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  1. The script is hanging isn't necesarilly related to your save file. I'll assume you're using Windows 11, so have you tried running it in compatibility mode. The save file itself(at least the gordos file) is not broken since when I tried loading it, it worked fine, so with my limited knowlegde that's what I would try nexy.
  2. I don't know your save directory, but saves are usually stored in "My Games", also your file should start with an uppercase G giving you "Game_x" where x is your save slot. So take that gordos file, change its name, put it in the correct folder and everything should be fine.
  3. I'm about to cry with happiness. I've kinda been thinking about making mods for fangames without Field Effects and doing an attempt at rebalancing them, so The Modder's Dream(cass you should probably trademark that) is oh well a dream come true. I'll also admit that I tried making some custom moves a long time ago, and I remember the nightmare of function codes, so making it less nightmarish is amazing. So yeah, kudos for all of this. This is great beyond words.
  4. You have seen the new card right. I may be reading a bit too much into things but i recall that The Fool card symbolized starting from the beginning in certain contexts and considering The New World it's... interesting. I'm not sure whether the Joker card has any symbolism, and the Ace may be refering to Lin but I think it's something worth thinking about.
  5. Well, you should come back when you have Dive, and you may find something useful.(unless you already have it and used it then that's all there is to it for now)
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. bobirobi20


      Awww nice, unexpected, thank you.

    2. LykosHand


      Im glad you liked the surprise and you're welcome! 

  7. And there go our hopes that a character having points means they won't die. Still, sounds great, though it will be funky to try to get people like Blake to like you to see their scene(or just use YT, thank you Dai Laughing).
  8. Hmm, most of these predictions are pretty much better than stuff I would come up with while bored at school over the past few years, but there are a few things I would disagree on: 1)In the Glass Gauntlet the trainers have up to two mons outside their own type, which I would assume to be closer to their actual teams where they aren't bound by the League's rules, so I think it's reasonable to assume that it will the case for E4 members as well. 2) I would replace Heather's Excadrill with a Skarmory, since the latter is a pretty standard lead, is a flying type, and keep rocks out as well. Also, i don't think there will be a Starmie since it would be redundant to have it on two members. 3) Anna will have a Starmie. Like it's a STAR on the STARLIGHT FIELD, and its ability boosts its special attack on entry, plus all of its important moves would be boosted. Also, there won't be an AGreninja for reasons mentioned, I would leave that Victini for Lin, and replace it with MAlakazam, since no one major uses it, and it is a monstrosity on this field(and overall).
  9. Like d00d Have you read Marcello's post? She gets a (I think) 25 percent win rate increase, and if I recall correctly has the highest winrate of the E4. Besides, have you read the description of FG field and how utterly bonkers it is.
  10. I mean... The Arc Pulse. And Hydreigon on probably New World. So both.
  11. Oh my goodness nice to have some stuff confirmed or revealed. I don't care that they are illegal, Dev fights will be cool for instance. Also, we know there will be illegal stuff in the postgame, and not before which is great, and that we should be scared of Saphira (who most likely uses singles btw). I find it incredibly funny how Pulse Mr. Mime underperformed despite Marcello claiming that despite knowing how to fight it, he "can do fuck all against this thing", and I'm horrified of Pulse Clawitzer. And it seems we are rightfully scared of the flower garden field. I kinda hope that the bug I reported a long time ago with the stage 5 overflowing to 4 didn't get fixed, although it probably was. And also HYYYPPPPEEE. I completely didn't lie down on my bed and start crylaughing when I saw Lin's winrate, not at all.
  12. bobirobi20

    e19 when

    Ahhhhhh I'm lucky there's no one home currenttly because i'm SCREAMING WITH EXCITEMENT.
  13. I don't think this is the right place since I'm assuming you're asking about Rejuvenation. Also, while looking through resources I haven't found such a guide, but you can utilize the walkthrough with ctrl+f and search for the specific Pokémon you want.
  14. Shiny Loudred kinda looks like that aide to Randall from Monsters Inc. after having that machine used on him Shiny Shaymin is Cyndaquil I think the Timburr line references Herkules??
  15. You're confusing the episodes and version. While it's true that V13 is coming out soon, it will contain episode 14 of the story.
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