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  1. Thank you, that would be great, I had done all the sidequest stuff so I had all the event pokemon and all the items you could find. Mostly just looking for the event pokemon and items as I can get the rest sorted out myself.
  2. Hello, I played this game a lot and finished episode 17, now I want to get started on 18 but I lost all my saves. Does anyone have a completed episode 17 save I can get with most of the side quests completed?
  3. Mandru

    LF litten

    Im just waiting for request.
  4. Mandru

    LF litten

    Yes plz, username Mandru @Starry Knight
  5. Mandru

    LF litten

    I am missing just one starter for the staretr egg quest, can trade for any other starter or heartscale.
  6. Ahh, thank you, ID : Mandru, Im online now, send me request
  7. I have 2 5iv pokemon, willing to give both for a torchic Wimpod Hp - 31 Attack- 30 Defence - 30 Sp.Atk - 3 Sp.Def - 30 Speed - 31 Egg move Aqua jet Skarmory Hp - 31 Attack- 31 Defence - 30 Sp.Atk - 30 Sp.Def - 30 Speed - 13 Egg move stealthrock
  8. Hey, you wanna battle? My IGN is Panther-T


  9. hi, up for battle?

  10. Online username:Mandru Time zone:UTC+01:00 Availabillty:anytime, just send pm
  11. Mandru

    LF Snivy

    I do have a lot of leftovers/lucky eggs, need my choice items,
  12. Mandru

    LF Snivy

    I mean tradename is Mandru ofc
  13. Mandru

    LF Snivy

    great, Name is "cactus" on trade what do you want? Anything specific?
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