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  1. omg THIS PLZ!!! I'm going to try and do a steel type run for v13 and this would greatly help 'mons that can't exactly mate with themselves or others like Magnemite.
  2. To be fair last time they said "soon(tm)" was a little under 4 months ago (unless someone can find a more recent post): https://www.rebornevo.com/rejuvdev/records/mega-medium-sized-post-v13-updatecontent-showcase-r24/?ct=1617642324 Granted four months doesn't fall under the definition of "soon" for some people I'd imagine, but as mentioned by Zumi It's more of a running gag at this point. I get it though, honestly I'm personally guilty of coming to kind of hate the word whenever I see it in a dev update post ;-P Someday(TM)
  3. Alright folks, now we know how to magically summon Jan to our houses!
  4. I agree, in that despite my own nitpicks with the game I enjoy it immensely. Case and point I'm more excited for v13 than I am for diamond and pearl remake. I hope Jan and the others aren't put off by folk's grievances that they've stated both here and on the entire forum.
  5. A few people have already stated their grievances with Melia so I'll hold off on that lol. One thing that really bothered me is Kanon's character flip. Yes, the devs came forward and said they changed their mind about what they wanted with him and what they wanted him to be, but what I dislike is how blatant and sloppy the character flip was. Really the only thing that can fix that is if they went back and rewrote Kanon but I understand that isn't very realistic. Another little thing in the beginning that bothered me is how we arbitrarily needed Venam's help to get through the gates to
  6. When I'm waiting in queue for a FPS or another game that I need to wait for something, I will sometimes have rejuvenation in the background and money hunt with my team of 'mons with the pickup ability.
  7. You say that, but it's taken them over a month to go from 85% to 88% and that's after they announced they were splitting v13 into two parts with the current statistics being shown for part one XD. I say this in jest of course (partly <.< >.>) and I won't sit here and pretend to know the inner workings and how long it's taken the team to recover from whatever 2020 did to them, but it does seem like it's taking long considering they've said soon™ starting from mid December from what I can see. Of course that could just be for the attempted humor of using soon ™ lol Edit: a
  8. The wait for v13 has been KILLING me lol. I've been anxiously anticipating the release v13 far more than I thought I would have.
  9. I didn't go far enough to get to the part where Venam gets pissed, just far enough to where you receive the tm for magma drift (same spot where you free Ren's sister from a cage) then immediately turned around and back tracked to where kyogre is supposed to be.
  10. I had this problem in my first play through. Not sure it'll work for you or not but the way mine was fixed is I had to go further into the mountain until I received the tm magma drift. Then back track to the part where kyogre is supposed to be and Venam was there and the scene played as it was intended.
  11. There's 2 side quests you complete in Kristiline Town's help center called 'Research' and '???' (literally what it's called). The ??? quest will appear on the board after you complete 'Research'. After you complete both the move relearner in Sheridan will be able to teach any pokemon their egg moves in exchange for 1 heart scale.
  12. People are free to agree or disagree. I definitely understand the sentiment when it comes to a single player game and how your game play effects only yourself in this case, heck I have a gameshark for my old DS and even one for a playstation 2 sitting around somewhere to prove that lol. My reasoning for Pokemon Rejuvenation in this instance is that Jan and the devs are making this game for free, and are providing it for us to play with which is awesome! So when he says he doesn't like people using debug for it (discourages, etc. Can't find the actual quote anybody is free to correct me
  13. I'm against it, at least for your first play through as I believe Jan himself discourages others from using debug. At the same time, however, I agree with Mhicky about being against IVs all together. "Oh, you finally hatched a shiney of the Pokemon you wanted? Well that's too bad because it's *insert stat your mon can use* IV is in the single digits despite using destiny knot, power items and Arceus knows what else for other stats so you get to roll the dice all over again!" The amount of eggs I have hatched so far is pretty depressing. I wish there was a way to purchase someth
  14. They've made it a point not to effect the story in a way that completely changes decisions or elements of long time players in my experience, and I've been playing since version 9. You can keep your old play through, but the devs recommend doing another play through each time a new version pops up just so you can see the changes for yourself. You can find updates and goodies about v13 here: https://www.rebornevo.com/rejuvdev/
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