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  1. Flareon Crest: Any damage dealing fire type move it uses raises its speed by 1 stage. If said move is Flame charge, then it gets +1 atk +1 speed Espeon Crest & Umbreon Crest: Kinda like in Reborn Altforms; swap stats with each other, getting a defensive Espeon and an offensive Umbreon! Maybe they also become resistant to bug moves? Flygon Crest: Someone already suggested this one, but STAB for bug moves.. pls... and also special moves deal damage according to its attack stat? Aromatisse Crest: Restores HP when hit by a poison type move (I just want an excuse to use my plague doctor sprite edit on this thing jaja) OR: Applies Poison Heal Slurpuff Crest: Applies Cotton Guard upon entering the field Noivern Crest: I think it's been suggested, but sound based moves deal x1.5 damage, and the holder becomes soundproof Sylveon Crest: When the holder is hit by a contact move, the attacker becomes (or has a 50% chance of becoming?) infatuated. Could be with or without considering gender, depending on how broken it is idk That's all I got fo now oof
  3. My man So- I mean Zetta better get some love
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