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  1. If you go to the nickname rater, agree to have him change your nickname, and then don't type in anything and click enter, the game pops out an error and freezes. Easily avoidable but still a bug.
  2. Noooooooooo i thought i'd be free from the devblog curse. Well i don't mind really. Anyway played the demo a long time ago and i have to say it was interesting, so i am most definetly looking forward to future developments.
  3. I dunno if you noticed, but Cass stated in the comments under the last dev blog post that the episode is coming out tomorrow. As such, I already know I won't be getting any sleep. And many of you probably know the same.
  5. There is more of us. I saw in your recent post that you are Polish and thought to myself "huh, another one" but someone did a post a long time ago where they asked who's from where, and they were also Polish. I'm also certain at least one of the older forum lurkers is Polish, so there are at least four. Probably more.
  6. Dude I'm polish. If I'm able to fall asleep tomorrow, it will be a miracle.
  7. Well, I'll just go out and say that I'm fully prepared. I have my favorite snacks, water and my computer nearby, and they're not going anywhere. I'm also planning to sacrifice sleep if this comes out at a bad hour, but who needs sleep when you have pure excitement flowing through your bloodstream.
  8. This is obviously subject to change since we don't know the actual E4 teams, but the one I'm currently planning to use is: - Blaziken - Naganadel - Rotom W - MGardevoir - Aegislash - Whimsicott
  9. I admit I also thought that until with someone's help I realized that Tailwind activates Delta Stream... and she will most likely start with a Focus Sash, Gale Wings Talonflame just to have this setup for sure. Although Whimsicott can learn Taunt so with a Sash on it and a Rocky Helmet on something else/Brave Bird recoil it might still work ...there may be a far simpler solution. Unless we get blocked field interactions like in Rejuvenation V13 Laura has to run either Water Sport or Rain to prevent her field from being set on fire. For the first again Prankster Taunt and you can go to town, but the second one's funnier. If she's running rain, then, unless this mechanic was changed... the field becomes a Rainbow Field once you click Sunny Day or bring in something with Drought. And ALL her field boosts disappear.
  10. A Gardevoir with Imprison, Hyper Voice, Dazzling Gleam and Trick Room/Psychic will likely be able to shut down most of El's moves(if he runs Trick Room) and at least a few of Anna's moves so i'm hoping that will work. Also Whimsicott will be useful because it can run screen support and priority Nature Power(on El's field if you give it a Pixie Plate all the multipliers make the moves base power go to about 400) Other than that i'm gonna be adapting based on what I see, but I think the Uber trio will be useful no matter the circumstances.
  11. I'll do you one better. WHY is Ace? (And the answer to your question lies in the post about the early game changes by Amethyst, which you can find in the devblog, tl;dr - a new character)
  12. I feel so happy about this considering those are my four days of Easter break. An to quote Jojo Battle Tendency but really really fast: "Also AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH"
  13. Many of the best encounters are static, so yes.
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