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  1. and for post dos, i dont think i want cupid to stay alive, it seems her goal is to tie mafia with town and frankly i dont think we can afford that [Banish] Candy
  2. Oh me.. between studying and exams i almost forgot to post, so this is post uno
  3. my only role is to examine the bodies of the dead
  4. Matt noo, your sacrifice will not be in vain :sobs:
  5. What Alistair says could be true, but he could also be trying to mislead us and buy some more time for mafia or third party However, i think we should believe him and go for the Astra lynch, in the unlikely case that Astra flips town, then we can lynch Alistair
  6. HMm, yees Smooths posts are indeed odd at this point, and we dont loose much by lynching him [Offer to the Island Deities] Smooth
  7. Levi is a really neat name, ah im sorry i was only asking for your first name, i shouldve specified :sadbread: NANII, youre much younger than i thought, i honestly thought youre in your 20s yes good, acquiring different skills and studying extra courses is always handy, good luck in your endeavors!!
  8. Im not sure if it will help us but.. Aldo was killed by the mafia
  9. no one asked these so i will 1- Whats your real name? (you can skip if you want to) 2- How old are you? 3- did you graduate/finish your studies?
  10. Heyyyy happy birthday Amine 😄, i really hope you'll have a wonderful day ❤️🎂


    I'll also share my luck on feh to you Amine, you'll need it 

    1. Seal


      🎈Happy Birthday Amine!🎈

  11. Matt and Alex being lovers :wearyhotdog: if anyone has an informative role and learned something, do enlighten us with knowlig
  12. I dont think we should lynch Eviora, she just shot Eric because he seemed sus, i think i would have shot Eric too
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