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  1. It depends on the time, but id like to give this a try, i didnt play competitive since like Redemption
  2. Actually, id rather not get shot, im allergic to bullets [vote] Aldo
  3. she didnt need to know, her role specified odd and even nights, and Aldo was going on about that same thing, its logical to assume there is a third party or at least something for the even and odd thingy
  4. yeah, Aldo is likely the cult leader, he was trying to unite them after all i wonder if that is why Eviora was so adamant on doing the kill on N2, she knew she had enough information to basicly guarentee the cult win, but since everyone already knows the identities of the mafia, they are not as threatening now, so lynching Aldo and other cultists, like Eviora, should be priority, [unvote Eviora] and [Lynch] Aldo
  5. I dont really know what was the point of gamethrowing anyway, it just made the game boring
  6. you claimed to have no special role anymore, but why should we believe you, for all we know youre just bluffing Town knows who are the mafia and they can simply get rid of them after the threat of the cult is gone, why would the town, knowing that you are a cultist, give you a free win by lynching the confirmed mafia, who are only 2
  7. ohh, just read up well, you can spill as many lies as you want, ive already stated im a vanilla town and if you truly are a third party, why would anyone believe you? third parties are not to be trusted from what we saw so far
  8. [Keelhaul] Eviora so it was all a way to cover yer tracks eh? yer not just a rich lass, yer a filthy mutineer! Yarrrr
  9. @cicada hi nicki how u do you think id lie about a role, this early and attract that much attention to myself, if i were mafia? Nay, its time to reveal what the odd emoji-faced tantacle monster told me last night: beware the rich lass, for the rumors say she was trained ever since her childhood, in the arts of assassination and deceit. i may be a simple vanilla town now, but we should not give the foul scum the chance to lynch a townie and get away with it We should heed the words of the all knowing odd emoji-faced tentacle beast
  10. hmm, ill trust you Soso [Feed to the sharks] Astra
  11. I guess Newt attracted too much attention with what he said about Bok, and someone thought he was mafia?
  12. so Bok claims lookout, hmm could Newt be the third party and using Bok as a scapegoat regardless, Bok doesnt seem to be lying so for now [unvote] Bok and [Vote] Newt in case people still vote Bok and he flips town, we should look into Newt and those who jumped on the Bokwagon
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