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  1. Well I've used pickup in Rejuv and Deso and it seems that they use Reborn's pickup table, altough it would've been better if they changed it slightly, cuz you keep getting pokesnax which won't work with pokemon in overworld
  2. AMB: Dem's Modpack (check the Scripts folder for an archive): SWM (just in case, why not):
  3. Well, while it is not advised, you can use debug to change IVs and EVs, you can find it in AMB, which you can easily find in the Mod Market There is also a mod that makes all mons' IVs maximum by default (unless they are specified, such as shadow mons' IVs) This mod is called IV range mod and is a part of Dem's modpack that can be found in Scripts folder of Rejuv MKXP port (don't worry, it's compatible with Reborn as well as Rejuv (obviously) and Deso)
  4. Well, it is very easy to find: all graphics are in the Graphics folder of the game, scripts in Scripts, etc. Pokemon sprites are in the Battlers folder of the Graphics folder and Terrains are in Pictures, if I remember correctly I know that right now I'm not very helpful cuz you ask for a zip with everything, but uhhh.. It's really, really easy to get, that's not a ROM or something, after all Hope that helps
  5. You must have completed the police quest that Rosetta gives you before that to earn her trust
  6. Zero, Eve and Lumi (yeah im bad at backgrounds 'n such stuff)
  7. I don't remember the exact choices, but they are made at the orphanage and Saphira, Laura and Charlotte's home In the end these choices make it so that Saphira is abducted by meteors and you are in tanzan depths with both her and Laura
  8. Well, overall it is a fine team, but magnezone can suffer from the fact that fire type moves are stronger during sunny weather, (as well as leafeon to some extent, but due to chlorophyll ability it doesn't really matter) I'd suggest using a mon that benefits from weakening of the water type moves due to sunny weather Also maybe you can replace oricorio's hurricane with icy wind or hidden power, depending on it's IVs, dunno
  9. So, this is a bit offtopic, but I've figured out why all mons' IVs are set to 31 Apparently, there is such a thing as IV Range mod by DemICE, which is a part of Dem's modpack that is included in MKXP Port's Data folder The MKXP Port can be downloaded here:
  10. I didn't lie, ALL of the pokemon except the shadow ones (which means stationary mons, wild mons, gift mons, mons from breeding, other trainers' mons, etc.) have 6x31 IVs in hard mode Maybe your game is outdated, maybe my game is broken, maybe it's cuz of the mods, I dunno But I definetely did NOT lie, why would I? And I am sure I am not mistaken as well EDIT: For reference, I play Rejuv V12.2 with MKXP port and Rejuvenation Modular Modpack I've also edited Scripts.rxdata to enable debug
  11. Adrienn and Arclight (finally)
  12. There's a guy somewhere in Akuwa that can repair it, if I remember correctly he'd need 2 Light Clays and either Metal Powder or Magnet (dunno, maybe just clay) to do so
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