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  1. Would it be safe to assume this is all happening on the Reborn Discord server?
  2. Don't mention it, have fun with your new Vikavolt!
  3. Alright, done. Send me another request when you're ready. Also, If you didn't notice, I gave that Meowth a Dusk Stone, so make sure to grab that.
  4. Yeah, I can get you a Dusk stone. Don't want anything in return, just make sure I get my original Pokémon back in exchange for Vikavolt lol.
  5. If you're still online, I can help out. Online name is Zedus, let me know if you send a trade request.
  6. And just like @RoyChaos said, you need the respective badge for each HM before you can use the Golden Item. Personal opinion, I would start off with the Axe and Hammer, so you don't have to waste a slot with Cut/Rock Smash.
  7. Golden Axe: Cut Golden Hammer: Rock Smash Golden Gauntlet: Strength Golden Surfboard: Surf Golden Drift Board: Magma Drift (Unique Rejuv. Field Move) Golden Scuba Gear: Dive Golden Wings: Fly Golden Jetpack: Waterfall (I think) Golden Claws: Rock Climb
  8. Stamina Mudsdale could also come in handy, so long as it doesn't have to face Empoleon.
  9. Zedus

    I like your profile pic

  10. Seal

    I like your profile pic

  11. Zedus


    What part of the story are you at? Also, are you looking to actually use Teddiursa/Ursaring, or is this just for completion's sake?
  12. Hey, I know you posted this a couple days ago, but if you still need these mons, I'm working on getting you some. Just a couple questions: are you planning on using these guys, or is this just for completion? And for the Poliwag, are you looking to evolve it into a Poliwrath or Politoed?
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