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  1. 2 questions... I have the tiny key, how do I unlock the hidden cave for Aron? Also where can I find a leaf stone? Edit Nvm....Find the Aron but where do I find a leaf stone?
  2. I don't like to be annoying but I already have actually.
  3. Still can't get the event to work. I have Soul Stone but when I go back to the spot Melia "died" nothing happens. No text, nothing at all.. Taking the train doesn't even reset the event for me anymore.
  4. Stuck in limbo right now. Same Keta event everyone else is talking about. Nothing I do seems to fix it. Also tried replacing data folder with patch still to no avail. I already have the soul stone but Keta keeps telling me to go retrieve it..
  5. Soooo.. I decided to restart my game from the beginning when V9 came out . And I'm not sure if this a glitch or if i'm just lost... But I just made it to Route 2. The part Nim steals your money. And I just can't seem to find her ANYWHERE.. lol I saw her waddle away disguised as a tree and I couldn't find her since. The only thing I can think of is to cut down trees blocking my path. But I don't have access to TM Cut. Not really sure if I'm suppose to have it at this point. I can't remember, haha. NVM!! JUST FOUND HER!! Photosynthesis Bwhahahaha!!
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