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  1. Stamina Mudsdale could also come in handy, so long as it doesn't have to face Empoleon.
  2. Zedus

    I like your profile pic

  3. Seal

    I like your profile pic

  4. Zedus


    What part of the story are you at? Also, are you looking to actually use Teddiursa/Ursaring, or is this just for completion's sake?
  5. Hey, I know you posted this a couple days ago, but if you still need these mons, I'm working on getting you some. Just a couple questions: are you planning on using these guys, or is this just for completion? And for the Poliwag, are you looking to evolve it into a Poliwrath or Politoed?
  6. Hey, so I know we already made the trade, BUT: I just hatched another one that has better IVs and nature AND it's shiny, so if you want that one too, let me know lol
  7. Oh wow, was not expecting an Eevee that was this good. You sure?
  8. Hey, I got the request, but my game bugged, maybe cause I was tabbed out or I took too long? idk If you wanna send it again, I'll be ready this time haha
  9. I've got one if you still need it, just send me a request when you're ready (In-Game ID is Zedus).
  10. I'd probably go with a Bug gym, myself. Heracross (Mega); Moxie/Skill Link Volcorona; Flame Body Golisopod; Emergency Exit Yanmega; Speed Boost Vikavolt; Levitate Armaldo; Battle Armor I always feel bug-types are hella underrated, love them so much
  11. I think the move description is bugged, yes (looks more like the Power Gem description), but Ancient Power does only have a 10% chance of raising all stats. It's entirely possible that you're just getting unlucky.
  12. I can help if you still need it. My online ID is Zedus, let me know when you're ready.
  13. Lol whoops, for some reason I didn't think to check Pickup tables from before Gen 7. Thank you!
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