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  1. As far as I know, there's no such mod, but there's a mod that shows a mon's types in battle, it's a part of SWM modular modpack
  2. Didn't draw much recently, cuz I'm naturally lazy and I have school and all, and I still haven't drawn Arclight and Adrienn, but oh well, here's what I do have, heh http://imgur.com/a/cXz60bO https://imgur.com/a/6Em7VoN https://imgur.com/a/Tts7ika https://imgur.com/a/TFjcgmX Oh, and on the other note, I've asked my friend to take the pics, so photo quality isn't shit for once, yay
  3. Is it a theory at all? Cuz I think that's what actually happenned, GG's dialogue in the Void proves it
  4. Ehh, personally I wanna see MC tease Fern to death and embarass him ((god i love seeing such jerks being put into their place yeah i'm a bit sadistic)) I agree with you about Lin x Terra, Florinia x Julia, Saphira x Titania and Taka x MC, but like I said earlier I don't think the Onyx school four is ready for relationships and there are hints that Taka likes Luna, soooo.... But, hypothetically, yep And you have got me curios about these scrapped ideas, hehe
  5. My ships are Taka x Luna, Hardy x Aya, Adrienn x Arclight, Laura x Bennett, Ciel x Samson x Terra, maybe Radomus x Serra, Lumi kinda, maybe has a crush on Noel (i think), Cal x Victoria, IF I were to pair up Cain with someone (but sadly not MC, we are too old for him *cries in a corner*), it would be Charlotte There's the whole meme El x Solaris ship hehe Aand among MC ships I like Fern x Alice OR Fern x Decibel (once again, sadly, Cain is off-limits т.т) And I don't think Julia, Florinia, Amaria and Titania would want to have a relationship with anyone anytime soon
  6. Doesn't feel cheap to me, if you remember that some mons (only azurill line is like that though, I think?) can be got only via the mystery egg, which is random, or debug, if you're desperate (like me, heh) ((I do NOT promote the use of it and etc cheating means, btw)) And the task of evolving all the mons is tiring even to me, a debug user (though I do have standarts) Well, 'sides the dex quest and the whole mega stone hunt there's what?.. Dunno, try breeding and getting competetive sets for all the mons you want to use (or at least interested in using), overall explore all the nooks
  7. Dunno, personally, I've used alolan raichu cuz her field activates Surge Surfer ability Don't remember what else I've used, but you can try getting an alolan raichu Preferred set would be: Raichu-Alola @ Life Orb Ability: Surge Surfer EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Nasty Plot - Thunderbolt - Psychic - Focus Blast Or something like that
  8. Well, all the sprites can be seen in game's Graphics folder, including legacy mc sprites and their sprites in another outfit
  9. Wanted to draw Adrienn and Arclight at first, but uhh... Well, guess I'll draw 'em later https://imgur.com/a/uQY9T7S https://imgur.com/a/UEKi1rB
  10. Wanted to draw Adrienn and Arclight at first, but uhh... Well, guess I'll draw 'em later https://imgur.com/a/uQY9T7S https://imgur.com/a/UEKi1rB
  11. Aww, cute, I wanna glomp dat Cain (and Fern too)
  12. Here's my reborn fanart, even though most of it can be found here: https://imgur.com/jxN8TCr https://imgur.com/sqMWgy9 https://imgur.com/nfJ0W0H https://imgur.com/PhfbIZZ https://imgur.com/zYkDwjC https://imgur.com/z0yFSEC https://imgur.com/5pVsNAB https://imgur.com/a/MJeVBjl https://imgur.com/a/gWRcOPw https://imgur.com/a/NOLTf5F
  13. Oh, well I'm wrong (or at least not exactly right, who knows how much of such Garufan facilities are out there) then Anyway, thanks, now I have one more location to explore~
  14. Sounds like another Garufa Inc. facility, maybe underneath the Spring of Preservation? (if I remember right, we can't get there yet)
  15. Sooo, I've decided to share my artwork with someone besides my friends and family, yay And yeah, the name's Yana, if you haven't guessed already ((god i hate my nickname, when i came up with it i was so stupid)), but whatever, this is getting slightly offtopic I must warn you that there will be both new and old art, something is fine, something is not really good and something is outright creepy plus I don't do digital art and my camera is really, really bad I would like some feedback for the new art, but it's not really needed though, I'd be content just knowing that I've showe
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