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  1. Very excited about the map, I've been curious how this region looks for a while now In terms of names for episodes, I suppose it depends on what you classify as meals, but 7 I thought of include: Breakfast, Morning Tea/Brunch, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Supper/Dinner, Dessert, Midnight Snack 2 more bugs I thought you might want to be aware of before updating the episode for the last time: - Scolipede either doesn't have the ability Speed Boost, or the Ability Capsules aren't working right (I used 6 on mine at one point and it just bounced back and forth between Poison Point and Swarm) - Fletchinder has the ability Big Pecks instead of Gale Wings or Flame Body and Ability Capsules won't work on it
  2. Decided to start a new game, and Shroomish learns Tackle instead of Giga Drain at Level 26 for some reason?
  3. Glad you like the ideas Hope it goes well for you, and I look forward to trying this out when you're done
  4. This is a cool idea!!! Some suggestions for other holidays (I assume you'd like things happening within the next 6 months or so given that you seem to be going in order): Thanksgiving and Easter. I also thought of Mother's Day and Father's day but I can't really think of pokemon that would fit those... I did have another cool idea (but it's completely optional and at your discretion given I have no idea how much work it would take): make areas accessible only while you're in those forms. It doesn't have to be a huge map or anything, but maybe it could let you get a certain sought after items (eg. focus sash) hidden in small rooms? If you're going to be using the pokemon I'm imagining for christmas you could have a hidden nest or something that's only accessible in that form? Just a thought Yay That was one of my favourite parts of the map too (The other being the beach for some reason)
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