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  1. My sheer force Nidoking certainly appreciates the free life orb honestly though I understand and fully expect them to remove being able to steal their default items, but I hope they don't take away the option to replace those pokemon's items. Being able to give them berries helped me a lot with that fight.
  2. Seven stamps. The highest floor available is the 8th floor, the first floor is the receptionist which you don't need a stamp for. Unless there was another stamp added in chapter 15 that I missed?
  3. I understand how it might not seem worth it to folks who already chose froakie as their starter. You also get 3 Karma points for doing the quest, though again might not be worth for some people. I was lucky in my main play through because I already had quite a few of the requirements, just needed to breed with ditto. Mareanie was my mystery egg pokemon and I already had wishiwashi from when it was available from the fishing tank in GDC... actually i'm not sure if it's still available that way because in my newest playthrough I got horsea instead, can anyone else confirm? I would probably reduce the amount of pokemon you need to donate to 15 maybe 20 while getting to choose which of the 35 you need to donate. The reward just seems rather lackluster, I'll agree with that.
  4. Did it say somewhere she was a natural blonde? I ask because Anathea is shown to have had 2 hair colors so far: Black and blonde. The later we've seen for ourselves when we went to the past, the former is shown in a cutscene in chapter 15 and there's also the hospital documents In Isha's office that list her having black hair (though i'm not really sure how that would work since it'd kind of be in the wrong timeline , unless it was a record from Isha's father). There's a more supporting plot point that would lead us to believe her hair was originally black then turned blonde than there is for the other way around.
  5. Hidden Library 3 side quest, one of the rewards. I won't spoil anything but at the end you're given an option to randomly choose a prize from someone's right or left hand. I don't remember which but I believe Heracronite is the one on the left. The other one is the Banettite.
  6. Personally I would trade Infernape's crest just so that it can learn drain punch. I just want my monkey boy with iron fist to learn drain punch....
  7. For real though.... I think it's fine to agree to disagree and put forth one's counter arguments but some of those comments felt straight up hostile. I agree on Infernape's crest though. Personally I'm a filthy casual lol, so I tried asking if there was some sort of advantage to using it's crest that I just wasn't picking up on and the only real answer I got was "it's to use Infernape in a different way." I also like Lefeon. I wish it had at least 1 ability that wasn't centered around sunlight but I've enjoyed having one on my team.
  8. I'd be interested to see how the Interceptor got involved as well. I do like the theory that they are from the den of souls. What I'd like to see is if our interceptor actually had a choice like the MCs did, I mean they're basically accepting a position that would put them in a body/identity that isn't even their own among other things. Certainly gives people incentive to think twice before accepting such a role. If the interceptor really is the one who hit the reset button in amethyst grotto, why don't they remember anything and why do Kieran and Clear do? It'd be wild if it turned out the interceptor is the one who recruited them, and much like Rune who knew her morals and inhibitions wouldn't allow her to make decisions that the puppet master would, did something similar and erased their memory and allowed Kieran and Clear to make certain situations happen in the event the interceptor could not.
  9. I might be crazy, but shiny Hitmonchan reminded me of Bart Simpson, maybe because of the 'hair'? And I want to say shiny Bronzong reminds me of the liberty bell because of the 'worn out' look.
  10. Yup, same here. I didn't know when it occurred until I read this post. 1.3 million gone just like that :/
  11. I'm starting to think that's it, I noticed I haven't been able to change the time of day in game, and it's not changing no matter how much time passes. Is there a newer patch than 13.0.2? Edit: yup, sure enough there's a new patch out. I'll try that.
  12. ahhhhh that would explain not being able to breed. I tried changing the time to 1:30 pm for day time to level it up but it wouldn't work, even after giving it a blue moon ice cream. Maybe it just doesn't have enough happiness? Don't know where to check that though since I'm at the part where east gearen does an upgrade and the person who checks that for you is no longer in the salon.
  13. the gift riolu received in GDC not only can't evolve, but it can't even breed with ditto? I haven't tried any other pokemon to breed with it but does anyone else have this issue?
  14. Heracross woods, not sure what to do next and red heracross isn't interactable even when I catch up to it.
  15. Interested in this as well, was it jus completely removed from the game or can someone confirm there is just another place for it?
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