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  1. Good luck fam You’ll need every advantage you can Explore reborn to your heart contents You will won’t regret anything
  2. Hope a board the community train Where everyone out to kill ya Try using these:
  3. Anti-Loser


    Banned for being so god damm AWESOME
  4. One Punch Man N1 Kombu Infinity A figure embodied in tentacles and seaweed Strong enough to smack away objects with force to piece steel Agile in it’s movement to play around it’s victim Sinister, Scary, and Unpredictable Although today was unfortunately his last Always fantasied about facing against incredible opponents Hearing that monsters within the Dark Matter Ship possessed abilities far greater than his A true challenge Kombu would die for But would be the first monsters the others deemed suspicious and perhaps traitor Before there was arguing, before there was hope, and now... there was despair Flashing before his eyes, one final word “ The rumours.. u\shjsbs (spills out blood from mouth)... they were true after-all... I’m glad I got to meet all of you” ”Maybe we could’ve hunted the humans.. together... pleh (dead)” “GUYS, GUYS, SOMEBODY ELSE JUST DIED. I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT..!?” While others were looking upon the death of Kombu Another monster mysteriously gone There was completely nothing of this monster Except for a tag ...Newt? Drago has died. He was Kombu Infinity Newt has died. He was Monster ??? Player’s List 1 - Dragoknight - Kombu Infinity - Mutant Tiger Threat 2 - Newt - Monster 3 - Black Swordsman 4 - Nicki 5 - Lykoshand 6 - Astra 7 - Chicken 8 - Nano 9 - NickCrash 10 - Arch 11 - Falirion 12 - Alistair 13 - Mimi 14 - Anime 15 - Sopheria 16 - Aldo 17 - Candy N1 starts now (22 hours)
  5. Last 8 hours remain for D1 Votes Drago (2) - Aldo, Nick Aldo (1) - Drago Hanyu (1) - Hanyu Candy (1) - Lykos Beans (1) - Mimi Post (Requirement of 2+) Except for @Arch @Sopheria @Newt @Astra125, all of you thankfully reached this part. The punishment of not meeting both of these requirement will result in warning as well a subtraction of your “Voting Power” by 1. Make sure you complete all of this before the day ends.
  6. Yo we welcome To da community
  7. Sorry if I didn’t mention this earlier and apologise for the confusion Everyone has a threat level There are no ranks in this game (I part I post about ranks in red text was just to make topic post look cool) And I can’t answer that second question Drago
  8. Alrighty we’ve reach the 24 Hour Mark Votes Drago (1) - Nick Aldo (1) - Aldo Anti-loser () Remember 2 post and a vote people Currently waiting to hear from @Sopheria and @Arch like at all.
  9. One Punch Mafia D1 Oh.. it’s quiet too quiet What happened.. well anyways I’m glad the heroes didn’t lose their lives this early heroes Perhaps we’ve been too cautious I figured there be bloodshed but you guys actually followed by advice on sticking a low profile huh anyways we move to the Dark Matter Ship and Don’t get caught throughout this mission and see any weakness you could use to your advantage The monsters residing within each hallways and room seem tone passive for now But all of them will be usual discuss their plans within their throne room Although they’ve been suspecting potential traitors or heroes intruding this ship We’ve no significant move but they’re keeping close eyes and close wits It’s now your choice to how you wish to play alongside these monsters I hope they don’t find you MONSTER: FIND THEM WE MUSN’T LET THE HEROES ROAM IN OUR BASE ALIVE BUT WE MUST SLAUGHTER EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM Player’s List 1 - Dragoknight 2 - Newt 3 - Black Swordsman 4 - Nicki 5 - Lykoshand 6 - Astra 7 - Chicken 8 - Nano 9 - NickCrash 10 - Arch 11 - Falirion 12 - Alistair 13 - Mimi 14 - Anime 15 - Sopheria 16 - Aldo 17 - Candy Day 1 has started (48 hours ) Amma update this post but you kids can go ahead (I’m a slow writer)
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