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  1. Well, there are more sprites to do, that I know for sure, can't remember how many exactly though; another thing is, there would be spoilers in them, keep that in mind And also, the legacy sprites would be reintroduced as an option in the next update (this meaning they're cleaned up without changing their design too much and missing sprites are added; at least this is what I gathered from the devblog post) Here's the post in which this is mentioned: https://www.rebornevo.com/rejuvdev/records/135-update-new-ui-gdc-update-help-wanted-r50/
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

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      You're welcome! 

  3. So I thought of some stuff that can be affected too (I was focused on signature abilities in particular), here are my ideas, some of them are debatable and I didn't think of balance though Tangling Hair - "Teachers don't approve! <Pokemon> is penalised for violating dress code!"; opposing Pokemon may become infatuated ("Rebellion is cool! <Pokemon> has earned fans!"), dunno what the penalty should be Poison Heal - Pokemon recovers some HP (dunno how much) when hit by Taunt or Torment Stench - Effect similar to that of Rage Powder/Pokemon is forced to switch out once it's hit ("Ew, <Pokemon> stinks! Everyone wants to be rid of it!") Truant - Now, you'd expect a debuff, but it may actually be the opposite, like how slackers sometimes just get away with everything, dunno what kind of buff tho Normalize - Some kind of buff as the Pokemon tries to blend in with "the cool kids" and be "normal" Stall - "<Pokemon> tries to stall the teacher till the bell rings!", still not sure what that would do Toxic Boost - Attack up one stage when hit by Taunt or Torment Colour Change - Same as Normalize, or at least similar to it Battery - Electric types drain this Pokemon's HP, similar to leech seed, and the Pokemon gets benefits in return (or there's a condition for getting benefits, or simply a set chance), benefits can include boosting a random stat, restoring HP or healing a status Edit: Also, Stance Change can have an effect similar to that of Normalize/Colour Change, as the Pokemon "changes its stance" on things to fit in; this way Aegislash also can be a decent counter to this field
  4. I don't know the exact dialogue, but I'll try to retell it as I remember it The player sees Titania walk away from a Meteor grunt, and noticing us, she says something like that we shouldn't assume things and try to play hero, and should instead "build ourselves a little bridge and get over it" Also, meeting her here takes away a relationship point with her, but if you met her here, later there's an opportunity to get a relationship point that will balance it out, I think
  5. your local plant man, princess and the mom friend
  6. I. Can't stop giving characters new outfits. I spend way too much time on Pinterest, it seems
  7. Finally drew all the protags, not just Alice eheh
  8. Well, that is if you only count non-NPC characters There are some other reqruits mentioned (which can be also non-NPCs, but may as well just be NPCs) and basically all NPCs in town react to you joining, so it's a safe bet to say that they're stormchasers too
  9. Those hikers look kinda suspicious.. or did you just change their sprites, maybe?
  10. The version doesn't really matter in this case, more importantly, where your save files were stored? They can be stored in Users/[User Name]/Saved Games/Pokemon Rejuvenation ((or something like this)) or in the game's folder depending on the OS (I think, when I was still using Windows XP my saves were in the game folder, but now when I use Windows 10 my saves are in the Saved Games folder). If your saves were in the game's folder, then they're lost forever unless you haven't cleaned the wastebin yet. In the other case your save files should be untouched, but then they should've just shown up in the game.
  11. https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/52643-mkxp-port-for-rejuvenation-v122/
  12. We also don't have access to the Dreamyard, and even though we visit it in Huey's Nightmare Realm, that's not the same.
  13. I use the exact same version, the latest patch (tho it works with older patches and the first V13 release as well) and everything works. Do you have an Itemfinder? Have you turned it on? Have you put both the SWM - ItemRadar.rb and SWM - ItemRadar.png into the mods folder? If the issue is not about anything I've mentioned, then I don't know how to help you, sorry.
  14. Yes, even though it doesn't crash the game, it still doesn't work, sadly. Using PickupQoL with V13 just stops pokemon from picking up items.
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