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  1. No, it's not. Don't remember where I saw it but I believe they plan to go up to version 16 when the game is completed, with the current version being 12. Anyone is free to correct me though.
  2. Yes, you need not only the badge but the corresponding HM in order to use the golden item equivalents. Otherwise players could potentially cross/circumvent obstacles that involve HM moves sooner than what the game creators intend.
  3. By the sounds of it, even before this post v13 is going to be HUGE, and that's without adding the stuff gen 8 gave us. Honestly using this method for future versions might not be a bad idea when you're feeling swamped, not just v13. Granted this year in particular has sucked hardcore but still. NGL I'm still sad about the delay this version has suffered, but I understand the reasons. I'll force myself to be patient if I have to, this game is worth it. It's not a stretch to say I'm more hyped about v13 than I was about most of the official pokemon releases. Edit: spelling
  4. First, I recommend checking if you have the latest version of the game Second, this has been a problem for me and others in the past (particularly when you picked the decisions that results in you not having the magma stone). A method of triggering the event is to continue up the mountain up to a certain point, I won't spoil it for you but you'll know you are at the correct point when you receive the TM for Magma Drift. After you received the tm return back to the area that Kyogre is supposed to show up, hopefully the event will trigger for you as soon as you take a few steps into the roo
  5. As someone who has been doing a lot of egg hatching I can feel your frustration. It sounds like you are extremely unlucky though. Not sure where you are in the game or how long you are willing to wait, but the store in department of dreams in GDC has ability capsules for sale on the seventh floor (you'll need 6 stamps to access the floor they are sold on)
  6. Aside from getting it as a starter, you can get it in Carotos mountain. It's on the right side of the same floor that you had to give SEC the password that was spread throughout the room. You'll need strength and I believe rock smash. There is a Team Xen grunt that has several pokemon in cages that you can trade for shards, including the charmander which will cost red shards (don't remember how many) Edit: you will also need blast powder to clear out the rest of a boulder you used rock smash on.
  7. The Sheridan Village move tutor will be able to make your pokemon learn egg moves in exchange for 1 heart scale after you have completed a side quest in Kristiline town's help center quest (don't remember which one)
  8. As someone who also plays for the story, I can relate to the difficulty. I prefer to use Pokemon that I like vs having to worry about team composition etc. especially in a game that heavily features story, which isn't easy to do in this game even on the difficulty mode that is ironically labelled as 'casual'. (to be fair, I won't sit here and pretend i'm good at competitive pokemon battles/strategies so that's probably half my problem right there lol) I still feel that way sometimes, but I have come to appreciate some of the new experiences this game has brought to my attention such a
  9. I take it this is the only Rockruff in the game that can have/learn Own Tempo to evolve into dusk form? Or can you breed it so that the babies know the ability?
  10. First, sorry if this is the wrong place to post something like this. As the title suggests, what is considered the 'good' choice between siding with Shiv or Aurora? Or at least what are the consequences of siding with either/or? I've read the 5th diary in the secret room don't know if that makes a difference. Pls and ty
  11. I didn't even know people felt that strongly about Adam's vs sprite, but now that i'm looking at the old one his hair DOES look weird haha. Flora definitely needed that upgrade! I kinda prefer Ariana's old sprite. The new one just kind of looks... goofy to me? IDK I think it's the mouth/smile that i'm getting that from. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I really don't like the change to Aevis. His hair basically looks like an enlarged version of Axel's on the one side. To be fair I was a fan of his legacy sprite where he had black hair and wore a hat so should probably take my opini
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