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  1. Hi ! In my opinion, the Intense Mode wasn't so good. The problem of this kind of mode repose on what you need to do to make the game more difficult than the Normal Mode. Adding more EVs for example is a bit unfair for me, and the difficulty of the Normal Mode is self-sufficient (Fields, sets, EVs and IVs,...). I understand you want to remove the Intense Mode, and I hope you keep in mind the Normal Mode is well designed (I remember when Bodyguard destroyed me with special attacks ahah). So take care of you first, and work on the game after having free spirit ^-^
  2. The misty terrain is not the only one like that. I had the same problem for changing fields.
  3. Hi ! I tested some weeks ago the Claydol Crest, but it looks like increasing Defense does not increase the damage Claydol does. If I'm correct, it would use Calm Mind to be more aggressive, wouldn't I ?
  4. The challenge for special Delcatty is having the better balance between speed and SpA. Then, M-Manectric is a mandatory teammate because it provides a good buff in speed and special attack (it has 135 in each stat).
  5. Yes but if you want to have a fast lead Delcatty, the speed bonus from Spiritomb is really weak. Its Speed Bs is 35 Even if the Spiritomb crest works, I don't think pairing Delcatty and Spiritomb is a good idea.
  6. After playing at Where Love Lies, I still don't know who exactly burnt Wispy Tower. However, I think Clear and Kieran are involved in this story. From the beggining they were involved in the tragedy of Keta, which is a benefit for Team Xen. They had access to Carotos Montain, and they could summon Giratina. I eventually think Madame X managed this operation with Clear and Kieran (it's not "Ouah you're so clever guy", everyone should know that), and then she's responsible too for the incident of Wispy Tower.
  7. I think having Spiritomb with Delcatty will lower the boost of the Delcatty Crest. A physical Spiritomb only have Ghost, Dark, Normal type attacks (except Rock Tomb). So Spiritomb need special coverage as Burning Jealousy (when it's available), and then you need to play it with a lowering speed nature which lowers the speed boost benefit for Delcatty.
  8. It's strong, but you must avoid having fainted Pokémon. For example, when my Primarina fainted, Delcatty lost 40 points in SpA. So be careful
  9. Hello ! I would like to talk about the Delcatty Crest ^-^ I discovered it with Risa and I thought it was useless, until I learnt how it works. This crest is powerful but has one weakness : its stats. Indeed Delcatty receives 10% of each stat of each unfainted Pokémon you have in your party. You can make different sets for Delcatty : Special, Physical, or Defensive. The problem is Delcatty needs all of your Pokémon. More you lose Pokémon during the battle, weakest Delcatty becomes. However, I think using a Special Bulky Offense is a good idea with Delcatty. Here is the set : Delcatty Ability: Wonder Skin EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Hyper Voice - Thunderbolt / Grass Knot - Ice Beam / Shadow Ball - Calm Mind / Charge Beam For the moment, Delcatty can't learn Calm Mind and Ice Beam. These moves are important for setting up Delcatty and having BoltBeam. So, I use Charge Beam to increase SpA. Let's compare its stats : First, there are the 'base stats' of Delcatty And here you can see the new stats when all the team is ready for a good battle : Speed : 416 ! It's faster than Dragapult, and pretty bulky for setting up. And I'll show you the team I used to have these stats ^^ So what do you think about Delcatty now ?
  10. It's only for forms of Pokémon, such as rifts. But I took an example of Max Damaged Regieleki could do
  11. I should take an example : Dracovish. When it was in OU, the only way to check it was having a Water Immunity (Seismitoad), because Water Resistant Pokémon couldn't resist. For the moment, Regieleki has the potentiel to badly weaken special wall Grass Types such as Ferrothorn. 252+ SpA Choice Specs Transistor Regieleki Thunder vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Ferrothorn: 120-141 (34 - 40%) -- 35.4% chance to 3HKO after Leftovers recovery So the best way to wall Regieleki is having an Electric Immunity.
  12. With this Crest, Regieleki would broken. Regieleki is the kind of Pokémon nerfed by its coverage, so if it could hit Ground Types with Electric moves, it would so powerful because only Grass, Electric Types, and Pokémon with Lightning Rod or Volt Absorb can resist.
  13. Thanks, I found him but I didn't know why I didn't see him before
  14. Hi, I have to find a bad guy who stole the Kimono Girl's Pokémon. However, I didn't find him in Main Street, Dream District, Route 7 or Underground District.
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