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  1. Looking forward to it Best luck to the team’s progression
  2. Arc-Virus Type: Mystery ??? Target - Singles PP - 5 Category - Status Accuracy - 100% Description - The user is consumed by an unknown etherial force beyond comprehension. Screeching it’s cry before submitting to the virus. Loses it’s name, typing, and friendship value in exchange to randomise it’s base stat between the total to 600-800 during battle. Any damage the user takes away instead decreases it’s max total hp permanently rather then regular hp. If user faints, it is erased from party. Cannot be learned Can only be taught from NPC “The Victim”
  3. Well you get the idea Also being someone who bends the rules Sometimes you gotta ask yourself first whether it’s worth the risk. Cause nobody gonna care for a shitty behaviour Grow up
  4. Ah simple 1: They don’t 2: Amethyst has a Patreon which mainly supports her development on making these game smoothly and on time... oh who am I kidding, we’re never gonna get to see ep19 release date anytime soon. I believe originally before, she intended it to just be a place where if you wanna help her irl struggles living. 3: The will to live and create is a powerful ability some consider to be unnatural
  5. If you were to eat one thing for the rest of your life and not get sick over it. What would it be?
  6. I actually don’t blame you This game been a mess My vote still stays until I see any “sudden” changes. I’m expecting it to happen.
  7. The thing is that is that at this moment, if Seal actually is the cult master. The remaining cults will also die as well that possibly drops us down to possible a 7-6 player scenario where there’s still 4 mafia remaining and you win. And you were so adamant about ether me or Seal possibly being CL before. Whiles you did mention other inactive or role-claimed players as cultist. Especially for Valentine and Tony who probably have reasons to keep shut as well and I’m willing to bet somethings off with them. But everything in me is telling myself that you knew about about the cult but couldn’t pinpoint the CL between your options. And your placing all your bets on Seal... I believe that you certainly believe that Seal is the Cult leader. At the end of the day It comes down to a choice If Seal’s apparently is a cult member, then Falirion’s theory does become sound However I’m to believe today because of the situation, we’re gonna have to choose who’s gonna win. Mafia or Cultist. I’m such a fool for mistaking the number count but I think I know who wins given players still remaining. Depending on the vote count, I still have my activation left but this does not help Astra at all.
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