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  1. I think graveler can work for some of this fight (which they are underneath the grand stairway) and numel not too good due to rain dance. Slugma also works well just be careful of the anorith and araquanid. (Its mostly just the rock moves)
  2. In the picture you go north of it then left and straight north if you are trying to find crawli dad
  3. If you downloaded and cant acces the save i think you can change the name to Game
  4. I completed it if you have issues accesing it just dm me Game_11.rxdata
  5. You have to go west of the the train station where you went to goldenwood forerst and go through a path and find a factory that is where you should find karina or whatever her name is
  6. i played through with some pickuppers I dont know exact chances but ive gotten it before
  7. If you havent entered agate yet then you can wait for a sunny day and go the ice cream vendor in front of the grand hall or use the pickupo abillity.
  8. Poli

    Agate City

    i think you have to go to calcenon city and find hardy and florinia in the building here im standing in front of
  9. IF you missed simon from the tanzan meteor base then it would be glass station if i remember correct
  10. The quest goes either tanzan meteor base or glass sation then to beryl ward cemetry then the house he lives in the video. From there you can do the quest
  11. I think there was post with the same issue. It was like where the parent of the pichu was a alolan raichu, but it didnt evovle. I dont remember too much of it, that could be the issue
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