come back to good old self-reflection... and a mystery character shows an unexpected side. 



  17. Hey! I hope you're all doing well. This is the 128th post, an amazing number -- thank you to all of you who helped me keep making progress! I've had an idea for the story in the past few days, for a little difference in the plot... but I don't know if it's a good one, because it's, well, different, in ways I'm not sure I fully understand. Its climax isn't happening before 10 chapters at the very least, but I don't have a good idea of the specifics of what happens until then... and I have very little idea of whether it can have a noncontrived satisfactory r
  18. Thank you for the explanations! Testing is indeed very, very important and it being skipped would certainly damage the release in ways that could only be called original (or so I assume -- but I could very possibly be wrong). So if there is any energy, cheer or motivation that I can share, I'll be glad to. Testers, keep up with the good work! And remember (if it helps) that every time anything goes wrong, this means that you're improving the game.
  19. My Reborn story has been updated! 

    For better or for worse, the Yureyu sequence is over...


    how safe is everyone? Read it to find out!



  20. Hello! I hope you're doing well. It's been a busy ten days, and I think this isn't likely to change in the near future -- although hopefully I'll have less pressure. Because what's the point of summer vacation if not to have the time to properly study enough to acquire the knowledge you need? Wait... am I getting this backwards? Anyway, here's the last chapter of the Yureyu sequence, whose consequences on the characters I hadn't fully realized until I started thinking of what came next. I wish I had managed to get a bit more ahead in the plan
  21. I just realized that currently, the parts of my fanfiction that come easiest to write aren't the action parts, or the times when someone is having fun. It's more when everyone self-reflects (negatively) and when Breaking Speeches are delivered to my own protagonist (sometimes by himself). I know that happiness in stories is supposed to be boring, but I'm still pretty sure something isn't quite right.


    I mean, Gabriel was supposed to hate himself this much at some point, just some thirty chapters later

  22. Page changes is tricky so I can't quote that well. About the hug: I agree. In the text, it's sort of a blind spot (an issue of first-person narration, the blind spots are really blind) of the character, so it's never really mentioned because he doesn't even acknowledge that as a possibility. So Gabriel is probably not going to give them a hug. He's not really the hugging type. Or perhaps I'll rethink that. I don't know. It doesn't mean that he won't try to find some other ways, no less sincere but perhaps more... unusual, to help them. I'd say a little mor
  23. The Item Guide seems to say that there are Thunder Stones at Blacksteam Factory and on Azurine Island. https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/41661-item-guide-v18-void-kissed/
  24. Remember how everything was going... not very well in the past few episodes? Your anxiety can recede – it finally gets better. Or does it? 

    The Odd One Out has a new chapter. 




  25. I think the title speaks for itself. Chapter 52: The Show goes on Player's note:
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