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  1. The best solution for the bosses is Perish Song, Prankster Murkrow anyway, so you can have other answers to them. If your Salamence has Intimidate for example, it can completely invalidate physical attackers with enough switch-ins. You could reconsider your team, to have a different support, and use Mega-Houndoom also because it would fill your mega slot.
  2. Your team lacks any supportive options(TW, burning, sticky web), so that Chandelure, and its will-o-wisp and pain split, should be more helpful for you.
  3. Well this is done on PBS levels, which means that you need access to RPG Maker XP, and downloaded PBS files(they are in the extras). RPG Maker XP has a trial full functionality version for a month, which requires you to give an email so... u know...
  4. And to answer your question, I guess you are out of LUCK (okay I'm just gonna leave now)
  5. I was playing around with a fake Laura battle, when I noticed that growth reverted the stage back to 4 at stage 5. Confirmed that it was stage 4 by usage of Nature Power which turned back into growth, which then turned back to 5. Happens in doubles, didn't check singles. Worked with different mons (although there was always a Ferrothorn in the front)
  6. Well you can complete the Pokedex and get all the other Crystals and TMs. While the first one sounds hard, it's doable, and the rewards are ABSOLUTELY worth it(The final reward can fill in the blank spot).
  7. From my personal experience, Bisharp is too slow to do anything before it gets murdered, better get Aegislash.
  8. You can still fight the kid, he's in front of a bookshelf inside.
  9. Besides if you went for Trick Room,,Mega Ampharos would be even better(The stone is in the grand hall employee area).
  10. Trick Room is a pretty nasty strategy here, you can use a Mimikyu as a setter, and Grass Rotom can clear a lot.
  11. I see you are planning to use Dragon Dance, so I assume it's supposed to be a sweeper, that can take hits with Multiscale(also assuming you're going to evolve it) 1. Dragon Dance - useful speed and attack setup 2.Outrage/Dragon Claw - Outrage has higher power, but you can't choose the target in doubles. You could also go for Dragon Rush, but its accuracy makes it unreliable. 3.Iron Head/Fire Punch- covers the fairy immunity, as well as all super effective enemy types/hits all dragon resists for at least effective damage 4.Brick Break(Earthquake is not available)/Supe
  12. Gengar isn't very bulky, so stalling your opponents with hypnosis and Nightmare doesn't sound like the best idea, but then again, if you outspeed enough, wouldn't you just prefer to go for the instant KO, instead of risking the result of the battle, on Hypnosis's accuracy. In short, get rid of Nightmare, but if I were you, I would reconsider the entire set. (Just noticed, good nickname BTW, I don't think it's that known)
  13. If you joined the Aqua Gang, you can simply catch it. If you joined the Magma Gang you need to first do the raid on Craudburry's house(above the bike shop if I recall correctly), and then do the raid on Aqua Gang's alley.
  14. I would probably pick Rotom. Its forms allow you a lot of flexibility, and WRotom saved me countless times. You can also invest both into bulk, and attack with him. My favourite set it WRotom with Will O Wisp to cripple all those Garchomps, Gyardoses, and whatever else the game throws at you.
  15. Here you go. I used debug mode to give it to you. Game.rxdata
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