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  1. Well, um, okay then thanks i'll look into some of that
  2. Okay, so when I see a color as brown everyone else (excluding colorblind people) can also see that as brown because they learned that to be called brown. Except what if their brown is actually my green and my green is their brown? Everyone could be seeing things differently even though we all call it a certain color because we grew up with it. Black is a dark color and white is a bright color but white could be learned as dark and black as bright in my eyes but not in other peoples. What?
  3. I have just recently played through Reborn and Rejuvenation and upon coming back to the main cities after completing the way too addicting story, i feel nostalgic even after only playing it for about 2 days. You programmers put some weird drugs into your games.
  4. Welcome. I've only been here since August but even since then it is a very interesting forum
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