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  1. i just finished e5, going to do it now, thanks
  2. uh u need to go back a savefile, i also suggest using toucannon to burn trap her team
  3. teach waterfall to one of your mons
  4. Hello! I was exploring Wispy Chasm Depths for the elemental seed, and the synthetic seed. After I found got the elemental seed, a girl appeared and i went to talk to her and she disappeared, what was that? Also I don't know where the shiny stone, don't tell me its the same floor as the seeds? im very scared in creepy places, so i dont like my time there... Edit: i spelled "her" "here" lol.
  5. hehe, just finished it, thx for the help!
  6. So, when doing the mosely quest, I paid maman the 7.5k, and then she passes out yada yada, mosely storms out, but i can't find her... this is after v12, like postgame stuff, i'm almost done with the entirety of rejuvenation.
  7. hmm




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